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Has The Robert Pattinson Craze Gone Too Far?

For all of you who were wondering why Robert Pattinson closes his Myspaces, has no Twitter or Facebook, and covers his face and runs when even well-intentioned fans try to ask for an autograph:

There is now so much fear for his safety that the studio executives have recently increased the number of bodyguards surrounding Rob. Because of these fangirl encounters on the Remember Me set, they have established a “No Contact Zone” against all fans of Robert Pattinson.

For the past uncountable months, I have received rude emails from so-called Robert Pattinson fans demanding I give them his phone number/address/myspace/etc — when nowhere on my website does it say I am the all-knowing guru of Rpattz secrets. The craziness is so bad that the rudeness is spilling over into my inbox. Not only that, but the poor guy is literally being attacked and assaulted almost every time he walks down the street. When does it get to be too much?

It’s all fun while people are chasing the celebs down, but now there is real fear for Rob’s life. Any one of those girls who were jumping at him and grabbing his neck could have been a psychopath with a knife — and there was so much frenzy going on, he would be dead before anyone could even react. Because of the crazies, even the good fans have to suffer, unfortunately. So for those of you who have been emailing me angrily about how “Rob doesn’t love his fans” because he won’t talk to you or give you his phone number, it would do you much good to keep this in mind.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Do you think the Robert Pattinson craze has gone too far, or do you think it is all ‘part of his job’ to deal with it?



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  1. Honestly? I thought that it was insane before but that was kind of… you know – bearable. But now it is like a complete nuthouse. And that still is an understatement.

    I am not really a huge fan but I do feel sorry for the poor guy. It must be like a hell to him

  2. Everyone needs to give the guy some space. I cant imagine what his life must be like but no-one deserves to be treated the way he has/is being treated. Just because he is an actor doesnt mean he shouldnt deserve the same respect and privacy that any other indiviual does. Its a job not a life sentence…..

  3. I AM a HUGE Robert fan myself. But not out to stalk the poor guy. I am appalled. Yes the good fans must suffer the bad creepy reputation as well. It's pathetic how far people go. He's a human being who does NOT have to give out his personal information. Just like you do NOT have to give out your personal information via the internet if you feel it's a danger to your personal safety. Since when is it that celebrities HAVE to follow different rules and must have some form of contact with their fans at all times. They do NOT. It really ticks me off when someone says well they chose this career. It's part of the job. They are basically saying they deserve stalkers. Which is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. I do not believe that he doesn't appreciate my love of his work or me being a fan of what he does just because he doesn't give me his cell phone number. If he doesn't want to talk to you in a certain manner it does NOT mean he disrespects fans. He just can't talk to every single fan. It's simple as that. You won't always meet her favorite actor or singer and you won't always get to talk to them. It is a part of life. If he could talk and meet every single one of the fans I am sure he would. But the job requires a busy schedule and not enough time to thank every single fan personally. It's a shame that some go too far and feel they can attack him or send hate mail because he is trying to avoid a mob. There is no law that states that if you're a fan of someone you must be psycho.

  4. I think the crazy fans have gone way to far. I feel bad for Rob, I mean what kind of life is that if he can't go anywhere without fearing he may get hurt or worse. He was clearly not enjoying being mobbed by those girls, who would. They should just leave the poor guy alone.

  5. God.
    Poor Poor guy.
    I have to say that it is part of the business sadly. Once you become famous your fan will follow. Literally.
    I personally think its wrong the fans really need to tone it down. I mean if I was there I would stay away from the mob scared of being marked as rude and impolite. I just could not do what they did.

  6. I totally agree with this, its crazy, and I feel sorry for him, as much as I love him myself! If I were he I would definately be yelling at them all to leave him alone! True fans admire from afar with respect.

  7. Wow I geuss this is really the down site of being really Famous. I really don't understand why girls would attack someone who they think they like. If you like someone you don;t want to hurt him or her physical or mentally. Don't they think of the concequenses for going to far? 1. he gets more security that mean that normal fans aren't getting any change for taking pictures and autographs. 2 How can he work if he is afraid all the time. So in the end, he stops as an actor or he go crazy, or even worse kill him self.

    well I hope it will calm down a bit for him.

  8. Way to far!!!!!! I mean, come on! Get a life! Don't be upset because Rob, the poor guy, doesn't want to make out with EVERY SINGLE FAN HE HAS! It's ridiculous how these girls are acting! Would you act that crazy about a guy you merely liked at school? No! I don't know if you've noticed, but the only thing most girls like about him is that either a) he plays a vampire IN A MOVIE or b) they think he's cute. I, personally, don't think he is ridiculously cute. He is average. He is normal. And that's just as well, because he is an average and normal guy! The sad thing is, some people think someone is cute even if they aren't when something huge happens to them, and some people who actually are cute aren't thought to be until something happens to them! I know from experience. I personally feel sorry for Rob, and if I met him, I would either smile at him and then act like I hadn't seen anything, or if I had an opportunity to talk to him, I would apologize. I think simply ignoring him would be the greatest gift of all. For someone to treat him like he actually is: NORMAL. Please, stop harassing him. LEAVE ROBERT ALONE! *starts crying* lol

  9. Those “fans” that assaulted him on the street most definitely went too far. And it seems he had always been very gracious when it came to his fans (taking pics, signing autographs…). Just because he is an actor does not give anyone the right to touch him let alone ambush and strangle him in broad daylight! There was a pic of the 4 of them (including the one that strangled him) – all looking very proud – yeah, thanks for initiating the “no contact zone”. Stupid psychos ruined it for the real fans, ya know the ones that would respect his space and never attack him.

  10. They took it WAY too far. He's a human being and NOT a tourist attraction. Right now he is THE most wanted celeb in hollywood so it's natural to have fans but his fans are the CRAZIEST. I kinda feel bad for the poor guy, he got himself into the situation when he auditioned for the first Twilight film, and now he has a full package of crazed loonies, stalkers, squealing pre-teen fangirls, and of course, papparazzi. I've seen other celebrities out in broad daylight WITHOUT a crew of bodyguards making a human sheild, and they survive. his life is kinda sad.

  11. Being a fan is one thing, physically attacking the object of your desire/obsession is another. If this were a female celebrity there would have been no hesitation in charges of assault being made against the attackers. No actor or actress deserves to be molested just because they desired to share their creative talent with the rest of the world.

    This idea of fan entitlement, lack of common human decency and double standards makes me want to puke.

  12. Considering everything I really wanted to say has pretty much already been said, I suppose I don't really need to make a post but I want to anyway. 🙂 Mostly because it seems I feel as strongly as the rest of you do.

    The fact is, being a star of a movie series that is as big of a hit as the Twilight saga is going to bring on crowds of crazed fans. It is indeed what comes with the job. You can't have the job Rob has and not have excited fans. Excited. NOT over-the-top, mob him style.

    Simply because fans come with job does not mean it's ok for fans to get out of control. They start seeing celebrities as objects and not actual people. (Or see Rob as Edward, instead of an actual human being.) Not too many people would like it if they couldn't go anywhere without crowds of crazed fans following, trying to grab at them all the time or jumping on them. That is just not okay. Yes, fans following you trying to get pictures, or whatever, comes with the job. Crazed fans to the point that you can't go anywhere without bodyguards because a “fan” might jump on you, or because there is fear if injury or worse? That is above and beyond. If you ask me, the real fans would give him his space. Real fans would not be putting him in danger, or making him and his not bodyguards think he's in danger. Putting it simply, real fans would not be instilling fear in the person they are fans of.

    And that goes right in to him “not loving his fans.” That is ridiculous. I mean, who would love the people that mob you every time you see the light of day? Why on earth would he give his contact information to those people? No person has to give that information if they don't want to, and being well known doesn't mean you've lost the right to that kind of privacy. And on top of that, with all the fans he has, even if he did allow that information public, he'd never be able to keep up with it (after all, he's not in fact a vampire, as these “fans” see him…) and most of the fans would still be saying the same kinds of things. He would then not love his fans because he didn't reply to every letter, or something silly like that. There is no pleasing everyone and the fact is these “fans” would just find something else to complain about.

    I mean, I'm not a really big fan of Rob but I do like him, and have ever since he was Cedric in Harry Potter. And I would be lying if I said I wouldn't try to get a picture if I happened to see him. But that's it for me. Would I chase him? Would I try to touch him? No. Get a picture with him? That would be cool, if he was willing and could at the time. But I imagine he's got better things to do than take pictures with people he doesn't know while he's walking down the street. That's the kind of thing that should be saved for premieres or events like that. But still keeping the madness out of it. Keep things within reason. He's a celebrity, that does not mean he's lost rights as a human to be able to do simple things like, oh, I don't know… walk down the street without being mobbed. I'm not saying fans shouldn't get excited about seeing him. Of course they will. That's ok. Who wouldn't get excited over seeing their favorite celebrity?! But when it turns to this situation where you have to have bodyguards all the time because you might be trampled, it's just excessive.

  13. 0.0

    Poor guy! People, you should eb ashamed of yourselves! My God! I miss when the book world was quiet. Seriously though guys. he's a human being gifted with the skill of acting, that's all! That skin your touching and freaking out about? is just skin. No this is not part of the industry or his job. I don't think a rational Twilight fan explained to the guy what taking this role would mean!

    You poeple (not a general all Twilight fans, just the nuts ones), need to calm down and let the guy get his job done. Let me put it in terms you can understand, let him rest and relax so he can be a better Edward. Don't be proud of yourselves, be disgusted… I am…

  14. i think it has definitely gone wayyy too far. the poor guy cant even have a relatively normal life, some of these fans are completely crazy and need to respect his personal space more.

  15. it's just crazy Oo they are totally freaking out. seems to be a part of the business.

  16. Yes it has gone way to far it making us look like were the crazy but some of us don't agree of how the fans reacted in NY I give props to the fans in Vancouver though

  17. yes this is just plain crazy
    i mean ya we all love and prob want to meet him but hey
    his a human being
    let him be
    cuz we could loose him in a blink of an eye…….
    poor rob

  18. I like Robert Pattinson and all but this has got WAY out of hand. I would be in fear of my life too if I were him! He isn't immortal like the role he plays in Twilight ^^. He's human and can't take so much of the fan harrasment. Poor Rob…

  19. I love Robert Pattinson and he seems like a very nice guy, but invading his privacy and endangering his life is just going too far. It's just crazy. All the insane fan girls that have no respect just make all the sane fans look bad. It's pretty sad. It would be nice if they just treated him like a normal person. Because, after all, that's what he is.
    It'd be great if they just left him alone.

  20. I think the craze has gone way too far, way too far. It's such a shame that he can't even walk down the street without being mobbed by girls. I myself am a Robert Pattinson fan but I wouldn't go chasing him around for his number or autograph.
    Why can't some people just get it into their head that he is a human being!!
    Also some people can't grasp that he is NOT Edward Cullen in real life, they just like to live in a fantasy world where they think he is!
    Plus he ain't indestructible like Edward either we could lose him like that!
    I wish people would just leave the poor man alone!

  21. I heard about this on the radio. I didnt even hear the beginning, I didnt hear anyone mention the name robert pattinson, but I knew who was mobbed and who they were talking about how insane it was getting, all the attention he's getting, even when they got done talking about it I knew who it was and they still hadnt repeated who it was but I knew.

    How? because I thought it was becoming way too insane a long time ago, I dont know about you but I cant believe any of the actors especially Rob and Kristin can say “oh they're all really sweet and awesome” and mean it when stuff like this happens. It has to be a line because I know I've felt embarrassed to be a twilighter since way before this happened. It doesnt change how I feel abotu the books or stephenie or the movie or the actors that portray or beloved characters but when I think about how rabit and mean we can get on online discussions and how crazy everyone is in a group? yeah Im ashamed.

    I have no part in most of the craziness (well I might have gotton into a heated debate or two online) but I still feel as a whole disapointed. Ive never been to a book signing, a prom or a premiere and besides the movie and the books I own none of the merchandise.

    On average I'd say alot of twilight fans are like me, they get majorly excited for the next book or the next movie but dont get involved in any crazy screaming and picture taking and stalking of the actors but by the ones that do? We're being misrepresented. and if I were an actor I would hate the fans as a whole so much I consider quiting the project to get away from all the hype.

    I loved when they decided to make twilight into a movie but now that its become such a “pop culture phenominon?” and its become some huge franchised machine? I wonder if it shouldnt have just stayed a great little series I shared with my friends in the very beginning.

    I feel bad for rob. I feel bad for the rest of the cast because now no matter what in every interview and everything they do there will always be the mention of twilight, even when they're doing and promoting their other movies.
    I feel bad that the crazy few are giving twilighters a bad name.


  22. They make the rest of us look psychotic! I'm scared he's just going to up and quit pretty soon, even if it is after twilight is done. CHILL OUT!
    and another thing : those bodyguards were not doing such a great job. I mean how can 4 guys not be able to keep girls from hanging onto Rob's neck?! I pray for his safety 😀

  23. It has gone WAY too far. This is ridiculous! These girls have things WAY out of perspective, do they not see the impact this is having on Rob's life and do they stop to think about how they would feel if they were in his shoes? Yeah, he plays Edwards the “heartthrob” in the Twilight Saga, but HE'S NOT EDWARD. He is ROBERT PATTISON. An actor, The only difference between a normal person and him is that everyone knows him from on screen, and he gets payed more. It's be like going up to Obama or Donald Trump and having hysterical fits (except for that they're not young and handsome eligible bachelors).

  24. Hasn't anyone heard of the personal bubble? If I were Rob, I'd twitch anytime someone was within a foot radius with how the fan girls attack him! The poor thing, he looks like he just needs space to breathe. He looks so miserable. I can tell he enjoys having fans but when they attack him?! That's just way to hard on a young man like him! He needs his space. Most 23-year-olds are savoring freedom and space but instead he's being passed around like a puppy in front of rambunctous kindergarteners. Fans, have some respect and class. It's one thing to be a fan and enjoy his acting, but it's a complete other entirety when you're suffocating and disrespecting him. If you're a true fan, you won't disturb or attack someone you idolize if that's the case. Instead, if you truly 'idolize' a celebrity, you will give them their space and let them be. If they are not being swamped, you may approach them politely. I'm certain Rob would be willing to spend time to say hello if you were more polite and did not leap on him like an animal. I've seen Jennifer Hudson(Singer/Actress) and Mike Alstott (Bucs Football Player) in public locations before and I have simply continued about my buisness out of respect and decency. I'm a fan of both but I do not attack them or leap on them like a rabid raccoon. Instead, I leave them be and simply admire from afar. It's nice to see them in public. But overwhelming them only makes them dislike you or find fans to be atrocious rather than adore them. Anyone notice how kind Rob was to fans before they started leaping on him? We want the sweeter, less frightend Rob back and the only way to do that is to simply give him his breathing room.

    That was a long enough rant…Thanks for making fans aware of their pathetic and cruel actions, Kaleb. I'm glad to see that there are sane fans that agree with me 🙂

  25. Now that was really hard to watch. What in the world are these girls on? Just chill out! Yes, he is awsome…but give him some space and breathing room! They've already gone over the edge…now it's just plain stupid. There is a fine line between being a big fan and being obbessive.I feel bad for Taylor when the New Moon movie comes out. You and I both know THAT is going to happen to Taylor because he is the main man in the second movie.

    To all those crazy girls: Be a Twilighter…not a Stalker!

  26. Sitting here watching that video makes me feel really bad for him. Yes, he is gorgeous, yes I would love to meet him, no I would (could) never act like those girls. That is scary and it's wrong. Somebody should have taught those girls the common deciency that you don't attack someone on the street like that! Seriously. I feel really bad for him having to deal with that, and I think there should be some kind of consequences for people that act like that.

  27. I completely agree. I live in Vancouver, where all the Twilight movies are filming now, and if I ever happened to see Rob (or any of the other cast, for that matter) I would most definitely not attack them. Do these girls realize that jumping on a person really just makes them frightened of you? That would be why he's being rude to everyone now, since he's scared that if he's nice, they'll attack! If I were the poor boy, I'd be terrified. I do feel sorry for him, but the fans do come with fame…some of his fans just go too far, and ruin it for all of us.

  28. The whole celeb thing has gone too far – it is not part of his job. His job is to entertain people by making good movies and doing the necessary promo's. Everyone else in the world gets to knock off at some point everyday and just be themselves. This apparently isn't supposed to occur for actors, musicians or people being famous for being famous. If the above is supposed to be part of their job, when do they actually get to knock off? If everytime they show their face in public they're expected to put up with the above? It's not right, but unfortunately we all contribute to it in some way – even by just being interested in watching the video.

  29. I love Robert Pattinson, but the craze has DEFINITELY gone too far! He shouldn't be afraid for his safety, afraid to leave the house, etc. Honestly, I've been toying with the idea, that if I ever do see him, of simply doing nothing. He said, a long time ago, in an interview that that's what he'd want fans to do. It'd be difficult, but because I respect as an actor and as a person, I'd do it.

  30. Jeez you'd think he was Jesus in the flesh the way those girls carried on. Yes it is part of the job BUT…there is such a thing as going over-board and they have! Give the guy a break, he's just a kid. Well, a kid to me as I'm 43 yrs old, but that is irrelevant. I liked Twilight, I've read all the books and I also look forward to New Moon.

    I appreciate actors for what they do for a living and that they entertain me on the big screen for a couple of hours. Bottom line, Robert Pattinson is just a human being just like the rest of us. I enjoy watching movies and appreciate his talent, beyond that, he deserves to live a normal life and have privacy just like the rest of us. I bet, some days he almost regrets getting involved with Twilight. I know I would. Sure it is great to be involved with a successful franchise, however, is the cost too great?

    He seems like a pretty timid guy and this type of thing is likely very hard on him. Give him a break, take a little step back and recognize that he's a human being just like the rest of us. One that has an interesting job. He deserves peace in his life. Don't we all?

  31. Obviously crazed fans are a part of the job and something any celeb has to deal with it. However, once the celeb has to fear for his/her life just walking down a street it has gone WAY too far. I would love to meet Rob, but I would never do something like that. The fangirls need to give him room to breathe and not try to maul him.

  32. I think this has gone WAY too far! He's just a person like you and me. He isn't the fictonal character. And quite honestly (nothing against the guy) he's very rude. I really think all these obsessed fans need to get a life, find another series, or SOMETHING!

  33. I am 100% in agreement with you Kaleb. The fan girls that follow Rob around need to calm themselves down anymore because if they don't they may just scare him off. The poor guy cannot even walk out the front door without worrying that a chunk of his hair will be ripped out by some crazed freak screaming his name down the street.
    Its ridiculous how all the sudden Rob had to deal with ten times more fandom than any actor just because these girls are too persistant. I say this next statement because I think thats it true (and in no way am I dogging rob or twilight): A TRUE TWILIGHTER RESPECTS NOT ONLY THE AUTHOR BUT THE ACTORS THAT PLAY IN THE MOVIES THAT FOLLOW!
    Respecting means that you don't jump on him screaming like a wild banshi (sp?) and snap pictures of yourself as you push yourself into the poor guy. RESPECT THE SPACE!
    I hate it that he this poor guy has to fear for his life. REALLY GIRLS? If you truly love Rob Pattz then you wouldln't treat him like that.

    ANyway now that my rant is over….my final answer agrees with KAleb IT HAS TO STOP!

  34. Gosh. I understand that it's part of the job, but fans need to calm down a bit. You wouldn't want someone doing that you. If I were him, I'd be upset at someone trying to grab me that way. Asking for autographs is fine and pictures but grabbing and trying to literally jump on him is way too far.

  35. This is just wrong…it's getting to a point where I hate being a twilight fan because of this kind of crap. It really makes me sick that people can't just leave Mr. Pattinson alone. I can understand it if people were excited to see him at fan events like premieres but walking down the street shouldn't have to involve 5 security guards! He needs his privacy! And as to your thing about rude emails demanding his email and what not is crazy, some people are just dumb, if they cant realize that you are not the type of person to just hand that information out whether you had it or not then they aren't very bright. He's not Edward Cullen and I can understand maybe 10 year olds not understanding that but these people are obviously older and should be more mature than the way they are acting, no one has the right to jump on someone like that, I wouldn't let my best friend do something like that to me let alone a complete stranger. It's clearly affecting his life in a big way and my heart goes out to him, it really does, because he shouldn't be treated this way.

  36. My first thought when I read the title of this was “Ya think???” I think it sums up my opinion on the matter

    Poor guy…

  37. I feel so bad about poor Rob! l think fangirls need to take a step back and let the poor guy have some privacy… and stop trying to tackle him!

    p.s. Happy Birthday, Bran! 😀

  38. It is way too much and over the top…..let the poor boy have some privacy and peace… It is ridiculous that popular actors/actress' fear for their lives to walk 50 feet from their car to a venue, can't be seen in public, and virtually have to become a recluse in order to keep themselves safe….jumping at or on another person is extremely dangerous, invading their space is not acceptable regardless of who they are, your best friend, your spouse, a stranger walking down the street…..Wasn't anyone paying attention when Princess Diana lost her life being chased by the paparazzi because they wanted pictures and a “scoop”? When will enough be enough? When another talented young person loses a life or becomes disabled or disfigured because a fan is so crazed to get a picture? Kaleb, I agree, those rude fans should just grow up and get a grip on themselves….and they are saying Rob is rude? If they treat him like that, they deserve it!

  39. you are so effin right!!

    Rob, dude, if your reading this, I suggest you take some self-defense classes. It might help, even though you shouldn't have to go through this. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. You shouldn't always depend on your bodyguards (I'm not insulting them, I'm just saying, they aren't ALWAYS gonna be there.)

    soo yeah……It's not your fault, dude. It's those physos that are to blame. I don't know if you want a pity party, but I really wish you wouldn't have to go through this……

  40. I feel really sorry for him! I mean I would never want that many people around me, and it would completely freak me out! Plus those girls kinda give other Robert Pattinson fans a bad name! I'm a big fan of his, but I wouldn't stock him like that at all! I bet a lot of other fans are thinking the same thing.

  41. So my first thought on this is how much Rob's next GIRLFRIEND'S life would be in danger. If those girls are doing that then there are some pretty disturbed fans out there. Celebrities and their loved ones have been stalked over a LOT less.

    I joke with my best friend about “my boyfriend” but I really don't think I could handle that! The girl would probably receive death threats and have to have body guards even when she isn't with him!

  42. There is “normal” fan craziness and there is “abnormal” fan craziness. Poor Rob has gotten to the
    “abnormal” stage.

    The way the fans act with all the rest of the cast is crazy, but normal. We just love them and the characters they play, and what to see them and would love an autograph, etc, etc.

    We would NEVER do anything to hurt them, either physically, mentally or emotionally. We do stress them out sometimes, but that is part of being an actor.

    However, this thing with Rob is getting scary. He is being mobbed like he was a Beatle in the 60's or Michael Jackson in the eighties or something. He has done nothing to encourage this behavior.
    In fact, he has tried to discourage it, because it makes him feel uncomfortable, and as he has said before; it SCARES him! If we are not careful, he is going to go into hiding completely and give up on the Saga.

    We, as fans, need to take responsibility and tell these literally crazy people to STOP!
    We do NOT want you ruining the actors of our beloved Saga's lives! Lay off of Rob, and give him some peace!

    And that includes the paparazzi! There is a time and place for you to do your job, and it is not at all hours of the morning and making up things you KNOW are not true, but out and out lies.

    People, give them a break. They are people, too. Just 'cause they are famous does not mean that we have the right to totally take over there lives. We dont. Period.

  43. That's completely ridiculous. Makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to think that people feel they have the right to do this.

  44. I'd have to say it is part of the job…crazy fans come with the territory when you're co-starring in a film based on a book that millions of people love. But I do think they've gotten WAY out of hand. Give the guy a chance to have a semi-normal life, for crying out loud! Sheesh. If the craziness doesn't calm down, I think he'll become a total recluse because it's too much stress and craziness just trying to go out his front door.

  45. uhh yeah i would say this is a little nuts. like seriously? people come awn!
    i freakin love rob but i wouldnt be like jumpin on him and stuff…. when ur a fan u shouldnt be doing that crap, ur gunna scare rob and he will prolly hid in his closet and never do a twilight movie again.
    i seriously can see this happenin.. maybe not him hidin in the closet but i can see him stoppin the twilight movies, or maybe even movies in general.
    when ur a fan u should admire them from afar. maybe if people get this through their heads he will be nice again!
    and i hope he doesnt think all twilight fans are like that cuz im def. not.

  46. That is way too crazy…. I feel so sorry for Rob! To think that just over a year ago everyone hated him becuase he was playing Edward, now everyone is obsessed. Its way too crazy for me to handle. I was at a Twilight Prom earlier this year where Kellen Lutz and Edi Gathegi turned up, and they were mobbed. My friends and i got so sick of the scremining we walked outside… I mean its great to meet them and we were so excited, but they are only people and they arnt going to remember you and no they arnt going to marry you, and yes they are going to think your totally out of your friggin mind if you chase them down the street.
    And can we please remember that wasnt it John Lennon who was shot by a crazed fan – leave them alone or they may up dead then who the hell is going to play Edward in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, geez!
    And Amanda Beth is definately right, i hope Robs next girlfriend doesnt get stabbed or shot by some crazy twihard!

  47. Ok, he's a famous actor and everything and EVERY girl out there wants to touch him, speak to him or at least have an autograph.
    I'm not the type that follows celebs or asks for autographs, just not my style. I always keep in mind that they are PEOPLE just like I am.
    Crazy fans are making him be afraid and not being able to go out and walk down the street! It must be really awful. Not to mention that he's got no privacy, as there are thousands of bogs and sited that only talk about him and go out and take a million pictures of him…poor guy.
    And yes, I do think it has gone WAY too far.


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