A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Twilight: Chapter 13 (Confessions)

The song for this chapter is Realize by Colbie Caillat


So here I am– the chapter that started it all. From the original dream Stephenie had of two people in a meadow all the way to being one of the biggest book series in the world: this chapter obviously holds some serious significance. The conversation and the chapter seem to be so short, but so much happens within its pages.

Suddenly, it all begins to fall into place: using few words, Edward is immediately someone new. He passingly refers to his classmates as ‘that class full of children’. While talking about the time he was rearranging his school schedule to avoid Bella, he speaks of the lady at the desk as a ‘frail human’. It is this unseen superiority over everyone else which seems to automatically set him above the others around him: the fact that he has lived for so many years and yet has been forced to act like a normal teenager. Far out in the meadow, Edward is removing the mask he has so painstakingly built, and letting Bella in on the secrets of his life.

Edward, still, continues to ask Bella more about herself. The questions which Edward constantly asks of her brings forth another point I have ascertained from conversations with Twilighters about why they like him so much. Part if it, I’ve observed, is the fact that Edward, though the epitome of a perfect guy, is still obsessed with everything Bella. He wants her to go far back into her family history, and what foods she eats, what her old home was like, what music she listens to. He literally wants to know everything about her.

On top of this fact, Bella really doesn’t understand why he pays her so much attention. She thinks of herself as a very ordinary girl. But despite this, Edward is fascinated by her. He values her so highly that it is hard to control himself around her. Edward finally tells what he has been thinking through these first 300 pages:

“I couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you. You don’t know how it’s tortured me…”

It’s as if to him, she’s a fragile jewel, and he loves her so much he is afraid of breaking her. He values her above anything else in the world- enough to fight off his natural vampire instincts which plague him every second he is near her.

For some reason, I’m guessing because of writing for this website, some people have come to believe that I am their on-call Relationship Doctor. Or the Mister Fixit for ‘How Can I Get My BoyFriend To Read Twilight And Grow Up A Little?’. I usually tell them basically the same thing:

Dear You, do this:

YOU: Boyfriend! Please read Twilight. It would make me happy.

BOYFRIEND (staring at video game screen): Whut?

YOU: Okay. Read Twilight or else.

BOYFRIEND (eyes not leaving screen): or else whut?

YOU: Or else I’m leaving you for a fictional character.

And then he comes here huffin and puffin, and I have another GJ to deal with. I don’t understand these certain guys who are so obsessed with video games or sports or whatever else, that they prioritize them above their own girlfriends. There are so many lessons to be learned from Chapter 13, and I am especially talking to the fellows reading in the shadows. What girl wouldn’t want to hear this:

“You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever.” (EC)

Guys, I hate to break it to you, but there are many reasons girls love Edward Cullen. And one of them is he pretty much values her over himself.

I’m hoping that I’m not just insane and completely off on this, since I am, after all, a guy observing from the outside. I could really be far off the mark in what I am seeing. If I’m gravely mistaken, be sure to warn me in the comments. No point in me giving other guys bad advice πŸ˜€

After Edward, something I noticed suddenly is one of the reasons I am guessing that he likes Bella, besides the facts we already know so well. She plays right along. She isn’t terrified, or freaked out, or at least doesn’t show it. She just goes along with him and she is sincere in believing that he isn’t going to hurt her.

Edward, despite being so much older and more mature than the others around him, still doesn’t seem to know exactly how to love someone. He doesn’t know how humans love each other, or what he is supposed to do, as he has never experienced it before even in all his many years of life (unless I missed a paragraph…).

Despite this, he acts in a very human manner after talking with Bella in the meadow, and proceeds to run through the woods like a caveman warrior who just caught his first woman.

Caveman Warrior


Some guys are just that way when they fall for a girl for the first time. Haven’t changed much since the Stone Age. But he is obviously very happy to finally be able to trust Bella with the truth of what has been happening, and end the acting between them.

I paused in the middle of the chapter to grab something to drink, and the first line I saw when I came back was:

“He streaked through the dark”

I gasped and choked. Luckily, the sentence continued:

“…thick underbrush of the forest like a bullet”

Whew. If there’s anything I don’t want to imagine, it’s–ok anyhow, I must admit that through all the things I have read, after all the wonderful stuff people have told me, I still was hesitant to read Chapter 13. The reason for this is I didn’t expect it to live up to my expectations. I was dreading some smooth tell all from both of them and then Bella would go home up to her ears in love.

However, that wasn’t the case. This chapter was honestly probably the most pivotal I have read so far. The relationship between Bella and Edward really deepens in this one farther than I thought could happen in so few pages.

Like you promised me, it’s the one that hooks you in to reading the rest. So don’t be surprised if I just go into a frenzy and read the remaining parts of the book at once πŸ˜€


– I’ve watched all of the auditions for Team Twilighter and there’s some great talent in there! Katie said the deadline for auditions has been moved to June 13th, so if you haven’t done it yet, get yours in! I’ll be watching them as they come in.

– I probably got a hundred suggestions for songs for Chapter 13. Does anyone think I picked the right/wrong one or anything? It’s honestly kinda hard to pick a song for The Famous Chapter 13.

– I saw the Breaking Dawn cover. I’ll probably talk about how I interpret its meaning in another post.

– Still can’t add people on Facebook (despite all the people who don’t heed these messages). Please try going to my myspace instead. Thanks!

-ADDED: Some people have started mentioning me in Youtube videos. If anybody catches a mention of me, zap me an email so I can check it out.



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  1. I love the way you interpret the chapters. Yeah Great job with the post!
    ohh…you’re right about the many reasons why we(girls) love Edward sooooo much
    Greetings from uruguay

  2. Kaleb i was just wondering how it feels to come on here and see that you have 100 women commenting on your blog saying you are absolutly correct? Congratulations you just unlocked the secret to Edward Cullen πŸ™‚

  3. Nicely done, Kaleb! Everything you said, is exactly why girls love Edward so much. It’s the value of Bella to him that makes us yearn for our own Edward. It’s the way he feels for her, and the way he wants to know more about her. That line you quoted, β€œI couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you. You don’t know how it’s tortured me…”, is what gets our hearts racing, our breath gasping and our stomachs turning.

    I guarantee that you will never ever have a hard time finding a girlfriend.. EVER!!

    CONGRATULATIONS πŸ™‚ welcome to the woman’s mind πŸ™‚

  4. OMG ur amazing!! i really wish more guys could b like u and read Twilight…

  5. Wow. You are probably the only guy on this planet that understands why girls love Edward so much! πŸ™‚

  6. You really get the book, Kaleb! No boy understands Edward as well as you do!Why can’t more guys be manly and read this. U rock Kaleb! I stand by your mission 110% !!!!!!!!! KALEB ROX MY SOX!

  7. I loved your interpretation of the chapter I never thought of it like that. It really opened up my eyes to why I got hooked and have read each book four times. Maybe that is why my friend Amber didn’t get hooked she really didn’t like that chapter and wasn’t amazed about anything about it.
    But you are right about the boys not gettingit and that if guys really put someone besides themselves first they would probably have alot more dates. I’m girl but I also like video games but they aren’t priority in my life like they are in my brotheres. I would much rather hang out and talk to my friends instead of playing video games with them, its not really personal. But Yes, if boys were more like Edward Cullen girls would like ethem more. I am amazed how you know so much about this though. Either not all guys sre pigs (like they are at my school) or you just know your stuff.

  8. I must say I was very surprised to hear that song since it was my tryout song for Color Guard this year.
    So I was mostly just happy to have heard it before, but I don’t think it works for Chapter 13.
    When I pictured Chapter 13 in my head and what the background music should be like I almost thought it should be something soft and sweet. I think that Chapter 13 is just so pivotal that a song with lyrics can’t fit it. Maybe piano music…

  9. Well, I think one of the main reasons that Edward and Bella just click is…the book mentions a couple times how Bella is so much more mature than the people around her. And it shows. Taking care of Charlie, and her mother…and other things. But Edward, living the many years he has with all the experiences, is MORE mature than Bella. and it brings out the child in her. I think that’s one of the main reasons they just click so well.

  10. Ok, i don’t wanna freak you out, but Kaleb, I just love you.
    You figured it out!! You have pinpointed (in different posts) most of the universal reasons why girls love Edward so much!! And, even better, you’ve tried to give other guys a clue too! Kudos to you!!
    I’m so glad you liked this chapter, its one of my favorites in the entire series. I hope you do talk about the cover of Breaking Dawn later on!

  11. This chapter was very important to me. As I started to read the 2nd and 3rd book and got farther and farther away from this chapter (I know you haven’t read them so I wont spoil it for you but I know you have, by now heard of the Team Edward Team Jacob phenomenon) I was starting to think that Edward and Bella’s relationship couldn’t survive without some sort of drama between them. What else was there when someone wasn’t trying to kill her? Where as with Jacob they could talk and hang out, in never seemed that Edward and Bella could ever just hang out – there was always some sort of impending doom. But as you’ve been reading, I’ve returned to the first book with you and this chapter brought back my faith in their relationship. As fast as this and the rest of the book goes (since they started talking again only a few days before their meadow visit and the book ends in under another week) their is some serious substance to their relationship. It gives me hope for their future in the upcoming Breaking Dawn.

  12. sorry i havent commented much. i hav been geting them by email but when i found out that you were posting chapter 13 i quickly logged on your website and began reading. the thing that suprized me most was the fact that you compared edward to a caveman…. i instantly got angry and was bitter though reading the rest of the post. when i was about to go on some rant about this i realized that this was exactly what he was being at that moment. So you made me realize that Edward is still a guy and like all guys after spilling his guts to the girl of his dreams he is going to want to do something manly, brave and extreme. So there you go Edward turns caveman ( that feels very funny to say ) and on one more note…… HOW COULD YOU STOP READING TWILIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHAPTER TO GO GET WATER!!! i mean thats like going to tie your shoe in the middle of a shooting.. you would be crazy to do so! ( ok well maybe thats a bit extreme) but still its crazy to do!!! but over all i enjoyed your post πŸ™‚

  13. LOL!!!!! I never caught that streaking tidbit, but i think i would have choked to death if i would have been drinking something at the moment!

  14. Wow…. How could water be so dangerous to a person’s health? I hope you’re loving Twilight! Also, you’re right about the boy thing. My step brother’s son kept wanting to know what I was gasping for air about after laughing out of no where like a psycho. Goodness, it was hilarious.

  15. You really hit the nail on the head, Kaleb. There are many things a woman can want in a relationship – money, good looks, status – but the very core of every woman’s heart beats for only one thing – attention. To be “known”, to be “seen” by the one we love. If we are loved and our loved one pays enough attention to actually know us and sees who we really are there is nothing we won’t do for him.

  16. edward treats a woman how a woman would like to be treated. thank you stephenie.edwards behavior in the meadow (running away)was his unhuman part acting out. this is all new territory for him being human. probably a little spooky,unfamiliar and not wanting to hurt bella either. he has to get in touch with his human side that has been surpresssed for a hundred odd years but he’s strong and surpresses the immortal feelings to come back to experience just how far he can be close to bella.he is still so gentle and innocent with bella even with the outbursts. he doesn’t hide any of his feelings for her.i like to listen to “fear” my sarah mclachlan during the meadow scene.

  17. she explained this somewhere, bout the chess pieces.
    the queen, (white) signifies bella, becoming stronger, prettier, more powerful, and over all a vampire (white). the pawn in the background respresents bella before becoming a vampire, vulnerable, small, innocent, and overall red (blood)
    that’s what i heard

  18. i must say, i think you may be the closest human guys can come to being edward cullen
    the insights are amazing and i really dont understand if one guy can see why edward is so amazing, why cant the rest?
    (and fyi, us crazy fangirls would kill for a sentence in breaking dawn the began with he streaked through the dark…)

  19. Kaleb,

    Thanks so much for actually taking a chance and reading this wonderful book. Your comments of the book–so far–have been excellent and a lot like what I think of the books. (Without the fangirling.) You’re one of the few guys out there with an open enough mind to read the book alone… And you go ahead and take the time to write these reports, as well! You got chapter 13 down perfectly. And quite frankly, your analyzation of Edward is only going to help you in the long run. He’s a modern day romantic archetype. A mixture of the darkness of Heathcliff, the romance of Romeo, and the cultured superiority of Mr. Darcy. (Trust me. No matter what any girl says, we all want this type of thing.) Good work, and keep it up!

  20. You are right on. Also, he asks her questions about herself. This is a big thing because conversation/interest is a big turn on to women. Think about it. If you asked anyone dozens of questions about themselves, you would come to understand them, and then probaby care for them, possibly love them (platonic or romantic). I really love that part of the book when Edward asks all those questions!

  21. WOW. That is amazing that you actually understand why all girls love Edward sooooo much. We fall in love with him, probally more than our own boyfriends. You are 100% correct but there is oo much more to why we love him….but I want to see if you can see the other reasons…..(cough cough book three)

  22. Realize is a good song. However “This Is For Keeps” by the Spill Canvas. Pretty much describes Twilight to the T! Especially chapter 13! It’s practically written for the book.

  23. Excellant observations, the qualities you listed for why girls like Edward so much on this page are exactly right. Now, if only other guys would clue in as readily as you.
    You have an excellant site, it’s quite comical.

  24. Okay, I know its weird that I started to read your posts right in the middle like this but I just want to say that it is nice that a guy is taking an interest in Twilight. I have loved it for a while but I am one of those girls who the other girls smack because I bring up the fact (yes its a fact no matter how much we wish it wasn’t so) that “Edward” and all the amazing qualities of him does not exist in one boy. Your perceptions about why we love Edward is so right though. We want someone who cares about us so deeply that they would never dream of offending us let alone cheat or hurt us on a deeper level. Keep on reading and posting, you know what you’re talking about.

  25. I think that the reasons you listed about why girls like Edward are spot on. He does always put Bella before himself, no matter what. He treasures her. I think that any guy who says that his girlfriend is basically his life is worthy of admiration. Edward is just perfect in that way. He values Bella so much, she can’t help but be totally mesmerized by his love and complete devotion.

    Great site! I always love your observations! You’re doing a fantastic job, so keep it up!

  26. You. Made. Me. Cry.

    Seriously, Kaleb, you have no idea how much I love you right now. You GET it. You have seen what other guys refuse to see–that this is way more than just a love story. Yes, that’s the basic, basic appeal, but it’s really so much more than that. If more guys took lessons from Edward, maybe we wouldn’t have to obsess about fictional characters as much because we would have real-life Edwards hanging on our every word. Edward is incredibly selfless, which is what love is supposed to be. You’re supposed to care more about the other person than gratifying your own desires. BAM! Along come Edward and Bella. And they’re putting that message out there.

  27. Ha! I actually did the same thing partway through the chapter; It took me a minute before I could keep reading to figure out that he did NOT in fact streak through the dark, at least not in the way we had first thought. I’m glad I was not the only one to do that! And, Kaleb, you get the whole normal guy vs. Edward Cullen thing. Edward is the new Mr. Darcy.

  28. You’re amazing…and you completely hit the nail on the head.

    And as for Edward Cullen… Well, let’s just say he makes the rest of us think, Mr. Darcy…who? And it’s not so much that we want guys to change COMPLETELY, it’s just that we would like to be treated the way Edward treats Bella…with gentleness, love, admiration and respect.

    Besides, you completely got it right…what girl doesn’t want to be told that she is “the most important thing ever” to [the right] guy.

    Thank you, Kaleb, for you’re awesome blog entries!

  29. agh…evil spelling mistake!
    “…your* awesome blog entries!”
    hehe, sorry. OCD writer’s moment πŸ˜€

    Also, I really like the song choice…the problem is, there are so many songs that could work greatly for Edward and Bella (and the meadow scene) that it’s hard to pick just one…but I do love this song and think it’s a great description of the learning process that Stephenie writes about in the meadow scene.

  30. I’m Risa’s mom from above, and I’ve been calling myself a Twilight Mom right along (because I AM HER mom), but it looks like (because of the 50 and over thing), I should be a Twilight Gramma. But that’s ok with me…mom or gramma, I love Twilight and look forward to your take on each chapter you write. You did a great job with Chapter 13 and I’m impressed that a man of your age got it right. Keep up the good work.

  31. So Edward sparkling didn’t surprise you? The fact that he glitters isn’t as weird to guys as it is to me?

    Are you even warm on the “Why do girls think Edward Cullen is the definition of perfection?” question? Yes, so much so that you’re starting to seem like the perfect Edward substitute!

    Am I your first fangirl?

  32. Oh my gosh, you are, like, the only guy I know who can translate whats going on between Edward and Bella. and why us girls are crazy about him. That song is perfect too. And by the way, nice Caveman pic. It made me laugh, but not in a bad way. lol

  33. Amen, to everything you said.

    ESPECIALLY about picturing Charlie as a grumpy unicorn! Gah! I am plagued by that as well.

  34. I loved the whole thing about girls trying to get their boyfriends to read Twilight and grow up a little!
    I’m one of the lucky ones, however, so I didn’t have to beg my boyfriend to read it…he actually did so VERY willingly!!
    I told him about how amazing it is, that i’ve read it 7 times, etc. and he went and bought a copy…now he’s just as obsesed as i am!!
    He just finished Eclipse today actually!
    I’m so happy I can make Twilight references all I want!!!
    Even better, he didn’t have to read Twilight to grow up a little…he’s alraedy soooo Edward-like!!!
    I consider myself a very lucky girl!!
    Anyways, love the post!!
    I’ll definately become a frequent reader, so keep it coming!!

  35. There is one important detail you have missed out on that makes him so dang appealing to girls…HE’S GORGEOUS!
    No it’s not being shallow for that to be another reason to like him…as long as it is not the main reason you care for a person. It’s just an added bonus.

  36. Well, I must agree on why all the females are head-over-heels for Edward. And, I must brag that I definitely have found my Edward. My husband and I have been married for a year now and reading these books (I received Twilight for my first anniversary) has made me love my husband even more! And, ok, Edward ALOT too! But, what makes me chuckle to think of is this: IF she turns into a vampire (hopefully) and let’s say they’re married and she makes it through her years of being a crazy “new-born” THEN what will their relationship be like? This question is what really makes me love Edward because I think he’ll always love her in that exact same, crazy, drunken, way. Most people move through that phase after dating for a while and after a few years of marriage. But, I think the way Edward expresses his love in this chapter will ALWAYS be how he expresses his love. So, it’s not just how he does it, but the senerity and the never-ending-ness of it. (Yes, never-ending-ness is a word now.)

  37. okay i personally think that the song for this chapter should be “all around me” by flyleaf! its even got some cool foreshadowing- (the one for ch 3 of new moon its kind of ironic though)

  38. Ahahahahah! So many hilarious things in this post. Where to begin? In order I suppose…
    First, yes, Edward does seem to emanate superiority throughout the books. It’s hilarious really.
    Second, of course people are going to come looking to you for advice on how to get whoever their stubborn spouse/partner is to read Twilight! You’ve given them the opportunity. You have the perspective on it they needed! The one that proves Twilight isn’t just for girls.
    Third, ahaha. Hmmm, well, I guess most girls wouldn’t mind being told they are more important than anything else (even if he does go on to tell her she’s an idiot). For a guy, you’re surprisingly clued in.
    Fourth (this list is dragging), how awesome is the meadow scene!? My favorite part:
    ‘”I’m not thirsty today, honestly.” He winked.’
    Who doesn’t love that?
    Ok I should stop now, so fifth, why did you dress up like that? It… creeps me out. Ahahah. Sorry, but really. It’s weird. πŸ˜€

  39. Darn it, I forgot about the hilarious incident you had. Do you mind? πŸ™‚
    Sixth, AHAHHAHAH! Oh wow…. Ahem, I’m referring (of course) to the part where you came back after getting a drink and only read half the line. πŸ˜€ Side splitting. I actually stopped making sound with my laughter…. Just sat there, shaking.

  40. I don’t know how you can read this book so slowly. I know you have a life. I think you do an amazing job of paying attention. You really get it. I have read it twice and you get it on a far deeper level. Funny thing, a guy was who got me into Twilight.

  41. I think you are right, about why girls like Edward. At least this is why I like him… It all comes down to two things… He want to hear what Bella is thinking and had to say and he cares more about her than himself.
    And ANY guy can learn to be like that.
    Thanks for the insight into the chapter, Kaleb.
    This chapter made me cry! Starting with the first time Edward asks “what are you thinking…” in it.

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