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TwilightGuys Report: He Met Robert and Stephenie



“My story starts at Christmas. All my family was at home and we were discussing books and we got onto the subject of Twilight. My brothers were totally knoocking it hardcore like because it swayed from the traditional vampire myths. They were making a huge deal out of something so small and really at the time insignificant (I stress: AT THE TIME).

Well, it got me interested on why it infuriated my brothers so much. I saw that my mother was reading them but I didn’t think too much on it because she reads quite a bit. I did everything in my power to keep me reading it a secret from everybody. I kept Twilight in my room and hid it whenever somebody came in.

I really wasn’t too sneaky about it, though, because my mother and sister caught on quickly what I was doing. They were thrilled. They made a huge stink out of it.

I have never really been a fanatic about anything in my life but Twilight has completely took over. This past spring break I broke down and drove twenty two hours to Portland, Oregon, to the set hoping to get a glimpse of someone famous. Well my dream came true, because while I was there I was able to get a picture of Robert Pattinson (Some of the TM’s call it THE PICTURE of Edward).

Rob Pattinson

But not only did I have the opportunity to meet Robert Pattinson, I had the awesome and surreal experience of meeting the Queen herself — Stephenie Meyer. That was the highlight of the trip. If all else went under and I saw nobody but her, the trip would have been worth it.

Stephenie Meyer

When I got back home, my mother and sister put up the picture of Rob on the Twilight Moms forum. I had the opportunity to meet many of them as well. Anyway, I have officially been named as an Honorary TM. So in other words LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!”

Submitted by M.

Awesome that he got to meet Stephenie! He gets a free t-shirt from TwilightTeez.com !

Sorry no chapter update today! I was super busy. I will be onto Chapter 15 of Twilight very early tomorrow (Thursday), so check back then for the next update!

Along the same thought of M.’s story, is anyone out there planning to go see Stephenie on her short tour with Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld? Sounds like it’s gonna rock (in more than one meaning of the word). The Lexicon’s got the dates and times.

Also, I’m curious about these whispering rumors of Blue October doing some music for the movie. Think they’d be a good pick?



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  1. I forgot to say that I met her at her book signing in Berlin, Germany. It was so cool there. I spoke three words to her XD

  2. Yeah, I’m planning on maybe going – we’re going to ask my aunt what she’s doing on the date of the one in Chicago. She lives up there so I could probably go spend the night or something. I think Blue October would be a good choice for music for the movie! =D

  3. I’m probably going to the nyc show if I can get my hands on tickets.. lol. I’ll be sitting at the computer on ticketmaster!

  4. Wow that guy is sooo lucky… well I’m planning on meeting them too at the comic con this July…

    and yes I’m going to her Seattle signing… I can’t wait it’s going to be so awesome.

  5. This guy is so lucky! He met Steph and Rob!…lucky all of you!because i am uruguayan and i know that stephenie wont visit my country…neither in dreams…this is the worst of living soo far away from USA 🙂 but…anyway i´m really glad for you!
    greetings from uruguay

  6. is it bad that I HATE blue october and think that someone else could do A LOT better?

  7. I met Taylor Lautner in the weirdest of places last weekend. A Wal-Mart in the Lake of the Ozarks, in Missouri.

  8. You took THAT picture of Robert??!! That’s absolutely my favourite one of him!!!! I’m soo jealous…

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WI§H I WAS U!!!!!!

  10. Omg that is awsome!!! i wish I could meet Stephenie Meyer!!!!!

    have you people read Midnight Sun? it is sooooo good!!! i wish she would publish the book!!!

  11. i love you and i will like to meet an artis like you because it will be a big thing to me if i meet you and if i do then i will all ways remember you because i love your moves and i love you .my name is catherine perez im 11 years old and i wan’t to meet Robert Pattinson

  12. hpola solo pasando a felicitar alos actores y quiero decirles que me encanto la pelicula y espero y sigan con la saga y bueno el actor robert esta super guapisimo no cafe duda

  13. Hermoso nada mas qee decir acabo dee llegar de ver la pelicula y qede demaciadon asombrada es una historia muy linda y por supuesto robert pattinson eres Hermoso ojala y vinieras a chile. =)


  15. Hello! I’m a french fan to twilight. I have seen the first film yesterday and I find it… very surprising. Edwards’ role must have be difficult to act with the all differents Edwards’attitudes.I have seen the film two times and it haden’t any places in the cinema.
    So, congratulations for the actors and for the filmmaker and all peoples who had participated in the production to this film.
    (p.s.: sorry for my english)

  16. ..twilight made me pursuit my dreams..believe in what ur dream on..it may come true..

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  18. I love Robert thomson Pattinonson he is the best i think he should stick to Twillight he good at his job! x

  19. Robert is look like a really vampire,i like him…because he acting is very good!

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