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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 11 (Legends)

The song for this chapter is Human by The Killers


So, as most of you noticed, I didn’t post on my regular Thursday. My favorite email from yesterday went something to this effect:

Subject Line: EGADS!
>What happened? Where are you? Are you DEAD?
>I need a post. I wants a post. I must have
>its. Give its to usss. preciousss.

*hides*. This makes me all the more hesitant to actually go check my new PO box, having no idea what might jump out at me.

Anyhow, as I read chapter the eleventh, I realized that there are certain advantages to hanging out with a bunch of werewolves. First, you’ll probably never get that cold. Second, you are pretty much safe from any beast that wants to leap out of the shadows and kill you. And third, you will never, ever run out of food.

Especially if you enjoy hot dogs, chips and root beer, which is all Jacob’s friends seem to eat. It leads me to wonder if werewolves are as stuffed with cash as vampires are. I would hate to be the person who gets stuck with the food bill, especially since they eat in one meal about the same amount normal people eat in a week. Suggestion: why not simply buy a restaurant, get massive discounts on bulk food, and pay for it with the profits? I’m sure Charlie would be a customer — especially seeing that heaping mountain of steaks he had at the diner.

Charlie Should Seriously Cut Back On The Steaks
Charlie Should Seriously Cut Back On The Steaks

It’s so funny how these werewolves act just like human-shaped dogs. Having grown up nearly my entire life with at least one dog in the house, I can vouch that dogs can be sitting and eating a meal, then leap into a temper, and then leap back into being friendly again. Example (edited to save space):

“Jacob, gimme the hot dog.” Paul said.

“Hale no,” Jacob replied.

Despite the fact that Paul had eaten at least as much as Jacob, he glowered and his hands balled up into fists.

“*Rawr*,” Paul said.

“Sheesh.” Jacob laughed. “Kidding […].”

“Thanks, man,” Paul said, already over his brief fit of temper.

Eclipse pg. 240

It’s like trying to take a toy from a dog: dog wants toy, boy does not give toy, dog growls, boy gives toy, dog licks boy and grins. Even after a scuffle, all is forgiven and forgotten.

I liked it that the group is so welcoming to Bella — I wonder if it is part of a plan to make her feel more warmly towards them, so that Jacob might have an easier time convincing her against becoming a vampire. There seems to be an interesting tribal connection between them all that wasn’t so obvious to me before: all the werewolves seem to be sticking together with their relatives, from Harry Clearwater’s widow, to Billy Black, to Quil and Old Quil (and maybe Even Older Quil?).

The Quileute legends were actually quite interesting. It gave me a bit more depth to their story, and also just how painful and tragic a history is behind the tribe. The loathing and hatred towards vampires runs so deeply within the werewolves that their very history is intertwined with it.

Imprinting is starting to make more sense to me now: and seeing the love between Jared and Kim seems to have cast a new light upon it. The beauty of imprinting is that no matter what Kim looks like, or how insignificant she may feel, Jared adores her more than anything in the world. It is almost the purest form of love between them: that he can love her for any fault she might have, and doesn’t see any imperfection in her, because she was the one who was made for him.

Why does this remind me of Bella and Edward? I know I have said this before — how the truest form of love is showed by Edward in the fact that Bella is a plain, ordinary girl, and has so many faults, and yet he loves her more than anything; not in spite of them, but because he loves her just the way she is. There is a beauty to a love that is not based upon how someone looks, or how rich they are, or how many sweet words they might say. It is easy to understand why Bella loves Edward. What is harder to understand is why Edward loves Bella — it’s because he doesn’t love her for superficial reasons, he love her for who she is. In this same way, Jared has imprinted on Kim.

I read the passage from Wuthering Heights three times, in an effort to make it sink in, and on the third reading I realized who the characters were in this scene. Readers of my previous chapter post know that I’m having a hard time understanding why Edward lets Bella see Jacob, when they are supposedly in a relationship, and Jacob is obviously trying to jump between them. In one strange moment, I realized exactly what is going through Edward’s head, and why he seems to have become a somewhat unstable ally with Jacob:

“I never would have banished him from her society as long as she desired his. The moment her regard ceased, I would have torn his heart out, and drank his blood! But, till then […] I would have died by inches before I touched a single hair of his head!”

I don’t know about you, but I can clearly hear Edward’s voice saying those words.

Question for the comments: would you rather be loved by a werewolf who has imprinted on you, or a vampire who loves you like Edward?


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190 Responses

  1. I WOULD NOT want an Edward vampire. Emmett vampire, Jasper vampire, hell, even James vampire, but no Edward. Edward is too overbearing, and I think Jacob’s awesome anyway….

  2. I also loved the Wuthering Heights quote in this chapter and could hear Edward’s voice while reading it.
    As for the question of the day?
    Edward, all the way. As someone earlier says, he waited so long for Bella. . . If only I had someone that devoted to me? Ahhhh.

  3. I would honestly prefer to be loved by a vampire like Edward or Edward himself if the world was perfect and he truely existed.

    When imprinting was first introduced in the series I looked it up on Wikipedia and found that it is exactly something some animal species do to find a mate and its just very odd for something like that to happen to humans. I wouldn’t want my choice taken a way like that even though that person would be my perfect mate. I’d prefer if it was completely random and then turned into perfect love.

  4. I’m not sure. For one, I would love it if a vampire( mainly Edward or Carlisle) to fall in love with me because they choose to love me for who I am. On the other hand, I know that a werewolf could not stand to stay away from me ifhe had imprinted on me and would always stay with me unlike Edward. But I’d have to say that personally I would prefer a vampire to love me. Much more sexier.

  5. I like the werewolves better, but given the way you stated the question, I gotta go with vampire. Seriously. Don’t believe the hype. Imprinting sucks.

  6. hahahahaha
    “Even Older Quil”
    it’s really pathetic how hard I’m laughing right now.

    For some strange reason it reminds me of what my little brother said once… He said I had bad grades and I looked at him funny and said I get straight A’s, and he’s like yeah. “A for ardly trying.”

  7. I never understood those lines from Wuthering Heights until I read this post. Thank you very much!!

    Great post, yet again. Your blogging is indeed as precious[ssss] as the Ruling Ring.

  8. I couldn’t think of better “”s in the world that would discribe why edward feels the way he does, what Heathclif says in wuthering heights is perfect. Edward would never want to hurt bella, and he would do anything in his power to prevent that, even if that means befriending the wolfs. If anyone hasn’t actualy read wuthering heights its an amazing book and i full heartedly recomend it.

    As for your question, I think that personaly i would rather have edward, I think that there is something to say about vampire love, and its unique for sure. I think that the idea of being imprented on is also in its own way (for lack of a better word) nice or sweet.

  9. I would rather have an Edward, because he is- sweet, kind, and caring- the perfect guy, and doesn’t have to immprint on you to love you. He needs you so much that he would die for you, because you are carved in his soul, as he is yours. His love would be the only thing keeping me sane!


  10. Hmm…I’d have to say vampire. Mostly because when Edward and Bella fell in love, it was a gradual, getting-to-know-you process, whereas with imprinting, it’s like “Oh hey–*blink* WHOA, I’m in love with you!” And it just seems kind of sudden and rushed.

    But then again, I might be just a teensy bit biased toward Edward… 😀

  11. Like you said there are many simularities with the two loves. So I personally think it wouldn’t really matter which love it was because they both are still true love.
    Imprinting still creeps me out though. It is a pretty intense bond as you will see.(hint hint) And it is sooooo weird but I don’t want to spoil you.
    Ps You said rawr!! that was awesome!

  12. as beautiful as i find the imprinting process, i still consider it involuntary and, well, imprinted. i feel edward had more choice in the matter, that he wasn’t so [happily] resigned to his love for bella.

  13. It deppends on wich vampire is it… because.. objectivley.. i find edward quite anoying.. (Jacob is only anoying when he puts his mind on it…{like 70% in eclipse..} but stil.. he is anoying w/style..-like dumbledore*in the OotP movie ^.^ hehe-
    But there is also.. wel… i don’t know if i like the hole immprinting -or wathever is called- it’s quite SCARRY 4 me.. maybe because the hole… noy having a choice.. and well.. what if.. your..immprintee *yes thats what i’ll call them hahha* doesn’t feel it..like… Imprinting on a VAMPIRE.. maybe you as a werewolf.. would even think she smells great*thehehe* but… what about her…!?!?! or.. just she is(NORMAl &)scared about your FURRY problem.. that would probably be the SADDEST thing ever!! Nope.. not shure about it..i love FREE WILL! yeeei

  14. I enjoyed the camaraderie that the Pack welcomed Bella in. Calling her vampire girl can mean several things, but its still a nickname from friends.

    As for the book passage, absolutely that is Edward’s attitude. Edward is not a perfect person. I know the media is all hyped up on how “perfect” Edward seems, but he’s really a very flawed character. But what makes him seem perfect to me is his dedication to Bella in everything. Its unwavering and true.

    I find it interesting that Wuthering Heights is the book theme that runs through this third story. I couldn’t stand it myself, the characters I just wanted to hit over the head and leave for dead, but I have to admit, she uses these passages to great affect within this story.

  15. Tough question…but, I’d say Edward! I don’t think his attachment to Bella is any less supernatural than imprinting -remember the first time they touched, the electric shock that they both felt?? But, the kind of love and attachment they have is certainly appealing.

    Now – the Wuthering Heights quote – it is so perfect, not only because Edward allows her to see Jacob to make her happy, but because his thinking is flawed in the matter, as was Heathcliff’s in WH. Underlying violent thoughts, hate, etc….makes Edward more appealing as a character – he is not perfect!!

  16. “just crumbled reeses into vanilla ice cream even though it’s 30 degrees outside “I just caught the “reese,” so I thought it you crumbled me for a sec there! Thats totally my name.
    Anywho, I would definitely prefer a vampire, but that’s not what I’m commenting for.
    I completely agree with you about Charlie needing to lay off on the steaks, and I understand what you’re saying when you say you can hear Edward saying Heathcliff’s little speech about.. oh whatever his name is. It fits oh so well with the concept of Twilight, especially the drinking blood thing.
    I’m so glad someone else besides me can actually picture and hear Edward Cullen saying that! 🙂

  17. a vampire. it almost seems as if imprinting is forced. look at sam and leah. isnt imprinting also to have the best genes to carry on the werewolf genes. so what if imprinting all a set up to get you to make great babies. i would rather have someone choose to be with me and have some magical force choose for him. and edwards love is just as pure and amazing. guys could learn a few things from him!!

  18. i want to be loved like Edward loves Bella. so Hale Yes! i choose VAMPIRE LOVE! isn’t everyone a bit biased with edward cullen in our heads constantly ?
    Kaleb, that email freaked me out! i hope that creepy little guy from lord of the rings isn’t hiding in your PO Box! preciousss…eekk…that’s creepy!

  19. You know, this question is hard because I can see many advantages and disadvantages…

    One good thing about the werewolves is that you have extreme loyalty. Look at Sam and Emily…Sam could have ignored the imprinting (if that were possible) and still been with his first love, but the bond is so strong that its impossible to ignore. I guess you could say that if a werewolf imprinted on you, you wouldn’t have to worry about and cheating. Sure, imprinting isn’t a choice, but don’t you think that if it means that that person is your soulmate that maybe you’d find them either way. Love works in mysterious ways and shows up unexpectedly. If you’re meant to be with someone, you’d realize it on your own. So really, it could go either way. Another great thing about the wolves is the fact that they are so warm and cuddly. Of course, you might have to keep the ceiling fan on all night if you fall asleep in the arms of a wolf, but personally, I’d rather be in hot arms than cold arms, which brings me to Edward (the bloodsucker.).

    I love Edward, but there’s one thing he lacks…WARMTH! I like that guys can keep me warm when a room is cold or when I’m out in winter weather. A vampire wouldn’t be able to do that. Of course, there is a great thing about Edward that Jacob doesn’t have… Maturity. You can tell he really truly does care about Bella for who she is. That’s sexy…. that’s romantic. That’s what every girl wants.

    But, who wins out in this war? Which of the supernatural men would steal my heart? Sorry my fellow Twilighters…but I choose Jacob Black, or another werewolf.

    The wolves have so many things that I hope for in my future….but the one thing that they definitely have that the vampires don’t is this… Wolves give you no reason to give up something. Where Bella would have to become immortal to stay with Edward, she wouldn’t if she were with Jake. I think I would rather have a long life with the man that I love and grow old with that person and then perish from the earth than live forever. Sure, the being in love would make it better, but there’s something positively romantic about growing old with the man that you love. I may be the only person to ever say this, and I know I may sound crazy, but immortality doesn’t appeal to me. The idea that you would live until the earth ceases to exist seems rather lonely, even if you do have a husband with you.

    I choose the imprinting because it is truly the love of your life and your true soulmate and because you don’t have to change to be with them. You can grow old, have children and watch as generations follow you until one day, you’ll say goodbye to the world. That’s appealing. This comment got serious really fast…all about life and whether to live forever or die…but I am passionate… Growing old is my style….

    Great post, Kaleb! I love all your funny pics and of course, your depth while reading this series! Hope to see more soon!

  20. Dang!! that’s a tough choice… I don’t know really… Uhm… The wolves imprinting does that they’ll become whatever the person needs them to be, right?? so if you’re a kiddo like Claire then the wolf’ll become like a playfriend..? I like that- that the “Imprinted” actually has a choice eventhough it doesn’t seem that way- They do, but you just don’t notice it because if they need a friend – then the wolf will be a friend, if they need a caretaker, then the wolf will be a caretaker, and once they are ready to fall in love and whants a boyfriend/girlfriend- then they’ll become that aswell 😉 And of course they got that whole warmth working for them;) But the wolves are just… I don’t know… Tempered and childish…

    Which brings me to Edward: He’s so much in love with Bella that he’s been willing to let her go, for her own safety – that’s called muturity (Perhaps he’s sometimes a bit overprotecting, but he’s learning to control it). I don’t think one of the wolfes would be able to do that…

    Plus Edward is perfect in almost every single posible way, one minus about Edward though is that to live with him, would meen Imortality- You would be have to give up your family, your friends and your intire life, you wouldn’t be able to have children and once, every now and then you would have to move from your home, but for true love, I think I could (maybe) be able to give all that up – oh and of course you would have the vampire’s awesome sister Anna (or something with an A), Her (little bit scary, but nice) boyfriend (Who is also the vamp’s brother and who’s name start with a J), the vampire’s other exctremely confident and joking brother (who’s name starts with an E, and has a very bitchy girlfriend, who is also the vamp’s sis), the vampire’s very loving and carring mother (name starts with an E) and the vamp’s incredible understanding and forgiving farther (Name starts with a C) on your side- so the only person who you wouldn’t cling with would be one pissy sister- that is what I call luck in a family with 7 people in it 😉

    Lol- but until the day comes, where I’ll be in love with a vampire like Edward and in love with a Werewolf – I’ll stay Natural- Like switzerland!! 😛

    Stay cool and awesome Kaleb Kebab 😉 Hugs

  21. Vampires 😀
    their love seems more voluntary,even tho the werewolves will be completely faithful no one should be forced to love u…thts kinda creepy…

  22. Crap!! I had a very long and intlligent-sounding post, but my laptop died :P…
    anyway to make a long story short, it said “go vampires, werewolves dont have a choice, but vamps do”
    also just wanted to say I love your sense of humor 🙂

  23. like you kind of said, Kaleb, it seems sort of like the same way, everyone loves everyone because of exactly how they are in the whole imprinting thing but it is the same for edward and bella’s relationship

    I go back to the leah/sam thing. i wouldn’t want to be leah in that situation because she is obviously still heartbroken. that is the worst part of imprinting is that sometimes someone else gets hurt.

    you never fail to make my day whit cho humor. lol

  24. I think I would rather be loved by a vampire like Edward, because when a wereworlf imprints, they don’t have a choise, but Edward had a choise if he wanted to stay with Bella. But Quil and Jared, on the other hand, can not reist being around Claire and Kim. It’s alomst inpossible for them. Mind you, it’s the same for Edward.

    Anyways, my point is that I would rather be loved by a Vampire like Edward.

  25. I’m glad you’ve seen the light, Kaleb 🙂 Or rather, the reason that Edward lets Bella see Jacob.

    I prefer Edward 110%!!!

  26. Is there a difference between these two types of loves? Vampire love and imprinting? I don’t think so. While I’m sure all the posts above have valid reasons for one type over the other, vampire love and imprinting all share the same common thing: passionate, dedicated, love. Whichever one loves you, you know that are you that persons center of the world. So really, what’s there to prove? As for which love I’d choose, I’d be content with whichever came to me first. I know I’d be special with whoever I went with.

  27. I would much rather be loved by a vampire like Edward because they actually have a choice of who they love and want to be with for the rest of their lives. And werewolves really don’t have that with the whole imprinting thing.

  28. I would choose Edward because, although a werewolf would love me despite my flaws, edward would love me enough to hurt himself to make me feel better. if the werewolf were jacob, or any other werewolf for that matter, i dont think he would be able to stay away, and if i didnt want him to love me, but he did anyways and kept coming back and hurting me because he was forced to, it would just make me hate him. edward would love you enough to put you first and endure his own pain. he would make the sacrifice because he loved you.

  29. Hmmm… Though I am not completely on Team Jacob,(Team Switzerland! Woo!) I would have to say imprinting, because with imprinting first of all, there are no secrets, and secondly, you know that that person will love you forever. Alot of people say about how the imprinter(?) doesn’t have a choice, but when they imprint, they fall in love with that person, and they wouldn’t ever want to be with another person. It’s their soul mate, so it’s better than a crush or someone you like, but might get over. Also, I’d like to point out that this isn’t about Team Edward and Team Jacob. It’s just about the love, people! 🙂

  30. That is really hard to decide.

    I think I would go with the LOVE from the Edward character. Even though he might leave you at some point, he is still choosing to be with you. Choice is a powerful thing.

  31. Yay! Someone else who found the legends interesting! So many of my friends hate that part. 🙁

    I would definately pick vampire who lives you like Edward, for your question, purely for personality reasons. I prefer the general vampire style, how they are classical and well-versed, to the werewolves who love to rough house and have fun. (Not that both aren’t totally awesome, but I just love the way the vampires talk and act.)

  32. its amazing to see everyone saying vampire…….but seeing how “hawt” (i had to go all 2000 there) robert pattinson and the image of edward in twilight. how could anyone say no?

    i think vampires is more of this whole…romantic…lose yourself in love…”im so swept away”….type of a feeling

    and the whole imprinting thing is more….of a different kind of love. i dont think its being FORCED…..because its just like two puzzle pieces you know? who wouldnt want that?

    i dont think its…as romantic as the whole vampire “love”….just takes the choice out of it….which isnt always bad….its just the opposite way of the vampire…

    vampire=swept away love
    werewolf= it builds its way up

    ….so i think i have to swim against the tide…and say…JACOB 🙂

    -love from seattle

  33. I think the way Edward feels about Bella is equally as strong as a werefolf’s imprinting, so i would have to say either would be great. I have a general preference for vampires but to be loved so deeply and purely by anyone is certainly something quite rare in the real world, and something almost every girl wishes for.

  34. Vampire like Edward. But I don’t have anything against werewolves like Jacob, for I am team Switzerland!

  35. To be honest, either would suffice. They seem to be fairly equal from where I’m standing. Although, I am fond of the dangerous beauty to vampires. Even so, I am madly in love with Jacob Black, not Taylor Lautner who does a nice job impersonating Jake; but the Jacob Black from the actual novels.

  36. I feel like I should stick up for the werewolves here…I think the really big appeal with impringing for me is that…you were MADE to be someone’s other half. That you’re indisputably the center of someone’s universe. To me, that’s incredibly romantic. To mean so much to someone, just by being yourself. Just because you were made the way you are, without changing anything, or trying to impress anyone. I’m not belittling anything the vampires or Edward and Bella have, but I’d prefer imprinting, honestly.

  37. Totally 100% would I rather be loved by a vampire. It’s a choice – sort of – and it’s just as strong as imprinting.
    However, it still allows you to be able to bicker and debate rather than just get everything you want as one would if they were imprinted upon.
    For, if I may, you commented on the fact that in Twilight, Edward and Bella seemed to go back and forth a lot. With werewolves and imprinting, you just get whatever you want. Even if it’s not practical.
    And, besides, when you argue with someone, you can see more sides to things, you get to know a person better, and you can understand a better sense of just general knowledge.
    Really, for me, it’s mostly the fact that I wouldn’t get whatever I wanted, and that even though someone cared for me jsut the way I was, that person could still tell me I was being stupid, or no, or that they could argue with me on the most idiotic subject known to man, and then we could kiss and make-up within the same minute, cuz if you can do that with someone, I’m almost positive you can make a relationship work. No matter how complicated it is.
    And, just to put it out there, I have nothing against imprinting. I just don’t want to be an imprintee.
    Don’t think I’m insane because I don’t want to get what I want, and that I want some one to be able to argue with me. Please.

  38. psps.
    To everyone who says that vampire love is a choice, it really isn’t. Not really. The reason why I put ‘It’s a choice – sort of…’ is because it was sort of involuntary. But the actual choice for Edward was if he was strong enough to love her, or if he would end up killing her. So, yeah. Consider that before you say that it’s a choice for vampires and not for the wolves.

  39. thats a toughie:D
    i dont believe imprinting is something forced upon you….before Jared changed, to him Kim was just some girl, nothing special. To me, i believe that if a werewolf knows the girl beforehand, its like a dark haze they have towards her, but when they finally change, the haze is lifted, and they finally realize who they were made for.
    Vampires, though, have a choice but i think after they’ve found someone, its extremely hard to leave. (Even though Eddy left, it was 6 months of torture for him as well.) Imprinting and Vampire love, i think are both extremly similar. Bella was plain, she had her faults, but to Edward, she was a million times prettier than someone like Rosalie.
    So basically, both types of love, in my eyes, are about equal. So, i remain undecided. L:

  40. That e-mail is hilarious! I can just imagine someone patting
    their cat whilst saying “my precious”, haha.
    Never, ever run out of food? I think it’s the opposite!
    It’ll be gone before you know it, the grocery store would
    become a second home.
    Good point, I didn’t think they would be so accepting to Bella
    at first because of the path she had chosen, but maybe they
    are trying to convince her the benefits of living with
    From this post I’ve finally understood the connection between
    Edward/Bella love and imprinting. I’ve always thought that
    it was weird to compare their love to something that is so uncontrollable
    and not very beautiful.
    I would rather be loved by a vampire who would love me like Edward loves Bella.
    Edward and Bella take their time to fall in love, even though they are destined to be together, they have the choice to be with one another.
    Imprinting – whether it’s from a young age or not – seems like a duty, something unavoidable that isn’t romantic. Sam may have stayed with Leah if he hadn’t imprinted on
    Emily, however there isn’t anything he can do about it because of the forced relationship. If Edward didn’t have the choice, they would have fallen in love straight away, love-at-first-sight or something.

  41. A vampire like Edward. Like Edward, he might not have loved Bella right away. But when he does, it’s like, you can never erase that love from him. He can’t stay away from Bella long enough. And he too, would let her be happy, even if the source of her happiness is the person who loathes him so much and wishes he’d die. That is big. I would want to be loved that way. And sure, when he treats me that way, I’d love him more! 😀

    Imprinting is one way of loving someone too. But I was wondering if a wolf imprinted on me, would I feel the same way he loved me too? Do I have to leave my current lover(if I do have one at that moment) for him? Or could I still have feelings towards someone besides him? Would he let me be happy with someone else?

    If yes I feel the same way, I would love him too. There would be no further question. I would die happy with him.

    If no I don’t feel the same way, I wouldn’t choose to be imprinted upon as my way of loving someone. It’s nice to know that someone loves you more than anything, but it wouldn’t be the same as loving someone who you love, and loves you back.

    But even if a werewolf did imprint on me, and I don’t feel the same way. I’m sure he would let me go because he just wants me to be happy.


  42. Although after reading the books I became both an extrememly popular fan of both vampire and werewolf, I’d have to go with vampire on this one. I think everything is better when you are able to make the choice because its more of YOU making your own destiny. Imprinting is cool in its own way but choosing your love always has the upperhand. =/

  43. I think Edward truly loves Bella, but he treats her like a child. His love is all consuming and most of the time I feel like she has no room to breathe. He tells her, rather than asks her to do things.

    With Jacob, Bella is free to do what she wants and to be who she is without restrictions. She seems happier with Jacob and much more free. I think Jacobs love for Bella is more pure.

    I would choose the werewolf over the vampire.

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