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Has The Robert Pattinson Craze Gone Too Far?

For all of you who were wondering why Robert Pattinson closes his Myspaces, has no Twitter or Facebook, and covers his face and runs when even well-intentioned fans try to ask for an autograph:

There is now so much fear for his safety that the studio executives have recently increased the number of bodyguards surrounding Rob. Because of these fangirl encounters on the Remember Me set, they have established a “No Contact Zone” against all fans of Robert Pattinson.

For the past uncountable months, I have received rude emails from so-called Robert Pattinson fans demanding I give them his phone number/address/myspace/etc — when nowhere on my website does it say I am the all-knowing guru of Rpattz secrets. The craziness is so bad that the rudeness is spilling over into my inbox. Not only that, but the poor guy is literally being attacked and assaulted almost every time he walks down the street. When does it get to be too much?

It’s all fun while people are chasing the celebs down, but now there is real fear for Rob’s life. Any one of those girls who were jumping at him and grabbing his neck could have been a psychopath with a knife — and there was so much frenzy going on, he would be dead before anyone could even react. Because of the crazies, even the good fans have to suffer, unfortunately. So for those of you who have been emailing me angrily about how “Rob doesn’t love his fans” because he won’t talk to you or give you his phone number, it would do you much good to keep this in mind.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Do you think the Robert Pattinson craze has gone too far, or do you think it is all ‘part of his job’ to deal with it?



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  1. What I dont think people understand is that stars HAVE been killed by “fans” before, and other fans can also be hurt in crowds like that. I would never even walk up to Rob because I'd be too emberassed by the way some girls are acting. It's not the people sending him fanletters that are the problem, it's the girls like that who try to jump all over him when he's just walking down the street. Thank you so much for posting this, Kaleb, not many people understand that.

  2. I can't believe girls are actually acting like that, he's just one freaking' dude okay? Why can't all those crazily obsessed fans get that through there Rob obsessed heads?! He may look like Adonis but that's no reason to swarm the guy! Who cares if the dude is been in a few movies; that's no reason to not give him space for something as simple as walking down the street. Kaleb I thank you so much for posting this video. I hope now that people can understand that Robert Pattinson is JUST ONE PERSON, GET IT?

  3. Poor guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he decided that he would quit making movies or even quit showbiz for that matter because of all the craziness that's been surrounding him. I mean, he couldn't even have a decent walk out in the street without hyperactive fans surrounding and screaming at him.

    Those overly-dedicated fans should realize he's just playing a character. Leave him alone. Act normal crazy people.

  4. BTW I totally agree with WarriorLex. Also, how fans are reacting is making me think of these 2 songs I know by Marianas Trench ( sing sing and perfect). The world should focus on things other then celebs. Like I bet nobody knows about there is genocide (like the holocaust) happening in shri lanka right now.

  5. Way too far… Did you hear he got hit by a cab today while trying to escape fans? Apparently he's okay, but…

  6. Apparently the getting hit by a cab story was not completely true- he was bumped by a cab but not because of fans. That being said, yes, the Fangirls are too crazy and out of control. The poor guy is just trying to do his job! People need to back off and give him some space. Plus, as its been stated before, it doesn't make the fans look good. You don't see Kristen being swarmed by teenage guys! The fans need to back off and be respectful of his space and of him as a person-let him live his life.
    In the end, I don't think this is going to change him doing the movies (well he's already contracted for Eclipse) but when all this is over he may go into hiding for a while, take a little break. Alot of actors do that, take time off, which I think is what he's going to need after this year is over!! And, we all know that eventually the fans will calm down. Once the Twilight movies are finished the crazyness will be less…crazy!
    I hope that the girls that attacked him have read all of the stuff online to see what people are saying and realize that they went to far.

  7. WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too far!!!

    I fell so terrible for him, I mean ya, almost every celebrity gets mobbed by fans and such but I feel like he was just THROWN into this.

    And not that he isn't grateful to the fans and grateful for his success, but when they invade your personal space like that I can imagine it's a bit terrifying.

    I wouldn't say it's RUINED his life per se… but it won't ever reach the level of normalcy that he could live with you know?

    It's one thing when you're at a function or something but when you're just trying to get to work or walking down the street and require 5 bodyguards… it's very much excessive

  8. I read that too. Lol that girl was crazy! I completely can't see how anyone can be that obsessed with someone they don't know. I hope for Rob's sake that she never sees him

  9. They would put up with it because, although they'd have to spend a fortune on security to keep the crazies out, when the film hit cinemas, all the crazies would go to see it nine times then when it comes out on DVD buy it just because he's in it. They'd make twice as much, even when you take RPS* costs into account.

    *RPS = Robert Pattinson Security.

  10. Having fans is part of the job, yes. Having crazy fans shouldn't be a part of it. Those people need to get a life, and let the guy breathe.

  11. I don't think it is right for them to act that way, but I knew that there are some rabid and crazy twilighters. I just kinda knew it would happen that way, but that doesn't mean I think its ok. 🙂

  12. I believe that being followed and being on the magazine covers is part of the job but just like everything in Hollywood people take it way to far. Him being mobbed like that is ridiculous but unfortunately he is not the only one, any good looking A list male actor is attacked like this whenever they are spotted unless they have the superman guard watching them. It is that way for the girls as well, if I were Rob I would consider a career change, he was nervous enough before people started attaking him in the streets now he looks just terrified.

  13. Quite a while back I wrote my own blog about this very topic. It really is ridiculous the things that fans, particularly “twilighters” are doing these days. It saddens me to belong to such a fan base. My first introduction to the fans of Twilight came from this very website where, it turns out, the majority of the smart, sophisticated, and witty fans congregate. Then I came to know the devastation I refer to as 'fangirls'.
    I feel I have to point out that many of the same girls that now scream “I love you, Rob,” “Marry me, Rob,” “Bite me, Rob,” and very other ridiculous exclamations, are the same girls that threw a huge hissy fit, signed petitions and demanded that CEDRIC DIGGORY not DARE to try and fulfill the role of Edward.
    It has gotten so bad that when discussing among friends and strangers my love of The Twilight Saga, I feel that I have to add a disclaimer that I'm not 'one of those psycho fans, though'.
    I will say one thing of 'famous people.' I believe that once they choose to act in a capacity which causes them notice and admiration by fans worldwide, there is a certain expectation that is unrealistically placed on them, which when they complain about I feel compelled to remind them that they asked for it by putting themselves in the spotlight. When someone puts themselves in a position in which young children look up to them, I wish they would show restraint in what they decide to in front of camera.
    Stephenie Meyer stands for goodness. She is unbelievably nice and humble, and chooses to act with dignity in her personal life, and in dealing with her public persona. I'm sure that she is just as horrified as the rest of us that her successful and fantastic creation has caused such reactions out of a limited number of her fans. At least the rest of us have the humanity to stand up for what is right.
    One cannot blame Rob for fearing for his safety. I saw one video where a woman runs at him and tries to plant a kiss on him. It was dark, seemed to be a secluded part of town, and she appeared drunk out her mind. There is no telling what she could have been holding or really planning to do when she ran up on him. I really can't think of any other 'star' in which I have seen such a crazy reaction out of fans. Perhaps if people could separate ROB from EDWARD, he would fare better in his daily life. Soon he will be holed up in a mansion on top of a hill, razor wire fence all around, and access only by helicopter. Surely there are some days he wishes he could go back to just being Cedric.
    While I'm on the topic of people in the public eye who hold themselves with dignity, I would be remiss if I did not mention you, Kaleb Nation. You do an amazing job of conducting yourself with respect to your younger viewers. One particular example was today during BlogTV (June 19) in which you bumped someone from the room for cursing. Then, even when she continued to goad you, you still did not give in to the petty argument and moved on. It was a very classy move.
    Best of luck to Rob, as by the time The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is released, he will have gathered at least fifty bodyguards.

  14. it honestly makes me sad and repulsed to watch this clip.
    the craziness has definitely gone way too far.

  15. I Know. lets just hope this doesnt end like John Lennon's life did, if i recall right he was shot by a drunk fan.

  16. WHOA!! Over the top!! This would freak anyone out. No amt of $ is worth dealing with that on a daily basis. I am a huge fan of Rob, LOVE, LOVE the books, am on “Team Edward”. Please, people, GET A GRIP. It makes me sad for Rob. I hope he doesn't seriously regret being a part of the Twilight Saga. There always has to be a few to ruin a good thing. I don't think he can enjoy the spotlight like the other cast members are. It's just too much.

  17. GIRLS!! Just leave the guy alone!!! I'm sure he doesn't mind signing his autograph every once in a while, but being chased down the busy streets of New York City where cars might hit him is too much. Didn't you hear? The same thing that happened in this video also happened, but this time ROB WAS HIT BY A CAB. God forbid if the cab driver didn't slow down in time, Rob would be dead right now, and it would be all of those crazy girl's faults. Honestly. If you “love” the guy soooo much, think of his safety and LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!

  18. Way, way, way too far. I think this entire twilight thing has gone too far. Yes, I love Twilight, and yes, I'm as much a fan of Edward Cullen as anyone else, BUT, its fiction people. Edward is not real and, geez, now poor Rob can't even have a life anymore. These girls have no respect for Rob, this is just so sickening. I mean if Brad Pitt walked down the street right now, would I squeal like a little girl? Umm, YES. But would I attack him? Absolutely not! Their humans like the rest of us and should be treated that way. Robert Pattinson is not the greek god fangirls make him up to be. He's just a normal guy blessed with good looks, talent, and the opportunity of a lifetime. Not saying that if Brad Pitt did walk down the street right now I wouldn't go politely say hi and tell him that he's doing a great job. But this.. this… video is just insane. Tell me Rob fans, if you claim to love him so much, then why do you let this happen? Why do you do this to him?

  19. Oh and by the way, Rob is a shy guy, he doesn't like all this attention. So was Michael Jackson. And look where that led. This is too crazy. Eventually it could be the death of him. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. May Robert Pattinson not have the same fate.

  20. i guess Rob's a shy guy, and now, all these girls are trying to kiss him;
    that must be…so hardd for the guyy.
    i mean i am a big fan but not in a way that goes at as a pervertt.
    I justt hopee that he copess withh this andd thatt them obsessive fanss leave himm alonee,!
    There are good fanss, whichh are unfortunately suffering from all the pervert-y fansss!
    not all ROB-fanss are LIKEE THISS.
    i've herad somee newss that Rob's takingg the famee thingg quitee badd-bless himm-;
    so why can't the good fans makee this better for himm.
    and possiblyy make the pervert-y fans betterrr,
    andd i hopee oncee thee twilightt craze is overr Rob will have peacee.
    i kindaa wishh he goess backk to the UK
    nott cuz i live there butt, at least he'll feel more at homee.
    i just really hopee Rob will be finee. (yn) 🙂

  21. I feel really sorry for the guy, it must suck not to have any normal freedoms.
    I am sure he would love to mingle with his fans but not when it is overly risky.
    If they didn't act so crazed we would probably all get a bit more Rob.

  22. I feel really sorry for the guy, it must suck not to have any normal freedoms.
    I am sure he would love to mingle with his fans but not when it is overly risky.
    If they didn't act so crazed we would probably all get a bit more Rob.

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