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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 23 (Monster)

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Many apologies for my lack of regular posting over the past month: as witnessed in my last post, things are simply becoming too overwhelming for one person to handle! But I think I’ve finally started to get the most rabid of to-do’s under control, now that those three biology tests are over and I’ve finished my 14-page publicity questionnaire! Unfortunately for my fellow students, I had a slight upper hand when one of the questions in the test was coincidentally regarding prophase and interphase. Due to Edward and Bella, the terms had stuck out to me in the study guide, and of course I knew the answer to that one ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Anyhow, thousands of distractions aside, I’m finally getting to read the famed chapter 23! MONSTER is one of my favorite words in the dictionary. It stands next to ‘abhor’, ‘stink’, ‘loathsome’ and ‘abysmal’ in my list of favorite English terms, such that my opinion of a perfect sentence might use all of them at once, to the effect of:

“You loathsome monster!” Bella cried. “You stink like an abysmal, abhorrent dog, so cease and desist your obvious attempts at stealing me from Edward!”

However, I do not see these phrases being used in the near future. In fact, it would be hard to say such things at all whilst Bella is so strongly pressed against Jacob’s shoulder, and even harder to hear with his snoring.

Brushing past the potentially-scandalous opening paragraphs, Jacob seems to have enjoyed that Bella at least thinks of him somewhat in her dreams, however drowned out by Edward they may be. As to someone talking in their sleep as much as Bella, the only time I’ve been told of myself talking in my sleep was when I had my wisdom teeth removed and was under heavy anesthesia. Obviously, as the doctor later revealed, I talked a whole lot: everything from my bank statement to girls to movies to who-knows-what.ย  It is for this reason the doctor assured me he was under contract to never reveal anything I said whilst unconscious. However, to my horror, I later realized that the nurse had signed no such agreement.


It is a scary thing, talking in one’s sleep: but sometimes it’s an (admittedly unreliable) way to get into someone’s real thoughts. Bellaย  has obviously been thinking about Jacob a lot recently.

Even for me, leaning towards Team Edward, it hurts to see Jacob listening in on Bella and Edward’s conversation. How does that feel for him? I don’t know why, but I was under the impression he knew about the engagement; but now knowing that he didn’t, I can just imagine how devastated he is. Given the unconventional amount of time that Jacob spends with Edward’s girlfriend, he actually does have a relationship with her (as much as I have disagreed). It’s close enough to finding out that his girlfriend has decided to marry someone else, and everything he has done for the past months to convince her has been in vain.

There is a part of me who really wants to be happy, since Jacob is finally getting what he deserves, and perhaps he will realize that his behavior around another guy’s girlfriend isn’t right. If I was solidly Team Edward, I might feel that way. But I can’t. For some reason, I feel no victory in seeing Jacob leave. This is a pain that no one should have to go through. Jacob probably means well, in his own way. I know that if I discovered the same thing he did, I would react in the same way.

I am a bit proud of Bella, because she is finally coming to realize what she is doing to both Edward and Jacob:

“I couldn’t have them both, because Jacob could not be just my friend. It was time to give up wishing for that. How ridiculously greedy could any one person be?”

And later, to Jacob:

“It was wrong to stay with you when we wanted such different things. It’s not going to get better. I’ll just keep hurting you.”

It’s a sign that she might be growing up. It give me much more confidence in her being mature enough to get married, now that she is finally realizing her faults.

But oh, for page 524. Bella basically takes gasoline, piles of newspaper, and a lighted match, and casts all three at the same time upon my hopes. Why, when she is so close to ending it; when she is so close to finally letting Jacob go, and finally giving him a chance for happiness, does she turn around and cause him to come back? It is like a suicidal guy saying if a girl does not love him, he will kill himself. Or, for better example, a guy saying if a billionaire does not pay him money, he will kill himself. It is manipulative, no matter how hurt or downtrodden Jacob might be. And Bella falls right into it.

“Why wasn’t I stopping this? […] why couldn’t I find in myself even the desire to want to stop?”

However, there still is some sense in Bella’s head, however buried underneath these strange feelings it may be. She knows what is happening. She realizes she loves Jacob: but she knows it is not enough.

“Jacob was right […] He was more than just my friend. […] I loved him, much more than I should, and yet, still nowhere near enough. […] it was only enough to hurt us both more.”

I read an interesting theory once, from a professor in psychology who was writing about humans and love. In this theory, which probably goes out of the bounds of actual psychology, he proposed that there is no ‘one person’ that each of us is intended to be with forever. Rather, his theory said that there are about eight ‘right persons’ for each of us, but that since these eight are spread so much around the planet we will only have the chance of meeting one: a soulmate, of sorts. This study proposed that from a standpoint of compatibility mixed with probability, if someone was to find one of their soulmates, there would only be a very minute chance they would ever meet with any of the other ‘eight’, and thus wouldn’t feel as strong a connection with anyone else in their lifetime; even though the others do exist somewhere.

This makes me think of Bella, Edward and Jacob. What if, according to this theory, the probability actually did catch a glitch, and somehow there are two ‘right people’ for Bella in the same area? What if, both Edward and Jacob are equally right for her, and only Edward’s luck at finding her first gives him the better chance? Bella admits it herself: she loves Jacob too much for it to be good.

But why is it too much? The reason it is too much is because Edward was there first. If she had met Jacob first, wouldn’t you think she would be loyal to him, and Edward would be the one trying to steal her away? [Added: It was brought to my attention that Bella had met Jacob before, as mentioned in Twilight that she had known him for years. But, at that time it seems to be more of a passing friendship, and nothing very deep like Edward was. ]

I will say that, in spite of my points earlier, and my aversion to Jacob’s manipulation, that this could perhaps be my favorite chapter so far in this entire book. It’s a turning point, of sorts. I’m coming to realize just how deep Jacob runs in Bella’s heart: this piece that perhaps she could remove; but by removing it, might only open the wound again.

Question for the comments: If Bella had fallen in love with Jacob first, do you think it would change things? If Jacob had found Bella before Edward, do you think she would love him instead?

ADDED QUESTION: What if Edward hadn’t appeared at all, do you think Bella would be happy with Jacob?


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  1. Wow… I’ve never really thought about it.
    This chapter, I felt horrible for Jacob and so, so angry at Bella.
    When you read about Bella, the happiest she ever is is when she is with Edward. Not Jacob.
    There’s no denying I love Jacob, but Edward really is right for her.
    Look at it in this light: Bella would be completely happy with Jacob, sure, but what about Edward? He would be soulless, and empty because he’d never found his “one” he’d never have found his Bella. Is that right?
    See, even if Jacob was with Bella and there was no Edward. doesn’t imprinting seem eventual? See we all know he imprints, but if Bella can have two soul mates why can’t Jacob? Because obviously Bella’d be hurt again, just as in New Moon.
    …Would this where we queue in Edward?

  2. *favorite chapter ever!!*
    .well.. think that if.. the cullens hadn’t lived in forks at the time of bellas arrival.. She would ended up w/ jacob.. because well.. they’re atracted to each other and their parents are Bfriends and all.. but that story would not have werewolves in it..( no vamps.. no wolfs..) so it would be the HAPpy Jacob u know.. haha… the one we ALL LOVE(cm on team edward… u kind of like him too..!!)..
    But that is not really agood story .. well.. at least I wouldn’t have read THAT book..(even w/ all my love 4 jake.. hehe)

  3. I guess.. I think it’s all possible! Because *spoiler alert — later on in Eclipse* when she says good-bye to Jake, the only thing, I think, that was stopping her was the pain that Edward had caused her when he left. She thought that she wasn’t going to be able to recover. BUT, she almost did in NM with Jake. So if Edward hadn’t chosen to leave in NM, would have influence her choice in Eclipse? I don’t know, It feels like it would have.

    I’m sorry for my terrible English – A Swedish chick XD
    // A big fan!

  4. Oh! *sorry for posting twice* I just wanted to say that my opinion’s might be very influence by my state of mind regarding Jake. I love him, he’s the best thing since sliced bread! Sort of. But it still makes sense XD

  5. Alright…maybe it’s just me but I think this question is ridiculous!! Jacob…ha!!! What an absurd notion. I guarantee that if Bella met Jacob first and Edward second, it would still be the same result. She liked Jacob at first but with Edward there was an absolute spark and flame between them that could not be put aside whether he was first or 100th behind a line of Jacobs. Edward is perfect for her, absolutely perfect. Jacob just seems like one of those puzzle pieces that doesn’t quite fit but is jammed in just to make Bella feel some way in completion when Edward leaves her. Her love with Jacob came out of loss, to emotionally survive and to stay sane. It has nothing to do with actual, true, deep love that Edward shares with her.
    That is why I like the movie better on this point. Jacob came first, as a friend, no spark. Then Edward comes and the flames alight like hay covered with gasoline.
    Edward fits with her in every way. Jacob is a jerk. End of story.
    I can’t believe he would manipulate Bella by threatening (a lie, really) to kill himself. He says it himself, even if there was no Edward, he still would not stay behind safe for her sake like Edward does. Even if there was no Edward, and Jacob and Bella got together, there would still be something missing. He would not do anything he doesn’t want to for Bella’s sake. And that speaks of a terrible relationship on the horizon.

  6. There are two things I have to say in order to really answer this. First, I think what Edward and Bella have is just one step shy of imprinting. They have a connection that is undeniable and unbreakable. (After reading a comment made by Carlisle in Midnight Sun it confirmed this to me.) Second, I personally have experienced both types of love Stephenie Meyer describes with Bella and Edward, and Bella and Jacob. My “Edward” was NO Edward — I ended up with my Jacob. That said…

    I have to say Bella would not have fallen in love with Jacob first. She falls in love with Jacob only because Edward left. Jacob became her personal sun because she needed one! She has known Jacob for years, so really Jacob had found her before Edward did. She would not have had any interest in dating Jacob — it was only when they were brought together under the circumstances that she came to love Jacob the way she does.

    I do think Bella and Jacob (assuming Edward didn’t exist)could have been happy, but it would have been different. She appreciates Jacob in ways her experiences have led her to. I hope that makes sense.

  7. On another note..what is Edward’s honing in on Jacob’s bracelet and hooking his heart shaped diamond if not manipulation…please…that is such a guy move…

  8. [Added: It was brought to my attention that Bella had met Jacob before, as mentioned in Twilight that she had known him for years. But, at that time it seems to be more of a passing friendship, and nothing very deep like Edward was. ]

    whoever infact told you this, is incorrect. in the movie is only when she knew jacob before. in the book, she had known his older sisters, rebecca and rachel, but not him.

  9. Okay, what I believe a lot of people forget when it comes to Jacob’s “manipulation” is that he has TWO reasons for wanting Bella to choose him, and the most important one is NOT that he wants her to be his girl completely and not Edward’s. The most important thing to Jacob (and don’t get me wrong, her being HIS girl is extremely important to him, too) is that he REFUSES to just stand by and let Bella become a vampire! When he says that he would “rather you be dead!” it was very wrong and hurtful for him to say that to her, but he does feel that way to an extent, because LIKE EDWARD, he feels that she will be giving up her soul when she does this. He is not even sure she will be “Bella” anymore, but a monster. Edward realizes that she will, but he ALSO doesn’t want Bella to become a vampire, because he is afraid that she will lose her soul and not be able to go to heaven. That is Edward’s main reason for not turning Bella into a vampire in the first place! This reason is why he is so patient with the Bella/Jacob situation because a big part of him feels that Jacob would be better for her than he is! He wants Bella to keep her soul. So does Jacob, that is why he is being “so manipulative”, trying to get Bella to realize she loves him too, and choose him. He is trying to save her life and her mortal soul.
    I truly do feel that Bella had to choose Edward, but I also understand Jacob and DO NOT feel that he is bad or has “ulterior motives”. He is very upfront with both Bella and Edward that he will fight as long as he can to keep her a human, and HIS.

  10. One last comment regarding twilightguy’s question, Bella actually says if things were normal and she didn’t exist in this supernatural world, Jacob would have been her soulmate, but in this supernatural world, she HAS to choose Edward, because he is even MORE of her soulmate.

  11. If Jacob and Bella were already together when Edward came along, Edward would not have even bothered to capture Bella’s heart anyways. Edward has stated many times that if she loves Jacob more, he will be willing to leave her forever so she can be happy with him. If Bella was already with Jacob, I’m not sure Bella and Edward would ever have gotten to know each other. But of course we’ll never know…

    I also mostly agree with Elizabeth’s comment (number 157). The main reason Bella fell in love with Jacob in the first place is because Edward left, and she needed someone she could call her “personal sun.” So another question to ask would be this: If Edward left PERMANENTLY (and never had come back, but actually succeeded in committing suicide), then would Bella be happy with Jacob?

    Let me put it this way. It’s like an endless cycle: Bella needed to fall in love with Edward, and he had to leave before Bella could fall in love with Jacob. But the only way she could be TRULY happy with Jacob is if Edward never existed (otherwise, even if Bella and Jacob got married, she would forever be mourning Edward’s death). It’s an endless circle.

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  13. ok then shaneequa. someones high…
    anyway, regardless of some crazy f****d up ppl awesome post kaleb… i’m sort of both. i cant decide! i love edward and jacob. they’re both great in their own unique way.

  14. i actually think that if edward never came, jacob and bella would be perfect together. This is how i picture it (and for this, just assume that without edward, the vamps never moved to forks). So if the cullens never lived near la push, then jacob would have never become a werewolf and would stay the jacob that bella loved from the beginning. So in a way, i think his personality would be really different. The main reasons why he becomes “obnoxious” and “stubborn” is because 1) hes a moody werewolf and is going through changes in his life that normal teens don’t and 2)because of edwards involvement in his life.

    *still on the topic of personailty changes, i think that bella would be different too. i think she’d be a little less bold. Though i conradict myself when i say that she could have gained that confidence from Jake too… I DONT KNOW! but what i do know is that without edward, she’d be normal and happy, yet undistinguished*

    However, another thing i’ve cosidered is what if edward was a human the same time as bella? i think that they wouldnt have the same ‘spark’ as they did when hes a vampire for some reason. I just think that the things he gains from being a vampire are what bella is truly attracted to, not edward himself.

    So pretty much jacob is her natural choice. I think it said something about how jacob was her sun and air or something and edward was just her drug: stupid yet addictive

  15. I believe that when someone is in a relationship they can fall in love with someone else, or at least think they have. Not because the other person is a equal or better suit, but just because that person’s obvious qualities are some that you are desperatly missing in the person you’re currently with.

    I’ve had this myself, i’m very happy with my bf, but for a while, or rather for over a year, he was depressed after his dad died, and i really missed the happy go lucky sunshiny part. I met a guy who was all happy sunshiny, as in this basically being his most profound character trait, and i fell for that. I was confused for a while till i realized that the other guy only represented something i was missing in my bf, and that the other guy as a whole was not my type. Or i could say that my bf was 90% my type, and the other was only 10%, but happened to be the exact 10 % i missed in my bf. I decided to let go of it, my bf got out of his depression and is back to being my full 100%.

    I think the same goes for Bella Edward and Jacob. Edward is a pretty contained person, he kinda holds out, is too composed, too careful. Bella just craves some raw passion, someone to go for her all the way, blindly, passionatly, physically. She wants that from Edward but since he won’t she finds herself attracted to this traits in Jacob.

    Jacob is there, he lets her know he wants her, he is physically available, won’t withold his passion. He is her 10%. The 10 % she misses in Edward. But without Edward being ever having been in the picture, he would just be that, 10 %.
    I guess they could’ve ended up together in a few years after Jacob grew up a bit, but i doubt she would ever have been more than happily content.

    Personally i’m more team Jacob by the way. But then i’m a girl who’ll take a fun guy over brooding one, even a ashtonishingly handsome sparkly immortal brooding one, any day. Hmm although he does play piano and i’m a sucker for pianists.

    Nice to read a guy’s perspective BTW
    thumbs up!

  16. Oww on the what if Bella had been with Jacob first…
    I guess she might have been Edwards slip up. Bella in the woods on the way to la push, the way she smells, no classmates around… he would have eaten her. Anyone read Midnight Sun?

  17. Hey, I am a newbie to your site.
    All the way from down under, Australia.

    Have recently become a fan of yours and think you are hilarious, yet rather clever.
    So thank you for keeping me entertained. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway back to the question…

    I honestly donโ€™t believe that if Jacob had found Bella before Edward that she would love him instead. Perhaps in time, if Edward was not in the picture at all, then Bella and Jacob would gradually grow closer due to their previous friendship from when they were younger.
    However this would not be possible due to Bellaโ€™s complete infatuation towards Edward. You feel how she is somewhat magnetically drawn to him from the moment she spots him for the first time. This is something lacking between her and Jacob. Their relationship is mostly one sided, with Jacob subtly showing interest in her.

    It is not until Edward leaves that Bella finds comfort in Jacob. And even then the only reason she goes to see him is to help her repair the motorbikes! Itโ€™s only from then that they spend more and more time together and grow closer. Bella realises that he may be the only person to make her moderately happy again. He became a security blanket for her. She became reliant on him, not necessarily because she wanted it that way but because it was forced upon her due to the love of her life (Edward) had left her stranded and broken hearted.

  18. I don’t think that just because she met Jacob first, she would have chosen him instead of Edward.
    Love is not all based on timing. The only way this could happen is if Edward was never around. Like I said before, I think that’s why SM included the Sam-Leah-Emily parallel. Sam didn’t break Leah’s heart on purpose. And even though Bella and Edward don’t have werewolf magic involved, their love is just as overwhelming and real. I consider it a small miracle that she didn’t meet Jacob first and THEN break his heart and any promises she made to him.

  19. i hate this stupid idiotic deranged chapter!!!!!!!!!

    IM team EDWARD ang i felt betrayed myself by bella!!!

    i dont know actually the points of this deranged love triangle where
    the center of it keeps striking pain the two boulders….

    poor my Edward…..

    anyways from the start i only felt they are fictional characters,…

    but i was captured by you KALEB great posts///////

  20. I dont like this chapter…….


    who likes to kiss a dog???????/

    yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk bellA!!!!!!

    i hate this chapter!!!!!
    why does meyer have to do this????????????????????????/////////

    im a girl and i i thought i should feel more sympathy because i can emphatize
    but all i feel way angry!!!!

    anll were stupid

    bella for all the pain
    edward for all the consent
    and super hatred for jacob's stupid attempts which just keeps hurting him and all involved

    but kaleb i cant quite get you by liking this chapter….

    im so angry by it that i almost pulled that stupid pages from the book

  21. Wow! People had a lot to say for this one ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think if she had fallen for Jacob first, it would have been even worse. I believe Edward and Bella were meant for eachother no matter what. If she had been with Jacob first i think there would have been even more hurt between them because eventually she would have left him for Edward. I know she loves Jacob, but him and Edward are so different from eachother. They fill her, but so different. Horrible to say, but…. and I'm not on a team of any kind. I love Edward and Jacob equally, but for different reasons.
    However, if there was no Edward, I do think that Bella and Jacob would have made a life together and that they would have been very happy.

  22. I totally agree this is my favorite chapter in the book too (maybe in the whole series)! The kiss was so shocking and turned me from being die hard for Team Edward to Switzerland, just like Bella. I think if Bella had fallen in love with Jacob first than Edward might have been able to stay away from her forever like he had tried to in New Moon. I also think that he would have backed off when he first met her and was still so afraid of endangering her life. Jacob did know Bella before Edward, so he did find her before Edward. It had no effect on her love for Edward except for the fact that she became so wrapped up in both Jacob and Edward that she constantly hurt herself, Jacob and Edward. If Edward hadnt appeared at all I do believe that Bella and Jacob would have been happy together, she said so herself that she saw their life flash before her eyes and that she wanted it. Except for the fact that Jacob would most likely eventually imprint thus leaving Bella heartbroken, classic Sam and Leah senario.Or maybe since in Breaking Dawn he imprints on Renesmee who only came to be because of Edward and Bella's romance if Edward hadn't showed up at all Jacob wouldn't have imprinted and he and Bella could have been happy.

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  24. dude i know this sounds wierd but i am so sad because i love jacob and edward is just wierd and i cold and stares to much. i wanted bella to be with jacob instead of edwierdo.he has values , it is a wierd cool thing to eventually fall in lovewith your best friend, also edward is not as passionate about it i think and if you read chapter 23. monster and the way jacob treats bella i say go for jacob black!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Great post!

    I have to say that I really like Jake and Bella together, (sorry all you Edward/Bella-fan). Maybe because I feel so sorry for Jacob, trying over and over again to win Bellas heart, but fail every single time.

    But that's how love is, you can't control it, even though Bella loves Jake, I'll have to accept that she loves Edward more. Sad for me and the rest of the Jacob/Bella-fans, good for you Bella/Edward-fans;)

    Anyway, without saying too much, it works out great for poor Jake in the end, he deserves to be loved and I like the way it turned out for him (:

    Just wanted to share my thoughts.

    ps. I need to say, I don't dislike Bella/Edward I think they're really cute together, I just like Jake/Bella more, so please don't hate me (;

  26. I think the only reason Bella loves Jacob is because she's with Edward and vise versa Jacob with Bella. Now stay with me here I know everyone in their right mind would be like thats so not true but listen, can you really ever see Bella with Jacob they are so different and even being friends they are that way. Jacob Would of corse fall for her and have a crush on her and they would date for a little while and go to prom together but can you really see them being passionately in love like Edward and Bella. nada. She loves him because she loves Edward, she loves Jacob because she loves him in a way she will never love Edward. With Edward she was swept of her feet she feel so much in love with him she would risk her life, their love runs deep. With Jacob she loves on the outer layer, she can count on him he is the man in her life like puppy love. The loves are so different that she can't just chose one and move she needs both of them in her life. Now on to Jacob, again yes he would fall for her he'd ask her out they'd date but would he ever actually love her as much as he does now, nope. He loves her so much because he's trying to unconsciously top Edward's love in a way.
    PS I love that theory about love form your prefossor

  27. I think it would change things. The longer you know someone and are aware of a connection, wouldn't you choose them, wouldn't you think you loved them more, knew them more, trusted them more? Hence, YES!

  28. I know the song has already been picked for this chapter but I think breathe by taylor swift would be a really good song for this chapter

  29. Here's the thing. If Bella and Jacob still wouldn't had happened because Bella would had been dead! Remember, Edward saved Bella from the van crushing her. Had Edward not been there, then Bella would had been crushed. That was not a supernatural event, so if it wasn't for Edward's presence or his “supernatural” presence (because remember, Jake said that if it wasn't for the supernatural him and Bella probably would had been together), but that's a major flaw, they would not had been together simply because she would had been dead.

    So in that sense, Edward's mere presence and Bella making that decision to come to Forks, that was all destiny. Jacob, her thinking she was in love with him, the other vampires, the Volturra, all of these things were just mere obstacles and in the end Bella said it, she knew who she couldn't live without, she could live with Jacob, she couldn't live without Edward. He almost offed himself and she tried to do the same. I don't see her doing that for Jake.

    Not too mention the fact that Edward had never seen Bella in that much pain, but she was in worse pain over him when he left, just nobody knew it. Or at least he didn't know it directly. But Alice and Charlie knew how much she had been in pain. Hell, even Angela Weber made her feel a little better as well, but nothing, not even her growing feelings for Jake compared to the relief that she felt when Edward came back and throughtout the rest of the book.

    Two more things, there was too many times that Bella felt “relief” that Jake didn't have some kind of supernatural hold on her, once when he said that he never imprinted anybody and the second when after he imprinted on Renesesme and didn't look at her the same. Now that's not exactly “true love”.

    So to answer the question, Edward and Bella's mere presence with each other at the same time was destiny and fate and wouldn't and couldn't happened any other way. Her meeting Jake as kids means nothing, it was just steps, along with her coming to Forks, they all were just steps leading up to the eventually outcome of her and Edward being together.

  30. WOw .. i think that it really wouldn't of made much of a difference if Jacob came in first or not. I just think that Bella would of still hurt Jacob and ended things with him as soon as she came across Edward. Now… if Edward wouldn't of appeared at all I DO think Bella would of been happy with Jacob because nothing would of came betweent them & Bella wouldn't of been in much danger with vampires after her.. she wouldn't have to worry about trigging Jacobs anger because there wouldn't be a reason for her to make him mad therefore she wouldn't b in danger with Jacobs transformation. His friends seem to like her and Billy.. plus Charlie really seems to approve of them together.. so She would totally be happy with Jacob

  31. Wow, those are alot of deep questions… I dunno… I tend to think that sure Bella would have been happy with Jacob if Edward were never in the picture… but when they met their attraction and the draw of their hearts was almost instant… she couldn't keep her mind or eyes off him and he was instantly intrigued with her due to the fact that she was a mystery to him due to his lack of ability to read her mind… not to mention her blood being soooo potent to him… Basically, they both demanded the attention of the other… totally other-worldy attraction… I don't think anyone really could have a chance against that type of thing… just my thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Wow, those are alot of deep questions… I dunno… I tend to think that sure Bella would have been happy with Jacob if Edward were never in the picture… but when they met their attraction and the draw of their hearts was almost instant… she couldn't keep her mind or eyes off him and he was instantly intrigued with her due to the fact that she was a mystery to him due to his lack of ability to read her mind… not to mention her blood being soooo potent to him… Basically, they both demanded the attention of the other… totally other-worldy attraction… I don't think anyone really could have a chance against that type of thing… just my thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Why not? Jacob is not that bad…. but the story is all about Edward and bella. So there.

    It wont be that interesting without the impossibility of choosing who or what a girl should do. Casting the characters as vampires and werewolves only made it more difficult to choose and interesting, rather than having the character Edward as a plain old 60 yr old or an older man who is an exconvict reformed but cast away by society falling in love with a 17 yo. Bella and having a bestfriend Jacob who is about the same age also thinks that he is in love with her but has a secret but nothing like being a werewolf. It wont be as hard as the Twilight story because to choose Edward means she could become a vampire in the future and it is a process where you cant turn back in case you felt you dont like it anymore. So the impossibility of what would become of her should she choose any of the two…is just unthinkable. Only a story like this can tell because none of us, if we really put ourselves in her shoes will do what she did. Glad it was decided for us by Stephenie.

  34. I honestly don't think that a romance with Jacob would have ever started. Many people point out the fact that Bella knew Jacob practically since they were born. If you really read it you realize that though she knew him she didn't really KNOW him. She was closer to his sisters who never made an appearance in the book and even then she stopped going to La Push around 8 years old.

    Then when she meets him on the beach she already starts noting how childlike he seems. Bella is mature for her age, throughout the saga she puts the whole world on her shoulders and in the first few pages it was noted that she was the one who took care of her mom, not the other way around. With that said I think that if she hadn't known Edward at that point she probably wouldn't have even kept up a polite conversation. Instead she would've kept to herself, like she does the majority of the time after meeting new people. Yes, Jake qualifies as new.

    However, she did know Edward which was the only reason she continued a conversation with him. In fact, since she knew there was a specific reason why Edward and his family weren't allowed on the reservation she flirted her way to the information from Jacob. Had she not flirted, he might not have been interested. He just would've been an awkward teenager who might not even have had a crush on her initially. This flirtation was the catalyst for the romance between Jacob and Bella. Ironically, without this conversation she wouldn't have known that Edward was a vampire and their romance wouldn't have begun, so technically that conversation was a catalyst for the whole series including the love triangle.

    Since this meeting wouldn't have happened without Edward, Bella most likely wouldn't have gone to La Push any time after that. Jacob and Bella may have seen each other a few times, but not going to the same school, living in different places, and having no reason to seek each other out, they wouldn't develop a powerful enough romance before Jacob undergoes his own transformation. As we all know, the pack is supposed to stay away from most people until their anger is in check, so if she came over he may very well have avoided her.

    If there was absolutely no supernatural stuff in this novel and Bella met and fell in love with Jacob first, I believe their relationship would've been successful. If Edward was also human but came after Jacob, well, I just don't know. So much of his characterization depends on the fact that Edward is a vampire, he came from a different time, and he has read the minds of the most vile humans.

    If Jacob and Bella had a relationship but Edward as a vampire came second, I believe she would've chosen Edward. They're a co-dependant, old at heart, wise, and devoted couple. That's not to say that Jacob couldn't possibly handle a relationship like that, he just needs time to mature. I think we all forget that while Jacob battles to the death and takes care of his handicapped father that he is still a reckless teenage boy and it takes time to become as mature as a certain Edward Cullen.

    As you all can tell, I have waaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands. Team Switzerland forever! ๐Ÿ™‚

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