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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 8 (Waiting For The Damn Fight To Start Already)

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I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to be feeling well! Even though it’s only really been a few days, I’m one of those people who has to be doing something all the time or else feels they’ve lost touch with everything, and thus being sick in bed for nearly a week is quite a depressing time for me. Not only am I now feeling better, but with only one more final to go, a few months of break from school is just around the corner for me. And what a summer break it shall be!

With what could perhaps be the longest chapter title in Twilight Saga history, we once again enter into that strange brain of Jacob Black. I love the fact that I get to delve into Jacob’s head a bit. Many people have probably noticed how much Jacob’s immaturity irks me, sometimes to the point of paragraphs of rants detailing exactly why he annoys me and how I think he should evict himself headfirst off the nearest cliff (alright not quite that bad). Still, I welcome the chance to get to know him more. Like The Phantom in his opera, there are some characters who seem quite despicable at first, but after I get to know them my opinions change dramatically. We shall see if something similar happens with Mr. Black.

These werewolves sure like to fight. I feel like my grandmother waggling a finger at them and going


as they punch and lunge at each other over hardly more than a bag of chips and a chair. Due to this behavior, there is an almost constant theme of things being smashed throughout the beginning of this chapter, such as:

“You better’ve brought those with you.” CRUNCH.

He heard where I was going and shoved the bag behind his back. CRUNCH.

Maybe he’d smashed her like a bag of chips in his drive to get some? (CRUNCH.)

His eyes shifted to the TV. I lunged. His nose made a very satisfying CRUNCH.


Jacob obviously isn’t in love with the idea of imprinting either. It leads me to wonder if this is because he didn’t actually imprint on Bella, and might have known all along that because of this she couldn’t have really been his? I’ve seen this point argued before and I know there is a very specific reason why this doesn’t matter, but I’ve always wondered why Jacob pursued Bella so strongly when he hadn’t imprinted on her. With a lack of imprinting, his love for her wouldn’t actually be the best love for either of them — and as a very unsettling thought, he might imprint on someone else in the future and leave Bella behind. It’s always confused me. Did Jacob think that after time he would imprint on Bella? Again this could be my faulty memory fooling me when the reason for this was made obvious volumes ago, and everyone on Team Jacob is laughing uproariously at my expense.

Jacob is still very concerned for Bella, and it’s obvious that even after the wedding, he still isn’t giving up on that tiny bit of hope she’ll realize what she is doing and come back to him. Because, everyone knows it is far safer being with a werewolf than a vampire. That point aside, his brooding has surely gotten quite painful, especially imagining Bella and Edward together now. I mean, in most relationships, there are months between breaking up with someone and then her getting married to someone else, which means time away from each other to heal. Jacob hasn’t gotten that, because he never gave up, even to the day of the wedding. It would be misery if the girl I loved went off and got married to someone else, leaving me with little besides some guy sitting on my couch…watching my television…eating my chips.

Mr. Black is really a killjoy too, by the way. I’m laughing immensely that his first reaction to Paul’s guffaw is considering breaking his nose again. He’s like the Burgermeister Meisterburger, who tripped on one toy and then decided to burn the lot in a fit of rage.


Disregarding what could have just been my most obscure movie reference ever, the conversation with Quil has me wondering if Jacob has ever thought he actually did imprint on Bella? He says he doesn’t see any other girl, and he seems so sure that they are meant to be together. He might know differently, but I wonder if it has ever made him really think. It would be very difficult for him if he had imprinted on her, when she just married Edward Cullen. If imprinting really is something they can’t control, Jacob might actually be in a better position now if he doesn’t imprint on her, because otherwise it could get very messy.

With the news of Bella’s return to Forks, there seems to be some decision-making going on. The werewolves aren’t quite up to a full-out battle, but Jacob Black is ready to take on the Cullens all by himself. One wolf against a coven of vampires? Oh yes Jacob, you’re really going to survive that one. Still, with all his determination to get revenge for what he believes is Bella’s death, there’s something akin to a miniature war that might be about to happen.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: If Jacob HAD imprinted on Bella, how do you think the story would have changed? Do you think Bella would have still married Edward? Would Edward have fought Jacob or would he have let her go?


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  1. hmmm… I have no idea. I don't want to spoilerify (too bad about the lack of SPOILERIFY in the dictionary) too much, but if Jacob had imprinted on her… more hmmming. I think she would have chosen Edward because she sort of human-version of imprinted on him… hance her near death in NEW MOON.

  2. why wasnt the killers version of mr.brightside used?!?!? as a fan of the killers i am kind offended, but this is still my fav site!!!!

  3. Ha ha, because I've already used The Killer's version of the song two or three times already 😛 This was the only way I could get away with using Mr. Brightside again

  4. Jacob seriously bugs me too. First of all, he should have given up after Bella got engaged, but no, he couldn't. Then she gets married and he is still oogling after her. That is seriously messed up. Can't he take a HINT.

  5. I don't think anything would have been different if Jacob in fact had imprinted on Bella.
    As he said himself a book earlier, “The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight with an eclipse.”
    While imprinting may be strong, Edward's love is still other-worldly too. And, in all essence, Edward basically imprinted on Bella, seeing as he only has eyes for her.

    As for Jacob's reaction, I believe Bella would still marry Edward because imprinting does not have to be romantic. The werewolf becomes whatever his or her… fixation(?) needs him or her to be, like with Quil and Claire. So if marrying Edward was what made Bella happy, I think Jacob would let her and just be her best friend.

    Everything would just be about ten times more intense.

  6. Oh Kaleb, you crack me up. =D “Oh yes Jacob, you're really going to survive that one.”

  7. O.k. I don't want to give away any of the story so I'll try not to say much.
    First of all I love Jacob Black. In Fact I think I would choose Jacob over Edward. Edward is too perfect. I would know that there is no way I could live up to his perfection and well Jacob is a real guy. He has flaws like everyone else. And yeah, he is irritating but I think its because he doesn't have the century of experience that Edward does. He is only 16 after all.
    Also, I don't think that Jacob is any less in love with Bella because he hasn't imprinted on her. I mean people fall madly and hoplessly in love everyday with out “imprinting” right. He does love Bella with all of his heart and if you've ever been in love than you can agree that everyone else isn't really gonna matter to you. You don't really see others in “that” way anymore because you've found the one who will make you happy. Imprinting is something complettly different than love.

    And furthermore, I think that the fact that he didn't imprint on Bella is what is tearing him apart. He can't imagine loving anyone more than he loves Bella and can't imagine why he didn't imprint on her. I mean, can you fathom loving someone completly and with all of your heart yet knowing that there is someone else out there who you could love more and knowing you might never meet them? To Jacob, I'm sure this is overwhelming and seems impossible. All he is sure of is that he loves her and at this point in the book he is sure there is absolutly no hope for them.

    Jacob is my favorite character in these books because (besides the fact that he is a warewolf) he is a real person. People go through these things in real life. I mean, Loveing someone you know doesn't love you back and not knowing how to get over it yet knowing at the same time that you will get over it all the while haveing to watch your love interest in the arms of another while you are also dealing with unrelated personal issues….Jacob my Jacob. (sigh)

    As for your question. Edward would have left Bella so that she could be with Jacob. I imagine imprinting to be something like souldmates. If he did imprint on Bella that would pretty much mean they were meant to be together and Edward would accept that because he loves her and wants her to be happy and safe (which of course she would be safe with a warewolf….as odd as that sounds). But Bella wouldn't accept that. She would feel she betrayed Edward and hurt him even though she would be with her true love. She would cause problems because she would feel guilty and unloyal. And as for Jacob, well, imprinting means that he would do anything to make her happy. He would constantly be striving to fullfill her needs and wants which of course he wouldn't be able to do. The books would have had to have been much longer than just four. (which I think they should have been anyway).

    O.k. I got this off my chest so I'll say bye now.

    P.S. They are warewolves…what do you expect them to do…play with yarn?

  8. OK. There are few rules concerning imprinting:

    First, you will imprint on someone the first time you see them after becoming a werewolf, or not at all. There's no way that Jacob could still imprint on Bella.

    The second rule is a little more complicated. In Eclipse, Jacob says that imprinting is a one-way deal. When a werewolf imprints, it's not supposed to affect the imprintee. However, in a future chapter of Breaking Dawn, we learn differently. Also, we discover that a werewolf can proactively imprint on potential progeny. Anyway, according to this rule, if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, she would have also been drawn to him, and would probably have ended up with him. However, if we go by what we're told in Eclipse, I believe Bella would still have gone back to Edward, and yes, there would be a fight.

  9. Haha oh man, Kaleb, you and I see eye to eye on Jacob. Long paragraphs ranting about the many annoyances of Jacob Black…yes, definitely the same here. But I'm just going to say, for me this book was like a Phantom of the Opera experience. By the end, I loved Jacob, when I was strictly against him. I'm still rock solidly Team Edward, but I understand and appreciate Jacob more now.

    Loved the crunches. Made me laugh =)

    There is an unknown reason why Jacob continues to pursue Bella. Keep reading. And you would definitely, definitely know when you've imprinted on someone. You've read descriptions – it's like there is nothing holding you to this world but that one person, your whole life revolves around them completely. Jacob isn't quite that intense with Bella. Just look to Sam and Emily for reference. I think if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, she would've had no choice but to leave Edward and be with him because imprinted people have no choice. And Edward would've let her go if it was what she wanted and what made her happy (look to the Sam/Emily/Leah love triangle for reference lol).

    Oh, and I loved your sarcasm here: “One wolf against a coven of vampires? Oh yes Jacob, you’re really going to survive that one.”

  10. I just went back and read some of the other comment on here.

    Haven't any of you ever been in love!??! Just because someone is in love with someone else, just because they get engaged to someone else, just because they get married to someone else and yes just because they get pregnant with someone elses child doesn't change the fact that you love them. Jacob is truely IN LOVE with Bella. Yeah he should have given up but theres a lot of things people should do and they don't because of personal conflicts.

    And everyones forgetting that Jacob is the only true kid in this story. Bella is even more mature than most kids remember. When I was sixteen logic and reason weren't exactly on the top of my list of virtures to obtain.

    Doesn't anyone else feel for Jacob. Yeah it all turn out great in the end for him but at the point in the story we are talking about Jacob is being tortured. I actually cryed when I read that he had run away. Have a little understanding for Jacob. He is the easiest to relate to in my opinion.

  11. Honestly, I think if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, she would've ended up with him. Remember, if the imprinting HAD happened, it would've been in New Moon, when Edward wasn't even around. So I think the combination of Bella's existing feelings for Jacob, plus Edward's absence, plus the knowledge that she and Jake were soulmates, all that would have been enough to tip the scales in Jacob's favor. And Edward, if he ever came back, probably wouldn't even let Bella know he was there because he just wants her to be happy.

    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the next few chapters, Kaleb! Stephenie's got a biiig twist coming up–I wonder if you'll be able to figure it out? (No worries if you don't–but please share your theories! We can tell you how close you are.) People may have a lot of complaints about Breaking Dawn, but they'll never say it's boring…

  12. I think Edward would have let her go, because he loves her so much, and if Jacob wuold have imprinted on her, Jacob would be the best match possibly for Bella and I think that Edward would see that and therefor, let them be together if, that would be what Bella wanted.

    BTW I´m sorry if my english sucks, I´m from Sweden so I don't really now how all the words are spelled

    Julia Åberg

  13. As others have said, if Jacob had imprinted on Bella wouldn't she be the same with him? The whole “two parts of a puzzle” she-bang seems to apply here.Also, Edward has always said if Bella wanted Jacob, he would step back and do the “honourable thing” (sheesh, he wasn't joking when he said he was masochistic.) This was my first thought and I was surprised because I am very much pro Edward-and-Bella and it was also very logical.
    Jacob's whole bit just depressed me. I love his chapter names but they are sometimes heart-breakingly sarcastic , wait 'til you get to the Wizard of Oz one. I feel so bad for Jacob, he can never win, can he? But despite his bitterness and temper, I still love him not as much as Edward, of course, not blurring the lines here,people, but still. I do enjoy reading Jacob's POV 'cause I feel like you really know the character then. Oh, and I would absolutely love to read Edward's POV(this one's for you, Stephenie.no rush .but you know when people say “no rush” they mean “Now. Dammit!” Just joking, I'll live.) Most of my Twilighty-friends want to “La Push him off a cliff” their words, not mine. They say his only redeeming quality is he can warm you up when it's cold.
    I am also amazed at how much people can remember from the books, I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday . =]
    About the song for the chapter ; I LOVE the Killers , they are my favourite band (ever) and I hate when people try to warp their songs into a Club Mix or just play the song but still manage to get it completely wrong *coughMCFLYcough* but I can say in all honesty, I like this one … a LOT. I have listened to it about five times consecutively while reading/commenting on this post so good choice.
    Kaleb, I just have to say how very fond I am of your music, also. It's really beautiful and surpassed my expectations by miles ( no offence it's only because I saw you first and foremost as a writer, you know).So far, the box in the bookstore is my favourite because it's just a little creepy but sounds really magical and dark at the same time. I can't download it for some reason but for now I'll just have to abuse the myspace.

    P.S. Who is “Burgermeister Meisterburger”???

    P.P.S *It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss* Good point , Brandon. I dunno either. XD

  14. Sure it would have been a whole different story and Edward being the gentleman he is would not have stood in her way if she truly wanted to be with Jacob. But I do not believe that was ever possible because if there could have been imprinting between Bella and Edward – that was their attachment, deep and permanent. I too think of Jacob as immature, but I also think Bella was to some degree. She grew up a lot in this book especially after becoming a vampire too – like she suddenly grew up.

  15. Another comment, I do not understand those who do not like Breaking Dawn, it is my favorite, Bella becomes the person Edward always saw her as and she sees it too.

  16. Oh, man, Jacob comes up with the funniest chapter names.
    I love being in his head. I was always Team Edward, but I still love him.

    Anyway, to answer your question: Jacob couldn't have imprinted on Bella, because then he wouldn't be Jacob. They aren't each others' true other halves. It's not possible, because that's what Edward is.

  17. I really, really, really loved your comment. I completely agree with you in everything you said.

    “Can you fathom loving someone completly and with all of your heart yet knowing that there is someone else out there who you could love more and knowing you might never meet them? To Jacob, I'm sure this is overwhelming and seems impossible.”

    If only everyone could see just how difficult everything is for Jacob, no one would hate him. This “imprinting” thing and the love he has for Bella are tearing him appart. And, although he isn't as immature as everyone like to think, he's just 16. He doesn't know how to react to such big things yet, and he just sticks to what he knows is real. He sticks to his love for Bella, a love that was there even before he became a werewolf and his life changed to this confusing situation. He's kinda terrified of the unknown. Can you guys blame him?

    And, in addition to all this, he doesn't like to think that his life could get out of his hands just because he's a werewolf and can imprint on a girl. He wants to choose. He wants to be able to choose freely. And he chose Bella before he became a werewolf. His love for her is strong. He's completely and utterly in love with her. But, although she loves him, she doesn't love him enough. I'm sure even Jacob wonders what would have happened if he had imprinted on Bella. If he had imprinted on Bella, that would have meant they were meant to be together. They would have been soulmates. He knows she would have chosen him, because he would have been made for her. This love-hate situation with the “imprinting” thing is breaking him inside. And I don't think he understands what “imprinting” really means for the wolf. He thinks it takes away his will, and that's not true.

    There's a hella lot more depth to Jacob than you all think.

    Kaleb, I would love it if you read this comment. Just read it, no need to answer it. I just… I hate it when you bash Jacob like that. He doesn't deserve it. Yeah, he makes mistakes (a lot), but he's human, right? He's bound to make mistakes. Bella makes a lot of mistakes, and who hates her for that? Why can she make mistakes but Jacob can't? Even better: Why can Edward make mistakes but Jacob can't? And he's a vampire! His mind is so much better than a human mind! It's more difficult for him to be mistaken than it's for Jacob!

    Jake is impulsive, he sticks to what he believes is right. Is it that bad?

  18. Yeah, there's a MUCH longer chapter name coming, Kaleb, don't worry. Wizard of Oz…Ha ha ha!!!

    When I first read Breaking Dawn I screamed “NO!!!” When I saw the Jacob section…and how LONG it is, good grief!!! I put it down for hours before deciding to quickly peruse it to get back to the good stuff. It was extremely annoying to be in Jacob's head, hated it so much, but then I realized why. There is a very good reason why Stephenie did it this way, I am sorry to admit. I hate it seeing Jacob mope around like this, very annoying. Jacob Black….I want to La Push you off a cliff!!
    But it does get better, promise.
    And if Jacob had imprinted on Bella (heaven forbid!!) then it would have been two-way….that's how it works, she would be in it with him (shiver). Edward would have let her go without a doubt. But there is a reason why he does not imprint on her, okay, people? And, no, imprinting happens the first time you see the person or not at all. There is no delay. What was Jacob thinking? If he didn't imprint on Bella, he would on another girl. Would he have just kept Bella around for a while then say “Okay, Bella, sorry I imprinted. Guess this is goodbye…” Stupid jerk! He is delusional, the end.

    Oh, boy, Kaleb…the next chapter is SO SO SO depressing!! I cried for an hour because of the next chapter….be prepared!!!

  19. If Jacob had imprinted on Bella..I don't think much would have changed. I mean, it already seemed like he did since he is/was in love with her. I don't think Jacob is all that immature. I don't think Edward is completely perfect, either. I think I completely agree with Mattie. When someone imprints, it's a little bit stronger than love but love is respecting, caring, etc. for someone else except yourself. I love Edward but he says that he 'hates himself'..And I just personaly believe that you should love [as in respect] yourself before you love anyone else. Edward wants Bella to be happy but I bet he's devastated as much as Jacob. They both have their ups & downs. It takes a while for people to actually realize what's going on. And I bet you'll love Jacob at the end of this gorgeous book, Kaleb.

  20. BLAH! That version of Mr Brightside is horrid! They killed that song….The Killers might poke their eardrums out if the hear it. I was so distracted by it that I wasn't able to concentrate on what you wrote about the chapter.

  21. I don't think it would have changed. It just would have made things even more difficult–that last thing Bella needs. Edward would do anything for her (unless it involves hurting her), and his love is more real than an imprint, in a way. If a werewolf imprints, can he/she be honest? I'm not sure. Anyway, I just think the Edward-type of love would be better than an imprint.

    Honestly, I really enjoyed Jacob's section, though I wasn't happy to begin with. I got to know and like him much more. Besides, Bella could not have told the story: she'd only talk about her baby. Edward would have had panic attacks thinking about Bella's health and would have blamed himself the whole time . Jacob's the only one who could at least semi-logically tell the story.

  22. I agree that Bella would still have chosen Edward BUT I think it would have been easier for Jacob if he had imprinted on her. Imprinting makes the person be what the other needs so when Bella married Edward she wouldn't need a husband, but a friend. I think it would have been easier for Jacob just to be her friend. Just like Quil is like a brother to Claire, it would be a platonic friendship.

  23. I actually loved Jacob's chapters in Breaking Dawn. I especially loved his chapter titles. 😀 (But I am still entirely Team Edward.)

    Oh, and I felt good because I knew your obscure movie reference!

  24. Oh and as for your Jacob imprinting on Bella question: It would have had to have happened a long time ago (imprinting is a first sight thing, right?) because they knew each other way back when they were kids, right? Or maybe thats just the movie…………hmm. But so, they would have imprinted back then and she would have met Edward AFTER she already loved Jacob. So Edward wouldn't matter. (Ugh, that is a tough thing to say, “Edward wouldn't matter” even if its only a “what if” question)

  25. i know what you mean about jacob. i would like to “la push” him off a cliff! lol L:
    beckysue has a point, jacob would have known he imprinted and it would have happened when they met after he became a werewolf. (when he was little he couldnt imprint. i think)

  26. If Jacob had imprinted on Bella, it would have been the first time he saw her after he became a werewolf. When that happened, it would have so overwhelmed Bella (which it did to all the imprints), that she would have fallen totally in love with him. She would have still had feelings for Edward, like Sam did for Leah, but the imprinting would have overrode those feelings. It would have been hard for her, if she saw Edward again, because her feelings for him are so strong. But if she wouldn've imprinted, she wouldn't have gone cliff diving alone, wouldn't have almost drowned, and Edward wouldn't have tried to kill himself, so they would not have had their reunion.

    Edward probably would have returned to check on her, but if he saw her happy with Jacob, he would have tried his best to leave her alone. After all, he himself often feels Jacob is a better choice for Bella, because she wouldn't have to become a vampire or be in danger of vampires. Edward would have lived a horribly miserable “existence”, and would have most likely tried to die in someway, once Bella had lived her natural life.

    Basically, Jacob doesn't hate imprinting. He says he doesn't want to imprint, because he knows that it will make him change how he feels about Bella. What he is really angry about though, is that he really does want what his pack brothers have with their imprints and is afraid it's not going to happen for him and that he'll be miserable, without Bella, for the rest of his long life.

    Thank God this is not how it happened. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Jacob Black, and my heart aches for him, but because of the wonderfulness that is Stephenie Meyer, EVERYTHING is going to be great in the end. Bella and Edward are soulmates and MUST be together, I just hate that Jacob has to suffer so much. The only thing that helps me to stand it, is to know that he is going to eventually be happy too.

  27. If Jacob had imprinted on Bella, she would no longer love Edward and not marry him. He would not have fought for her because Edward would want her to be happy. Jacob and Bella would be meant for each other.

  28. I actually think that if Jacob HAD imprinted on Bella, she would have eventually fallen in love with him. Sort of like with Emily and Sam. When he first imprinted on her, she didn't really want anything to do with him, because he'd broken her cousins heart and blah, blah, blah. But then, eventually, she did fall in love with him- they were meant to be together. If Jacob had imprinted on Bella, she would have fallen in love with him. Total devotion isn't an easy thing to ignore! Hahaha! And Edward, in all his perfection, would have let her go, because that would be the good thing to do for Bella's sake.

  29. wel I don't think she would end up with Jacob if he had imprinted on Bella. A copple of times is told that the love Bella and Edward have is more powerfull then that of the imprinted and the imprintee. And Besides of that Edward let us see in new moon how devoted he is too Bella. He even try to let kill him by the Volturi when he thinks she death. How much devoted can you be. And there is a second reason why she could never trully be with Jacob and really be happy in live. But that you will understand if you read further. And I don't like to spoil.

    But when Jacob would have inprinted on Bella, it will be much more diffecult to choose for Bella that is true. And if Bella wanted Edward would let her go. Because he loves her more then his self. But he knows it will kill him in the end.

  30. i dont think the story would have changed. bella cannot live w/o Edward. we all have seen what happend to her when Edward left. it nearly killed her. as for Edward letting bella go..i think he would of. he always wants whats best for her in the first place. it would have killed him but he would have done it ….w/o fighting jacob. but its a good thing she didnt go for jacob!!!!

  31. *Cringes at all the anti-Jacob comments* Again, Team Edward, but still love Jacob.

  32. There are loger chapter names. xD~

    I think Bella would have ended up with Jacob if he had imprinted on her. I think the imprinting doesn't only affect the werewolves. It also affects the partner. Just look at Leah, Emily and Sam. In the end, Sam and Emily ended up together.

  33. To answer your question, I reallly don't think that anything would be different in Edward and Bella's relationship, because, whether Jacob loved Bella in an imprinted way or a normal way, Bella would still have the same feelings for Edward. It's kind of confusing, though, because imprinting means that you want what's the best for the object of your imprinting. As you found out from the example of Quil and Claire (Claire is my name! I'm three!), imprinting doesn't neccesarily constitute romantic love. So, there are really three options.

    1. Jacob continues to pursue Bella, but gives up and is happy to see her happy when it becomes clear that she has chosen Edward and will always choose Edward (at the wedding.)

    2. Jacob knows a lost cause when he sees it, but wants Bella to be happy. He wishes Bella luck, gives his blessing to her and Edward's marriage, and then goes and finds a way to kill himself that isn't hampered by his werewolf super- healing.

    3. Jacob has no romantic love for Bella from the start. He understands that she loves Edward as a boyfriend but she loves him as a best friend. He would never pursue Bella and he would be happy that she had found a soul mate in Edward. Because of Jacob's neuterality in Edward and Bella's relationship, Edward might actually be friendly with Jacob, although the could never be very close because of the vampire/ werewolf thing.

    On the whole, I think that option 3 is the best. Stephenie could not have Jacob imprint on Bella, though, for reasons you'll find out later.

  34. i think it's a good thing that jacob didn't imprint on bella, because Edward woul've died in depression and rejection and Bella would have died because her soulmate-trump would be dead and Jacob would die because Bella died for Edward… so yeah. everyone would die. bad news.

  35. if jacob had imprinted on bella than jacob would have left them alone because he knew that bella needs edward and is happy with them and when a person imprints on the other they'll be whatever you need and bella never needed him to be her boyfriend since she was happy with edward and thats the only thing the imprinter wants is for their imprintee to be happy

  36. Of course Bella wouldn't have married Edward, because if Jacob had imprinted on her, she would have “imprinted” on him too,because the imprintees would have been perfect for each other, and Edward would have been completely out of the picture.

  37. if jacob had imprinted on Bella he would have let her be with edward. there was a page on how when you imprinted on someone. that someone would be your world, and as i know it said in the book, something along the lines of….”you'd be whatever they needed you to be; a lover, a friend, etc. as long as they were happy, even if it meant going away” Kaleb, it will even be stated by edward later in the book….”what ever it does to make “the imprinted” happy.

  38. omg burgermeister!!!!! by far my most fav holiday movie ever! if Jacob was to imprint on bella I think that bella would end up going to Jacob but I don't think Edward would fight Jacob for bella because wasntthe whole ordeal in new moon about giving bella a human life? Edward loves her immensley and wants whateve makes her happy to play out in her life so I think he would let her go one with her life but I think he would be eternally depressed about it without bella know g
    her life but I think he would be eternally depressed about it

  39. wow lots of spelling errors! sorry kaleb my iPhone keyboard is very hard to type on

  40. I think you're going to understand Jacob a lot more after these next few chapters. I know some people hated Jacob' s book, but I LOVED it. I really liked seeing things from a different point of view. Being in Jacob's head was something new and interesting, and the chapter titles made me laugh every time. You'll see. 😀

    And as for the whole imprinting issue, if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, then he would have known it without question the moment he first saw her after becoming a werewolf. If you recall, this was in New Moon, when Bella goes to Jake's house to “rescue” him from Sam. Jake is terribly rude to her, telling her that they can't be friends anymore. He would not have been capable of that had he imprinted on her. At this point, there is no doubt whatsoever that he did not and will not imprint on her.

    That's one of the biggest reasons that I always felt that Bella belonged with Edward. Jacob didn't imprint on her, so there would always be the possibility that he could imprint on someone else and be forced to leave her. He would have no choice, just like Emily and Sam and Leah. If there were no monsters and no magic, Jacob and Bella would be meant for each other, but there are monsters and magic (at least in the world of Twilight :D), so Edward is there in the 21st century, more perfect for Bella than Jacob could be. At this point, we have to believe that a love like this will come to Jacob too.

    Happy reading, Kaleb!

  41. It's all a part of the DIVINE PLAN SMeyer so crappily devised. You have to keep reading.

    I won't be a spoiler, so, to answer the question.

    If Jacob imprinted on Bella, she would return the love. Imprints love back, that's just how it works apparently. And, Edward WOULD let her go, because he wants what's best for her, and deep down knows Jacob is the better option. He truly wants her to live a human life, grow old, and die.. Jacob can give that to her, Edward can't. So, if he imprinted on her, they would be together, simple as that.

  42. By the way, by 'divine plan' I mean that later on, Jacob's persistence with Bella will make sense if you pay attention. A lot of people don't catch the reason, but it's there, and makes plenty of sense, in an extremely stupid way.

  43. I have always wondered if a person can ever break from imprinting (when someone imprints on them). Could they fight it? Would they? Because when imprinting happens, they just get together, and the girl seems to not have a choice.
    I don't know if it will the same for Bella, but if it did, I still think things wouldn't change. Edward and Bella have such a strange and powerful attraction, I believe it defies even the famous imprinting. =P

  44. I not agree that the inprintee automatecally love the inprinter in the same way. stephany wrote if claire don't choose Quil as a romantic parner he will be in her live as a normal friend. But of the devotion an imprinter have for the imprintee should it be hard not to fall in love with him.

    But for Bella is it different. She have found her real love. That someone she can not live without. And for Edward it is the same.She can not simply changes her feelings for Edward. So she will always end up with Edward because their love have perminent changed them even more powerfull of that of an imprinter and imprintee.

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