A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Eclipse: Chapter 11 (Legends)

The song for this chapter is Human by The Killers


So, as most of you noticed, I didn’t post on my regular Thursday. My favorite email from yesterday went something to this effect:

Subject Line: EGADS!
>What happened? Where are you? Are you DEAD?
>I need a post. I wants a post. I must have
>its. Give its to usss. preciousss.

*hides*. This makes me all the more hesitant to actually go check my new PO box, having no idea what might jump out at me.

Anyhow, as I read chapter the eleventh, I realized that there are certain advantages to hanging out with a bunch of werewolves. First, you’ll probably never get that cold. Second, you are pretty much safe from any beast that wants to leap out of the shadows and kill you. And third, you will never, ever run out of food.

Especially if you enjoy hot dogs, chips and root beer, which is all Jacob’s friends seem to eat. It leads me to wonder if werewolves are as stuffed with cash as vampires are. I would hate to be the person who gets stuck with the food bill, especially since they eat in one meal about the same amount normal people eat in a week. Suggestion: why not simply buy a restaurant, get massive discounts on bulk food, and pay for it with the profits? I’m sure Charlie would be a customer — especially seeing that heaping mountain of steaks he had at the diner.

Charlie Should Seriously Cut Back On The Steaks
Charlie Should Seriously Cut Back On The Steaks

It’s so funny how these werewolves act just like human-shaped dogs. Having grown up nearly my entire life with at least one dog in the house, I can vouch that dogs can be sitting and eating a meal, then leap into a temper, and then leap back into being friendly again. Example (edited to save space):

“Jacob, gimme the hot dog.” Paul said.

“Hale no,” Jacob replied.

Despite the fact that Paul had eaten at least as much as Jacob, he glowered and his hands balled up into fists.

“*Rawr*,” Paul said.

“Sheesh.” Jacob laughed. “Kidding […].”

“Thanks, man,” Paul said, already over his brief fit of temper.

Eclipse pg. 240

It’s like trying to take a toy from a dog: dog wants toy, boy does not give toy, dog growls, boy gives toy, dog licks boy and grins. Even after a scuffle, all is forgiven and forgotten.

I liked it that the group is so welcoming to Bella — I wonder if it is part of a plan to make her feel more warmly towards them, so that Jacob might have an easier time convincing her against becoming a vampire. There seems to be an interesting tribal connection between them all that wasn’t so obvious to me before: all the werewolves seem to be sticking together with their relatives, from Harry Clearwater’s widow, to Billy Black, to Quil and Old Quil (and maybe Even Older Quil?).

The Quileute legends were actually quite interesting. It gave me a bit more depth to their story, and also just how painful and tragic a history is behind the tribe. The loathing and hatred towards vampires runs so deeply within the werewolves that their very history is intertwined with it.

Imprinting is starting to make more sense to me now: and seeing the love between Jared and Kim seems to have cast a new light upon it. The beauty of imprinting is that no matter what Kim looks like, or how insignificant she may feel, Jared adores her more than anything in the world. It is almost the purest form of love between them: that he can love her for any fault she might have, and doesn’t see any imperfection in her, because she was the one who was made for him.

Why does this remind me of Bella and Edward? I know I have said this before — how the truest form of love is showed by Edward in the fact that Bella is a plain, ordinary girl, and has so many faults, and yet he loves her more than anything; not in spite of them, but because he loves her just the way she is. There is a beauty to a love that is not based upon how someone looks, or how rich they are, or how many sweet words they might say. It is easy to understand why Bella loves Edward. What is harder to understand is why Edward loves Bella — it’s because he doesn’t love her for superficial reasons, he love her for who she is. In this same way, Jared has imprinted on Kim.

I read the passage from Wuthering Heights three times, in an effort to make it sink in, and on the third reading I realized who the characters were in this scene. Readers of my previous chapter post know that I’m having a hard time understanding why Edward lets Bella see Jacob, when they are supposedly in a relationship, and Jacob is obviously trying to jump between them. In one strange moment, I realized exactly what is going through Edward’s head, and why he seems to have become a somewhat unstable ally with Jacob:

“I never would have banished him from her society as long as she desired his. The moment her regard ceased, I would have torn his heart out, and drank his blood! But, till then […] I would have died by inches before I touched a single hair of his head!”

I don’t know about you, but I can clearly hear Edward’s voice saying those words.

Question for the comments: would you rather be loved by a werewolf who has imprinted on you, or a vampire who loves you like Edward?


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  1. i was reading a few of the other posts and ofcourse you have a choice on who u fall for. you love some one because you like their personality, their charm, their brilliance. you love someone for who they are and you love them for them, not because there is some stupid bond between you or any attraction, although if there is attraction it is because you know that person and feel the best when you are with them. relationships like that take time to form, and ofcourse you have a choice on who you want to spend your life with and there are no restrictions toward that, so if jacob really loved bella, he would let her go because he knows that she woud be happier with edward because she loves him and because they are meant for each other, but not in any supernatural way. so i completey disagree with all you people who think that you dont have a choice on who you fall for because you do!

  2. sanguisuga, that is completely stupid that you would want edward in summer and jake while winter because those two men are very passionate about their love and there are people in this world like you who would take advantage of something like that. its so stupid, because there are people who actually are determined love their other halves like that and someone like you would just be so completely immature and stupid and actually think something like that! that thought would never come in my head.

  3. While I would feel guilty if a former love like Sam and Leah’s had been thrown away for me, I think I would choose the werewolf. I love vampires and am very much Team Edward, but I love Jake and all the wolves too.

    Flower, I understand what you mean about feeling trapped, but you said you would know that you were the person put on the Earth for your wolf, but you neglect to mention that he was also put here for you. He would be everything you could want, so how could you not love him? It’s not quite so trapping that way. Also, as much as I respect and understand Bella’s decisions, I would want a (somewhat) normal human life with someone I could grow old with and have children with(…real, normal children before you say what I know you’re thinking…).

    A werewolf could protect me almost as well as a vampire but there is a certain something in the vulnerability that werewolves have and vampires lack. He could be killed by a sickness or another person (unlike a vampire) so you want to make every second of your life count so that you enjoy it if it lasts and don’t have any regrets if the worst were to happen. With a vampire, you take for granted that nothing is going to happen and you might not make the conscious effort to enjoy your love. Does this make any sense at all? I feel like I’m rambling, but it’s because my head won’t form my perfectly sensible thoughts into sensible sentences.

    Plus, I’d pick the heat over the ice. Don’t get the impression that I don’t love Edward, but he is Bella’s perfect match – Jacob is more my type.

  4. Psh. Edward.
    Frankly, i think I’d love the adoration of a sparkly,perfect, romantic, musical, perfect and…perfect vampire who loves me for who i am, as opposed to a werewolf who was ‘forced'(in a way) to love me. I’d feel depressed if a wolf imprinted me and he’d bnever talked to me before that moment.

  5. O HALE yes I would choose a vampire. I would rather die than be loved by a stupid werewolf or as I like to call them a lycanthrope! (actual word look it up) and I have to say vampires pretty much always come witha sweet deal I mean even Victoria and James you never know vampires are my muse

  6. Werewolf, probably. There just isn’t any doubt. I mean, with the whole imprinting thing, you just know.
    I don’t think it’s force. I mean, vampires have all this time to think about what they want and have to wait for it. For these werewolves, they’re all crazy, rampaging, teenage boys who don’t know what they want until they imprint. That’s when they’re like, “Whoa,” and it smacks them in face in the form of a new gravitational pull. Mhmm.
    And everything is happily ever after (minus the whole my-soul-mate-might-get-killed-by-a-vampire, but lets leave that out for the sake of the romance).

  7. I would definitely prefer to be loved by a vampire like Edward (or preferable Edward himself!) He is perfect. 🙂

  8. Vampire love would be the best choice. Nothing against imprinting; they are both love at first sight basically but idk. I would love being loved so deply either way.

  9. Edward I think because imprinting is more of a biological means to preserve a species and not totally 100% real love

  10. Oh and while we’re on the subject of Wuthering Heights, I actually read it. Yeah, I read it because it was in the Twilight Series. I am wow. Its crazy how that part (and others) are so perfect. Wait, not really because Stephenie has said that it was one of her inspirations. 😀

  11. Vampire. Edward loves Bella enough that he won’t suck her blood. San imprinted on Emily but ended up scarring her face. Were is the true love in that?

  12. priyanka # 55. I think that ur comment is the one brutally out of line. Just FYI. im pretty sure that the other person’s comment was just jk and that u took it too literally.

  13. vampiree!!!!
    cuz edwards so awesome!!
    but i would want someone to fall in love with me instead of having it be like love at first sight thing where youre immediatly bonded to the person and cant ever love someone else.
    what i see is that is jacob ever imprinted on bella, bella would forget all about edward and love jacob till she dies
    i would want to have more freedom
    although i think that imprinting is very interesting
    i would rather be loved in a natural way.
    not that theres anything natural about a vampire loving a human.

  14. First, I loved this chapter and the Wuthering Heights quote. You’re right, I can practically hear Edward saying that.

    In answer to your question; There’s a difference? I mean, an imprintee is the center of the imprinter’s universe… which is just about the same as Edward and Bella.

  15. Hmm, you think it’s “What is harder to understand is why Edward loves Bella” I don’t know, I think I have to disagree. Doesn’t Edward seem…too perfect? He doesn’t really have a vivid personality, whereas Bella, though she may have those faults, is altogether a more colorful person? I kinda think it’d be easier to fall for Bella then Edward, person wise…As in minus the fact he’s supernaturally strong/fast/etc.

    But as for you question, I don’t know, really. I think I’d rather the vampire way, but I’d rather it be a werewolf then a vampire, honestly.
    For Edward it seemed that he got to know her first, (at least a little bit), then a little later on it kinda hit him that “Wow, how did I ever live without her? I will never love anyone else,” type thing went through his mind. I think I’d rather it that way than just being seen and then pounced upon.

  16. I would rather be loved by a vampire like Edward because it would be his choice. There is no conscious decision involved in the imprinting. They can imprint on someone they no nothing about, but in Edward’s case, he chose to love Bella. It might not have been a conscious thing for him either, but he saw the good in her. His falling in love with her was a process, it took him recognizing that he was in love with her. I want someone to fall in love with me with who I am as a person, the good and the bad, and that is what Edward did. The werewolves “imprintees” might be absolutely the perfect person for them, but they didn’t get to experience to pain and joy of falling in love and a lot of times that is the sweetest part of the whole experience. Bella and Edward both had to go through that. I think it makes a love stronger and more realistic.

  17. I’m gonna have to go with imprinting. They werewolf could never leave like Edward did, and you’d KNOW it was fate. There would never be something better out there for you, but Edward might find someone he likes more someday

  18. “Even Older Quil” Haha.

    Thats a cool look on you, though. You should stick with it. ;)lol.

    I love jacob, but i would have to choose vampire love. The problem i have with imprinting, is no one is sure why it happens. It could be for purely genetic reasons! The werewolf loves you, just because…he’s designed that way. He had no influence over it. It would feel like we were just forced upon each other, for no known reason. he CANT possibly love someone else. With the vampire, he CHOSE you. out of all the people in the world, he wants you. He could choose anyone else, but he wants YOU, and that somehow makes it more powerful. It’s like what stephenie says about jacob and edward both loving bella. her love for edward is stronger, because she does have other options that are very good. but she chose edward.

    Plus wouldn’t it be boring having someone who was completely tailored to your wants. There would be no disagreements, no compromising. Thats what makes a relationship worth it. the work that you put into it.

    No offense to werewolves of course. I <3 werewolves.

  19. honestly, they’re almost the same thing. Sure, Imprinting is love at first sight and Edward wanted to kill Bella and drink her blood the first time he saw her, but that’s not important.
    What Edward and Bella have is kind of like the vampire version of Imprinting.

    but I would have to say a werewolf. Because Imprinting seems more… I don’t know, certain and fated. Plus, I’d rather be warm than cold (sorry Edward!)

  20. Yes!

    Oh wait, I was suppose to choose. I am Team Edward, but for me, I would pick werewolf. I don’t want to live on this Earth forever.

  21. Werewolf totally. If they imprint you can be sure they will not abandond you, even in the worst of times. Vampires wouldn’t abandond you ethier, but you never know, Edward might have something going on with Irina………

  22. Oh, that’s tough…umm…I guess it would depend. I mean, what if the wolf who imprinted on you wasn’t someone you cared for like that? But…hmm…I guess it would just all depend! 😀

  23. priyanka –

    Darling – some perspective please. We’re talking about FICTIONAL characters here. I would suggest you not take it so seriously.

  24. im a vampire girl BUT i think id rather be imprinted on by a wolf because its exactly like you said you’re perfect matches – they’re built specifically for you and vice versa, a vampire would be amazing but imprinting shows that a greater force had drawn you two together 🙂 it’s perfection and i think its adorable

  25. Now that I’ve read some of the pther comments…umm…vampire. Like they said, the imprinter is made totally for you. I guess I can comare it to a puzzle and a block of wood. (hang w/ me for a sec!)The wolf is the puzzle; he’s perfect for you and while there’s some work involved, it’s too easy to make the pieces fit, whereas a block of wood, you have to work and carve and labor over it before it becomes a beautiful carving, you know? ;D

  26. Vampire. Hands down

    Great post, Kaleb! We’ll forgive you for delaying it for a day 😉

  27. What a great question! There is one thing that everyone is forgetting. Werewolves don’t age as long as they phase, but the person they imprint on will. They don’t have the vampire option of changing their love into an immortal. Remember Taha Aki let himself age with his third wife (because of the imprint). If you were imprinted on by a Protector, and something was going on that kept them phasing, you would be getting older, while they weren’t. That’s the main reason that I choose the vampire option. Vampires do mate for life (keep in mind how lifeless Marcus is without his mate – read SM’s Q&A from the BD tour to find out why she died). Either way you have no choice once you find your true mate (so choose the one you can have immortality with). Another consideration is the lifestyles, werewolves are part of their community and vampires are forced to live nomadically and separate from the community. So consider if you want to stay on the rez or go to Italy. The biggest advantage I see to the werewolves is that they protect human life, instead of feeding on it. Less of a moral dilemna with them. re: Kim and Jared, she knew before he did – remember she was writing his name in her notebooks. The worst part about imprinting is the Sam-Leah outcome. The comments have been very interesting. Thanks Kaleb (more info on imprinting coming up in later chapters).

  28. I’d go with the vampire. Its not that i think werewolves are too weird or anything but i would prefer it if a guy loved me not because he was forced too by some strange mystical wolf connection.

  29. I also love the song for this chapter as the Killers are my favorite band of all time and I was so excited about their new album which was amazing. I am also listening to them right now as I am writing this. (Im listening to leave the bourbon on the shelf)

  30. I Would Definitely Want to Be Loved By a Vampire by Edward.
    Because With the Werewolves & Imprinting They Do Love the Person Unconditionally But They Have to. They Can’t Just Not Love Them. Since They’ve Imprinted They Always Have to Love That Person.
    With Edward He’d Love the Person Simply Because He Does. Not Because of Any Magic. He Doesn’t Have to, it’s a Chosen Love and More Deep & Emotional.

  31. haha, you used “rawr” XD

    Anyways, to answer your question, if I was thinking rationally, I’d have to say werewolf. If a werewolf were to imprint on me (as self-absorbed as this may now sound…,) I know I’d be set for life. I’d have someone love me for everything I am, including all of my ridiculous faults. Also, werewolves aren’t immortal – I wouldn’t have to be turned into one in order to be w/ him forever. Werewolves have a generally happier outlook on life compared to vampires as well; they’re not brooding like say, Edward. I’d want a werewolf because that’s what would be best for me.

    HOWEVER. I can see the good in having a vampire’s love too. A vampire’s love would be pure and emotional – not something determined by some crazy voodoo imprinting. It would be his CHOICE to love me; the relationship would be more realistic.
    However, there’s the whole “oh my, I have to turn into a vampire to be w/ you forever blahblahblah” deal. I personally don’t sway that way haha.

    But let’s be real, I’d rather have a real PERSON/HUMAN love me haha. That’s something that may actually happen lol.

    Awesome post 😀

  32. I’d choose a vampire like Edward. Not because he’d suck my blood, but because I’d have a choice. And because he would.

    During an imprinting, the werewolf has no choice. He loves that person. So, since I’m a doubting, guilt-ridden person, I’d always wonder: Would he love me if he wasn’t a werewolf?

    For Edward, though, I’d never be assured that he really loved me. But if I believed it – and you have to, when he’s Edward – then I’d be so much happier than believing in something that HAD to be the way it was. Love seems more pure to me when it’s a choice, something that would happen invariably, no matter if you’re a werewolf, vampire, or human.

    Great question, but honestly, I’m hoping my husband will be human.

  33. That’s a tough one……

    The Pro’s of Warewolf (for me) I get a heater every winter (two thumps up on that) but then in the summer it would get too hot, you have some one that loves you for ever no matter what and is what exactly you need at the time you need it, which would be a great plus if some one could understand you that well………

    Con’s of a warewolf (for me again) NO TRAVELING, it seems to me that the warewolves stay put to their territory and I like traveling and seeing new places….. so that is a big down for that……and being human and in love with a warewolf that does not age well then I will die and he will still be alive or vise versa if I became the warewolf and my love was human we would die and I will be left alone…….

    So I go will be a vampire the only con I find is that I have to drink blood but since I will be a vampire I dont think that would bother me then……

  34. Very funny post…I’m biased, but I would prefer the vampire. With imprinting, the werewolf doesn’t have a choice. Edward and Bella both got to choose each other.

  35. Hmmmmm… Tough decision here. I think like a lot of people said that either one would great but an Edward would be preferable to an imprinted werewolf. Once again, Kaleb great post.

  36. I don’t think that’s really a question! I mean, really, it’s a win-win situation I guess. But I would much rather have Edward’s eternal love for me, rather than Jacob who had no choice? Y’know what I mean?

  37. Vampires, I think. But then again, I’m slightly biased.

    you know the freaky thing? I’ve always preferred the cold. I don’t know why. Hot air always made me feel like I was suffocating, especially when it’s humid. I more sensitive to heat than most (meaning, for some reason, heat hurts me quicker than it hurts others). Fall is my favorite season for the crisp clean breezes that it brings that slightly nip my face, a refreshing contrast to the previous heat and humidity.

    Also, with vampires, it’s forever. If i had a true love like that, whether from vampire mating or werewolf imprinting, I would want forever. As Bella says “One lifetime isn’t enough”.

    I also think I’m more suited to be a vampire. Even now, as a human, changes don’t sit well with me. I realized it a long time ago, and I’ve come to accept it and always strive to do something about it, but I still have that natural tendency to shy away from change, unless it’s a change i’m seeking (like going to college and moving out of my parents supervision (: )

    And vampires are most likely to come from old times, where gentlemen and chivalry still existed. Not only that, most vamps are intelligent, and that’s one of MY requirements in men.

    So, I’m definitely a vamp girl all the way

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