A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 3 (Big Day)

The song for this chapter is You And Me by Lifehouse Lifehouse - Lifehouse - You and Me


Around this time, I should point out I am the self-appointed King of Weird Dreams. Not counting that dream of the strange woman chasing me with a pitchfork, my dreams usually range from the freaky to the strange-yet-fortunately-happy. Most of the time it is a mix between the two. One such dream happened last night.

In the dream, for some reason, I was going to a parade event in a city, and I had stopped at this building they had set up as a green room on a side street. Then, a car pulled up, and out stepped Stephenie Meyer. She waved to me and we went into the building, where she immediately went to a dresser against the wall (don’t ask  me why, this was a dream remember?) and started autographing the t-shirts inside with a silver Sharpie. The most confusing part of this was that the t-shirts were not for Twilight, but were for MY book, and had the new gnome on the front. I remember distinctly not knowing whether I should protest or keep passing her shirts to sign, considering eBay. Then I woke up — finding to my horror that none of it was real, and I had no autographed gnome shirts at all.

This did not actually happen

Coincidentally, chapter 3 of Breaking Dawn starts with the end of Bella’s dream, and my experience last night made me really think about the root of dreams. I read once that sometimes, the content of dreams can be triggered by what you were doing the day before. Yesterday, I got a silver Sharpie, watched videos from Stephenie at the Book Babe event, fixed the handle on my dresser and thought about making t-shirts with the gnome. How weird is that how it all ended up in my dream in some form or another?

In this same way, Bella’s dream from the chapter before tells me a lot about what she has subconsciously been thinking of, and her fears from the past few days. It ends with the Volturi and the child, and the bodies burning in a pile: the child with ‘bright, blood-red eyes’ staring back at her. The pile is made of all her friends’ bodies. Is she afraid she will do this? Is she afraid her child will?

Another theory about dreams is that they see into the future, and with the world of vampires and werewolves that Bella lives in, I don’t put that possibility out of mind. Is this referring to Bella’s future child with Edward? Or, could the child actually be a mental representation of her ‘young’ self as a vampire: shown as a child, since she will in essence be a ‘newborn’ again?


And, I completely object to Charlie’s obvious distaste for monkey suits.

“That’s not your only job. You also have to be dressed and presentable.”

[Charlie] scowled into his cereal bowl and muttered the words “monkey suit” under his breath

There are plenty of monkey suits that are quite wonderful for a police chief:


Okay maybe Charlie was right.

The wedding is just the type of wedding I had imagined to come from the Cullens: extravagant, and yet filled with family and friends. It seems so odd that these people are gathered there to see Bella marry Edward Cullen, when it wasn’t that long ago that she first moved there. Has she really grown up that much since we all first met her? Perhaps I’m a bit reminiscent, but the moment that Bella said “I do” I was suddenly reminded of just how much she has changed from the girl she was in Twilight: that girl who was so afraid of everything and yet so overwhelmed by her feelings for this strange boy named Edward. Could she have even imagined she would end up marrying him back then, when he seemed to be avoiding her at all costs? It’s funny how life changes things like that 😀

Question For The Comments: What is the strangest dream you’ve had, and was it triggered by anything you had done the day before (ex. in the dream, a bunch of blue clowns attack you with popcorn, and it just so happened the day before you had been at the circus and someone had spilled popcorn on you 😀 )?


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  1. Just two nights ago I dreamt that I was arrested and thrown in jail for something that I didn’t do. This jail looked kind of like a school, where it had locker rooms and showers and tables to eat, kind of like a lunch room. I was able to leave the jail and go searching for the real perpetrator since I knew I had been set up. Somehow I found the real person who murdered whomever and got released.

    I have no idea where this dream came from since I didn’t watch any movies where this happened. I was reading a book before I went to bed where one of the characters is murdered, so maybe that’s where that came from. I don’t know.

    I can’t wait to hear what you have to say next as you read BD

  2. [reality] One day I was slicing cheese for a zillion people. [the dream] When a went to bed that night a had a dream that a man was hunted me with a cheese slicer. xD It was a really scary dream, believe me.. hehe…

  3. Interestingly enough, I just had a doozy of a weird dream that had a Twilight touch to it.

    I was standing in line to go on a tour through some famous place. And I was saying to my friend in line how big the place looked in pictures but you get up to it and it looks like a soup can. I look up and its now made of soup cans. There are Campbell soup labels and tin everywhere. (I’m still laughing over this image several days later) And while we are waiting for our turn in line to tour this edifice in comes Robert Pattinson to sign autographs. I get one on my shirt and he at first signs my name as his own, scribbles it out and then puts down his name.

    I woke up shortly after that, but I’m still thinking, “Huh” several days later.

  4. lol, i once had a bella X james dream… hehe
    i can’t really remember much of it except that it was possibly in a tree… kind of like victoria and james in the deleted scene on the dvd…. which is wierd, coz i had the dream like 6 months ago!

  5. I have always been amused at the claims that Stephanie took her story on a weird track in book four. Everything that happens in book four is foreshadowed before it actually happens. And she does that through all four books. Why it came as a surprise to people I have no clue.

  6. I’ve had several weird dreams. Dreams are funny. I’ve had two recently, that both featured Rob. Okay, I think the reason that the dreams featured Rob is because I have this poster of him over my bed (fangirl.com… I know)and I, by accident of course, kiss it every night. So the first dream: The dream began with me and Rob in my room. I asked him if he could sign my poster and some pictures. He said yes. But then I couldn’t find a pen and I was searching desperately for one. I almost cried. Then suddenly all these girls from my school, that I can’t stand by the way, were there and threw themselves at Rob. Rob panicked and run downstairs. There we met my aunt, who is really laid-back and cool, and she started talking to Rob. Then Rob said to me that he really liked her and I was like; She’s married, Rob. (Take me instead!) Then suddenly me, Rob and my parents were on this hill beside the road. There we just sat and talked until Rob put his hat on and said he had to go. Then he like jumped all Edward-ish down from the hill and ran off. Then I woke up. Then there is the second one: I was the big sister in this american family and we had just moved to a new home. Not long after we had settled down, this spooky girl with plaid shirt and a bob showed up and randomly killed my family. Then she chased me around the house for hours, it was wild. But suddenly I found some boxes and pillows and I hid behind them. Then suddenly she sat on top of me, turned me around and strangled me with a pillow. Then there was this like: “Three months later” thingy. And then it showed that it was Rob and a buddy that had bought the house after we were murdered there. Right after Rob and his buddy had stepped inside the creepy girl with the bob showed up. She floated around in the air and hit Rob’s friend with a bag of marbles ( I think I saw a NoMoreMarbles a.k.a Bailey video before I went to bed). He fell to the floor, dead. Then she chased Rob and he ran around and screamed like a girl. And then she hit him with an ever bigger bag of marbles and rolled him down the stairs to the basement. And then I woke up 😛 I don’t have normal dreams, I only have weird ones. I had another dream where I was floating on a pink cloud together with a lion, while watching to friends of mine playing trompet and such on horses. My head is a weird place to be 😛 Your dream was great to, Kaleb 😀

  7. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but there was a stretch of 3 or 4 years where I’d have a dream halfway through summer vacation that it was the first day of school and I didn’t have my schedule or any of my books.

    And I’ve had some really odd nightmares. I had a dream one time that I killed the Energizer Bunny, and for some reason it scared the crap out of me. I couldn’t watch Energizer ads for months. And there was another one where I was being chased around my basement by Santa Claus with a chainsaw. Freaky. And I was trying to run away, but I couldn’t–I learned in my AP Psych class that that usually happens while you’re in a REM cycle: your body is just so relaxed that it’s actually paralyzed, so if you want to move you can’t. Weird, huh?

    Well Kaleb, it looks like you’ve got some real dream experts reading your posts!

  8. Well, there was last night’s, where my grandmother was forcing me and my cousins to do odd chores around her [nonexistant] plantation mansion. And that day, I was watching Untold Stories of the ER and laughing at all the stuck up old women who insisted on strange treatment, talked about how stubborn my grandmother is, and talked about seeing my cousins over the weekend.

    Then the strangest one I can think of, I was in Bikini Bottom [spongebob] being chased by a huge robot who kept repeating Bible verses. [I have an odd brain.] It was a Sunday, so I went to church, my parents were trying to convince me to get baptized, and I saw a TV show about robots.

    So… yeah. 🙂

  9. The clown scenario reminds me of a Buffy the Vampire episode where everyone was living out their worst nightmares. Xander, or course, had to deal with killer clowns. Hilarious =D!
    My dreams always seem to reflect something I’ve done or thought about the previous day. But nothing too weird, like clowns.

  10. I once had a dream that I was Max, from Maximum Ride, and the Flock and I were in what looked like an animal shelter. We were running to escape when this guy came up to me and said to watch out. I asked him “watch out for what?” and he shoved a mouse in my hand and ran off. So then we all of a sudden were in a train station and Angel (the littlest member of the Flock) was holding a box of mice. All of a sudden I realized that the mice had trackers in them (I don’t know how I knew this) so I set them loose in the bathroom. These people statred chasing us so we flew away and I woke up.
    It was a cool dream- I liked flying! I think it came from me reading the first 3 books in one day.

  11. I onve dreamed that I was in a haunted house and saw my grandma get eaten by a vampire. I think that came from sugar before bed lol.

  12. Weirdest dream I ever had was when I was about 4 years old. I dreamed that a giant ape was chasing me up and down a long line of huge snow drifts. As far as I can recall, I hadn’t had any monkey-esque encounters the day before (not a lot of primates in Boston, unless you count some of the locals). We did have a record-breaking blizzard around that time, but I honestly can’t remember which of the two events happened first. The night of the blizzard, my father and I were stranded and had to spend the night at a firestation. They brought us pizza, so that was cool rather than scary. Suffice it to say, the dream was freaky enough for me to remember it despite the passage of 30-some years (yes, I know I’m old).

  13. I have crazy dreams most of the time as well. Some examples: Hitler being my step-father and not letting my family eat rainbow chip cupcakes; 2 Rob Pattinson’s at a party, one which is the regular version of him putting snowballs down girl’s dresses, and an Edward version of him laughing at the other one; being a witch and having to stab my evil clown step-brother in the face; a birthday party for Owen Wilson on top of my neighborhood pizza parlor(which doesn’t have a roof), with Justin Chon and Rob attending; and too many more to remember.

  14. The weirdest dream I ever had wasn’t inspired by previous days events, it actually kind of foreshadowed events that happened the next day! I had a dream about this catastrophic bus accident where tons of people died and were hurt. I was awoken by the phone ringing, when I answered it the person on the other end of the line asked if this was the number for the calvary christian church, I said no and then the person said “I just wanted to make a donation for the families that lost their children in the bus accident.”

    I hung up the phone and thought maybe it had all been a dream, but before going to school that morning I received three more calls for the same thing. Freaky or what?

  15. I know what you mean, about different daily activities coming together in dreams. A few years ago, I went to my grandma’s house, watched Stewart Little when I got home, and read a Little House on the Prairie book. I then, that night, had a dream that I was at my grandma’s house, where I found out, from a tearful Rose Wilder, that Stewart had drowned. Go figure…

    On a random note, I really want a gnome shirt now! You should have those made… 🙂

  16. I once had a dream that I was kidnapped, locked in a mobile home, and had to turn Dachsunds into orange juice for food. It was a long time ago, so I really don’t remember what happened the day before. I can’t imagine what would lead to that though.

  17. Easily the weirdest (and nicest) dream’s I’ve had that was related to what happened the earlier night.

    So that day was spent reading (and finishing) the Host and watching Twilight/Robert Pattinson interviews. Please note, that this was the weekend and that I don’t spend my life stalking all that has to do with Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, I just wanted to procrastinate. I was also looking at Travel plans to Paris.

    Anyways, I had a dream that the entire world was taken over by “souls”, and of course I thought that I was one of the only “real” people left on the Earth. So, I ran off to Paris to live underground. Turns out Robert Pattinson did the exact same thing, so we were the last people on Earth together! Rob would randomly blurt out lines from interview’s I’d seen the day before (something involving Wu-Tang?) It was just weird.

  18. I had a dream recently that I was dating my favorite character (Mori) from the Anime show Ouran High School Host Club, and he was helping me with my research paper for my English class. I’m not really sure what my topic was, but I needed his help. Also, in the dream, I was a junior (which I am now) with my current English teacher, but we were in my freshman English classroom and my teacher had the personality of my freshman English teacher. Note: they are polar opposites of each other in real life. And somehow YouTube was involved in all of this.

    I think it may have been triggered by my history teacher assigning a paper that day, and I knew that my English paper would be assigned soon, so I would have two at once to work on. Then I had spent the day before watching Ouran AMVs and actor interviews on Youtube.

  19. Stephanie Meyer signing gnome t-shirts? Wow! That’s so random! LOL! I once dreamt that I met Robert Pattinson at a vet office. Weird, I know. He had his dog and he was taking it to the vet. I have a dog too. The funny thing is I’m honestly not of those crazy obsessed Rob fangirls (I’m like that about Jackson Rathbone). But my BFF is, and she called me on the phone that night before I went to bed, and she was rambling on about Rob as usual. Anywho… in the dream I told Rob that I’m more of a Jasper fan, and he started teasing me! LOL!
    I’m sorry if this is saying too much, but I have to say it! The whole child dreams thing is foreshadowing. I won’t give details, I promise.

  20. omg please make the gnome shirts, i want one!! lol
    And i once had a dream that i was Alice, and i was in a car with Emmett and Edward and suddenly i saw that Bella was being kidnapped so we had to go save her! Then we pulled up to the house i thought it was, but i wasn’t sure. And edward was all, this is it, i can hear his thoughts! Then Emmett like tackled the heck out of the guy and i went to get Bella. And i just remember her being like freakishly light (because i had epic vampire strength of course). It was kind of the most awesome dream ever. :]

  21. The strangest dream I’ve ever had is I remember I had watched snakes on the plane the day before- I nearly wet my pants, it freaked me out so badly. I went to bed that night late and I dreamed that I was on a flight to visit my math teacher who had moved to Florida but still wanted my math homework (I had forgotten my homework that day, you see)and so in the middle of the flight these rabid turkeys came on the plane and took over it, armed with pitchforks (what is it with pitchforks and dreams) and so we all jumped out of the plane, only to forget we didn’t have parachutes and we fell and I woke up.
    Ta da!

  22. Well, I think you are avoiding commenting on the mushy girl stuff here… Prepare yourself, there’s more in this book!!

    Was your reference to ‘reading the spoilers’ an admission of guilt?? Have you, in fact, been spoiled, Kaleb?? I hope not!!

    I loved the wedding, the blissful moment of peace for Bella and Edward. But, I’m really looking forward to some more in-depth posts by you, Kaleb.

    I have weird dreams all of the time. The most outlandish were during pregnancy. Usually, my dreams are tied to stress in my life. Won’t bore you with all the details.

    More, Kaleb, read more, comment more!! 😉

  23. My weirdest dream was that me and my fam went to Hawaii. We got there and my little bro was starving, so I made him 6 pb&j sandwiches. He ate them all and his mouth practically erupted jelly. (hehe) Ten minutes (or it felt like ten minutes) later the volcano on hawaii erupted. Everyone on the island died except for me and my fam and a really hot guy named, Ruben. (Don’t ask, please)

    The day before that, a really hot guy named Ruben was my partner for an essay about Hawaii’s volcanoes and for dinner that night, I had to have pb&j.

  24. one thime i had a really scary dream. i dont even think that it can be called a dream anymore. it was a nightmare. it was a holocaust dream and i dreamt i was in a concentration camp and i was separated from my parents and i never saw them again. i found a friend named lucy and before long she was taken away and i never saw her again as well. there were many other things that happened in between but that were so frightening i dont want to talk about them. The dream ended when i was taken to gas chamber and was slowly dying. I woke up sweating and could not get to sleep after that. it was 5 in the morning.

    in my english class we had recently finished our holocast unit and had finished the anne frank movie the day i had my nightmare.

  25. I think Bell/Edward’s wedding was very beautiful, but a little too old fashioned for a person like myself. I’d have laser lights and an awesome dance floor for the after party!

    But laser light and dance floor wedding aside, i recenly had a very strange dream! i was on a boat, though im not sure how big, with my Mom waiting with a huge crowd to meet Barack Obama! The boat was rocking from side to side, and the motion was begining to scare me. But just then it was time to go in to see Obama, but i couldnt find my Mom! I started to look around but she was nowhere to be seen. As i was just begining to panic, i woke up to the sound of my alarm.

    Now i realize that we had been talking about boats hitting huge waves in social studies the other day, along with very scary looking pictures of cruise ships, and oil rigs hitting waves in the middle of the ocean, and me and my mom had been talking our opinions about Obama that night.

  26. That is a crazy dream. And so is Bella’s. Unfortunately I can’t give you any hints about what the dream means. But when I first read it, I felt like it was just because she was thinking about her talk with Carlisle about toddler vampires and then with Edward about the fact he is “stealing” things from her. The toddler, the baby she could have with someone such as Jacob, and her newborn fears all were morphed into one object that was the child in her dream. That was my take on it.

    I have too many weird dreams, but I can tell you my scariest dream. I’m in my house and all the lights are on in the house. I’m in the kitchen and I keep seeing shadows run up and down my hallway really fast, which is weird because all the lights are on so there shouldn’t be that many shadowy figures. Then all the sound is sucked out of the room and that’s when I know the figures are about to attack. To get rid of them, you have to scream as loud as you can. And if I walk into a room where there are shadowy figures, the lights turn red and flash. The fear that comes with it is so scary. Another weird/scary dream is I’m being chased through my house and I keep going to the back corners of closets to crawl through these trap doors (like Clue) to get to another room. I eventually end up in my basement, but it is a lot bigger and isn’t finished and I’m crawling across the beams near the ceiling watching these men look for me. And in this dream, my house transforms into a huge, mansion-like fun house thing with stairs that lead to no where and strange rooms that are hard to find.

  27. I haven’t really had any weird dreams …. but I certainly can relate to Bella in having very creepy ones. One of my creepy dreams was actually triggered by an event going on at the same moment I was dreaming it. I can only remember bits and pieces of it. There were two men, dressed in black robbing a house. As they were coming out of the house, one of them realize that they had been caught/were going to be caught. He started yelling at the other guy, as they were getting in a car, about jail. Just at that moment, I woke up and heared my Dad yelling, outside our house about sending someone to jail. To my shock, he was yelling at a robber who was escaping from robbing our garage. Talk about weird/creepy!

  28. Oh, I just remembered my other creepy/scariest dream!

    It starts out really dark and scary and around midnight. My littlest sister (I have 2) and I are sitting under the table in our house and peering outside (we had a screen/glass door). Outside we can see a shadow of a woman. Just then, we hear her laughing menacingly and somehow, she’s discovered that we are there, watching her. I tell my sister to run, and we both race up the stairs to our parents bedroom. The lady is slowing following use, still laughing. I rush up the stairs, after my sister into my parents bedroom. But, there, laying on the floor is my entire family, including the sister I was hiding with. They were all dead! And she was there too. Somehow, she got there before me. Without thinking, I run down the stairs and out our front door, across the yard and to the neighbors house. As I’m knocking on their door, begging someone to help me, I hear her laughing again. No one is answering the door, and she’s coming for me!

    Thankfully, this was where I woke up. I have know idea what I would have done if it had gone any further (lol, I probably would have peed my pants, or something like that since this is the scariest dream I have ever had) Yeah, so I certainly hope that this wasn’t triggered by anything. Though, come to think of it, I do watch to many crime shows; NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law and Order.

  29. Strangest dream? I’ve had too many, and I write them down as soon as I get up so that I actually remember a lot of them.
    The weirdest was probably when I kept falling off a cliff and appearing at the top, three times. I saw my cousin and told him and jumped off the cliff to prove I’d appear back at the top, but, when I did, he didn’t remember me falling. I once hiked up a mountain with his family, but that was at least a year before the dream.
    (once I dreamt you were driving a pickup truck, in the middle of the rest of my dream)

  30. I was laughing this whole time I was reading this. Eighty-first comment! Woohoo.

    So, anyway, Isabella Swan is just the same to me, with an exception of millions of deadly experiences, two hot ‘creatures’ who love her & you know..

    I’ve had so many crazy dreams I hardly remember them. I can’t answer that. But, I’ll look forward to see crazy dreams. I normally don’t let myself dream. Gets to carried away. Hard to explain.

  31. I never really thought too much about it but I think Bella is different from the one we first encountered in Twilight. I doubt she (or anyone else for that matter) could have imagined that what a year & half later (give or take) that she would be marrying Edward, but I love it!

    I don’t know what the weirdest dream I’ve had is, I hardly remember them! Now because you’re on the wedding chapter I though I’d share what a obsessed Twilight dork I am and share the last dream I remember having was one where Alice (the coolest vampire) planned my wedding! I don’t remember too much except the fact I wanted to change something and was like no I can’t Alice will kill me, and it was the day of. And I wouldn’t mind having Alice plan my wedding she did an awesome job w/Bella & Edward’s and I would want it small like theirs. Plus Alice is awesome.

  32. Well, one time I had a dream that I was in school and we were having a fire drill, only it turned out not to be a fire drill, but an actual fire. During a drill (and apparently, a real fire) these fire doors close on their own… apparently. So anyway, I look down the hall and I see some people running and the fire is behind them and the doors are closing so I be a hero and hold the door open :breathe: and then there is one teacher left and the fire is almost there so I’m like “Hurry up!” and then Whoooshbam he takes out a gun and blows his brains out.

    I never had that teacher and I didn’t even know his name at the time. This was a recurring dream for about a week. No fire drills took place and no fires occurred. No one shot themselves. I wasn’t a hero. It kinda just came outta nowhere…

    On another note, the gnome t-shirt looks/sounds cool and that picture should also be the cover of the soundtrack that I would really love you to release 🙂 :hint hint:


  33. One of my weirdest dreams came about after watching too much youtube one day. There was a group of people sitting on train tracks having a secret meeting. The weird part was they were all people from youtube. Then a bunch of crazy purple trains came by trying to hit them, so the all ran away leaving me confused on the sidelines. The best part of this story is that one of the people there had a great reason for being there, and now I am trying to write a book about her story. The mind works in the weirdest ways 😉

  34. My dreams are always extremely strange. The two that jump to my mind immediately are these (both of which have nothing to do with what I did the day before. i wasn’t even in one of them!):
    1. My friend and I are in a red time-traveling go-kart. We go back in time to a castle and are chased by an evil Ashley Tisdale who is riding a motorcycle/horse. She chases us into a supermarket, where we drive the go-kart through aisles of food and eventually jump off, splitting up to avoid her. I then run into a very creepy lady who insists on offering me chocolate cake…
    2. There are four cartoon pirates on a five-foot-long log raft. The captain and his second-in-command are plotting to leave the other two pirates to die (how they plot when the other pirates are two feet away from them, i don’t know). They eventually swim away to an island where they saw sails, meaning there is a ship there. When they arrive, it turns out that it is their crashed pirate ship! One of the other pirates has followed them and realizes the same. They are then stuck on the island. The last pirate is seen, still sitting on the raft, with sharks circling him. Poor guy.

  35. hahaha Well after reading this it reminds me of a dream i had a long time ago, i may have been 9 or 10 maybe…it was definitely a nightmare at the time but i always laugh at it now and the thing about this dream is that it was the first dream i really remembered after having it, though i cant just barely remember it now. So here it goes the beginning is pretty fuzzy but after a while I go running into our garage, there was a car in it (our garage was 2 car -one side car other side junk) and i remember i knew my family was in danger in the garage so i run out in it and this VERY cartoony but real looking vampire-mind you not how i think of them now, had long fangs and a turban and in a VERY dracula odd accent he said I VANT TO SUCK YER BLOOD!!!! and i remember being soooo scared but then right when he was coming at me the garage door opened and he leaped back and jumped on his motorcycle (which just now appeared- the car seemed to have shrunk or gone) and zoomed forward and the motorcycle FLEW out of the garage and then i woke immediately haha its surly one to laugh at now- also this seemed to be a completely randomly caused dream too hahaha another dream i had when i was younger involved cloaked dementors chasing me around my house lol and thats just some of the weird dreams I’ve had

  36. Jackie, glad you liked my comments. 🙂 Since Stephenie has said repeatedly that Edward is not based off any person that she knows, I probably should have said what an unknown vampire could mean, shouldn’t I?

    Vampires in dreams can symbolize seduction and sensuality as well as fear and death. The vampire represents contrasting images of nobility and aggression, which is exactly how Edward came out on the page.

    This fact that you remember the knife from a dream you had so long ago is interesting to me. The only dream from that age I retain is the one involving my Mom, which I’ve had numerous times. Anyway, to dream of a knife signifies anger, aggression, or separation. It can also mean that you are attempting to cut ties or sever a relationship.

    TheHolyThief, LMAO. I hate that Rickrolled guy.

    23. Steph- Werewolves can also signify fear or repressed anger. Crosses depict suffering, death, or sacfrifice; coins are missed or overlooked opportunities, and keys are locking away inner feelings or emotions. While it’s hard to accurately interpret any given persons dream, especially when you don’t know them, a good example of something that could cause such a dream is this: Someone had recently died or moved away and you had not had the chance to share with them how you really felt about them. A blunt knife means that all your hard work is accompanied by little or no gain, as was the case when your side of the battle still lost, but it probably related to something in your waking life.

    44. Megan, hahahaha. So funny.

    49. Zella- Emeralds mean strength, longevity, faithfulness, and durability, while the color orange means hope, friendliness, courtesy, and an outgoing nature.

    62. Mavvy- Apes stand for deception, mischief, and falsehood; Pizza for choice and variety, or feeling deprived of something, while snow means inhibitions or repressed emotions. If you saw the snow falling, that can mean a clean start and fresh perspective.

    64. Krystol- I had a dream once of a girl that looked similar to me (only with long, black hair) who was being chased through a parking garage, was ultimately killed and stuffed in a trunk. It was by far the scariest dream I have ever had, so a friend and I began to look into it. Many states away, a girl had been found in a parking garage, bearing the first name Michelle, which mine is, and a last name that was very similar to my maiden name. In the picture, she had long, black hair. I have never been more creeped out by anything in my life. To this day, I have a horrible fear of parking garages.

    72. Mad Hatter- The turkey indicated you have been foolish and not thinking clearly. To dream you are attacked by someone using a pitchfork means that you have enemies that will not hesitate to hurt you. I’ve never actually had dreams involving pitchforks, but it seems you have them often? Non-attacking pitchforks stand for your struggles for betterment of fortune, whether physical or mental.

    I hope I don’t have some crazy dreams tonight. LoL. Apes and turkeys attacking me with pitchforks, keys that won’t fit the lock, floating pizzas as I stumble through the snow, and Kaleb Nation chasing me with a blunt knife.

  37. the strangest dream I can remember is one i had when i was about fourteen.

    I was walking around my mall and walked into a petland (which incidentally the mall I was walking in doesn’t have). I admired some blue samoyed puppies, and then a large bay horse walked up to me and told me that i ahd better leave because this was his ‘turf’. i turned around and suddenly i was standing on the back of a blimp catching transparent squid in a butterfly net. then i fell off the blimp and woke up

    the blimp thing was probably because I was reading Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel at the time, but i have no idea where the horse bit came from

  38. omg the song for this chapter is my favorite song of all time!

    ok…dreams…oh! there was this one dream i had in 4th grade. bush had been president for 2 years, and i dreamed that he was chasing me through new york city. i saw my parents and brother walk into a movie theater; they didnt try to save me. bush chased me into the arms of an old lady who resembled the witch from snow white. she tied me up and dragged me, kicking, into the alley. the end. i can’t remember what happened the day before, but i’m fairly certain nothing that truly contributed to the dream

  39. Horses seem to be coming up a lot. They can mean many things in a dream, including strength, power, endurance, strong physical energy, your need to tame wild forces, to point out that you have been horsing around, or even to tell you to get off your high horse.

    A dead horse indicates that something in your life which once gave you strength will do so no longer.

    A black horse signifies mystery, wildness, and the unknown, while white signifies purity, prosperity, and good fortune.

    A herd of horses signifies a sense of freedom and lack of responsibility, while riding horseback means you are in a potion of power.

    Horseshoes mean luck and success in the future, or even that a wedding is near, while a rocking horse means that you are making no progress toward your goals.

  40. I only remember dreams that I write down like the next day. I wrote this one down a long time ago.
    I was at the beach doing normal beach stuff when a pirate ship pulled in. It was like giving tours of a nearby island or something and all the boys from the bible camp I had been to that summer were on it. I climbed and we sailed to the island and we pulled up right along a cliff. Now for some reason I can’t remember, I decided to jump from the pirate ship to the cliff. I made it, but when I landed my swim-suit had completely disapeared. The boys on the boat started yelling “Come back Kati! Come back!” and I was like “yeah right!” Then I was back on the beach and for some reason my suitcase was there so I looked in it for my swimming suit. I started crying, “I know I packed it! Where is it?” And some lady came up to me and in that irritating “stop-freaking out” tone started saying, “Calm down, we’ll find it” and then I woke up.

    I also once had a dream that I was spider-man and I had to stop this rainbow version of Venom but he like paralyzed me and he laughed evilly and I woke up.

  41. In my dream, I got up to use the loo, and when I got there I unthinkingly opened the door to find a horse sitting on the toilet. He was complete with spectacles and newspaper. My reaction was simply to sleepily say “Oh, sorry” and go back to bed. Then I woke up. I can’t tell you what could have made me dream any of it. I didn’t even have to use the loo when I woke up.

  42. I’ve always found it interesting that things that are going on while you’re asleep can end up in your dream. I once had a very strange dream about smuggling something onto an airplane (there was a lot more to it, but it was REALLY weird and long). I just remember hearing the metal detector go off. In the dream, I ran away but for some reason I could still hear the metal detector no matter where I went. I woke up to find that the sound was actually my alarm clark going off.

  43. my weird dream consists of me walking home from a nearby park. and for some reason i was leaving my grandma at the park (like she belonged/lived there) and it was dark and i had my neighbors dog leash. yea…… no dog whatsoever…. but then this random EMU comes and tries to steal the dog leash!! it was scary!! this wild emu in town…… yea.

    whenever i DO remember my dreams, its bc they are so weird. like once i dreamt that i went to work and the pet supplies section ended up taking me to like…..narnia. complete with snowy forest and talking animals. but the weirdest thing is, you take a couple steps back and ur at work again, no problem. wtf??

  44. Ok, I was about seven when this happened and I was so freaked out!

    Well, a few years ago my family owned an old, light blue Volvo. And we kind of get attached to our cars…
    In the dream, I was in some sort of loading dock by the water/sea. It was really dark and foggy, and for some reason my sister Freya and I were jumping a on huge log/tree-trunk raft that was floating in the water. Then, in dream-like style, the scene changed and I was in the backseat of our Volvo with Freya, my parents were in the front. It was still very dark and we were driving up a winding road. There were no bushes or trees by the side of the road, just grass or dirt. There were also no intersections, so it was weird when a traffic-light came into view. It was weird because instead of green, red or yellow, it showed a purple question mark. As if that was a signal, my parents and Freya all rushed to get out of the car and I was pulled out by one of them. They brought me to the side of the road and we watched as the Volvo started driving up the road and out of sight.
    It flashed to the next scene in the dream. I was looking at a cupboard, and then the Volvo, smaller than usual, appeared in front of me. The doors of the cupboard opened and then the Volvo drove in. They closed and the dream stopped.
    I woke up crying!

    Please remember that I was seven when this happened. I’m now 14.

  45. Back in 2007 I had this dream where I was dating Corbin Bleu, and Kyle Massey was there. It was wierd, becuase I’m not really big fans of either of them. I think it was that they both had stuff premiering on Disney Channel the next day. I was so creeped out when I woke up from that one…

  46. Whoa, whoa, WHOA!! HOLD UP!!

    Kaleb, where were you spoilered??!?!?!?! When did this happen????? Was it a while ago? Am I just out of the loop? Who did it???? Am I driving you insane with questions????

    THIS IS HORRIBLE! *cries*

  47. I can’t choose between three, actually.

    One was where I was in a room as big as a colosseum. There was candy everywhere! Then it shifts over to where the room is filled with water as big as the ocean. And there’s a hamster wheel, and me and the HP cast are riding it! There’s some sort of creature in the water. And Rob Pattinson gets hurt – he dies. Harry and I cry over his dead body. I kissed him on the cheek (:

    The other is where I’m a mansion. With all sorts of funny-looking creatures. I’m outside in like a … guest house? And I hide in a corner where the lamp is. Jesse McCartney is there with me. Then it shifts over to where we met … in a blue store that sold video games and icky, girly girly clothes. I climbed this shelf where these toys were and Jesse there with me. Then it shifts over to a GINORMOUS blob of oatmeal(?). It rolls around everywhere and captures everything.

    This third one is actually inspiring. I was on a tire swing high up in the air. I was on some sort of dry planet where there is only green light. Everything is rusty and dirty. This one makes me wanna write a book 😀

    I do not remember anything that would trigger these three :$

  48. I have to say u always have some weird story to tell!lol abt the weird dreams yes it happens to me all the time especially after a movie or if I’m reading before bed one time I dreamt I was in twilight only I was invisible but I could still see myself and the only other thing I remember is that I was wearing footie unicorn pj! Lol

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