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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 14 (Declaration)

The song for this chapter is When We Die by Bowling For Soup [suggested by Rita]


Ahh yes: the chilling coldness of winter has set upon the great city of Dallas once again. It feels so odd: I remember when it was this time last year, and the ground outside was covered in snow, and my joy at actually seeing snow in Texas made all my northernly friends laugh out loud, since they see it every year. Still, I can’t help but feel a bit of Christmas cheer over my tiny apartment, just as I can’t help but feel a tiny bit of guilt for running the heater at the world’s most comfortable temperature 24/7…because in this apartment, we don’t pay electric bills. Muhahaha.

Anyhow, it’s been so vastly long since I’ve read a chapter of Eclipse that I realized a break from all the cheery chilliness would do me much good. Actually, it’s only been a week since the last chapter. But, as all of you know, a week from this book feels almost like a month or two. On to chapter the fourteenth!

Like Bella, I am also wondering if Alice has completely lost her mind. When you are being hunted by a manic vampire who wants to tear you limb from limb and drink your blood, the last things on your mind are plans to thrown a party. Who feels like celebrating at such a time? I would be too distracted boarding up every window, entrance and exit to even taste the Reeses-covered New York Style Cheesecake (an item pivotal to any party, in Forks and otherwise).

I was absolutely, totally offended by Edward’s obvious prejudice against us Texans:

Edward answered in a low voice. “Jasper thinks we could use some help. Tanya’s family isn’t the only choice we have. […] He’s considering talking to Maria…but no one really wants to involve those backwoods, primitive, hicktown southerners.”

I Am Totes Offended
Oh I See


I can’t begin to count the inquiries I’ve gotten by email about my Calculus test last week. If you’ve been following my site for any number of months, you would know my absolute loathing of Calculus, to the extent that it was one of the main reasons I recently transferred to an English degree minoring in Brand Marketing (which requires the minimal minimum of mathematics (say that 5 times fast) ). For all the people who asked, I give the same answer as Bella:

“…I don’t know about the Calculus. It seemed like it was making sense, so that probably means I failed.”

I have gone up against Jacob before, and his constant advances towards Bella despite the fact that she is already in a relationship with Edward. As with last time, I’m having a bit of trouble with him still. I don’t know if it is subconscious leanings towards Edward or if it is just because I know how I would feel if I was Edward and some werewolf was trying to steal my girlfriend. Maybe I am jealous in that way, where I wouldn’t like her always seeing Jacob, knowing exactly what he wants and even worse, being able to read his mind, knowing that he wants to tell her to leave me.

I know that there are thousands of Team Jacob people out there who radically disagree with me on this, but in my honest opinion, Jacob should really have a bit more respect for Bella and Edward’s relationship. It is a very big thing for Edward to let Bella go to Jacob’s house so often. Can’t Jacob accept that and try to stay friends with her?

I say that Edward ‘lets’ Bella go to Jacob’s house, and immediately I step back and try to rephrase my words, since this seems to appear possessive, as if Edward owns Bella and can order her about. When I say that Edward lets Bella see Jacob, I’m trying to say that no guy wants his girlfriend to be going out with other guys, just as girls do not want their boyfriends going out with other girls. Is this possessive? Is it a problem of trust? Or is it something that has to do with respect: Bella should respect Edward enough that she isn’t bouncing between both guys, trying to hold on to them both. How is that right to either of them?

Still, in defense, I understand Jacob’s situation perfectly. Bella is with Jacob’s enemy, someone who Jacob believes can be of great harm to her. Of course, he wants her to leave Edward. If my best friend was dating someone who drank blood and wanted to kill her, I might do the same thing. I can’t blame him for wanting what is best for her. He might be thinking that he is the only one who hasn’t been intoxicated by Edward’s vampire-ness, and is the only person who can see the Cullens for who they are. Maybe he is trying to do whatever he can to get Bella away from them, thinking he is saving her life? Maybe according to Jacob, Edward really is like heroin for Bella — and the longer Bella stays, the worse she will become, until she is one of them.

It’s so confusing, which as I think of it, is the nature of this vampire/werewolf love triangle. Is there really a safe side to be on? Neither Jacob nor Edward are intrinsically bad. Both of them want to keep her safe from the other, going so far as to both be watching her at night at the same time — and Bella is caught in the middle, unsure of which way she should go.

I seem to be caught there as well. Which one is better for her? I’m guessing this is what Team Switzerland was invented for ๐Ÿ˜€

Question for the comments: Do you think Bella would be safer being watched by Alice or by Jacob? Who do you think could stand better against an attack from a newborn vampire?


– Christmas time is here, and I’m traveling about. I’m unsure as to how posting will be this week, but I’ll be back for sure after the holidays!

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146 Responses

  1. JACOB!!because if she was with alice, she would just try to get away, and could end up by herself with NO ONE to protect her. with Jacob, she would already be happy, and wouldn’t be trying to go anywhere. so it would be safer for her with jaocb. and jacob and alice would both probably win against a newborn. TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. one newborn alone would have to be REALLY stupid attack either Jake or Alice, but anyway, I’d say Alice. But only because she thinks things through and would know it was coming. Jake doesn’t really think, he just acts. Which is probably a bad thing to do when dealing with a newborn. But Jake would be much warmer to be with if it was cold ๐Ÿ™‚
    But still, totally Alice. Her fighting skill would be awesome to watch in action! And she’s more experienced with vamp fighting.

  3. I think Bella is safer w/ Alice. No vampire would be stupid enough to try to get to her at the Cullens’. They’d never get anywhere near Bella…I totally agree w/ everything you said about the Edward/Bella/Jacob triangle. While I understand Jacob’s side of things, I’ve always felt that his behavior in “Eclipse” was very disrespectful. He needed to trust Bella’s judgment. Obviously, if the Cullens wanted to hurt her they would have done so long ago. Most guys (even with 100 years of maturity) would not be able to handle Bella’s friendship w/ Jacob, especially if they knew for a fact that he was trying to steal Bella away. However, Edward lets her make her own choices and doesn’t interfere w/ her friendship. If he can get over his rivalry w/ the wolves, Jacob should be able to get over his rivalry w/ the vamps. I guess he is just too jealous.

  4. Ok – firstly – my butterfinger cheesecake would absolutely be better than your Reeses (sorry, it’s true) and even during moments of duress, you would taste it!!! ha ha

    Alice is the better protector. Not that Jacob couldn’t protect Bella, but he is too emotionally involved to be clear about the boundaries of their friendship. Alice loves Bella in a healthy friendship way. She would never let anything happen to Bella if she could see it coming (which is part of the reason for keeping her away from the werewolves earlier in this book – she can’t see). She would see a newborn attack coming, and would do anything (involve anyone) necessary to keep Bella safe.

    Gotta read chapter 15…..you’ve just gotta read it!!!

  5. I feel your pain with the snow… except that you don’t feel the pain, as you did have snow. Haha. Anyways, I live in Simi Valley (it’s a small city near Los Angeles) and I don’t know the last time it’s snowed. I have never even seen snow. So sad.
    Hahaha, I found it funny how you have taken such offense to Edward’s dislike for Texas.
    Also, Bella isn’t unsure of which way to go- she just thinks she can pull off being with both of them. But if she had to choose, she already knows who she would be with.
    Regarding the question, I think they would both be equally well equipped to stop a vampire attack. Then again, I would prefer Alice, just because I hate Jacob in all the books except Breaking Dawn ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m from texas as well so I understand the whole snow thing. This was the first time I had ever seen snow so all my yankee friends laughed at me so much.

  7. Can’t sympathise with the snow – sorry. We’re expecting a balmy 26oC on Xmas Day here. Shorts, T-shirts and outside BBQs – love Aussie Xmas’s!

    As with most, I would have to go with Alice because of her skills and vampire experience. But I think Jacob could do the job – just not as efficiently.

    Have a great Xmas everyone!

  8. I think Alice because… Say Jake gets knocked into a tree and the newborn gets to her. Jake jumps in and bites the vampire and rams Bella with his side. Now Alice would see that the newborn was going to hit her in the tree and would move out of the way. Bada Bing Bada Boom. No more new born.

  9. Like so many of the others said- I’m betting on Alice. Shes a vampire, she’ll see any threats coming, and shes had her family to teach her all she needs to know about fighting.

  10. My best friend and I debate about this every time the saga comes up, and we have agreed to disagree. I am absolutely team Jacob, sure Edward is romantic and all that jazz, but Jacob is warm and soft and Edward is wellโ€ฆnot. Of course Edward should โ€œletโ€ Bella go to Jacobโ€™s house. Although Edward left her for like half the second book for some psychotic reason Bella is still madly in love with the guy. As for Jacob, Bella considered him her best friend, emphasis on friend, no matter how hard Jacob tries to change that. Clearly Bella made her choice, and she isnโ€™tโ€™ just gonna up and leave Edward (like she should) because of her best friends feelings. I mean hello, weโ€™ve already seen she can handle herself. As for who she would be safer with, I say give her to Rose, I mean seriously girls isnโ€™t that what you really want anywayโ€ฆBella out of the way?

  11. Alice.
    She can see the future, and is a very skilled fighter.
    werewolves often need more than one wolf to finish a vampire, so obviously Alice.

    And Alice is just so much cooler than jacob. Obviously.

  12. *ducks in cover beforehand*
    I guess certain events in Breaking Dawn kind of explain why.
    I love Alice, just not as a babysitter =P I like being told the blunt truth, and let’s face it, the Cullens do tend to try and keep things from Bella ;]

  13. Yay for switching to an English major! Math idiots unite! Although you can’t be a math idiot if you even made it through a semester of calculus, whereas I wouldn’t have made it through an entire class period.

    I would call you Team Switzerland with a leaning towards Edward. Your points on Jacob are spot on. He should have a little more respect for Bella’s relationship with Edward and that’s what made me loathe Jacob. Is he really that much better for Bella if he keeps forcing himself on her when she doesn’t want that? So many of my friends are Team Jacob and it’s literally impossible to have a serious discussion with them, cause all they can say is, “Jacob is awwwwwweeeeesooommmmee and Edward is crazy and abusive!” And they can’t back anything up. But the same goes for radical Team Edward people lol.

    As for your question, I believe Alice would be better suited for protecting Bella and fighting against vampires. With Jacob, there is always that chance Bella will piss him off greatly and he will loose control and hurt her, plus Jacob doesn’t understand the way newborns attack as fully as Alice does. Alice is extremely good at controlling her thirst around Bella, and usually when she is protecting Bella, she has a house full of fellow vampires to help out. Now if the question was between Jasper and Jacob, I think Jacob would be better only slightly, because although Jasper has the extreme best fighting experience, he can’t control his thirst.

  14. First off The Snow I HATE IT! I have lived in Utah all my life and winters start in Late November early December and last until Febuary or March, somtimes April. So that means 5 months or snow! UGG!!
    But to anwswer the questiong both Alice! Because Jacob has killed one vampire but that was with his pack not alone and Alice would be more likely to be able to handel it! And she has her hard skin and visons, to help her. So in my opnion Alice is the clear choice!

  15. Yay for us English Majors, Kaleb! I’m glad you finally made the change. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you also need to see another thing from Edward’s point of view–as a fairly new werewolf, Jacob doesn’t really have the best control. If he were to get angry, he could hurt Bella like Sam hurt Emily. Or a lot worse. So it does make sense that Edward doesn’t completelt trust Jacob with Bella’s safety.
    And to answer the question…Alice, without a doubt.

  16. If the basis of your question is to determine which one could handle a newborn vampire fight better – you’ll get the answer in just a few more chapters….

  17. Alice!!!!!! Haha, she is my favorite character of all time, so I have to say her ๐Ÿ™‚ Jk, jk. I honestly think that, because she can see the future! I mean she is really safe with Jacob, but Alice has more advantages. So…yups ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Oh, and for the other question…no. I’m a paranoid person. I’d make Edward or Alice stay with me at all times, never letting go of them…except for the bathroom. Haha ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d drag them with me everywhere! Haha I worry too much. I’d probably like assign all of the Cullens one of my family members to watch over. Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Alice,She loves Bella just as much as Jacob does.Aswell she has a gift to see the future.If any harm is coming Alice is most likely to see it and Im all pro-vampires and feel safer with the the Cullens.There also is a risk with Jacob he loses control,Get’s pissed of easily,Isnt as smart as Alice.I think Alice is also a better fighter,gaurd,smarter,quick thinker and she has Baby-sat Bella before… ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Alice because she sees the future and all that jazz (pun intnded if that is a pun at all……you know what i mean)

  21. well…im torn. alice would be very good because she can see the future, but she’d get distracted if there was blood.
    i WAS team edward for years, but then after i read breaking dawn, i switched. Jake rox. but in eclipse, he… is annoying.
    oooh, i just thought opf the best song for jacob in new moon/eclipse!!!! endlessly, by Muse.
    so back to the question: probably alice… though only by a bit.

  22. ALICE- deffinitly…

    She could see what the vamp’s next move would be —
    Not saying that Jacob wouldn’t stand the fight, cause he would, but he might also get hurt…

  23. I think Alice would definetly be the better choice for Bella’s protection, ’cause she already sees what the enemy’s going to do, so she can vring Bella out of danger, before it happens. That’s just a really great advantage. Jake may be strong, but he doesn’t have visions (…I guess xD )

  24. I think that Alice is better for Bella to stay with, but that may have to do with the fact that I hate Jacob. Alice has been around a helluva lot longer than Jacob and has more training than he ever will. Plus, Alice is a helluva lot cooler than Jacob will ever even try to be.

  25. Alice!! Jacob can’t really do it by himself as we find out latter on! (oops spoiler) I think it is funny about all the Team Jacob and Team Edward stuff still. There really isn’t teams anymore. Jacob didn’t become REALLY awesome IMO until Breaking Dawn! I didn’t like him in the 3rd book. He was way to pushy for me! I really started to hate him. He was a very diff. Jacob than in New Moon. I really liked him in New Moon and in Breaking Dawn.

  26. Is this possessive? Is it a problem of trust? Or is it something that has to do with respect: Bella should respect Edward enough that she isnโ€™t bouncing between both guys, trying to hold on to them both. How is that right to either of them? – That’s exactly how I felt during Eclipse.

    Alice, for all the reasons mentiond above.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  27. Although I love Jake dearly, I’m going to give this one to Alice. That whole fortune telling power pretty much gives her the overwhelming advantage. I know that her visions are subjective and therefore can possibly manipulated, but at least she’ll be at Bella’s side in an instant.

  28. Woo, TEAM SWITZ!

    “I’m betting on Alice.” She knows how to handle her own kind, whereas Jacob can be a loose cannon. Plus, Alice has her whole future thing going on. Sure, visions can change. But honestly, when a crazy newborn vamp has one objective (Bella), the future won’t change too much. Their thirst wouldn’t allow the change in thought.

  29. I think the Cullens are way better than the werewolfs. Jacob can really get on your nerves sometimes. He just needs to let Bella go, because he knows she loves Edward and just trying to break them apart is really pathetic. In my opinion Jacob is really immature and childish, so there’s no reason for Bella to be with him.

  30. Alice, totally. She (along with Jasper, who I have noticed rarely leaves her side) are way more experienced. I agree that Edward’s prejudice is false. Jasper is the best fighter of all the Cullens, and he is from Houston!

  31. Alice! Jacob hasn’t faced this type of newborn vampire before!

    +By the way, if Alice is there, so is Jasper, and boy oh boy, do I love me some Jasper. (:

  32. haha you and calculus is like me and chem- i loath it.

    Anyway, Alice is a way better choice. Jacob is reckless and Childish and Bella would really be babysitting him, though he can look out for himself, he always makes careless desicions. Sure, shed have more fun, but Alice gives you freedom to a degree, saftey, and you can go drive around in a porsche and shop! Only Bella doesnt like to shop. I’d pick Alice any day.

  33. Most of the annoying Edward fangirls are saying Alice just because its wired into their little harddrives to think Jacob is bad.
    I think Alice and Jacob are equal when it comes to protecting.

    But honestly?
    Who cares about Bella?
    I think Alice and Jacob should let Bella have what she deserves and let her get attacked and the two of them could go see a movie together, taking a break from the “must protect pathetic, manipulative human” game.


  34. I definitely believe that Alice would take better care of Bella. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jacob and all (no, I really, REALLY love Jacob even though he’s a complete asshole in this book) but he still is human. ALice can protect herself with her vision, while Jacob’s an idiot and won’t take any attack seriously. ALice is obviously the better option.

  35. I believe it would be safer for Bella to be watched by Alice then Jacob, for multiple reasons. One, Jake takes only a second to overreact and phase, potentially harming Bella in the process, while you’d never have to worry about that with Alice. Two, I’m sure Edward would have a major problem with Bella being asleep and unconsicious next to a young, volatile werewolf who happens to be desperately in love with her. I could definitely see Jacob’s jaw ending up broken after that night. And thirdly, Jacob is not the most graceful person-he could potentially wake Charlie up, something you would never have to worry about with a vampire, Alice in particular. My final reasoning is that Jake would never be able to take on anewborn vampire on his own-he’d be torn to shreds! Alice would be able to hold her own, as well as very possibly being able to win. So, overall, as you can see, it would be much safer to have Alice watch Bella then Jacob. …The picture of Jake as a werewolf in Bella’s room is a funny thought. xD

  36. Not being biased or anything (Although I am Team Edward/Vamps) but Alice is much safer. She can see her apponents moves and she won’t have to phase and she will be ready to fight before hand. Also because Alice is with bella half the time anyways- I doubt anyone would be okay with Jacob hanging around all the time.

  37. I would have to say Alice because of her advantages as other have said seeing the future, she’s strong, and she’s better controlled.

    But besides all that I wish you a merry Christmas Kaleb and may all your wishes come true!

  38. I think when it comes down to it, Alice would be safer for Bella. However, it isnt because the has her “vision.” Obviously it isnt doing a whole lot of good at the moment ANYWAY… but other than that, she is more experienced, more battle-savvy, faster, stronger, (sadly) tougher, and probably a tad smarter.

    Jacob has his instincts, and with those teeth, he would be able to do some damage, but Alice would be able to multitask.

    Jacob is very straightforward in his style, (plus the disadvantage of being less agile backwards, vampire vs. werewolf) so he wouldnt be able to destroy the newborn AND protect Bella as effectively.

    altogether, Alice.

    But i think a better question is who would protect Bella better, a pack of Werewolves, or a family of Vampires?

    What do you all think?

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!! or whatever you celebrate lol, i dont care=)

    PS: Team Edward, not because i have anything against Jacob, but because in the situation that Bella is living in now, Edward IS he soulmate. Regardless of whether Jacob was meant to be or not. (And ironically, Edwards presence is the only thing that has really changed this lol )

  39. Sorry, but I gotta say Alice, when Jacob “protects” her, he gets mad, so when the newborn vampires came to Bella (with Jacob in front of her/beside/somewhere close), Jacob would inevitably get mad, and if Bella didn’t get out of the way fast enough, she’d be hurt, just like with Emily, and Alice could see the impending attack, hide Bella, and face whatever was coming alone to ensure Bella’s complete safety

  40. Definitely Alice— Jacob would probably be too distracted trying to convince Bella to ditch the vampires ๐Ÿ˜›

    I understand that Jacob wants to save Bella’s life.. but later on in BD you see that no.. he has motives… if he were somehow in Edward’s position… would he be able to let Bella go ? NO. that answer is too obvious.

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