A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 11 (Cult)

The song for this chapter is Like A Knife by Secondhand Serenade (suggested by Julia)


Most of you have probably noticed by now that this week is a bit crooked, and I’m posting on Tuesday when I should have posted on Monday. This is due to the fact that I turned my book edits in yesterday (something I’ve very glad to have finished). Hopefully by posting today I’m not further messing with someone else’s scheduled clocks, and making everyone think it is Friday when it is actually Tuesday (a frightening realization). On to chapter the eleventh!

I had a feeling that Sam Uley was behind all of this. In fact, I pretty much knew it. He has been acting odd for a while, and I always found it interesting that he turned up in Bella’s dreams so many times so far. I also notice that anytime there is trouble, his name seems to pop up. In Twilight, I know better than to believe in coincidences. I find it even more foreboding that Sam is so highly respected amongst Billy and Charlie: it all fits together to be the perfect leader for something that isn’t right.

Most readers like me, who have entered late into the Twilight Saga, will have been spoiled at least somewhat by now: but even without it, I know already that there is something big going on with the wolves, and the strange disappearances of people. What I am not sure of is if the disappearances are really from the wolves, or if it is something else? I honestly don’t know for sure, so I’m waiting to find out. Seeing Laurent in the woods got me to wondering if it really is the wolves that are attacking the people, or rather Laurent and Victoria?

You knew it was coming after this line:

I was going to talk to Jacob– Kidnap him if I had to. I’d once seen a PBS show on deprogramming the brainwashed.

A Forks Special Broadcast

Quil has a very interesting story to tell about Jacob, and I find it curious how quickly Jacob changed to Sam’s side. It really has become like a brainwashing. In just a few chapters before, he didn’t like Sam very much at all, and he knew that something was not right with Sam’s followers. Now, Jacob has suddenly joined with him, and Bella can’t even get him on the phone anymore.

The most frightening part of Bella’s meeting with Jacob is when Jacob turns to look at Sam, as if he is completely under his control now, looking to him for the command of what to do next. Jacob can’t even talk to Bella without Sam’s permission. The strength of Sam’s grip on his followers is cult-like, just as Bella and Quil said.

The anger I later see in Jacob towards vampires is shocking, because as I remember, he didn’t exactly believe what his father had said about them in Twilight, just a few months before. Now, suddenly, he agrees fully, and holds to the beliefs with a viscious anger.

One thing I did notice, however, is that Jacob repeatedly tries to avoid telling Bella. Before I saw this, I had thought that Jacob was completely lost. But, because of this,and his attempt at keeping her in the dark as to the real problem, leads me to believe that despite whatever Sam has done to him, at least a part of him is still sane, and a part of him still has the ability to care for Bella. He doesn’t even want her a part of it– he wants her gone and away from whatever inner battles he is fighting. To me, that says there is still hope for Jacob to come back.


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  1. Actually that happened to me once a semester or two ago. I was really freaking out about having all these assignments due, and then a friend gently reminded me that it was only Wednesday. Oh yeah. Intuitively, I KNEW it was only Wednesday, but I kept feeling like it was Friday. 😛 And I did get them all in on time. Go figure.

    I don’t want to say anything for fear of spoilering you! (Spoilering > spoiling here) You’re doing well though. 😀

    Enjoy your semester! Mine started yesterday.

  2. Okay… It’s better for me when you actually tell us that you’re not posting on Monday. I always forget to check late Sunday night, so when I get on on Monday morning, I’m still out of it and it completely surprises me that you posted! I’m not a morning person. lol

    Do you read the chapters more than once? How on EARTH can you notice so much stuff while being eaten alive by the Twilight world? I know that when I read, even though I have read the entire series multiple times, I still can’t concentrate until after reading. It’s like the world around me doesn’t exsist until after I’m done. lol 🙂

  3. I know something you don’t know, Ha ha, Ha Ha, ha ha!

    I can’t believe you haven’t figured it out yet, though. :O The pieces are all there, put together the puzzle. Only a chapter or so to go!!! ^^

  4. Good entry Kaleb! You’ll understand everything a bit better in the next chapter..like everyone above has been saying!! Can’t wait to hear your take on chapter 12!!

    Good Luck in college! 😀

    P.S.. The chat isn’t working..the page won’t fully load or something.

  5. Something I noticed is the way Bella’s dreams are ALWAYS trying to tell her something. It’s annoying really…

  6. sam uley – I never like him, but his character does develop. a lot of people don’t mind him at all. You spotted how odd he was hern He found Bella, just like me. We both know… something smelled fishy

  7. you mentioned Bellas dreams and what i found evenin the first one is that her dreams seem to have foreboding quality almost premonitions(alice seeing the future) Edwards departure, Jake and Edward together, everything comes true as decisons are set, edward set against changing her her dreams of growing old… just one of my observations

  8. I’m so happy you have hope 4 Jacob Black still! Even when he cut off his bueatiful black satin hair! Sam makes me so mad…..that I could spit! But I wont! Thx for havin faith in him!!

  9. I was wondering: with the past few chapters (5 till 11 actually), why hasn't anyone picked up on the fact that Bella seems to have a very similar stance towards Jake's love for her now – as Edward did towards her love for hím in Twilight?

    Especially after the encounter with Laurent and her not yet figuring out about the wolves: she feels like she's unnecessarily endangering Jacob (on top of her other loved ones, her family), that it would be in his best interest to cut off the whole friendship/romancing stuff. Feeling extremely (overly) responsible for it, as if she was leading him on, putting a spell on him, while Jacob inquired about her feelings very directly at the cinema – and thus taking his own part in staying close to her despite her official rejection.
    And then there were all those analogies about Jacob being her sedative, her addiction, her drug – just like Edward called Bella his personal brand of heroin in Twilight… Both Edward and Bella (then and now) are trying to quench a thirst, a craving, a natural drive to stay 'alive'.

    In addition to her own ever continuing draw towards Edward, I think, unconsciously and especially through his current absence, she's learning an invaluable amount more about Edwards' character and his take on 'life', be it alive or 'undead'. It all started with Carlisle's explanation on Edward's 'soullessness'-theory, just before his leaving.

  10. I know Im way late with the reply but I'm new to Kaleb's site so I'm going back to the beginning.

    To me the worst book in the saga is Breaking Dawn, I actually never read it until about 4 months ago while I was at a friend's house and we were feeling a lack of “closure” towards the saga because we never read the last book (cause we heard it sucked) so we decided to head to Barnes and Noble and buy two copies.
    Big mistake.
    Although I enjoyed learning about what happened after Eclipse I couldn't help but feel dissapointed about the new central character to the book….Renesmee…the way Bella glorified this “child” and was so crazy about it and about protecting it even if it meant the end of her own life was a big let down for me.
    I think we all fell in love with the books because of the characters, mainly Bella and Edward as a couple that to bring someone else into it was just a recipe for disaster.
    The way this “child” had taken over the whole family AND Jacob was irritating and it made it feel like Edward and Bella weren't important anymore now it was aaaaall about Renesmee. Kind of like some parents are about their kids where they can't talk about any subject other than their children, almost as if they didn't have children they wouldn't have a personality or anything to talk about.
    This book made me look at Edward and Bella in a different light. Made me wish the story was still about their love and about Bella's new life as a vampire. I think their “child” should have stayed out of the picture.
    Bella and Edward's relationship was great without it, more interesting, more intriguing, more exciting,more relateable, more about them two.
    And as we all know….
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It
    just my thoughts

  11. haha, deprograming the brainwashed one line I will never forget. another one of those lines “did you just stamp your foot? I thought only girls on TV did that!” oh where would we be with out you jacob. personally this chapter I almost cried… I loved jacob he's so playful and sweet and then he just like when on total werewolf time of the month… it was quite sad and I enjoyed him so much 🙁

  12. as i did when edward left bella , i cried when jacob left bella and hurt her and her feelings 🙁 i think i cried in new moon more than in anyother twilight book i couldnt believe what happened to jacob… but now its not so bad (i have finished the series)

  13. as i did when edward left bella , i cried when jacob left bella and hurt her and her feelings 🙁 i think i cried in new moon more than in anyother twilight book i couldnt believe what happened to jacob… but now its not so bad (i have finished the series)

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