A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Twilight: Chapter 21 (Phone Call)

The song for this chapter is Broken by Seether and Amy Lee (suggested by Sarah)


Thanks to the many suggestions of snacks I should try for the next chapter of Twilight, I have taken one I got by email and consumed it: cereal. I know, how abysmally boring. But, a snack nonetheless, and one to add to my list as I venture into the serious and interesting business of Chapter the Twenty-First!

Somehow deep down I knew that James would find a way to get Bella’s mother before they had a chance to save her. The visions seen by Alice spelled to me that he has been lurking in the area, and it was only a matter of time before he found the only hole in the Cullen’s plan: no one was watching Renee. After all, there are only so many vampires to go around, and us weakling humans haven’t a chance to fend for ourselves. It is in times such as these that one wishes there was at least something resembling a Vampire Police Force to be called, in order to deal with this odious hunter.

Vampire Police Force

Now there’s a scary thought

The truth of the matter is that Bella has already seen the powers of vampires through Edward: actually, she’s seen quite little of it due to Edward’s reservations from hurting her, but what she has seen is enough. She knows well what James could do if he wanted. And she knows she has no choice but to go to him.

It would be a strange feeling, knowing that you are walking towards your death, with little or no hope for something happening to save you. In the back of Bella’s mind, I know she wishes that Edward would show up: but the other side of her knows that if he did, he might be killed with her, and her mother– and anyone else James might strike out against in revenge. The feeling that your hunter will kill you no matter how much you try to fight him is one that usually only resides in nightmares.

I can remember a very odd dream I had when I was about 10, and it was so terrifying I remembered it when I thought about Bella in this chapter. I was lost in a labyrinthal house, and no matter which hall I went down, I was always turning in the wrong direction. I could see through windows outside to a very bright desert, but I just couldn’t get out. What made it worse, however, was that the hallways were made of old wood and were so thin I had to squeeze through in places. And, not to be left out: the woman hunting me in the halls with the pitchfork, who literally said her name in the dream and still sends shivers down my spine when I think of it.

The feeling was one of utter lack of hope of every getting out: very vividly that I had no other option but to stay in that house and die. It immediately makes me think of Bella now, who is on her way basically to be killed: and not only that, but to be killed by a vampire who is a hunter.

It might just be misguided, but in my mind a Hunter won’t just kill his prey. More than likely, he will want to chase her down, like a lion hunting a mouse. Already, it seems that he actually enjoys the hunt far more than the kill itself, and I gravely doubt also that he plans to let Renee go after Bella arrives.

We shall see in the next chapter.


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  1. Yay I’m one of the first to comment! Thanks Kaleb, great job. I can’t wait til you finish to move onto the next books!

  2. Hey Kaleb! that sounds a creepy dream. I had a dream once that I was being chased by a vampire…who happened to also be my mom!?! lol…but it turned out ok in the end…it just so happened that i had the ability to fly away. anyways…keep up the good work. i’m excited to hear what you have to say about the second to last chapter if my brain is working right…it has a lot to bring up about bella and edward’s relationship:)

  3. First, a vampire police force ?? haha…you’ll encounter something similar (sort of) to that in the next book ..
    Also, just reading your dream gave me goosebumps…
    And, I love the song choice for this chapter! 🙂

  4. I had a dream my brothers were trying to push me off a cliff for scratching one of their cars.

    I guess that’s not quite as scary as yours…but still.

    You must be a super-kaleb of something. Just reading about all the stuff you have to do gives me a headache. 😐

  5. ooo! I am so excited- you are so close to finishing this story, I have no clue how you are restraining yourself… enjoy!!!!!!!

  6. you are right on with everything that you have said up until this point. i don’t know how i missed some of the more obvious points until i read through and looked at litter harder at what i was reading rather than just trying to get in more edward. the whole james thing is… well you’ll find that out soon enough.

  7. I never really did go that deep into thought about what and how Bella was thinking as she made up her mind to walk towards her death.

    You bring an interesting point, and thought to my mind.

    Anyways, I hope you read the next chapter soon ! And I feel a bit bad that you have to go plunging through all those emails and song suggestions, just shows how hard your working for this site (:

  8. The next chapter is terribly clever and contains another surprise twist. You’re going to be impressed even more by Stephenie’s attention to detail. Some key things are going to be explained and you will finally have most of your remaining questions answered Kaleb.

    While I’m charmed by your colorful commentary on Twilight, I can’t wait for you to experience New Moon and Eclipse. I purposely say experience because in each book the action is bumped up another few notches and it becomes impossible to separate yourself from the edge-of-your-seat feelings evoked. Once you take in the ending of Eclipse you will understand why so many fans were left in a pitiful state to suffer the long wait for Breaking Dawn. Luckily you won’t have long.

  9. I had the same thought as Jamie (comment #3). Vampire Police Force?! Just wait till you read New Moon and Eclipse. Although I doubt they’d be willing to sweep in and stop James. By the way, I love your blog Kaleb!

  10. I love the song for this chapter! I love Amy Lee! She rocks! Anyway, I love reading your posts! You look so much into the book that I have to go back and read the chapter again!

  11. ARGH!!! Now I’M gonna have that dream!! Lol, jk. That creeped me out just reading about it. A woman chasing you with a pitchfork? No thank you 🙂

    How can you stand the suspense? I would be having 10 chapter posts if I were in your spot 😀

    Thanks for posting!

    You know a lot of people are going to be asking for the woman’s name now, right?

    Was it…..BETSY!?!?


  12. I just ate Captain Crunch. mmmm yummy.
    [minus the berries, just the old school kind]

    I can’t wait till you read the next chapter!

  13. So close to the end…but I reckon you have a good idea how this book ends as there is a sequel…oops…should I have said that???

  14. hurry up and finish!!!!
    ur so close to one of the BEST BITS!!!
    (in my opinion anyway)
    ill tell you when you get to it 😉

  15. Aww. Your dream was scary. :S

    Haha. When you read Chapter 22, I bet you’ll be surprised about the Renee part. 😉

    Last 3 Chapters!! Woot!! 😀
    I’m so excited for you. Haha.

  16. Awww you so close to finishing…..the anticipation is killing me ha ha.. and your welcome.. I’m one of your 1,000 friends over at myspace 🙂

  17. AAAH so close! I just wanted to say thanks for posting your thoughts up here, it has really helped me go back through the book and get things I have missed before (it also gives me my twilight fix until breaking dawn!). 😀

  18. This was the part where I had to stop reading because I was scared.
    It only lasted for about 30 minutes though, and then I went on my merry way reading again..

  19. The next few chapters are not going to be what you expect, so keep your eyes fully open! I can’t wait for you to read New Moon…and for your reactions to things. Keep going!

    Oh and Go Vampire Police!!

  20. Be prepared for several shocks-of-your-life in the next few chapters! 😀
    Happy reading, Kaleb!

  21. lol a vampire police force… well they kinda exist…….. sorta hehe. You’ll see. I get what your saying about Bella’s reasoning though…. but don’t forget about how our little Edward will feel.

  22. Haha. Vampire Police Force…do you know how hard it is to not laugh right now? Oh, well. You WILL laugh when you re-read this post later!

    I’m so glad you’re doing this thing. I have a guy friend who was forced to read Twilight and who scoffs at my love of Stephenie Meyer’s books. I should get him to read your posts; maybe it will explain to him why he doesn’t have a girlfriend! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks a lot – it’s fun hearing about Twilight from an educated guy’s perspective! I can’t wait to read your comments on New Moon and (especially) Eclipse. They’re both more action-oriented than Twilight.

  23. Great Chapter post! I have to admit when i read this chapter i could not put the book down ((Especially after the next chapter!!)) And finished the rest in like 15 minutes xD

    Vampire Police Force?!?! LOL!
    After you read New Moon… No, im just gunna stop there! 😀

  24. Kaleb, Good Luck on reading one chapter at a time now, if you thought before was hard get ready.
    HAHAHAHAHA Vampire Police Force. You had us all(well those who have read New Moon at least) laughing. After you’re done New Moon I might just have to e-mail this post to you.
    Enjoy Chapter 22

  25. Another great commentary, Kaleb! You’ve picked up on a lot of things that I didn’t the first time I read Twilight (maybe I would’ve if I’d been able to stop after each chapter and think about it!). It’s good to see, though, that Stephenie came up with a twist that fooled even Super Kaleb…that’s all I’ll say.

    Speaking of scary dreams, I had one where I was being chased around my basement by Santa with a chainsaw. And another one where I killed the Energizer Bunny.

  26. Wow, you must read a bunch of spoilers here in the comments.
    They make me angry *shakes fist* STOP TELLIN’ SPOILERS YE YOUNG WHIPPERSNAPPERS!!

    😀 Don’t worry, I’ll never utter a word of spoilers. Not even, like, a hint. I hated it when someone ruined a part for me. 🙂

    Thanks again for the post!

  27. *smirk* Jest you wait.

    As for snacks… chips! Why haven’t you eaten any chips?! Doritos or sour cream and onion are the way to go.

  28. Vampire Police Force… lol. you’ve no idea how ironic that is… but nevermind.
    hopefully no one gave anything too important away in one of the comments *glares accusingly*

    and I can’t wait until you read New Moon (FYI, buy kleenex) you’ll probably see things that I completely never thought about while I read it.

  29. vampire police force? lmao i luv that picture..great song choice and cereal is an awesome snack..definitely my favourite reading snack (im a cheerios girl) lol 🙂

  30. Really, how do you eat snacks while reading? I can’t put the book down long enough to snack! I’m proud of myself for remembering to BREATHE sometimes! This one chapter at a time thing would kill me! Last time I read Twilight, I had it finished in less than 24 hours. Kaleb, I commend you on your patience! You’re stronger than I, that’s for certain.

  31. Yay! Your dream sounds terrible! *shivers*

    Just wait until you get to the next chapter, Kaleb. It’s AMAZING.

    Oh, and yes… the vampire police force. Very amusing. *grins* Well. Yes.

  32. Love the song for this chapter! Seether and Amy Lee are two of my favorites.

    I’m reading Twilight (again) and just finished this chapter before I skipped off to work this morning. For the third time reading this chapter I still get anxious! Even though I know what happens next I’m on the edge of my seat.

    Your dream is thoroughly frightening! I have a few reoccurring nightmares that have followed me through childhood…every time they are just as chilling. Stupid vivid imagination. lol

  33. and how is it possible that you didn’t finish yet???
    and your dream sounds really creepy. almost as creepy as having a dream where you died, and all the the people you knew started dying and then some one tried to kill you while you were dead…. i know, it was a very strange dream……

    But i can’t wait for you to move on to the next book!

  34. Ohh…. and another creepy dream was where i was kidnapped by evil christmas ornaments and then started getting chased around by a large purple monster in a never ending expanse of white and checkerboard….. that was creepy….

  35. Hmmmm, I think you have some Alice in you, Kaleb. I love the stuff you pick up on. Sometimes when I talk to people about the books, they’ll stare at me and say, “Huh?” But you catch it all. SuperTwilightGuy!

    Your dream sounds really similiar to one I had, only mine took place at my school/not my school. Everyone in my class was slowly disappearing by…THEM. Then I got taken away by this horrible metal claw thing that took me through a tiny opening in the ceiling. And then it was dark. *shivers* And when I woke up, my shoulders hurt just where the claw thing had grabbed me! I freaked out for a while until I realized sometimes your unconscious mind creates reasons for pain…Then I felt stupid.

  36. ooh, i had a dream where i was being chased by a hippo, and i kept on yelling out to my family and to my friends, but they were all watching TV and couldn’t respond… and then i was eaten by an alligator… just felt like throwing that out there, since everyone’s putting their dreams up! =]

    great job with this chapter! very insightful and yeah, i agree with all the people calling you supertwilightguy! =]

  37. The Vampire Police Force? That’s the voltri! i had a dream a cochroach stepped on me! then my friends head blew up. (She has red hair)

  38. It’s so intense, and kind of irritating now that you’re at the end and it’s so full of action and we can’t all spoil it!!! GAH! HURRY AND READ IT! As Bella says, “Don’t give yourself a brain hemorrhage, Jacob.” Or something to that extent. 😛 I’m going to get one of those.

  39. Okay, I had a dream similar to yours. I was being chased through this giant house by this creeper wearing a mask and weilding a nasty looking stick. I ended up jumping out of a second story bathroom window in despair ’cause I hit a dead end and he was going to get me! Still freaks me out to this day. Ugg.

  40. Way to go Kaleb! Just a few more chapters to go. And I am trying very hard even as I type this not to spoil it for you. 😉

    Happy reading.

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