A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 9 (Third Wheel)

The song for this chapter is Fix You by Coldplay (suggested by Nicole)


Hopefully all or at least most of us had the chance to watch one of the Breaking Dawn Concerts online. If not, you missed seeing the most awesome Twilight event ever, including an upcoming song from Blue October called My Never, which you will be very pleased to hear at this link. Best ever. Besides that and solving the mystery of the music trolls and nearly finishing my revisions, I narrowly managed to grab some free time for the next chapter of New Moon.

Starting off, Bella and Jacob are going to see a movie, and in an effort to avoid anything awkward with Jacob, Bella has invited a group of her friends along. And oh joyfulness. Oh, sweet joyfulness. I literally started laughing out loud as each person came up with an excuse. So, what was formerly supposed to be a group of nearly a dozen people has now been narrowed down to Bella and two guys who are doing all they can not to murder each other. THIS is something I ABSOLUTELY must see follow through…

Then, there is a slight problem in getting tickets to the film, when Jacob is under 18:

“Is Billy going to kill me if I sneak you in?”

“No. I told him you were planning to corrupt my youthful innocence.”

And after seeing the description of four people blown up and a beheading, all during the credits, I am certain they are not watching this movie.

After the last chapter post, someone pointed out that I was looking at the Bella and Jacob situation wrong. Bella, despite what I previously believed, is not being reckless and hanging around Jacob because she wants to forget Edward. In fact, it seems to be quite the opposite: she is doing these things so that the voice continues in her head. As made more obvious in this chapter, she is going to the meadow so that she can be reminded of Edward. For the last few chapters, I have been seeing things in a slightly distorted way.

Is that skull biting New Moon?

Bella’s motives are confusing, and I’m actually starting to believe that it is because she is confused herself. It seems to me that she really does like Jacob a lot, and doesn’t want to hurt him or give him up, but at the same time she does not want to lead him on too far. It’s like she is digging a deep hole for herself by hanging around Jacob but loving Edward: she doesn’t want to leave Jacob, because she needs his support, but at the same time, the longer she stays, the more difficult it will get.

I know that Jacob really loves Bella, and I also believe that if Edward had never come along and never been in Bella’s life, that she would love him as well. But because of the deep connection between Bella and Edward, Jacob Black simply cannot break through. Bella and Edward are so strongly one that the entrance of Jacob, though comforting to Bella now, will eventually lead to more pain and heartache in the end, when Bella has to make a choice between them.

At the end of the chapter, strange things begin to happen once more. For some reason, the Black’s do not want Bella coming over. I have a feeling Jacob was sick with something other than the flu…


– I’m almost done with my book revisions, which means I will have 2 weeks to reply to emails before school starts. I’ll be catching up with as many as I can soon!

– I will be in the chat this week, most likely late Wednesday and Friday.



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  1. me and my friend nicole have a little argument going on about jacob…she’s team edward but she thinks that if edward had never been there that jacob would be her natural match…like you said in you summary…but if she never met edward bella would be dead so i don’t think that jacob would have been with bella even if the situation was different

  2. I love Coldplay… I never really thought much about that song in relation to Twilight. Now I realize it’s Jake’s POV… I think it just ruined it for me. But it reminds me of the upcoming movie for some reason… like a scene without dialogue… but an important scene all the same…
    Anyway, it just gets stranger from here.

  3. Personally,I think that little ol’ Jakie should back off!Edward and Bella are ment for eachother and I dont want HIM breaking that apart.They share a strong bond and are the CUTEST couple!And I just cant picture Bella being with that child.

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