A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 12 (Intruder)

The song for this chapter is Lips Of An Angel by Hinder (suggested by Morgan)


This week has been one of my fastest yet, with school starting in nary a few hours, book edits turned in and such. So whilst sitting here at home with a nearly empty refrigerator, I am hoping that reading New Moon will help distract me from my maddening hunger just long enough for food to appear. On to Chapter 12!

The moment that Jacob appeared in Bella’s window, my first thought was that his bewitchment must have been broken somehow.

Jacob in the previous chapter: ‘Huff…hufff…go away…huff…huff’

Jacob in this chapter: ‘Hey, are you okay?’

Notice the obvious difference in demeanor? In the last chapter, even after Sam left, Jacob seemed more animal than human. He barely talked to Bella without his teeth clenched together. When he shows up in her room at night (surprisingly reminiscent of Edward) he is a much different person.

But then, as if to say yet again how much Jacob has changed, even his victory smile has changed to reflect more of Sam in him now.

I will admit that I wasn’t very surprised to see that Jacob was a werewolf, and I don’t know why it took Bella so long to realize it. Mayhaps I have simply been spoilered by all the news and media surrounding Twilight that I already knew and was expecting Jacob to be one. Either way, it brought back memories of what was said in Twilight: how there is only one enemy of werewolves, and that is vampires.

Therein lies a problem.

Because, as we all know, Edward is a vampire. Edward loves Bella. And Jacob loves Bella. Bella…er…loves both of them, I guess. So, we have what some would call a triangle:

As you can see, Bella is in quite a bit of trouble because she can’t exactly remain loving both of them at the same time while they are abhoring each other. If Edward, a vampire, and Jacob, a werewolf, are mortal enemies by nature, both of them probably won’t be able to handle it.

The fact, however, is that though Edward is gone now, like Bella, I still have not completely accepted that fact and I don’t really believe that Edward is gone for good. Thus, that means that he will eventually come in contact with Jacob. When that fight breaks out, I don’t know if I’d want to be there (although, of course, I would just love seeing that happen and all the sure-to-follow insults:

Edward: You’re nothing but an overgrown dog.

Jacob: Oh yeah? You suck.

Edward: Oh yeah? Well…um…Your mom goes to college!

-Crickets Chirp-

Jacob: Whoa man…let’s not get nasty in here.

Finishing chapter 12 marks that I am halfway through New Moon! And just in time for the werewolf problems to begin…


– I will be in the new chat tonight, around 8 or 9 PM central, if you want to come say hi. After that, I won’t be on as often because of school, but I’ll stop by when I can.

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79 Responses

  1. Gahhhhh! FINALLY. I love the scene where Jake jumps through the window. Even though I know he’s not going to fall and break his neck, I can’t help but get nervous when he jumps down. It might be because of my own fear of heights, though. I can hardly be ten feet off the ground without freaking out.

    Are you a sophmore in college this year? If so, I’m a sophmore in high school this year! lol Sorry, sleepy… I’m random when I’m sleepy. Good luck with all the school work! Be sure to go to the grocery, too. Hopefully there won’t be any giant Hannah Montana posters. Gah… That would have scared me to death.

    I can’t wait until you get to my favorite chapter! I’ll let you know later, but like I said, New Moon is my favorite just because of all the crazy emotions. Now, I’m off to attack my best friend! =] She is making me stay awake; she deserves some sort of punishment.

  2. Once again, the word abhor has turned up! This time, in describing Jacob and Edward’s relationship. I love it. The conversation is great too.

    I agree with Stephanie K — You need to get to the store right away! Stick completely by all the stuff that smells good (it’s called food, in case you’ve forgotten 🙂 ) and you shouldn’t have to come in contact with anything Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana related. Yikes. I’m more scared of that than I would be of vampires and werewolves combined!

    I’ve been pulling some really weird sleeping schedules lately, like going to bed at 2:30 to watch the olympics, so i’m going to bed now, too. School for us starts next wednesday, so i must prepare myself for waking up at 5:30. Good luck with school tomorrow!

  3. My favorite thing about New Moon is the frequency with which Bella puts her head between her knees. I have never heard of anyone doing that in reality, and I’ve actually heard that it only makes things worse when you’re about to pass out.

  4. Wow! Fifth comment! For once… Anywho… Amazing how slow Bella is in this, isn’t it?

    And good luck with school! I started back on Wednesday, and I wasn’t smart enough to prepare myself for the earlier mornings, so I’m still getting used to it… LOL

  5. I just wanted to say that I have graduated. Ha! No more school for me! I’m sorry; that was a bit uncalled for, I suppose. It makes me kind of sad that everything in the books isn’t a huge revelation for you! It makes things way more fun, but I must admit that I wasn’t entirely thrown either when Jacob came out as a werewolf.

  6. I would love to see Edward use a “your mom” joke. Like, “Your mom is a horcrux!” (See, bringing the HP and Twilight love together.)

  7. I loved this chapter of the book one of the few I have to say. I love the whole love hate triangle u made and the Edward Jacob convo. Good luck with starting school again today.

  8. When I first read the twilight books I didn’t know anything about them except that it was about a vampire and a few witty lines quoted in icons. Still, I assumed it was werewolves from the first time Jacob talked about the “gang.” Bella is just incredibly slow.

  9. man, I re-read New Moonalmost-yesterday, and when Edward left her, dude,I almost cried…it was horrible! The triangle that will follow throughtout the remainder of the books now is insane, and the emotions that run through Bella are so deep, its amazing. Can’t wait untill you get farther along!

    Happy reading, and good luck with college!
    I start my freshman year of highschool on monday…oh no, 4 days

  10. Ah, you’ve come to the Twilight saga love triangle. The story has officially begun.

  11. I’m missing the joke 🙁

    What’s with that guy in the picture reading “your mom goes to college”?

    By the way, I really like the song for this chapter… the world is so full of beautiful music and I don’t even know the half of it; I like it that there’s always something new to discover 🙂 though my computer hd is going to start to ask for mercy sooner or later

  12. ROFL the convo you created between Edward and Jacob was too much fun! I can so see a very similar exchange taking place.
    Make sure you feed that hungry tummy.
    stay on top of your home work.
    and keep posting regularly, cause I love reading your reaction to this brilliant, but depressing, book!

  13. Ha ha the conversation between Edward and Jacob was hilarious!!! But I think Edward would have a better come back than that…and great thinking with the Triangle…Can’t wait for next chapter… 🙂 good luck with College.. 🙂

  14. Once again, Kaleb, you’ve gotten right to the heart of things. I like your lovely triangle diagram (though I missed not having one of your famous Photoshops in this chappie!)

    Ah, yes, school. For once, I’m not sure whether I should be excited or scared. On the one hand, college is awesome and I’ve made some of the greatest friends ever. On the other hand, this is my junior year. Eeep.

  15. Dude, it bugged me to no end when Bella WOULD NOT figure out that Jacob was a werewolf already. I mean, come ON. And I can’t wait until you finish the whole series and come back at us with an overview. Ohmgoodness.

    I love your Edward/Jacob convo. “Your mom” is the standard comeback around here, and whenever I use it on my cousin he goes all quiet and then yells, “…UNCALLED FOR!” Either that or, “WHOA.” 😉

    So do we get to hear what classes you’re taking? Please?

  16. Haha I love the love/abhor triangle. Finally, the real storyline is revealed. I love the Edward and Jacob convo too hahhah good luck at school!

  17. I believe that you should mean immortal enemies, not mortal, seeing as they aren’t mortal…or at least, Edward isn’t mortal.
    Just saying.

  18. i loved the love triangle joke, that was soooo funny, but i didn’t understand the college joke. oh well, it was a good post any way…..

  19. i was pretty spooked out when jake appeared in the window, until Bella actually realized it was him, i thought it was Victoria or a ghost…

    oh, Jake’s mother has passed away btw… if ya didn’t know. i know it was a joke!

  20. Dudes, the college joke is Napoleon Dynamite gold! How are you guys not realizing the brilliance of Kaleb extends beyond mere literature. He is also a conisour (you know what I mean, though I can’t spell it) of fine film.

  21. Yay! You finally got to this chapter!!! Now we can finally refer to the wolves without spoilers. Sorry about your fridge, you should really go to the store, but I can understand choosing to read NM instead =) Hurry up to the next chapter! I suggested a song for Ch 16, please consider it!!!

  22. I started reading twilight a little over a week ago- so I was really into it- I’d be sitting at work thinking about Edward like I was a little school girl lol….

    So I googled twilight and found your site. I’ve been reading your posts off and on because I’ve extremely busy reading the series. I’ve been just finished my summer job and ive been off before school starts so i have had Like serious 12 hour reading sessions- I actually finished breaking dawn like an hour ago. I dont think ive ever read that much in my life!

    When I first read new moon i hated so much because i was so in love with the idea of Edward. But after finishing the saga, this book is actually one of my favs.

    When i first was reading your post I you were talking about school and I felt really old for a sec cause I thought like highschool and im in my 3rd year of college. So yeah I felt like one of those creepy old people for a sec until you made the “your mom goes to college” joke- I thought it wsa so funny I hadnt heard that line in literally like 5 years! So there’s no way ur in highschool- your and old geezer like me lol.

  23. ohhh…myyy…edwardd…
    i cant breath…
    that was HILARIOUS!!!

    “your mom goes to college!”

    even though that is kinda raw cause like jacobs mom is like dead…so yeah…

    i still think its funny!

    but good luck with college!!!!!

    oh and btw, its ok that ur reading twilight.
    i know like 3 guys that read em…and theyre not gayy…so that brings luck to all guys that read twilight! yayyyy…


  24. i agree with nicole, the story has begun.
    now you know…

    im sooo happy!

    and omeeeeeeee!!!!
    that is friggin hilarious!!!
    “your mom goes to college!”

    even though…thats kinda raw cause like jacobs mom is dead….but i still think its funny!!!

    good luck with college!!!!
    oh and btw, i know like 3 guys that read the twilight series…and theyre not gayy…so that brings luck to guys everywhere!!! :]

  25. What the heck!?! How do you predict these things? I’m not telling you what you predicted right, but gosh… either you’re extremely spoilered or you are even more of a complete genius than i thought!

  26. I’m sitting here bouncing up and down in my chair.

    Remeber this:

    When you read Eclipse, look back at these posts. 😀

    Because they are dead-on.

    I can’t wait until you near the end of this book. Out of all four books, my #1 favorite chapter is Chapter 20 from New Moon. I love it even more than the infamous Twilight Chapter 13!!!

    Promise that when you get around to Chapter 20 you will give a grandiose post. I love to hear peoples’ reactions when they finally get there.

    😀 Enjoy!

  27. “Jacob: Whoa man…let’s not get nasty in here.”


  28. And don’t worry, I got spoiled more than you did. I knew Jacob was a werewolf before start reading Twilight HAHAHA.

    I got spoiled too with something that happens in Eclipse, before even finishing New Moon. So… these things happen <3

  29. haha, the Jacob-Edward argument you wrote about reminds me of something that happens in Eclipse.
    Except for the “your mom goes to college” thing, cause Jake’s mom is dead and Edward probably would say it, but still. I laughed.

    I can not wait until you read chapter 15! If you can stop reading after the end of that chapter, you will be the first.

    and good luck at college!!! we just moved my brother into his dorm room today! I feel sorry for his roommate, lol.

  30. HAHA! omg roflmao that was hilarious… “YOUR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE!” oh wow i just laughed for like 15 minutes straight over that…lol that made my day =D

  31. yup i also nerver understood why it took bella so long to relize what he was

    loved the convo between edward and jacob

  32. I would have really been interested to see if you would have figured out that Jacob is a werewolf from the clues in Twilight before you were spoiled. I just hope that you haven’t and you won’t be spoiled for Breaking Dawn!

  33. Love that song!

    I too thought Bella was being way slow! If the “cold ones” part of the legend was true why not the rest? Especially since it was a tribal legend. Wouldn’t they get that part right?

    The convo is great. So close to several to come. :p

  34. Kaleb, I don’t mean to be mean, but do you really think Edward would be saying “um” when it came to insulting Jacob?!

    Other than that, I loved your wit and personality, as always.

    With love,

  35. lmao!!!!!!!
    Edward: Oh yeah? Well…um…Your mom goes to college!
    -Crickets Chirp-
    Jacob: Whoa man…let’s not get nasty in here.

    omg im going to be laughing about that all day!!! xD

  36. I was also really annoyed with Bella for being so. incredibly. slow. on. the. uptake. And I read NM two days after it was on the shelves, so I wasn’t at all spoiled.

    Good luck with school!

  37. I refer back to my earlier post on Chapter 10. I’ve had some time to think about Bella and why she’s slower to figure out the werewolf thing than anyone else. “The thing is, when people are in the amount of pain Bella’s in, when they are grieving, thinking is painful. People try /not/ to think. So even though Bella may be slow on the uptake here in this chapter, it’s understandable.” Everytime she thinks of something, it involves Edward. He was such a part of her life that she couldn’t cut the reminders out. So she shut down. And even in the place she’s at now, with Jacob slowly teasing her out of hiding, she is still only in the present. The past has Edward. The future holds a life without him. Both are unbearable. So she refuses to think about either.

    Wow, that was a much deeper post than I meant it to be. It’s the “comment” section, not the “explain every facet of your stance on every particular issue” section. Sorry.

    On a different note… That line of Edward’s is really below the belt. Are both of their mothers kind of off-limits, seeing as they’re both dead? The mothers, not Edward and Jacob.

    Last comment- I’m happy you caught the “minor plot hole”! Those are irritating, hard to find, and often harder to fix. So I applaud you in doing that, and getting it done in under six hours!

    Okay, I know I said that was the last comment, but I want to wish you well at school. I know for me (last semester to survive, yes!) I am rather dreading it my own, and I am not in the process of doing everything that you’re involved in, either. So- good luck! Survive! Go shopping for groceries!

  38. Hello. I just found your website like, oh, thirty minutes ago maybe. Very creative website, man.

    My cousin forced me to read the series by way of at least twelve (seriously, twelve) calls a day. I finally cracked and did two things. A, got caller ID. B, read the series.

    Before that I’d been appalled at the idea of a book where a girl loves a vampire. Can we say sappy and lame? But of course I was proven wrong.

    I’d actually found the book like a year or so before a read it. I skimmed it and was like, “What is wrong with this author?” Then I dropped it and didn’t look back until my dear relative initiated phone torture.

    Hey, when did you start reading the series? You’re only on the second book, right? Have you already read it and are now commenting on it, or are you just taking it slow?

  39. hahaha. Your mom goes to college. That insult was everywhere a couple years ago.

    Kaleb, you are so insightful. I notice things I didn’t see when I read the books.

  40. “Your mom goes to college!” Haha. I love Napoleon Dynamite 🙂 Anyhoo, you are so great at picking up on things. Like with the bears, er, werewolves. You knew that that detail would probably be important later, so you remembered it. I totally forgot about that. I just thought it was something to make the story more exciting at first. Then, when they kept coming back up, I decided that they must have been pretty important. But I never would have guessed that Sam had something to do with it. And, just so you know, you’re getting closer and closer to the more interesting parts of the book! Chapter 16 is where it starts to get good, I think. Hehe.

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