A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 12 (Some People Just Don’t Grasp The Concept Of “Unwelcome”)

The song for this chapter is Better Than Me by Hinder [suggested by Krystol]


What a week this has been: the first for me of summer break, and a whirlwind nearly the entire time. After the glorious revelation of the first poster from the New Moon movie, I received a comment that went something like this:

OMG i screamed! i make out with my twilight poster every day and now i have new moon poster to kiss!!!!!

after which I considered dialing the nearest psychiatrist and recommending the commenter posthaste, though restrained myself in the hopes it was written in a fit of fangirl excitement. If I was Robert Pattinson, I think I would run for the nearest cave I could find — deep, deep in the deepest of woods.

Speaking of the woods, Jacob Black seems to be stuck in some woods of his own now. In the last chapter, he basically decided to strike out on his own in defiance of the pack, and as I expected, Seth tagged along with him. I’ve been wondering what Jacob’s actual plan is now, or if he even has a plan at all. I mean, now that he is basically defending the Cullens, is he willing to fight against his own people? That might be what it comes to, depending on how deeply committed he is to keeping Bella safe.

That is, of course, if there is anyone left in Sam’s pack for him to fight. Leah didn’t take too long debating whether to leave Sam behind. So far Jacob has managed to sway two werewolves to join him: and that is in spite of him telling both of them to hit the road. Frankly, Jacob would be a horrible army recruiter.

“No you’re not. Turn around before I rip out one of your hamstrings.”


Good job Jacob: that’s the perfect way to build up soldier morale.

Strangely enough, it seems to work. Sam’s army has been reduced by three already, which is definitely going to make him think a lot harder about his plans to attack the Cullens. As of now, he’s far outnumbered, and that’s with three werewolves and a hoard of angry vampires as opponents. With all their strength and brute force, I don’t think the werewolf pack can actually stand against what’s coming to them during that battle.

In this chapter and the previous, I’ve noticed that Jacob has extremely sharp senses. Almost unbelievably so. He is sitting on the porch of the Cullen’s house, far away from wherever Bella is, and he can actually hear the uneven beats of her heart? Those are some insane ears he has, or Bella has an unusually loud heart.

Like Jacob, I have very little biological knowledge, and long-time readers of my site will know the various bouts I have fought against my biology textbooks (though in fact, with my grades just posted this week, I found out I passed the class far better than I had expected — hooray!). So when Carlisle starts talking about chromosome-this and amniotic-fluid-that, I find myself yawning and getting distracted. I wonder though, since humans have 23 chromosome pairs, and werewolves have 24, and vampires have 25, if somewhere along the line this would become a good playground insult:


And pardon me whilst I clasp a firm hand over my mouth when they suggest having Bella drink blood. I don’t know about you, but this is not at all appealing (to those of you to whom this sounds appealing: GO. SHOO. BACK TO YOUR GRAVE). It is not that I am terrified of the sight of blood. But is Bella actually willing to drink it down? Is that even rational healthy? Strangely enough, Bella seems to have no qualms with the thought. Perhaps it has something to do with her being recently married to a vampire?

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: If you absolutely were forced to choose, would you rather LEAH or SETH in your wolf pack?


– I will be gone again this weekend and thus there will probably be no posts between Friday and Tuesday.

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174 Responses

  1. Seth, you never know what Leah might do if she gets angry and Seth is devoted 2 cullens

  2. Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth <3
    I am team Seth, so most defiantly Seth!

  3. There is no competition. I would choose Seth. I like Leah too. But Seth is just awesome! Some of the quote from the previous chapter just cracked me up while I was reading it. Gosh his funny!!

    Hahaha. I love your little picture thing with Jacob, Edward and the chromosomes. You know this brings up a story of my friend and I having this argument about chromosomes. He didnโ€™t believe that we have 23 pairs of chromosomes he though that we had 24 and I was arguing with him and telling him that we had 23. Then he found a book that said that humans had 24 pairs which I was totally shocked at. So when I went home โ€“ yes this was still bugging me the whole day. So when I went home, I searched it up and figured out that I was right. I have no idea why I just told you that story but yeah.

    Oh, I havenโ€™t been on your site as much, because Iโ€™ve been really busy. But it looks GREAT!!!! I love it! The layout is awesome!

  4. Haha I loved the whole “one more chromosome” than you. That's exactly why vampires pwn.

    “GO. SHOO. BACK TO YOUR GRAVE.” I cracked up! Yeah I get so sick at the sight/smell of blood (and I get chronic bloody noses…hurray) so this book isn't the best for that side of me lol. On re-reads I skim over gruesome parts. I just didn't get how Bella could drink it what with her aversion to blood. Also, how that would influence her vampirically (totally just made up that word) once she is changed. But you will learn all of this in due time =)

    Uh Seth! No question. I love that little furball.

  5. the “Go back to your grave” thing was really funny!!
    I am not sure who I would choose. Seth is such a wonderful little puppy, and according to Edward he has a very kind, pure mind or something like that. Leah seems very cool and also she's a girl so there's a plus, so I'm really a bit undesided. If I had to pick I'd say Seth cause he is so so so nice.

  6. I'd definately pick Seth! Leah is wayyyyyy to much like me so that wouldn't work!

  7. First, I'd keep Seth. I can't stand all Leah's negativity. Second, I can't believe you didn't see the whole blood thing coming. You're usually a bit sharper than that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. SETH!!!!!!…i think…i haven't read the Twilight Saga in a while, so ….I HAVE NO CLUE!!!!

  9. I was rushed when I made this comment, I also feel that Leah is
    misunderstood. But I think she could possibly show it in a way that
    was more pleasant for her fellow pack members.

  10. For my pack I would definitely want Seth. I love that kid. He is just plain AWESOME.

    I was kind of grossed out as well of Bella drinking blood, but it makes sense. I couldn't believe it took them long enough to figure out that that might be what Bella and the baby need. (I know I had it figured out as soon as Edward told Jacob that Bella can't eat anything.) But it doesn't really surprise me that Bella's all for it for one she has been ready to be a vampire herself for awhile and two she would do anything to make sure that baby's okay.

  11. I would definitely want Seth in my pack. He is my favorite wolf and is just AWESOME.

    I wasn't surprised that Bella would need to try to drink blood. (I couldn't believe it took them so long to figure that out. I thought Carilse being a doctor he would've before now. I did as soon as Edward told Jacob that Bella couldn't eat anything.) It is king of gross if you think about it but it makes sense to me. And I'm not surprised Bella's wiling to try it for one she's wanting to be a vampire herself and two she'll do anything for the baby.

  12. SORRY about the double post. It looked like for some reason it didn't post my 1st one! (stupid computer) My bad sorry

  13. Hmm.. this is hard. My first reaction was SETH, definitely but others have pointed out that they're similar to Leah with their sarcasm , as am I. ..But then I thought wouldn't it just be horrible if both members of the pack just sniped at eachother all the time?
    So I have decided on Seth because he's so happy, it would be like Yin and Yang and hey, if he annoys me , Jacob might not be wrong about the hamstring bit . . .
    Um, as for the drinking blood part and this is something very strange about me , I am more creeped out reading about it than actually seeing it. Does that make sense?. . . didn't think so . You see, my brother has busted his head open four times when we were growing up. The first time I thought he was dying, the second time I shouted for my parents and by the fourth time I was like “Meh, just leave him there.” (No, not really but I was a little exasperated) So I really did not like when Bella drank the blood (though I expected it ) I also hated that article where the pupils at some boarding school in Boston (I think) were exchanging blood :O (Ever heard of a little thing called Hepatitis B?!)
    Oh, and as for the “I make out with my poster every night” comment , I heard an interesting thing the other day about Fangirls. It went something like “The FBI could use a fangirl who had a crush on Bin Laden”
    ” GO. SHOO. BACK TO YOUR GRAVE” cracked me up, by the way. For such a dark part of Jacob's life,(Is Jacob's life ever totally bright?) your posts are very funny. I am a very “laughable” person anyway (that was my friend's number one word to describe me, not mine) and when I read these people are looking at me like “What is she doing?!”

  14. I was so preoccupied with blood and Seth and Yin and Yang and all the other strange things in my last comment that i forgot to congratulate you with your Bran Hambric stuff. I think it's great that it's finally almost in shops because you were writing it for so long.. for this. So good luck with everything ๐Ÿ˜€
    And I am not an MCR fan but i really cannot stop singing their song “Blood” now and it's not the most pleasant song. People are looking at me again . . .

  15. Exactly what I was going to say. lol Kaleb, go back to chapter one of Jacob's part. His sharp senses are explained there.

    By the way, I would choose Seth. He's really sweet and caring, and he can fight! He killed a newborn in Eclipse, didn't he? And he doesn't let his prejudices toward the vampires rule his life. He likes the Cullens. And he absolutely adores Jacob! That's a plus for me.

    I think I'm the only one, but I don't like Leah that much. Don't know why. I do like her, just… Nevermind, I can't explain this one. lol

  16. Seth, I dont like negative people, they get on my nerves, not that I dont like Leah, Im going to writing a fan fic about her, and I really do get where shes coming from, its just I dont really need someone complaining in my head all the time when I get enough of people doing that outside my head.
    ๐Ÿ˜€ melissaturkey

  17. I would chooose Leah to be in my pack. She has gone through a lot being in Sam's pack. It is probaly hurting her even more seeing Sam every day let alone sharing all of her thoughts with him. Leah thinks things more cleary and she is a good fighter.

  18. Seth has a very open mind, and loves people despite their differences, so I would have to say Seth.

  19. Seth rocks!!
    he is the one!!
    I want to recommend a song for the chapter 36: Bloodlust, the song? Take a bow – Muse
    it fits perfectly!!

  20. SETH CLEARWATER ALL THE WAY!!!!! Although I do find Leah really fascinating, I just love Seth sooo much. He seemed to be one of the characters who really shined in this book. Definitely Seth.

  21. oh my god! do you watch SuperNews too?? i LOVE that show. and everything on current tv.
    sorry, i totally freaked out when i clicked on the link XDD

  22. Definately Seth. He is so positive and loyal and energetic. I can see why Jacob might get a little annoyed at him for being so perky when jacob is going through a hard time, but i certainly wouldn't mind having Seth around. He's one of my absolute favorite pack members.

    As for the blood thing, that really didnt weird me out when i read it. I guess that is because i was into the vampire genre long before i read twilight, so reading about that kind of thing wasnt new. In most series, the humans end up drinking blood at some point because that is how they turn into a vampire– by drinking from a vampire. Anyway, i thought it was simply logical that bella would have to consume some blood, seeing as she had a half-vampire living inside her.

  23. Kaleb, is this your first time reading BD? I'm reading it now for the second time and glad to have a virtual partner. Bella is finally tolerable in this one! And I like the JPOV.

    I'm not sure ingesting blood makes sense, but WDIK. It's fiction, just go with it.

    Seth is funny. Leah is a downer. Need I say more.


  24. If you think that part is gross, you shouldn't eat or drink while reading that book for a little while!
    I would so choose Seth because he is kind, caring and funny. But Leah only thinks about rude cold hearted things! (Sorry if there are some Leah lovers out there)

  25. Omg! I totally forgot to say that I agree with 'F'
    (Btw she/he said 'I would rather have Seth since Leah is a crazy bitch..'
    hehe. I fully agree with that)

  26. Leah. Definitely Leah. Not that I don't love Seth, but she's totally my favorite character.

  27. I'd definitely pick Seth. He's packed with way more awesomeness. And by the way, you have a grammar error. Horde means large group of people. Hoard means to store away or something that was stored away, usually food. Is Jacob hoarding away the vampires for tomorrow's breakfast?

  28. WELL….
    I would like Seth to be in my wolf pack Beacuse he's loyal and a Good Friend And he is REALLY Strong
    and thats my Brothers name soo yep Plus Leah's A Complete Betch.

  29. thanks for the update!!! but god ur sooo annoying though. not to be mean just get to the piont and stup up!!!

  30. I loved the chromosome part!! I thought it was really interesting.

    I would definitely choose Seth. I have nothing against Leah, but she can be really depressing. Imagine having to share her thoughts! Ouch.

  31. I personally would choose Seth he seems like the kind of person and shapeshifter that I would get along with, while Leah would just drive me insane.

  32. Seth No Doubt, but it wouldn't have been a quick choice I would have to think it over.

  33. I would choose Leah.
    I think she secretly likes Jacob.
    I think she is getting used to it and actually wants to help Bella and Jacob.
    It doesn't seem that Stephenie actually finished the series.. You don' t know what happens between Jacob and Leah.

  34. Leah, she's closer to me in personality and I'd rather have her by my side in a fight

  35. I don't think i could choose!
    Seth: I would choose him if I was going to be in my wolf form alot and liked to talk to someone
    Leah:I would choose her because she wouldn't be bugging me all the time since she wouldn't be in her wolf form all the time.
    They both have their ups and downs. Seth can get kind of annoying and Leah can just be a bugger ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Seth! He is the best werewolf to have in your pack ever!!!!!!! Who cares if he gets annoying or immature or whatever at least he is better than his sister…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I would totally have Seth in my pack!!! Not only is he friends with vampires, he's such a sweetheart and he's soo kind and loyal! He has such a pure soul!!! To me, I just think Leah's way too harsh!

  38. hey this has nothing to do wiv th seth leah thing but it is twilight related and i didnt kno where else to write it :S
    i joined this group on Facebook called 'you wouldnt undertsand its a twilight thing' and one of the discussion boards was called things Emmet Cullen shouldnt do. It was the funniest thing i have ever read in my entire life i was crying with laughter lol ive pasted the link 4 it below cos im sure every twilight fan especially Emmet fans will want to read it. Its HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! i urge everyone 2 read it NOW!!!


  39. Love that pic – chromosomes – that is so funny.

    I would pick Seth, he is loyal, trustworthy and friendly.

  40. I actually love the character of Leah… reminds me of Eponine from Les Miserables. She may do some strange or even slightly evil things, but we can empathize with her heartache. However…. I would much rather have Seth around!!

    As for Bella's drinking blood, I thought it seemed like such an obvious answer! I was surprised Carlisle didn't figure that out earlier. I sure did. It made sense to me that she would be able to drink it… it's what the baby needs. If given the choice either drink blood or potentially malnourish my baby who would then in turn eat me from the inside… I'd drink the blood. And I don't even eat meat.

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