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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 7 (Unhappy Ending)

The song for this chapter is My December by Linkin Park

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Every book, there has been that Certain Chapter that everyone seems to be anticipating me to read and comment on. In Twilight, it was the Meadow Scene. In New Moon, it was the dreaded Chapter 3. In Eclipse, it is obviously chapter 7. The majority of the comments on Chapter 6 weren’t even about that chapter: it was people pushing me along to get to chapter 7 sooner.

So, with that sort of anticipation lined up, I hesitantly slid into this one expecting something ginormously earth-shattering; examples being:

1. Edward and Jacob accidentally meet at a soda shop and talk through their problems, and suddenly are best buddies, or

2. Bella discovers she is actually descended from gnomes and can turn to stone, which she does, or

3. A character named Naleb Kation appears and saves the day from the quick approaching soldiers of General Grunksnot’s evil leprechaun armies, using only a book and his wits

Who me?

none of which I would have much comment on, as I would be too busy trying to make sense of what exactly Stephenie had been drinking whilst writing that part.

By the title of this chapter, I know that something is about to go wrong. Something is on Rosalie’s mind, and has been on her mind for quite a long time. She has been against Bella being turned into a vampire from the start — sometimes, the only one besides Edward. Thus when Rosalie tells Bella there is a reason behind her objections, I immediately knew that something terrible must have happened in her past to make her think that way.

And it is true: Rosalie’s history is a sad and dark one. You would think that by having everything she wanted, and by seeming to have a perfect, high-class life, that she would be happy – even that she should be happy. But it is obvious that Rosalie never was. While her friend was not as rich as she was, and did not associate with the same high-class crowds, Rosalie is jealous of her because she actually found a way to be happy, even without as many possessions. By having everything, Rosalie only wanted more, when all she really wanted was happiness: something her parents’ money could not give her.

It is through this that Rosalie was nearly killed by a man whom she thought would be fit as a husband — blinded to his true nature, perhaps, by his wealth and power. The stark reality also is that if she had not killed Royce and his friends, because of their social stature, most likely there would have been no justice done to any of them.

Suddenly, I can really understand why Rosalie seems to be so angry at Bella. She has a choice that Rosalie would give anything for, and yet it appears that Bella is ready to throw it away at the first chance she gets. Rosalie was raised in want of nothing; but the one thing she wants is the one thing she can’t have.

Despite the fact that I have been a bit against Jacob lately, in favor of Edward, I can’t help but feel thrilled that he appears out of nowhere to steal Bella away. They seem to be getting quite a plan down. But as the next chapter is called Temper, I have a feeling that Edward will not be far behind…

Question For The Comments: What was your favorite chapter out of Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse? (not Breaking Dawn because I’m not there yet 😀 )


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  1. This was my favorite chapter of Eclipse, but Eclipse is also my favorite book out of the series. For Twilight my favorite chapter was the fight scene between the Cullen's and James. New Moon's was when Alice came to see if Bella was still alive. 🙂

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