A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Eclipse: Chapter 14 (Declaration)

The song for this chapter is When We Die by Bowling For Soup [suggested by Rita]


Ahh yes: the chilling coldness of winter has set upon the great city of Dallas once again. It feels so odd: I remember when it was this time last year, and the ground outside was covered in snow, and my joy at actually seeing snow in Texas made all my northernly friends laugh out loud, since they see it every year. Still, I can’t help but feel a bit of Christmas cheer over my tiny apartment, just as I can’t help but feel a tiny bit of guilt for running the heater at the world’s most comfortable temperature 24/7…because in this apartment, we don’t pay electric bills. Muhahaha.

Anyhow, it’s been so vastly long since I’ve read a chapter of Eclipse that I realized a break from all the cheery chilliness would do me much good. Actually, it’s only been a week since the last chapter. But, as all of you know, a week from this book feels almost like a month or two. On to chapter the fourteenth!

Like Bella, I am also wondering if Alice has completely lost her mind. When you are being hunted by a manic vampire who wants to tear you limb from limb and drink your blood, the last things on your mind are plans to thrown a party. Who feels like celebrating at such a time? I would be too distracted boarding up every window, entrance and exit to even taste the Reeses-covered New York Style Cheesecake (an item pivotal to any party, in Forks and otherwise).

I was absolutely, totally offended by Edward’s obvious prejudice against us Texans:

Edward answered in a low voice. “Jasper thinks we could use some help. Tanya’s family isn’t the only choice we have. […] He’s considering talking to Maria…but no one really wants to involve those backwoods, primitive, hicktown southerners.”

I Am Totes Offended
Oh I See


I can’t begin to count the inquiries I’ve gotten by email about my Calculus test last week. If you’ve been following my site for any number of months, you would know my absolute loathing of Calculus, to the extent that it was one of the main reasons I recently transferred to an English degree minoring in Brand Marketing (which requires the minimal minimum of mathematics (say that 5 times fast) ). For all the people who asked, I give the same answer as Bella:

“…I don’t know about the Calculus. It seemed like it was making sense, so that probably means I failed.”

I have gone up against Jacob before, and his constant advances towards Bella despite the fact that she is already in a relationship with Edward. As with last time, I’m having a bit of trouble with him still. I don’t know if it is subconscious leanings towards Edward or if it is just because I know how I would feel if I was Edward and some werewolf was trying to steal my girlfriend. Maybe I am jealous in that way, where I wouldn’t like her always seeing Jacob, knowing exactly what he wants and even worse, being able to read his mind, knowing that he wants to tell her to leave me.

I know that there are thousands of Team Jacob people out there who radically disagree with me on this, but in my honest opinion, Jacob should really have a bit more respect for Bella and Edward’s relationship. It is a very big thing for Edward to let Bella go to Jacob’s house so often. Can’t Jacob accept that and try to stay friends with her?

I say that Edward ‘lets’ Bella go to Jacob’s house, and immediately I step back and try to rephrase my words, since this seems to appear possessive, as if Edward owns Bella and can order her about. When I say that Edward lets Bella see Jacob, I’m trying to say that no guy wants his girlfriend to be going out with other guys, just as girls do not want their boyfriends going out with other girls. Is this possessive? Is it a problem of trust? Or is it something that has to do with respect: Bella should respect Edward enough that she isn’t bouncing between both guys, trying to hold on to them both. How is that right to either of them?

Still, in defense, I understand Jacob’s situation perfectly. Bella is with Jacob’s enemy, someone who Jacob believes can be of great harm to her. Of course, he wants her to leave Edward. If my best friend was dating someone who drank blood and wanted to kill her, I might do the same thing. I can’t blame him for wanting what is best for her. He might be thinking that he is the only one who hasn’t been intoxicated by Edward’s vampire-ness, and is the only person who can see the Cullens for who they are. Maybe he is trying to do whatever he can to get Bella away from them, thinking he is saving her life? Maybe according to Jacob, Edward really is like heroin for Bella — and the longer Bella stays, the worse she will become, until she is one of them.

It’s so confusing, which as I think of it, is the nature of this vampire/werewolf love triangle. Is there really a safe side to be on? Neither Jacob nor Edward are intrinsically bad. Both of them want to keep her safe from the other, going so far as to both be watching her at night at the same time — and Bella is caught in the middle, unsure of which way she should go.

I seem to be caught there as well. Which one is better for her? I’m guessing this is what Team Switzerland was invented for πŸ˜€

Question for the comments: Do you think Bella would be safer being watched by Alice or by Jacob? Who do you think could stand better against an attack from a newborn vampire?


– Christmas time is here, and I’m traveling about. I’m unsure as to how posting will be this week, but I’ll be back for sure after the holidays!

– Keep watch on my Youtube and here for an extra-special BlogTV I will be doing with a Special Guest, mayhaps next week Friday-ish πŸ˜€

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146 Responses

  1. Uh, ALICE. No offense to Jacob, but he’s got to take the split second to phase where as Alice doesn’t have to. Plus she sees the future and knows what her opponent(s’) moves are. Alice would definitely win against a newborn – the werewolves have to team up. Now, I do sort of like Jacob (though I am no doubt team Edward) and I’m not knocking him, I’m just assessing the tactical situation. I have three brothers, so the whole fighting who VS. who thing is actually a strong point for me.

  2. hmm well let’s see, i honestly think that she is safer with one of the cullens watching here although the werewolves are born to know how to kill a vampire, new vampire’s are very strong and could easily hurt the young werewolves…im not sure though i think that either way she is pretty protected!

    We missed u!!!

  3. YAY~!!!IM 3RD PLACE~!!!
    OMG~im reading eclipse 4 the 5th time and im in the same chapter w/ u Kaleb~!!!

  4. in response to your question, “i’m betting on alice” πŸ™‚
    of course, that MIGHT just be my pro-vampire nature speaking, but honestly, for all the reasons emily mentioned, i really do think alice is safer.

  5. I’m going to go with Jenn (and Bella) with this one and say “I’m betting on Alice”. I have no doubt that Bella could be safe with either of them, they both love her enough to defend her in any way they possibly could, but Alice could be much more efficient at it. The biggest problem for me is that I don’t feel like Jacob could be as Bella-conscious while defending her and could end up harming her a lot easier than Alice would (Sam’s love for Emily couldn’t stop him from scarring her for life). Alice is experienced with fighting vampires, her bones don’t break as easily as a werewolve’s can, and she has that incredible foresight thing going on for her.

  6. An attack by just one newborn vampire? Well, that’d be a pretty stupid newborn. But if it’s just one, I can’t choose. I mean, I for one wouldn’t want to hang out with Alice (shopping gets pretty boring after the first hour or two), but I’m pretty much completely against Jake. I’d have to say that she’d be equally safe, but I just really don’t like Jake. So… I’d go with Alice.

    Love the picture, by the way. There, there. I’m sure Edward wasn’t referring specifically to you. Just the majority of your friends and relatives. πŸ™‚

    I cannot wait until you get to the next chapter. Maybe you could do an extra post this week? To make up for skipping the last one? Please? It would make me ever so happy. It can be a Christmas present to all your readers.

    Which reminds me, in case I don’t comment on another post until afterwards…

    Merry Christmas! Hope you have fun… doing whatever it is you do.

  7. Well, I honestly think that Alice would be better. Alice has many advantages; diamond hard skin, super strength, and not to mention her abilities to see the future. Then again, a newborn would have these same advantages, but the strength would amplified. Jacob’s werewolf abilities were designed to kill vampires, but he’s still young. Alice loves Bella and so does Jacob, but I don’t think he’d be exactly careful of Bella. Both Alice and Jacob would have the means of calling for help, but it’s just my opinion that Alice would do a better job. . . =)

  8. I think she is safer when vampires are watching her. They have much more knowledge and know better how to react in case of an attack. Even when Jacob is the mortal enemy and has the power to fight against vampires – he hasn’t done it yet (except Laurent). He has no knowledge in terms of really big fight as for example the newborn army.

    Furthermore it always helps when you can predict the future. Nope the vampires are better for Bella – Team Edward all the way πŸ˜‰

  9. Alice, most definitely. For both questions that is. Although Alice’s visions have holes, they are still more definite than Jacob’s beastly-ness. Also, Alice would probably be more experienced dealing with newborns seeming as how she is…how many years older than Jacob?

  10. Jacob beat Laurent with the help of his pack. I’m not sure if he can face a vampire alone. Jacob’s strong but I think Alice can protect Bella more against another vampire.

  11. Oh, I so agree with you.

    I believe that Alice would be better to watch her not Jacob, she can see future if he’s not around, so Bella should be safe.

    Jacob seems to be jerk in this book, I’ve read it and all time hoped that he will die, Edward will kill him but no..

    And I think that vampires are better choose to fight with the newborn vampires than werewolves because they have Jasper who know how to deal with them.

    Go team Edward!

  12. I do understand the situation that Jacob is facing. About how he, too, loves Bella and wants to be with her. We know that Jacob have always made her happy during New Moon. But we can’t use New Moon as a reason to why Bella should choose Jacob. Because before New Moon, there was Twilight. And we all know how much Edward and Bella were in love with each other. So yeah he should take time to realize that his best friend is in love with someone. Things would probably be better they remained as friends πŸ˜€

    And uhm, I think Alice Cullen will make a perfect babysitter for Bella. Because for the obvious reasons, she can see the future, and knows how to deal with the newborn vampire. πŸ˜€

    We love the Cullens <3!

  13. Alice, as she is a vampire, and can see the future. So she would know when the attack was coming, would know whether she would win or not and so be able to get Bella to a safer place. Where as jacob is a younf Werewolf, therefor similar to a young vampire. Mucho power without muchi skills lol

  14. NUH UH! You did NOT just insult JACOB BLACK, haha, lol, jk jk.

    I’m not sure about your question though. I believe that because of Alice’s ability to see the future, she would be able to protect Bella well, plus her friendship adds to that. But because Jacob is literally in love with Bella, I think that this would contribute to protecting her good as well. People tend to look down at Jacob because he’s a wolf, but I think there’s more there than is really shone. Personally, I believe that Jacob and Alice could both easily kill a young vampire because that vampire would have to be plain stupid to attack Bella with either one of them there πŸ™‚

    TEAM JACOB, I like my men with a pulse, please.

  15. I snowed in Plano the other day and Is creamed at the sky ,” WHY CAN’T YOU WAIT A FEW DAYS!?”

    Anywho, definetly Alice. The vampires are just more lethal to me.

    Also, I don’t think Edward in possessive. it’s a man’s job to look after his woman, and a woman’s job to let the man lead. it’s biblical and everything. BTw I loath Feminism with every fiber of my being cause no one really understands what it means…

  16. I wouldn’t be scared with Jacob, but I would feel a little safer with Alice just because she has everything the newborn has (except the strength, which she doesn’t really need) and more.

    I stayed Team Edward because I truly believed Edward and Bella were meant to be, but I have had Team Switzerland leanings before and you’re right: this is exactly why.

    Aria, I hate typical feminism too (though if you go to Stephenie’s website and read her definition, it’s much better),and I think to some degree a man should take the responsibility of protecting the girl, but the “woman’s job to let the man lead” thing is just a little too far in the other direction. I have no problem with chivalry and the old-fashioned gentleman, but you shouldn’t keep a woman from what she wants. But I understand your point.

  17. Alice, definitely. She can read the future, and she doesn’t have to phase.
    If I had at least a person LIKE Edward, I would not be pushing it like Bella is but I dunno…

  18. Alice. She’s seen newborn vampires before. She can see the future. She knows the moves they are going to make before they make them. Alice.

  19. ha ha! I’m Texas born and raised, but I moved to Indiana. I’ve been here for about 2 years now. I was so shocked at how much snow we got my first winter here! I hate snow now!
    Personally, I’m Team Edward. I think Jacob is nothing but a big jerk! I think Bella should be watched Alice… as long as Alice doesn’t torture her with the clothes and make-up… too much. I love Alice! She’s so annoying it’s funny! I never really noticed that prejudice comment by Edward. I’m offended now! Jasper is my favorite of the guy vampires. He’s sexy and southern!

  20. ALICE ALL THE WAY! i just dont like jacob (defends self from all of the crushing team jacob fans) no offence or anything, but alice has the power to see the future so she can see when a vampire is coming their way. she seems more responsible and i think she knows bella a bit more than jacob

  21. I stopped reading when you said English major. You should go ahead and finish reading the series. Immediately. Then you can go through chapter by chapter. English Major? Ha.

  22. I sympathize with you completely about math! I too, have chosen a major and minors that require minimal math. I only have to take one class. Hehehehe

    I think she’s safer at the vampire’s house. After all since they are vampires, they do know how to take down vampires. lol, how many times can I say ‘vampires’ in this post?

  23. I know EXACTLY what you mean about Texas snow lol! Couple weeks ago, here in Houston we got “snow” (not much AT ALL), but it was so exciting!! Of course, the next day it was 80 degrees out and sunny!

  24. I have to go with Alice. She’s got Jasper to teach her. Jake doesn’t. He does have his pack and if they were around I think the group would handle one newborn. But I’m Team Alice on this one.

    I wish we had snow – it’s just freaking cold here.

  25. Well, you know us Washingtonians, we are all elitist northerners who see no point to anything south of LA, except maybe Florida. Okay, maybe not. The South seems a little nicer at the moment since I detest snow with a passion and was happy to go home from college in snow country only to have massive amounts of snow.

    I’m going to argue the point that Edward would prefer Jacob for Bella. I’m not sure where it is, but overall Jacob is a safer alternative for Bella. It’s not a struggle for Jacob to be in control of himself, like it is for Edward and Jacob can take care of Bella the way Bella needs to be taken care of. Do consider that I’m more Team Edward and I’d rather see Bella and Edward, but I still think Jacob is safer.

  26. I have to say alice would be safer, because she would see it cooming. Also alice is amazing! I thought Jacob was just being a big jerk in this whole book. HE isn’t considerate of Bella AT ALL, he pretty much does a bunch of no good tactics to get her to like him (and I know from personal experiance how super annoying and frustrating that is), and he keeps trying to kill edward. GRRRRR Jacob. Of course I can’t hate him as much now that I have finished the series…. πŸ™ hating him was so much fun…..

  27. I love Jacob, but Alice is WAY better to watch over Bella, because of her sight. If a newborn vampire was coming to attack Bella, Jacob wouldn’t know until it was already there. Alice, on the other hand, would have known it was coming, and would have proper protection for Bella. That’s an easy question. Besides, Alice loves Bella in a more healthy way. That makes her safer. πŸ˜‰

  28. So I think I might be the first to say this, but I’m leaning towards Jacob. I know Alice can see the future, and that is a good advantage, but she can still be looking ahead for an attack on Bella without actually being with her. And she could get to wherever Bella is almost instantly then to help. Although, if Bella was with Jacob, she wouldn’t actually be able to see. So that’s something else to consider.

    The most astounding (or one of the most) things is the strength the newborn vampires have. Hands down, they are stronger than any other (except maybe Emmett), and I just don’t think Alice could handle that on her own.

    Jacob’s strong, he’s made to kill vampires. It’s in every cell of his body to kill them. In addition to his hatred for the species, if one was actually Bella, the girl he LOVES, then he definitely wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

    Personally, I’m Team Jacob, for several different reasons. But just because I like him better doesn’t mean that I’m expecting Bella to choose him. I’m not delusional, I know Edward is the right choice for Bella, but just because I accept that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Superficially, Jacob’s funny and Edward is just a little too serious for me. But aside from that, it’s how they interact that really gets me. With Edward, Bella is always so worried about something else – like they’re always waiting for the other show to drop. And while I understand that love is a delicate thing and you can’t treat it roughly, I think you should be comfortable in that relationship. Jacob and Bella definitely have that. Bella can be herself around him, never worrying about what’s to come. She can just be and she’s happy then. A lot can be said about the guy who manages to mend a girl’s broken heart.

    Now, as far as Bella hanging out with Jacob and Edward “letting” her. I think there’s fault all around. Yes, Jacob needs to respect Bella’s wishes, but feelings aside he really is just worried for her well-being. It’s not so much that he’s trying to convince her to be with him instead of Edward, he just wants her away from Edward. And Bella doesn’t realize what going to Jacob does to Edward and she should be more conscious of that effect. But Edward hurt her so badly when he left and Jacob was the one who was there for her. Edward shouldn’t expect her to give that up. Bella needs a life outside of Edward because in the event he leaves her again, she needs something to get her through. And Edward doesn’t see how much he hurt Bella and part of that, I think, comes from how he can’t read her mind. His words who so obviously a lie when he told her he didn’t love her, but he doesn’t understand how she couldn’t see that. He expects her to accept that for the lie it was and move on, but she can’t do that. Because she still sees their relationship as how hugely imbalanced. And who can blame her? Isn’t that what’s suppose to be? You’re never suppose to measure up to the one you love, they should make you want to be a better person.

    The Edward/Jacob rivalry also comes from the fact that Edward essentially stole Jacob’s life from him. If it weren’t for the vampires, the werewolves wouldn’t exist. Jacob doesn’t think it’s fair for Edward to take that and Bella from him.

    And for as much as Bella says she’s ready to turn, to spend eternity with Edward, she ISN’T ready to give up her human life. But she can’t grasp that it isn’t the same – which is what Edward has been trying to tell her for so long. It’s exactly the point Jacob has been trying to make, saying that as soon as she turns, he’s done. He can’t be around her anymore. I think Edward and Jacob both agree, and I as well, that Bella isn’t taking this decision as seriously as she should.

    It’s not suppose to be easy. Stephenie purposely wrote the book without a bad guy (at least in this triangle). Because often times in life, it isn’t as easy as right or wrong, good or bad. Shades of gray color everything and it really all depends, person to person, situation to situation, day to day, what that answer will be.

  29. Well, first of all, she should stay with Alice, only because Jacob can’t see the future, but alice can’t see her if she’s with Jacob. She’s safer with Alice, but knowing Bella, she’s going to choose what’s safe for her. (which is always the most dangerous/lethal). And secondly, neither of them would be better because neither of them havve alot of experience. The only one who would be the BEST in the attack is Jasper. But I’m extreamly biased, so… πŸ˜€

  30. Kaleb,
    Gotta say, I have a serious bias for the vamps, so better to have Alice babysit. Who wants your girl with some stinky, smelly dog, especially one that is six times the size of a regular one?

  31. Thank goodness i thought you were never going to post again. But duh Alice is better she can see the future and see when someone is coming, also shes super strong. Vampires stand a better chance against new borns, because vampires aren’t as brakable as werewovles and can get more invovled in the fight.

  32. Welcome to Team Switzerland aka the Dark Side, Kaleb! We have cookies! But seriously, it was this book that me sure of my stance. I mean, I knew that Edward and Bella were going to end up together, heck they have been a couple since FOREVER, but I didn’t see a problem if she did end up with Jacob. They both are amazing guys for her and she would be lucky to be with either.

    I agree on the Calculus thing, I am in Precalc right now and all I can think about is how long until class gets out. The rest of the time I am horribly lost. I love English, but I have a feeling Psychology is where I’m destined to end up. Gotta love getting told by God, “Oh, yeah, you think you are going to be an English teacher, well you’re not, so get over it.” lol.

    Merry Christmas Kaleb!

  33. alice, maybe cuuz even with all the holes on her visions she might predict the attack of the newborns,cuz Jacob only has on his side his big muscles

  34. I think Jacob, but apparently, that’s just me… Maybe it’s just that Jacob loves her, and would do anything to protect her… but Alice is a good choice too, because she can see the future. oh gosh, nevermind. i’m team switzerland for EVERYTHING.

  35. Kaleb, I understand your excitement over an inch of snow. I live in the valley and we never really get anything. Last Christmas it snowed and it didn’t even stick, yet everyone thought it was amazing. This year however, it’s been snowing constantly and we have about a foot :). No one can go anywhere though, because we have like one snowplow for the whole town.

    I can’t say “minimal minimum of mathematics” even once…

    okay, to the point. Alice would be best I think, because she’s not mortal and all that. But if Jake had a couple buddies he could take them down easily… so I don’t really know πŸ™‚

  36. Alice definately. Its the future thing. its an advantage that no werewolf has and well very handy in a fight. that being said, I think jake would stand his own very well against a newborn, you’re not there yet but someone much younger than jake takes down a newborn almost single handedly and I have no doubt jake could too and probably did no problem (we just didnt see it, haha but youre not there yet) so either of them could, but who would be better between the two? Alice, its just the future thing πŸ™‚

    also yeah the triangle is confusing. I was always team switzerland not because I wanted to take the cowards way out but because I knew she would end up with Edward and I wanted her to. but I love jake too and sympathize with him immensely and had it not been for bella not being able to live without edward i would say jake would be the healthier choice. but I too would probably pick edward and let my friendship with jake fade out. but bella knows that jake is important to keep around and his existance affects her deeply, she just doesnt know why yet. so she has that against her but yeah I think Im done now πŸ™‚ melissaturkey

  37. I, like so many others in previous comments, am going to have to go with Alice. However, I have another reason to add that I didn’t see yet. (If someone already mentioned this, I’m sorry–I skimmed a lot). If a newborn (or more) were to try to attack Bella on Alice’s watch, Alice would be ready to fight back…which would put her, no matter how insignificant the amount, in danger. If that happened, you can bet Jasper would be right there with her, and since he’s the newborn expert, I think Bella would be pretty safe.

    By the way, Kaleb, that was super awesome that you recognized me on your show the other day. I’m glad you had fun getting to talk! I did too; it’s great hearing from another writer. Most of the time, when I talk about writing, people just look at me with expressions akin to these– πŸ˜› O.O :(–and back away slowly. lol

  38. Alice, for one, she may appear small but she could kick the vampires ass and two, Because of Alice being a vampire she would know the best way to fight a new born. (Had to change the last one there, nearly gave something away ;o)

    If Jacob was watching Bella..he’d probably pure push his luck. Urgh, I hate Jacob Black.

  39. okay screw team edward and team jacob, i’m team threesome =]

    and i think Bella is safe with either alice or jacob. they both can protect her. well, now that i think of it, alice probably is safer, and while i am not team jacob, i feel awful for him in the third book. =[ and second when she leaves him.

  40. Alice is a compact can of…
    well, Alice.

    I pity the fool who tries to cross that super-pixie. Said fool doesn’t have a chance against her.

  41. Well Jacob would win the fight because Alice certinly isnt the strongest vampire and newborns have crazy ammounts of strength.

    But Alice can avoid the fight all together but seeing it and getting bella the heck out of there.

    Hope that answers the question ahah

  42. Oh and as for the other question. She would be safer with Jacob watching only beaceus Jacob would howl and call the rest of his pack and the howl would also tip off the cullens and so she gets the best of both worlds there. Where as if only alice were watching she would only get the vampires.

  43. Alice is much more responsible than Jacob– by far. Plus I think that she would be more fun to hang out with.

    We have plenty of snow every year here in Iowa. In fact, we just had a huge ice storm thingy and everything was coated in an inch of ice. It sucked. But we got out of school for break earlier. YOur reaction in the video is halarious!! I’m surprised you didn’t just end up jumping into a pile of it, but I guess you didn’t have enough to do that really.

    Ahahahahha, the comment number 44 calls her a “super-pixie”. That is PERFECT!!

    Oh, and wish me luck. Next semester I’m taking Calculus. HELP ME!!

    Merry Christmas

  44. I’m so glad you posted again, hisgoldeneyes, stephenie’s site, and your site is all I mainly go to daily.

    Um, for your question I think since Alice knows the future and has super speed, and strength that she would better take care of Bella. Jacob, on the other hand is made for killing vampires and heals easily. Then again, Alice’s vision has holes and Jacob is just a young werewolf.

  45. Of course Alice is better! She would kick the newborn’s butt!! She has had much more experience fighting vamps than Jacob could ever hope for! And she can see the future, she can’t be touched but Jacob is vulnerable and breakable (if only, sigh). I love Jasper! He would be my favorite if there were no Edward! Kaleb, your question will be answered in the book in a few chapters…He He!
    This book is so frustrating! Bella makes stupid choices gallore!! She tries to keep both Edward and Jacob and it can’t work! Jacob is a huge jerk, Bella can’t talk to him without fighting! Why would you want a friend/ boyfriend like that!? There’s no peace! If he loves her so much then why can’t he let her be happy with her soul mate, Edward, huh? That is what Edward would do! He would let her have Jacob if that was what she wanted! He is perfect!
    Jacob IS worried for Bella’s safety but that is an insignificant part of it! He does whatever it takes to satisfy himself! Edward would not! Bella is first to him, but Jacob puts Jacob first! If Edward was my boyfriend I would not even remember the werewolf’s name, what is it again? Oh, Jacob! I don’t hate him anymore after I finished the fourth but when I read Eclipse the hatred for him glows healthy and strong!
    Oh, Jacob Black, I want to La Push you off a cliff!! Let Bella have Jacob, I’ll take Edward from her!
    Kaleb, the Team Switzerland status should fade away by the end of the next chapter! Read it soon!!

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