A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

What R U Saying: I’m not as stong as emmet (or the jo bros)

Due to a recent influx of messages from your typical village idiot, I’ve decided to put my hatemail to good use and entertain my readers with it. I receive so much hilarious hate that I can no longer keep it for my own selfish amusement. Feel free to attempt counting and/or translating each of the mistakes:

ok ur making us girls look brainded if their were swimsuit models in the book and you guys went around talking about it do u think we would make a sight about it no we would just let u guys look like the brainded morons everybody knows u are and if u really want to know why this is probably happening to

u is because your not as mysterious and hot as

edward not as stong as emmet not as amazingly sexxy as jasper or not as adventurous funny or drop dead gorgeous as jacob so there u have ur anserw and no matter what u think i’m telling u the truth and i’m not being mean either because if u want to see me be mean just ask

I can’t resist posting this one either:

twilight sux u immatture dumb**z

jon ass brothers 4 evar!

Oh pincushions: I’ve really been pwnd this time.



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  1. That's what I thought at first as well. Though, after rereading the comment, I believe she means 'branded.' As in girls are branded and treated like cattle. Still, her argument doesn't really apply, nor does it make any sort of sense. Hahaha…hilarious!

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