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Has The Robert Pattinson Craze Gone Too Far?

For all of you who were wondering why Robert Pattinson closes his Myspaces, has no Twitter or Facebook, and covers his face and runs when even well-intentioned fans try to ask for an autograph:

There is now so much fear for his safety that the studio executives have recently increased the number of bodyguards surrounding Rob. Because of these fangirl encounters on the Remember Me set, they have established a “No Contact Zone” against all fans of Robert Pattinson.

For the past uncountable months, I have received rude emails from so-called Robert Pattinson fans demanding I give them his phone number/address/myspace/etc — when nowhere on my website does it say I am the all-knowing guru of Rpattz secrets. The craziness is so bad that the rudeness is spilling over into my inbox. Not only that, but the poor guy is literally being attacked and assaulted almost every time he walks down the street. When does it get to be too much?

It’s all fun while people are chasing the celebs down, but now there is real fear for Rob’s life. Any one of those girls who were jumping at him and grabbing his neck could have been a psychopath with a knife — and there was so much frenzy going on, he would be dead before anyone could even react. Because of the crazies, even the good fans have to suffer, unfortunately. So for those of you who have been emailing me angrily about how “Rob doesn’t love his fans” because he won’t talk to you or give you his phone number, it would do you much good to keep this in mind.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Do you think the Robert Pattinson craze has gone too far, or do you think it is all ‘part of his job’ to deal with it?



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  1. yess i deff agree with Sara. it is a part of the job, but it has been taken to another level. its almost getting ridiculous. yes, he's a celebrity and its cool to see one, but i think it HAS gone too far.

  2. It is all just too much. I mean seriously this is like some Nsync….BSB…boy band type craze over him. Yes he's hot and all that but it is seriously not that deep. People need to chill out and realise that he is a normal person just like us, and put themselves in his shoes and see how they would feel if that happened to them. Poor guy.

  3. Way too far!! I do not really understand it anyway, after all HE is NOT Edward, he only pretends to be on film!! He is totally different in his own personal life ( I mean Edward would not use the language Rob does and neither would Bella) and he deserves to be left to live in safety – as we all do! Sure you may think he is cute or whatever, but that does not give you the right to invade his space or privacy. I admit some privacy is forfeited for great fame, but come on people, give it a rest already!! He still has two more Twilight series movies to do, leave him be. If he appears in public and agrees to autographs, so be it, but if not, quit chasing him. Where is your decency and dignity?

  4. I totally agree Kaleb! I feel horrible for the poor guy!

    Its like these people can't separate fantasy from reality. I mean, how would you feel if you got attacked every time you walked down the street. I would never want to leave the house!


  5. I have been saying this for months. The tween Twi obsession stems to Edward, who is supposedly the perfect guy. Robert Pattinson plays the “perfect guy” on the big screen. The psychos have difficulty with seeing the difference between an actor and a character. The already unhealthy Edward obsession gets transferred over to Pattinson, then kicked up a notch because he actually exists and the crazies can stare at pictures of him for hours on end (unlike the fictional Edward). Behavior like this has caused me to avoid being generally associated with the Twilight fandom. The rabid behavior of many (and the masses of people who are only reading Twilight because everyone else is) make me ashamed to even admit I've read the books. I still check here and the Lex and Everglow near daily, though, I'm still interested in the books and movies and such.

  6. I agree it is part of the job. Those girls are a little too crazy though. It really dosen't show how all fans of Rob and Twilight really are. The really crazy people really need to leve him alone fore the sake of his job.

  7. I don't think Rob should have to deal with all those crazy fans. Just because he chose acting as a career path, dealing with crazy fans isn't one of his duties. I think the public wants too much from people. I mean, I work as a cashier in a hardware store, and I get asked questions about everything we sell and sometimes I even get harrassed for not knowing the answer, though when you read the policy and procedures manual, nowhere does it say that I am required to have an extensive knowledge about the products we stock. People in general are too used to getting what they want when they want it. Those kinds of people need to learn that they can't get everything in life. Those fkn spoilt little bastards! =D

  8. It has gone far, far, far too far. Yes, being an actor may involve being something of a public figure, but it does not mean that you sign your life over to craziness. Honestly, I worry for the poor boy's peace of mind. Dealing with that insanity day in and day out is not a requirement for any job, and he certainly did not know what he was getting into when he signed up to be Edward. It might be in his own best interest to run away to Fiji for a while.

  9. Wow. That was quite scary. But it did come with the job. But it is also hard to understand just how big of a fanbase Twilight has. When he originally took the role, he had no clue what he was getting into. I hope he doesn't regret it.

  10. Ok, I think it has gone way out of control, I feel sorry for him. He can't go out in public without screaming girls and some guys chasing him, don't they understand that all he wants is to have a life like everyone else? I don't think Crazies really define what these people are. And I don't think it will get any better in the future, he is just beginning his career.

  11. That's retarded. Seriously. That's the only way I can adequately describe it. Who does that? How can anyone lack a life so much that they practically attack celebrities? That kind of behaviour requires counselling.

  12. stuff like this would make me want to quite… these crazies keep it up and he just might…

    that being said, i think those girls are just warped. i could never do that to any person. if i was there i would have calmly start to explain that they were being nuts. at that said point some girls would most likely punch or slap me… but i would do that for any person, not just rob. no person deserves to be treated like that.

  13. You guys are all completely right. All of them are normal people who happened to get jobs to be in a movie that we happened to all be obsessed with. They had no idea all of this insanity was going to happen, especially Kristen and Rob.
    Why would they want to come to a bunch of events to see fans if they're just going to be attacked. It would be terrible if they weren't able to do it anymore, but I really wouldn't be surprised if they didn't come to special events anymore. That's not fair to them or any of the fans that are respectful and don't try and mob them any time they are in public.

  14. I'm so shocked at how far this has gone past “normal fan-behaviour”! Actually, until I saw that clip, I didn't think the fan attention was any different to any other “heartthrob”, but I literally felt sick watching this.
    And the girls were beyond reason at that point. Haven't they heard of self-preservation? No one deserves to be treated like that.
    I just think, if you wouldn't act like that around your grandfather (any other family member, friends, etc.), you shouldn't act like that around Rob, or any other person.
    I just hope things get better for him.

  15. I was thinking about this when I first saw the footage of all the girls jumping on him.
    It was really scary, I don't know how any fan can do that, it's just not polite. I think I would be too intimidated to even go up to him.

    I really don't understand how anyone can handle being in the public eye this much. It's a miracle people don't go insane more often.

    It's pretty sad for the “normal” fans who just wait to get a picture of him but don't get all crazy and attack.
    When you mention you like Twilight or something/someone to do with it, people will start to think you'd do anything to get close as well.
    I'm not into the whole screaming thing anyway, but at least that doesn't hurt anyone – except maybe their ears πŸ™‚

  16. Oh My God. really people. IT”S AN ACTOR! It's not the 'real Edward Cullen.' I am just as big a fan as you are but really If I saw him in the street I would look twice at him yes, but I wouldn't approach him. And that's not because I would be scared, it's because I wouldn't want to bug him and make him uncomfortable. He is a guy with a job. There is something wrong with a world were it is safer to hang out in a war zone than be a star. Maybe I am the only one that remembers but NOBODY LIKED HIM UNTIL STEPHENIE SAID SHE DID. People actually hated him and said honorable things about him. I didn't and still don't agree with all the criticism. But I bet he is actually missing the days people hated him. And wouldn't that kill your throat anyway, all that screaming. Your hurting yourself in the long run. This is why when you say hi to some one and start talking, if you mention your a twilighter they get scared of you.

  17. It's gone too far. Nobody, no matter their job, should fear for their life while walking down the street. When I read about the fan who grabbed him, I was horrified. I can only imagine how he felt.

    I'd take a harder line than Rob Pattinson did. I'd probably file charges. It's assault. It's not ok.

  18. It is WAY too crazy!! As previously metioned by just about everyone above, he is just a normal person and deserves to live his life.

  19. Nobody knew how big Twilight was when the movie first started filming, Rob didn't know in what direction his role was going to lead him. He shouldn't have to hire anybody to help him walk down the street. yes, fans are part of an actor's life, but crazy fans like these are way too much and something he shouldn't have to deal with.

  20. I somewhat disagree with Becksue. I know that Twilight was huge even before the movie, but since it has become a film, the fanbase may just have doubled. That being said, I know a lot of people who are the crazy and obsessed Twilight fans, and they only become Twilight fans because of the actors in the film. Plus I have the feeling that Robert is the first guy (in a real long time) to have fans actting like this, so he did know he was going to have a few new fans, but he didn't know how many (I'm agreeing with your point) but I still don't think he should be attacked whenever he leaves the set of a movie, just to go to his trailor!

  21. Excellent description of what the difference between fan craziness and psycho craziness.
    There is “normal” craziness, and then there is “psycho” craziness. Some of these people are psycho. They cannot distinguish between Robert Pattinson, the normal guy, and Edward Cullen, the fictional character.

    For example, some people go all crazy either hatin' on Kristen Stewart/Bella, saying that she doesn't “deserve” him, because they are jealous of her (which is absolutely RIDICULOUS, because they have the same chance of actually being with Rob themselves as a snowball in h*ll!).
    Or they go the other way, stating that they KNOW that Kristen and Rob have something going on, and talking ugly about Kristen's boyfriend, and verbally attacking people who say that Kristen and Rob are just friends. What real difference does it make people?? It is their PRIVATE lives and their PRIVATE business.

    It would be really romantic to think that they really have those kinds of feelings for each other, but there would be far reaching consequences if they ever admitted it.

    If you think about it, if they did “hook up”, do you think it really would last in this craziness? They would be hounded to death, if they ever admitted to dating one another. What do you think that would do to the other movies? It would ruin the chemistry between them and the movies for us. It would ruin their lives.
    Rob is NOT Edward and Kristen is not Bella! They are real people, NOT fictional characters!

    It's just like the some of the Team Edward/Team Jacob girls. A little friendly competition and razzing is all good and fun, but some people take this soo seriously.

    Some people have actually wished death on Jacob. Some have said that he is a pedophile. Some people have said that Edward is a controlling emotional abuser. Stephenie Meyer herself has said that all of this hurts her to hear all of this. It hurts me, too.

    Yes, we all have our favorite. But does that mean we think we have to defend our favorite by overreacting like that? No, that is ridiculous.

    My favorite character is Jacob, but I love Edward, too. I don't always agree with all that he has done (or all that Jake has done for that matter), but I know that his intentions have always been good (or should I say SM's intentions, as they ARE her characters). The Saga would be incomplete without ALL of SM's wonderful characters.
    We should respect and love ALL of them. We may not LIKE them (Aro and Jane and Caius), but we should understand that they are essential to the story, and MOST importantly be able to distinguish FICTION from REALITY! What kind of life does a person have if they can't do that? It is really pathetic to think about it.

    We all need to put all this into perspective. I know that 90% of us Twilighters do .
    And I need to get off my soapbox… Sorry for the rant…

  22. I completely agree with you. The poor guy can't have a moment's peace…

    The paparazzi, the fans, it's totally out of control. Sure, it's part of the job to an extent, but it's just gotten waaaaay out of hand. I'd really like him to keep acting, because I think he's good and I want to see his work, but I wouldn't blame him if he ran off to some deserted island and never showed his face again.

  23. Way too far, people are forgetting HE'S NOT ACTUALLY EDWARD. He's just an actor. And I don't really like him as a person. But still.

  24. even though i am an Robert Pattinson fan i would never do that he would probably put an restraining order on you and then you would never get near him ever again. he just a human being leave him alone he doesnt deserve it, after all he was apart of the twilight movie we all love so why are you all annoying him so much

  25. It's too much- I'm a big fan of Robert and the rest of the cast, but I would never be running after him or jumping him, when his boduguards tell to get away from him- it's sad since he seems like a very down-to-earth guy (I've never met him, but that's just what I think of him), who is a great actor, probably a really nice person- who doesn't deserve this… Sure- with fame there are fans and media, but just because of that you don't have to be herrased or threathened.
    And if you (Kaleb) is getting herassed about Robert, then I bet it's much worse for him…

    So to all fans- just keep it down a little and let the frenzy about him settle a bit before you throw yourselves at him please- after all, what we want is for Robert to be happy, feel safe and feel like his fans are there for him instead of assulting him, isn't it?

    Seriously!!! He's NOT the real EDWARD CULLEN! He's just an ACTOR!!! People need to stop hounding all the twilight stars and leave them alone. They're NORMAL people!! This seems to be way out of hand and too much for Rob! No one understands how it feels like to be followed everyday by tons of people who mob you!! Just because he portrays Edward, crazy obsessed people stalk him. That is just wrong and dangerous!
    I love Twilight and everything that goes with it, even the stars, but I would never go all crazy like those fans! The poor guy.

  27. Poor Rob. He needs more bodyguards. It is never, ever acceptable to jump on a celebrity or grab them. Being famous does not mean that you don't have the right to be assaulted. Assault has been defined as touching someone without permission. Becoming famous is not giving permission. There have been multiple past incidents of celebrities being stalked, attacked and even killed by obsessed fans. Rob is a talented actor, and he doesn't deserve this type of treatment. I was horrified when I saw this video. Rob looked miserable and afraid. This reminds me of the attitude towards Stephenie during the controversy of BD and MS. We do not own these people just because they entertain us. They are people with feelings and the right to privacy and respect. Fans with no boundaries have already deprived us of Midnight Sun, are they going to drive Rob away, too?

  28. This is what happens when girls get an unhealthy view of reality. Rob Pattinson is a man. Plain and simple. He has a talent of acting and there are thousands of guys in the world that probably have the same talent and good looks. It's a shame that those fans could not control themselves in a more lady-like manner.

    It's ridiculous and any kind of craze like that is not what I would consider “part of the job”.

    Idolization of any person like that is unhealthy… for the fan and the celebrity.

  29. The Rob Pattinson craze has gone too far. People need to leave him alone & respect him as a person. Sure he's a good actor & good looking and he's protraying one of the best romantic male characters ever created, but leave him alone! He is NOT Edward, he's just a guy who happened to get cast as him in the movie. I feel so bad for him & hope that fans will calm down & leave him alone & let him live his life.

  30. Kaleb is so right. Rpattz can't go anywhere without being mobbed. He will have to go into hiding. Girls, if you read this:
    1. Rob Pattinson is not Edward Cullen. There is a huge difference.
    2. He is a human. Would you want crazy people mobbing you all the time? I think not.
    3. There are better ways to get guys' attentions than nude photos. You want a guy to notice you, not your bod that looks just like everyone else's. Just be yourself and some decent fellow will notice you. He doesn't have to be a celeb.

  31. i think it is disgusting how inconsiderate and disrespectful those girls are!
    i mean i'm as big of a fan of Rob as the next person(maybe a little more..) but i wouldn't hang on him and try to take a picture with him when i knew he had somewhere to be and when people were clearly telling me to BACK OFF. i would probably just keep my distance and try to get a few pictures to prove to my friends that i had gotten that close πŸ™‚
    but ANYWAYS i think it's not only rude to Robert but to his RESPECTFUL fans. it is ruining the chance for the nice fans because of few crazy *itches out there…ugh it just makes me so angry…he's JUST A PERSON too and i don't think anyone should have to go through that..celebrity or not. even most celebrities don't have to go through that. so to answer your question Kaleb..yes i think that it has gotten WAY out of hand and we need to bring these stupid little girls back to earth..treat the guy with some respect!

    lastly they have forever ruined my dream of running into him at one of his select pubs and quietly asking for an autograph and a perhaps a picture…hes going to be so well protected that they will think i'm some crazy person just likes these girls…humph..

    keep up the wonderful attitude about all those freaks Rob! all the normal people feel for you..

  32. wow this is sad! these arent even fans! they are crazy! i hate when people obsess over another human being! rob is just another guy! he is not edward! hes an actor! you dont go attacking people normally do you? so why do you attack rob? hes like anybody else! how can you say you love him when you dont know him and you attack him? its crazy! this rob craze was bad before but now its just way to extreme!!!! and thats an understatement! that goes for any person! they dont do this to “normal” people but yet they think rob is so different! its so stupid and annoying and it doesnt make sense! these people arent true good fans and i cant stand their behavior! its completely irrational! i mean hes just another human being! the sane fans have to suffer for the insane ones actions! it really sucks! what is running through these peoples heads?! i am a fan of the twilight saga and love and enjoy them greatly, but i would never do something like this! to me the movie was ok and the acters were alright but still even if im not a huge fan of rob or taylor or whoever you dont go jumping on people you dont know! your scaring them and their scared of all of us now! the steriotype twilight fans sucks! i hate being associated with and thought to be like all the twilight obsessor people! were not all like that! most of us are sane! i am sure that if rob was just a “normal guy” walking down the street that wasnt an actor you wouldnt mob him for his “extreme hotness”. its just plain crazy and stupid people! (i have never had a celeb crush and think i think its strange stupid and irrational to “love” someone you dont know personally or say they are “sooo hottttt” when you wouldnt even notice them if they werent a “celeb”) so i dont see rob as “hot or ugly” i just cant see him that way! hes just another person/guy who happens to be an actor who plays edward. its normal to have and people asking for auographs/pictures but come on! these arent fans! there stalkers! this goes for us “normal” people and “celebs”. this is getting waaayyy to out of control if he needs lots of body guards surrounding him just to walk a block! dont these people have better things to do than follow people around saying “PLEASE! please!” for pictures and autographs? sad..its just really sad! they need to get a better healthier life! do they all really think that rob will fall in love with them one day? especially acting like that?! *sigh* i am glad oters on here agree with me! thanks for adressing this kaleb! πŸ™‚ poor rob (even if he seems a bit strange, now i just he has the right to lol) he doesnt deserve this. its pathetic and sad what these people are doing! i hope they relize their consequences. theyre punishing everybody! rob! normal fans! themselves! stephanie meyer! and all others who have to put up with watching this happen on tv and hear it on the radio! its a disgrace! where are these peoples parents and manners! rob might go into hiding! let him live! let breathe! i here this “rob craze” everywhere!!!! its driving me crazy! imagine how rob feels! oy! stop the obsession! stop the craze! before its to late for all of us! someone (mostly rob or fans) could get hurt or worst! there are more important things and issues in the world!!!!! focus on that!!!! this shouldnt be front page news!!!! i think thats enough for this rant…this is part of his job and life but it shouldnt be! ok i gotta go breathe calmly…..:) good luck rob(and any other celebs, like the twi celebs) and wake up crazy twiRob fans!!!!! stop scaring and embarrasing us all!!!! P.S. You rock kaleb and we agree with you! and for those wondering i am not a team anything. i take kalebs view on team edward/jacob/etc. but i prefer edward. (which is NOT the same as ROB) dont mix up reality and fiction or real people or made-up characters! woah…what a mouth full! leave celebs/& all people alone! they need their personal space and lives and dont have to give out personal info/phone #s! jeez!! what happened to privacy and normal rational twilight fans?! (i know im still 1 and there are lot more out there) we have to unite and show what real fans are like so the steriotype will go away and actors like rob wont be afraid of us!!!!! i agree with a lot of comments here and am glad to see most people who are twilight fans are still rational!!!!!!! Rock on people! dont be afraid rob! you can and will survive in 1 piece! (mostly because im sure some sanity was lost along the way) πŸ™‚ PEACE!

  33. wow i didnt relize my comment was soooo looonnnggg!!!!!! :0 i talk to much……:( oh well i like to talk and i said what i felt like saying.

  34. Wow, yeah, I definitely feel for him. He deserves all the screaming and what not but not being mobbed, that's just creepy! I love Rob, just as much as any girl, probably more, just because I've always been a huge fan, so yeahh that's great and all but not being attacked by mutated girls, that's just messed up.
    I don't think he “deserves it” like he did something wrong now he's paying the price, it's just like now he's big and he's probably going to have to go into incognito x]
    Other than that, he shouldn't be attacked to that extent. So answering your question: yes, a huge huge HUGE fan no kidding, but that has gone WAYYY pasr what it should and there should be something done about it.
    And Rob. if you're ever gonna see this, know there are still some sane fans out there so keep up what you're doing (:
    AND Kaleb, you're amazing (: And amazing at what you do so you keep rocking man (:

  35. Wow. That is truly scary. I think people need to remember that he's just a person, like any of us. He doesn't deserve that.

  36. Kaleb, first I would like to thank you for bring the subject up.
    Oh my God, people. This is way too out of hand. Robert Pattinson is not Edward Cullen. Robert Pattinson is not a doll or a toy. Robert Pattinson is in fact a human being.
    This is insane. He shouldn't need to have so many body gaurds. He shouldn't need to run. He should be able to be human and not be treated like an animal being hunted, which is exactly what is going on. He is being stalked by the fanatics and the media.
    There is a difference between a fan (the approximately 88% of people who like Twilight and are sane) and a fanatic (the remaining 12% of people who like Twilight and are not sane.)
    Many people are taking this too far. I understand that as a celebrity, there are people who will like you, admire you, want to meet you, get an autograph or a hug, but to be chased down the street by girls who think he is his character is enough.
    Acting is not being. Acting is a lie, to put it in simplest terms. Pretend. Make-believe. Not real. So, being an actor, he puts on a show and smiles, says some fancy words, and now the whole world knows who he is, and he is currently being obsessed over.
    Rob is human. Humans have flaws. One of his is being surrounded by the public. It makes him uncomfortable. He does not like it. When will these girl understand this.
    As any other human being, he deserves to be shown respect. Having people toss themselves at someone or in their face all the time is not what the majority of the population considers respect.
    I am embarassed to like Twilight if this is what it has come to. Will we be expected to throw ourselves at him next?
    I cannot think of anything to say to these people, because of the fact that I am so disgusted by them. They are absolutely infuriating. They actually make me mad. Because of the fact that they cannot show self control, the rest of the Twilight fans are suffering. We are stereotyped as the rest of the crazy people that are obsessing over him, and because of that, many of us find it impossibly difficult to be a normal fan, being one who is excited by Twilight-related things, may be slightly defensive of our favorite characters or the series we have come to know and love, but to understand when enough is enough, and learn when to back down. We have fun with it.
    These people, on the other hand, do not understand. They do not know when enough is enought. They don't understand that there is a time to back down. They don't have fun with Twilight, they are ruining it's name!
    I am very sorry to Robert Pattinson and all of the rest of the Twilight cast for what is taking place with them, but I would like very much to assure them that not all of their facs are like this.
    Take care, and good luck to you all.

  37. Sorry about the long post. I just got kind of angry and then I started ranting, and now look what happened.
    Oh well. At least I helped get the message out.

  38. Oh my god, this video is disgusting. The crazy fangirls have crossed the line for sure and it is NOT “part of the job” to be touched or attacked in any way by a stranger. Of course, screaming fans and paparazzi are part of the being famous deal, but un-asked-for physical contact is wrong and these crazy girls should have some respect for Rob, and for themselves for gods sake!!! Just because Rob is a man, there is a double standard that it is okay for girls to touch him. If this was happening to Kristen or any other female actress, and it was guys grabbing and touching her, it would be big news and considered harassment! Crazy fangirls, stop harassing Rob, and go back to your screaming!

  39. OH MY GOD!! Rob was just hit by a cab! He was being chased by FANs and tried to cross the street and was hit. This is no joke. Well crazy obsessed fans you can just kiss Eclipse good bye. If that doesn't say STOP nothing will.
    I'm not kidding look it up! This has to stop!

  40. Uhg. – That's all that comes to mind. My mental capacity has met it's limit with the sum of what my opinion entails. Poor. Poor. Poor guy.

  41. OH MY GOSH KALEB YOU ARE PSYCHIC!!! He was hit by a taxi in NYC today because raging fan girls were chasing him.

    *sigh* The nicest thing we could do for Rob is completely ignore him.

  42. I completely agree with this. This situation has shown that these pseudo fans are really crossing the line. They are totally invading his space and by this kind of actions, making him to even consider not to go in public, which is not fair for him as a ypung person who absolutely deserves to enjoy of a calm walk by the city.

    Even though he is a public person, this has been taken to another level, a posible dangerous level to Rob … Honestly, we all are fans of Twilight, but this doesnΒ΄t give the right to crazy people to invade their space….

    Poor Rob, I only hope this won't happen again….

    BTW, Greetings from Mexico!!!

  43. Obviously crazy fans are part of the acting job description but there are crazy fans and then there are crazy fans. this is beyond crazy its pathetic reli, why the hell wud Rob want to give his number to girls who r physically attacking him and throwin themselves at him in the street? i feel sory 4 him and 4 th normal crazy fans who myt wanna askk 4 his autograph o summin in th street. these so called 'fans' need to stop makin a fool of themselves and try to maintain a bit of dignity how wud they feel in Robs position? But sadly i dont think this is gona change until afta Breaking Dawn is in cinema. i jus hope these looser havent put Rob off actin and make him totaly ignore all his fans in the fear of being attacked. the poor boi must be terrified.

  44. Jeez poor guy. Bloody hell those fans are psycho. Let the guy walk down the street in peace and act some way normal.. Those fans have gone way too far.

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