A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 1 (Party)

Β The song for this chapter is Iris by Goo Goo Dolls (suggested by Deby A.)


I almost didn’t post today, fearing that three posts in a row might make people think I was forming a new habit, an expectation I would never be able to keep up with thanks to my impending deadline and already up-till-3AM days. However, the pull of New Moon was much to strong: and thus I embark into Chapter the First anyway!

My absolute first thought upon opening the first chapter of New Moon is: I am ninety-nine point nine percent sure I have read this before. I honestly can’t explain it, but somehow between 2006 and now, I have picked up this book and read the beginning of the first chapter. Maybe one of the many times I was standing in a bookstore, just paging through the YA section, and just picked up New Moon on a whim. Or I might have read it as an excerpt off Amazon.com sometime. Either way, I recognize it like dΓ©jΓ  vu. And it is very interesting to think that sometime, long ago, I actually read part of this novel: having no clue at all what it was.

The first scene of this book has instantly drawn me in: beautifully written, so much that I didn’t even expect what would happen, even with that feeling that I’ve read it somewhere. Like the ending of Twilight, the thought that Bella the human could grow old while leaving Edward the vampire as 17 is startling: especially to them. Is it more frightening to Bella, that she must age and leave Edward the same; or for Edward, that she will die someday and leave him behind, alone again?

And, I must remind Bella, eighteen is not quite that old. If she thinks eighteen is old, and I am nineteen…where does that leave me?

Old Kaleb

AHAH! Stephenie said ‘Moot Point’ again! If not for me, that phrase might go entirely unnoticed by everyone reading, but thanks to my previous encounters with the phrase, you all might be pleased to recall my possible definitions to it, including Davy Crockett’s favorite pose (the Moot Point) and the latest scores in a game (due to the coach tripping the referee with a chocolate goose, the opposing team was given one Moot Point). I am nearly certain there is some story behind Stephenie’s attraction to ‘moot point’ just as my unintentionally common usages of the words ‘abysmal’ and ‘abhor’ and ‘rot’ probably do not go unnoticed.

Anyhow, enough of my silliness. The Volturi immediately leapt out at me: who are these vampires that I’ve heard about, and now finally have a name? And how is it that by making them angry, they can kill vampires? I have little doubt as the book unfolds I’ll be seeing more of the Volturi.

And, Alice…

“No presents,” I protested in a mumble.

She finally seemed to process my mood. “Okay…later then. Did you like the scrapbook your mom sent you? And the camera from Charlie?”

Show off.

While reading my new book (which, unlike my edition of Twilight, is hardcover) I discovered a new use for a cell phone:

Cell Phone Bookmark

Cell Phones: Good for Holding Open Books

One thing that I think should be done soon, if not immediately, is to find a name for Bella’s truck. After all, that old red thing has survived many a season, and now on top of that, it has ‘personality’ as Bella puts it (which almost seems like an excuse for a shower of rust when closing the door). How can such a thing not have a name?

Back in the olden days, people would name their cars, like Dashing Hopes or The Fiery Carriage. I, coincidentally, name most of the cars in my writings: and if another author leaves out a name for their vehicles, I usually go right ahead and name if for them myself, as they obviously simply forgot (what author would not name their cars?). Bella’s old truck might be the Rusty Bucket or Bloody Awful Noisemaker… anyone else have suggestions? (ADDED: Other than The Thing, which I don’t think has yet been passed as its Official Name πŸ˜‰ )

As I got to the end of chapter one and saw Bella opening her gifts, I instinctively allowed my mind to relax. After all, nothing bad usually happens when one is opening their gifts. Wrong. After Bella cut her finger, that tiny drop of blood: I can see the entire room immediately tense up.

I was so happy to see the vampire action right up in the front of this one. But oh the torture! Leave me hanging so much at the end of the first chapter? Sheesh.


– I just cleared out all the old song suggestions from Twilight: now everyone can start suggesting songs for chapters in New Moon (obviously, somebody was ahead of me, and already did for chapter one- one of the songs that didn’t make it for the Twilight Song :D). Send them in over here.

– Emails coming to those who sent them! Also, everyone who’s asked for a preview of my book: I’m working on it. I have your emails but I’m still way behind.



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  1. as i’ve thought more about bella and her truck, I realize she thinks of it as pretty tough, maybe where she isn’t, and she also thinks of it as an instrment for reoeasing her temper…edward’s volvo, tyler’s physical well being, various imports…so maybe something destructive…Doom Buggy? Red the Impailer? (ironic, as vlad the impailer became dracula…I digress) anyway, something along those lines?

  2. oh, and at the very least she needs a bumper sticker that says “Volvo for Lunch”

  3. Excellent point on the moot point. Have you also noticed SM’s apparent infatuation with the word “edge” and variants thereof? Perhaps you will now. Not that it makes any difference in how addicted we all are…

  4. Okay, so it’s a long time to wait, but I can’t wait for you to get to chapter 24…. Probably my favorite chapter in any of the books…

    okay, well definitely my favorite in New Moon…

    Can’t wait to read all your reviews!!!!

  5. The noise Bella’s truck makes reminds me of Louis Armstrong’s voice. So I think that’s a reasonable name. 8D Of course, I like the idea of Boris ‘Kar’loff, too. And that’s fully intentional.

  6. Ok, so this might be a tad bit off topic, but just to let you know, i have that phone. Haha, when i first saw this picture i was scrolling past it to get to one of your previous posts, and i was like: “wait, whaaat?!”. My eyes kinda went wide for a moment, then i realized i was over-reacting. πŸ™‚ …and yes, i have used my phone for a bookmark before. πŸ™‚

    In other news, i think ‘the thing’ works just fine for Bella’s truck… using a ‘name’ like Frank or Billy would bring in something to the story that readers might feel a need to explain. [ex. omg who’s FRANK!?!?! &etc.]

    the end.

  7. Hmmm a name for Bella’s truck has to have personality, because its old, strong and unique..I GOT IT!


  8. My old car was named Hermey but I would give that name to Bella’s truck if you think she’d like it! πŸ™‚

  9. I’m a little new to this site, which is wonderful, btw, so I am catching up on all the posts. I was so surprised by all of the people that name their vehicles- I thought my family was the only one! My next-younger sister is the car-naming fairy hereabouts (we are from Texas also) and if a car is name-able, her name will stick. Otherwise, it won’t. For example: my white 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is “Charlotte” but my mom’s green 2007 Ford Expedition is un-namable. Just a side note… πŸ™‚

  10. hey kaleb & fans I just wanted to point out the fact that ME AND AKLEB HAVE THE SAME PHONE!!!
    except in the areas where his is red mine is gray. Its actully kind of funny because when I first got it in september I had a big debate on weather I should get the red or gray one. well it seems great minds think alike! πŸ˜›

  11. omg!:D my cousin has that phone. oh i remember the good ol’ day when i first got her hooked into the twilight series. good times good times…. now she is as obsessed with the series as i am! and she has that phone too! im gonna tell her to use it to hold her place in New Moon.

  12. I was just re-reading Twilight, and I kept noticing things that Bella calls her truck. I remember the dialogue, but not exactly where in the book she said them. Both are in teasing words to Edward…

    “Hey, my truck is old enough to be your car’s grandfather!”


    “My truck is a senior citizen.”

    (both slightly paraphrased.) I thought it would be cute- er, I mean “cool”- to call the truck Grandpa or Senior.

  13. My car’s name is Penny… because I have a crappy Hyundai Accent… but the ‘a’ and a little of the first ‘c’ fell off so when you look at it, it says cent… so… cent = penny… Penny! I know… I’m lame.

    But as for Bella’s truck… I def. think of it as a male… so… actually I know this has been said a million times… but I think Rusty seems to fit. But if she wouldn’t want to call it Rusty… she could call it Russ.

  14. I promise I’m not spoiling anything, but PLEASEEE keep the song “haunted” by kelly clarkson for chapter 20. you’ll understand where i mean for it to go when you get there!

    and by the way. i REALLY enjoy twilight and new moon from a guy’s perspective. it’s awesome!

  15. I noticed she doesn’t only say “moot point” a lot she also has a tendency to use the word masochist/masochistic it has been in all the books(I am almost certain)and a lot of different characters say it. I don’t know why I notice these things.

  16. I just absolutely LOVE the fact that Stephenie Meyer keeps us hanging, just cuts us off right in the middle of the scene.. It creates suspense and longing.. and actually wanting it is the fun part.
    I haven’t read New moon yet because my mom wont let me get it and there are about 300 others waiting in line in front of me at the library.. but I’ve read Twilight, well.. heard it. i listened to the book online on youtube and I listened to atleast 8 – 10 chapters a day. I finished the book in 2 – 3 days and I was a little disappointed that I went through it so fast. In my experience the fun is in the waiting so read as slow as you can!~ <33

  17. I’ve always noticed her use of Moot point… I thought it was weird to use it so often when most books never do.
    I know! The suspense! I did an oral on New Moon for English and read the part at the end of the chapter as an excerpt. Needless to say, most people were at least slightly intrigued.

  18. You might as well just name it The Firetruck cause now that’s all I can picture when I think about it. Thanks so much for that, as well as the Charlie thing.

  19. kewl<3 well i rrli wanna read new moon! imm lyke totally in luvv with twilight already!! help?
    :] “peace” <3 $

  20. can u please write up chapters as can’t buy book any where and want to read New Moon ASAP!! Seems no where on net writes stuff !!! The relationship between Bella and Edward makes me lust for a boyfriend just like Edward.Obviously not quite with all the vampire stats! Even tho that might be terrifiingly exillirating!!

  21. U can’t call her truck after another car. I mean come on!!! It’s not just a regular truck, it’s a rusty pile of garbage!!! it at least needs a good name! AGAINST MATER!!!!!

  22. ,..,dying to read the 2nd book of the twilight saga!!!! i coudn’t sleep soundly after i read the preface in the last page of twilight book,,,stating there that Bella cut her finger and Jasper staring at her ready to fight with Edward…. OMG!!!!! ahuhuhuhuhh!!!!!

  23. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I DISCOVERED THAT MY CELL PHONE COULD DO THAT TOO!!!!!!! This is going to sound really weird but I think that I discovered that while (re)reading New Moon, too. Or it might have been Twilight.

  24. Just started reading 'new moon' and ive gotta tell you, i love it! i have never gotten so stuck into a book before! Well, at least I don't think i have, ahe he. The trucks name should defianately be DUSTY RUSTY OLD RED!

  25. Hi, im 14 years of age, and I Love new moon, so the truck doesnt sound good as dusty rusty old red… it Just sounds…… Stupid. So it shall be called Red Marvel, Like one of the other girls said


  26. Just started reading 'new moon' and ive gotta tell you, i love it! i have never gotten so stuck into a book before! Well, at least I don't think i have, ahe he. The trucks name should defianately be DUSTY RUSTY OLD RED!

  27. Hi, im 14 years of age, and I Love new moon, so the truck doesnt sound good as dusty rusty old red… it Just sounds…… Stupid. So it shall be called Red Marvel, Like one of the other girls said


  28. I really dislike Bella. She is whining and she is complaing, it is her birthday and they give her cake, flowers, decorations they are like rolling out the red carpet and she dislikes it…WHATS THE PROBLEM? oh, yeah, she is turning eighteen. She is the most annoying character in the book, becuase since Edward is seventeen, she is a year older than Edward. um…

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