A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 5 (Cheater)

The song for this chapter is Memories by Within Temptation


After all these months, though the pain of Edward leaving has turned into a numbness, Bella is still longing for something to fill the void. I can see it in her dreams, where she sees herself running, searching for something, only to find that there isn’t anything left to search for. By taking out Edward, as I said before, it is like tearing half of one person out. The emptiness in Bella has left her cold again, and it’s leading her to do anything, even buying a rusty, nonworking motorcycle in rainy Forks, to try to replace that feeling that she had before.

There is something very true in what Bella tells herself about Edward. How can he expect her to just go on and forget him, and act as if he was never there? Can anyone ever really forget someone they loved like Bella loved Edward, even if it ended years or decades ago? Memories like that are permanently kept no matter if you want to forget them or not.

There is a reason that sometimes grandparents or even great-grandparents can remember far back into their school days of who was in love with who and how they eventually met their spouse. Nostalgia like this, I’m assuming, is why Classmates.com gets most of their business; and some of us have probably even checked the Myspaces of Certain Special People from years ago, just to see how they are today (of course I’m not speaking from personal experience). Those types of things seem to stay in the back of your mind long after, because you can remember how happy you felt: and because of this, the memory of Edward seems to haunt Bella everywhere she goes.

Then, suddenly, Bella is distracted. The odd thing about this is that she hasn’t been distracted in quite a while obviously, and I just read the first page in the longest time that does not have something about Edward in it. I had to read it twice to make sure: not a mention of his name, not an allusion to his face or a stray memory of them before. And the funniest thing: Bella is driving to see Jacob Black.

Because of all the Jacob and Edward cries of allegiance, I know that Jacob will eventually become important in some way, so I’m already on the lookout. I found it very intriguing that the first time I see Bella distracted from thinking about Edward, it has something to do with Jacob Black. It’s an interesting twist.

I remember Billy Black as a slightly harsh man who Bella didn’t talk to much, because of his negativity towards Edward. Now that the Cullens have left town, suddenly Billy Black has a much more cheery demeanor. I see a future of Bella spending a lot more time over at the Black’s house. I also don’t think Jacob Black will mind that much, either.

Another thing that I’ve discovered about Bella: she seems to be searching for adventure. There are some people who just want some danger in their lives, and living in ‘boring Forks’ is not the best environment for people like Bella.

I laughed humorlessly to myself, still gasping for air. Reckless in Forks– now there was a hopeless proposition.

Hopeless Proposition

I’m assuming this is why Bella has a tendency to ignore regular guys (Mike Newton and the gang) and immediately go for the dangerous ones (Edward, etc.). Now that Edward is gone, the greatest (and most dangerous) thing in her life has gone as well, so she is left searching for anything that will bring adventure into her life again: even an old motorcycle

Something else I noticed: what is with the sudden amount of black bear sightings? I’m not exactly sure yet, though I’m sure I’ll be finding out that answer soon (or, that the bear sightings mean absolutely nothing at all).


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  1. Hi, Kaleb la, I am sorry that your fans give you so many spoilers. I HATE spoilers, because they take away that element of surprise that everyone has as much right to as anyone else. Rant finished.

  2. Oh hahaha…the “bears”. They mean something, that’s for sure. It’s interesting what you said about Bella “searching for adventure”. Bella didn’t just go out looking for danger because she was bored. She went out to find something dangerous to do because it would defy what he had promised to Edward; the she would “stay safe”. She felt that as long as Edward had already broken his promise never to leave her, that she could break one or two of her own.

    As you keep reading, you’ll eventually find out what consequences and “benefits” breaking her promise brings. ;]

  3. Shhhhh, don’t give too many hints, you two! We don’t want him gaining knowledge before knowledge is due. Keep reading. Kori’s right, You’ll find out soon enough!

    Also, why do they get to see a real copy of Breaking Dawn before it’s out? Where do we get our hands on an AR copy? Five more days… Five more days… Five more days…

  4. eeek!
    black bear sightings….well you’ll see about those…pay attention to the next chapters…look at every detail…you’ll see why…

  5. Good point of people not being able to forget the things and people in their life that they loved. When Edward said it would be as if he never existed, I didn’t see how that would be possible for Bella. He meant too much to her already. On a side note, I can’t believe how giddy I got over the copy of Breaking Dawn in the video. Oh man. Just a few more days!!!

  6. Hey Kaleb! I loved the “Reckless in Forks” picture!
    Very funny!

    I was reading your notes, and noticed that you questioned if there was a real copy of Breaking Dawn at :15 in the video.
    It’s actually from the picture in the Twilight EW magazine!

    Just thought I’d point that out!
    You’re great!

  7. I see from now how interesting it will be to read about you analyzing New Moon as you go through it- because, in my opinion, New moon is involved with emotions, especially within Bella, so much more than Twilight. However, that is my opinion, only, and I look forward to your next post.


  8. That isn’t a copy of breaking dawn at :15
    it’s a picture from entertainment weekly

  9. I laughed like mad at that picture. Very perfect for what Bella is doing right now. It’s a shame that you’ve been spoiled as much as you have, ::glares:: but since you do already know I will say you are right – get ready for Jacob Black, and get ready for him in spades. Dude really is going to be around for longer than you’ll want him to be.

  10. I *gasped* and paused and rewound that video when I saw it yesterday too! Breaking Dawn is so soon!

  11. Yes, Jacob *is* rather important. XD Watch out for that dude . . . I know that there’re lot of dissenters on the topic, but I think that he’s one of the best parts of the series. =D

    LOVE THE MOVIE POSTER. Grinning like crazy over here.

    And rest assured that you are on to something as regards the bear sightings. 😀

  12. Argh… I hate when people make comments here with spoilers :/

    Btw, don’t you feel this very hope that Edward is gonna show up any minute? HAHAHA XD

  13. If that is a real copy….
    Then I’ll be bargaining my soul to G4.
    Lol at your movie poster. A+

  14. Kaleb, I seriously have checked your page more than I should just to see if you had a new post to share, I was getting ancy haha!

    Anyways, I always like how you can pick up on the smallest, yet equally important details in the book. Keep going at it, and your humor always cracks me up =D

    And how dare they tease us with a possible actual copy of Breaking Dawn!!! >O

  15. You guessed right about Jacob. Look out for him later, he’s just trouble, a story twist…

  16. Hahaha…
    The pic is very innovative.
    Now this is just the beginning of Bella and Jacob’s relationship..
    Keep on reading! 😀

  17. “Reckless in Forks”–good title. Jacob. No comment. It does look very much like a real copy of BD or that’s just the cover.

  18. kaleb, you have officially made my day. Within Temptation is my favorite band and I love the song you chose from them. One of their best. (for future reference, The Howling is a good one for a big werewolf chapter and Bittersweet is just a really cute song). Nice post, i just finished reading this chapter on my 2nd time arround reading new moon. 🙂

  19. Haha, nice poster! I read the quote and then immediately thought of a movie for it too. Great minds think alike then?;)

    This chapter was interesting for me too, even though it feels like it’s been a long time since I last read it (even though it’s been…less than a month). The shift towards Jacob felt unexpected even though we can’t expect Bella to just mope the entire time. The poor girl can’t possibly mope for the entire novel. Plus you’ll get to see what happens next – I really like your detailed posts.:)

  20. Great insight yet again! But I agree with Caitlin; Bella is seeking danger more than adventure. She wants to find that connection she stumbled on at One-Eyed-Pete’s. She wants to break her end of the promise. She’s not bored.

    Now that she’s out of her zombie stupor, she is more emotionally vulnerable and that is what gets her in trouble. Her NEED (even stronger than her WANT) to hear Edward’s voice brings her more dependent on Jacob, who is anxious to please her no matter what.

  21. Love the movie poster 🙂
    the bears come up later, you’ll see

    P.S. i think the ending to new moon is my fave ending if all 3 books so far

  22. I will be at the panel discussion on 8/1… I will say hello to nomoremarbles for you…if I get close enough.

    Lions and tigers and bears…OH MY…

  23. ohhhhhhhh spoilers!!
    well I’m not gonna tell you any.
    BUT ITS A COPY OF BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I liked this chapter because to me it felt like the first time in the entire book where we see Bella act like a real person. I also like the irony of how in her desperation to hear Edward’s voice she winds up tumbling into the life of another man.

    Just always amused me…

  25. nice movie poster. This chapter is better, I agree. Bella’s going from one dangerous guy to another…

  26. It’s kinda hard to make jokes out of the chapters of this book, isn’t it? There’s not many things that can be construed as funny, and even if there are, it’s just so sad that you dont really *want* to. But the end is worth the whole middle of the book, dont worry.

    and Kaleb, you should know by now that anything taht is mentioned by Stephenie has to be important.


  27. So perceptive! I wish I had the willpower to read these books one chapter at a time; then maybe I would have picked up on this stuff too. But no way am I even attempting it with Breaking Dawn! Have fun reading the next few chapters Kaleb, almost everything you mentioned in this post will be important.

    Heehee…black bears…*shakes head* when you get to this, you’ll be kicking yourself for not seeing it sooner!

  28. I think thats not a real copy of Breaking Dawn, but A special edition of Eclipse with the cover flipped so it looks like it. Lol the bear sightings haha yes, they are important.

  29. Black bear sightings?

    Well, as it says in New Moon, you already know. He already told you.

  30. aw, the black bears…. it’s a Stephanie Meyer production so if they’re there, they mean something!

    you hit the nail on the head about Bella being attracted to dangerous guys, but Jacob isn’t dangerous, yet.

    -> Jamey and Caitlin’s post pretty much have the idea to a T.

  31. Reckless in Forks was brilliant… 🙂

    However, the video, when I clicked the link was said to have been removed because of copyright claims by g4 Media Inc. 🙁 What am I missing?

  32. Once again, I loved your comments, especially the “Reckless in Forks” poster!

    I’m so glad that you picked that song for New Moon. It fits so well, doesn’t it? Another one could be the song “Somewhere.”

    Don’t worry about the bears thing, you’ll find out sooner or later!

    Keep up the good work! ^_^

  33. Loved the Poster. It must be difficult to make something funny out of this chapters. Glad you could.
    Too bad people have spoiled you a little bit on the bears, I prefer your blog when you have no clue of what’s coming next.

  34. Sad day, the video got taken down? Should have checked your page sooner.

    I’m glad you are getting so much out of the little things in the book. It will make for a better understanding further on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read these book, finding something new every time.

  35. The video is not available anymore. Did it really show a true copy of Breaking Dawn? Did you mean “funny” funny? Or “strange curious weird” funny?

  36. Haha, I loved the poster!
    And I just read your part in the newest Entertainment Weekly! Don’t worry, you gave good answers. =) I especially liked what you learned from reading Twilight. There is a lot of hope for non-vampires. =P

  37. i wish i had a little more adventure in my life too…soo i cant blame her for being to reckless in those parts of the book. oh and kaleb…i cant watch the video becuz it says it no longer exsists! so maybe u could help me out on that..thanks!

  38. Yes! That was definitely one of a few within Temptation songs that somehow became my soundtrack while reading New Moon. Some of the others were Somewhere, Pale, Bittersweet, and Our Farewell.

  39. I feel bad for the newer people being introduced to the Twilight series. By all the media hype and everything, there are spoilers everywhere and they just can’t avoid it. I’m glad that I bought Twilight the day it came out. Even though I had no idea what it was about, I am happy that I went through it the right way without any major spoilers.

  40. After you read new moon I hope you get a good perspective of Edward and Jacob. Personally, I am team switzerland and want Bella to choose the one that she wants.

  41. I find it very funny even though a guy is reading twilight all of these girls find some weird way of coming here to discuss the books when it should probably be guys discussing the book here.

    Anwways moving onto what you talk about in this Chapter her dreams actually have a dual meaning which you will discover if your an intelligent person. Secondly Jacob is probably my fav. char. from the book. Yes his part to play is huge in fact but everything you need to know about has been presented in the first book of twilight series.


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