A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 3 (Big Day)

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Around this time, I should point out I am the self-appointed King of Weird Dreams. Not counting that dream of the strange woman chasing me with a pitchfork, my dreams usually range from the freaky to the strange-yet-fortunately-happy. Most of the time it is a mix between the two. One such dream happened last night.

In the dream, for some reason, I was going to a parade event in a city, and I had stopped at this building they had set up as a green room on a side street. Then, a car pulled up, and out stepped Stephenie Meyer. She waved to me and we went into the building, where she immediately went to a dresser against the wall (don’t askΒ  me why, this was a dream remember?) and started autographing the t-shirts inside with a silver Sharpie. The most confusing part of this was that the t-shirts were not for Twilight, but were for MY book, and had the new gnome on the front. I remember distinctly not knowing whether I should protest or keep passing her shirts to sign, considering eBay. Then I woke up — finding to my horror that none of it was real, and I had no autographed gnome shirts at all.

This did not actually happen

Coincidentally, chapter 3 of Breaking Dawn starts with the end of Bella’s dream, and my experience last night made me really think about the root of dreams. I read once that sometimes, the content of dreams can be triggered by what you were doing the day before. Yesterday, I got a silver Sharpie, watched videos from Stephenie at the Book Babe event, fixed the handle on my dresser and thought about making t-shirts with the gnome. How weird is that how it all ended up in my dream in some form or another?

In this same way, Bella’s dream from the chapter before tells me a lot about what she has subconsciously been thinking of, and her fears from the past few days. It ends with the Volturi and the child, and the bodies burning in a pile: the child with ‘bright, blood-red eyes’ staring back at her. The pile is made of all her friends’ bodies. Is she afraid she will do this? Is she afraid her child will?

Another theory about dreams is that they see into the future, and with the world of vampires and werewolves that Bella lives in, I don’t put that possibility out of mind. Is this referring to Bella’s future child with Edward? Or, could the child actually be a mental representation of her ‘young’ self as a vampire: shown as a child, since she will in essence be a ‘newborn’ again?


And, I completely object to Charlie’s obvious distaste for monkey suits.

“That’s not your only job. You also have to be dressed and presentable.”

[Charlie] scowled into his cereal bowl and muttered the words “monkey suit” under his breath

There are plenty of monkey suits that are quite wonderful for a police chief:


Okay maybe Charlie was right.

The wedding is just the type of wedding I had imagined to come from the Cullens: extravagant, and yet filled with family and friends. It seems so odd that these people are gathered there to see Bella marry Edward Cullen, when it wasn’t that long ago that she first moved there. Has she really grown up that much since we all first met her? Perhaps I’m a bit reminiscent, but the moment that Bella said “I do” I was suddenly reminded of just how much she has changed from the girl she was in Twilight: that girl who was so afraid of everything and yet so overwhelmed by her feelings for this strange boy named Edward. Could she have even imagined she would end up marrying him back then, when he seemed to be avoiding her at all costs? It’s funny how life changes things like that πŸ˜€

Question For The Comments: What is the strangest dream you’ve had, and was it triggered by anything you had done the day before (ex. in the dream, a bunch of blue clowns attack you with popcorn, and it just so happened the day before you had been at the circus and someone had spilled popcorn on you πŸ˜€ )?


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  1. My strangest dream… Well, there’s this one that I’ve had about three times in the past year. My best friend and I are in a bookstore with some child, trying on superhero outfits to disguise ourselves from these two men that are trying to kidnap and kill us. (Honestly, superhero outfits? xD I can’t think of anything MORE conspicuous to wear when hiding from murderers.)
    So, when we get out of the store they’re waiting for us in a rusty truck. They throw us in the backseat and take us to a deserted, white, farm-like house with a chicken coop. They put the kids in the backyard (somehow the one child in the bookstore turned into many), and take my best friend and I to a restaurant parking lot to kill us. We almost escape, but they catch us and take us back to the house. Somehow I know me and my friend are going to die, so I tell the kids goodbye and start to tell my friend what’s going to happen to us. Then the crazies come back, take us back into the truck, and start driving down a long road lined with a white picket fence. That’s usually around the time I wake up.
    Wow, that was long. But yeah, that’s probably one of my oddest dreams, excluding the one where my brother and I were sitting in a parking lot singing about teeth. o.O

  2. Hmmmm….weirdest dream… probably the one I had the night Breaking Dawn came out, after reading it for hours. On second thought, I don’t wanna talk about it πŸ˜€ eh hehehe…

  3. Haha, my weirdest dream is actually twilight related ’cause I’m just that much of a nerd. πŸ˜€
    Okay, so I was at Walmart, just walking around, when BAM! There was Robert Pattinson! I got excited and like ran up to him or something, but instead of hugging him or something that would be totally understandable in that circumstance, I start pushing his cart. Yes, his cart, which was filled with random objects. Then BAM! There’s Taylor Lautner! So, I freak out again and end up pushing his cart, too. And then I woke up. It was bizarre that I would dream about something completely lame like that. But I was actually at Walmart the day before so it made sence. πŸ˜€

  4. Once I had this scary as all hell dream about the scene in Jumanji where all the crazy flowers were coming in through the windows and maybe chimney, exept for it was me and the flowers were coming though the chiminy and snatching my friends and family and making them zombies. I watched Jumanji the day before, so, yeah.

  5. ok so the wierdest dream i had was actually twilight related. I was on my school field trip and we were going to this really fun arcade in town. I was hanging out my two best friends. We got there really early in the morning and the teachers said that before we could go in, the school had organized a pancake breakfast for us. But our principal came out an told us that it had been sponsored by some famous movie that had just come out and he couldn’t remember the name of it. We thought nothing of it, but then a big van pulled up with the twilight logo on it. I completly freaked out when robert and all the other cast members came out! So they split us up in three lines: one for girls, one for guys and one for homosexuals.(why i was dreaming about that i have no idea!)So robert and ashley served me and my friends pancakes and we sat down to eat with them and i was like,”OME, do you know who you are??!?!?!” and robert was just like,”ya….”
    so we talked about twilight and then i got his autograph and he told me i was really nice and funny. We said good-bye and they all left and then i went to have fun at the arcade with my friends.It was really random, but it was the best dream ever!!!!!lolz

  6. I have no clue what my strangest dream was. I’ve had a ton of strange ones. The only dreams I can really remember were my Twilight themed ones, which, to be honest, weren’t overly weird. I’ll tell a few of them anyway.

    So it’s the new school year. I go into drama class, and the play we were doing is “Twilight” (although it somehow involved my character jumping off a building and chickens and other weird stuff and no vampires, but I clearly remember it being Twilight). So the new kid in my drama class (who just so happens to be Robert Pattinson) is the clear choice to play Edward. So I’m watching Rob and whoever played Bella rehearse, and Rob was doing it in a british accent, since, ya know, he’s British. I say “You’re supposed to do it in an American accent” and he’s like “You’re right” and starts doing it in a (crappy) American accent and then turns to me and says ‘Better?’ and I’m like “Much!”. Anyway, the next day (apparently all this happened on the first day of school), my friend Kristen (who was absent the day before) comes to school. She wants to tell me about some trip she went on and I’m like “No. First I need to show you the new guy. He’s totally hot and totally famous” and Kristen kept arguing me to tell me about her trip first but I keep saying “Totally hot and totally famous” over and over to her, while dragging her by the wrist trying to spot Rob. After a while I see she is still arguing. I’m like “C’mon Kristen, he’s totally hot, totally famous and totally British”. After repeating that a few times she’s like “Ugh, fine”. I eventually find Rob talking with some guys near the guy bathroom… and then my dog starts barking and it wakes me up.

    This one was about a year ago:
    Me (I think I might have been Bella in this dream, I can’t quite recall) and Edward are going to church, right? So we sit down in the pews (which were oddly similar to school desks, with the little table thing). A little while after the thingy (I don’t know what church services are called, I’m Jewish) begins, they hand out copies of Breaking Dawn. Edward looks at me and is like “Do I really need to read this? I think I already know what happens.”

    This was back in August:
    So I (who isn’t me, and isn’t Bella) am getting married (to Edward, I think). So I’m up at the altar with 2 bridesmaids, and in the middle of the ceremony, I decide that I really wanted Alice to be a bridesmaid. Just after I think that, I see Alice jump up (and Jasper look confused) and run up to the altar. She was wearing casual clothes, oddly, but her hair and everything was all done up. She mouths the words “Thank you” to me. In this same dream, but a different one, I clearly remember playing this game of hide and seek with Jasper and Carlisle (and Emmett may or may not have been there).

    And I’m not even going to go into the Nation dreams I’ve had (which is only 2, for the record), because the one I remember is kind of freaky (not like I wouldn’t let you hear it if I wanted to, but it’s hard to explain without sound perverted (which it wasn’t)).

  7. I love the way you analyze what you have read. I always just read to read, and I love the thoughts of people like you, who see more than I ever do.

    My weirdest dream ever: I was chased by werewolves, but they all looked like the Hound of the Baskervilles (black, with glowing red eyes) and then I became one (when I woke up, my eyes hurt)
    and I dreamed my entire town had a fire drill and I had to drive from Joshua Texas to Dallas Texas, without a driver’s license, but before I could evacuate, I had to park someones tractor for them…?

  8. The weirdest dream I had lasted about 5 seconds long. I was just standing in the shower, watching water go down into the drain. It was weird in a very creepy way.

  9. No offense Kaleb, but your dream isn’t that wierd, lol

    I had a dream that I was talking with my friends in the back parking lot of my condominium complex-area at night. A blue car was passing us by, and we started criticizing the make of the car. As soon as it turned the corner, it blew up and went up 10 ft into the air. We ran towards the scene and suddenly the scene changed. It was morning, and we were on the sidewalk looking out at the street. Looking behind me, the car was all burnt. And then I look to the side to find that I’m standing in line for Subway sandwiches being served by the military. On the sidewalk. I ordered a ham sandwich, and before I received it my dad pulls me aside with Scooby-Doo (the animated one) next to him. We start walking to a moving truck and the back of the truck opens up. I hop in and turn around, only to tell Scooby that he can’t come with me. He says “Awww” in his doggy voice, I pet him goodbye, and then I walk into the truck, where it turns into a bunch of rooms with sleeping children in them. I climb into one of the beds, and then I wake up.

    For the record, I was not hungry, thinking of my dad, watching Scooby-Doo, or wanting to blow up cars before I had the dream, lol

    There’s also a dream my friend had where she was a flying bucket of strawberry yogurt.. but that’s another story.

  10. I dont recall my weirdest dream, but i do believe the last one i had was me and my friend (guy who loves me) were hugging intimately, idk like it was OUR moment. (this dream was like two days ago) and it happened today!!! almost just like that!!! lol. it was so awesome <3

  11. Hahaha! I love this post..
    Especially the monkey suit picture.
    Very Nice!

    But I once had a dream (which was really awesome, btw) where people jumped through a hat and came to a new world (like, parallel dimension crap) and there were wizards and trouble and stuff…
    And, before that, I think I watched The Never-ending Story about 30 times…
    Or, read Harry Potter. Either way…

    And, another one: I was on a ship with my sister and, one time (this was a reoccurring dream, btw) it was surrounded with lava (impractical, i know) and we had to escape, somehow. (How? I don’t know. I woke up.)
    But, I know I saw Titanic before that.

    So, yeah. I agree with your theory…

  12. Well the strangest dream I can remember was that it was a summer day, I was standing on a dock at some private lake house and holding a cat who was George Clooney. (It was a cat that I knew was George Clooney, not him in some sort of yoga pose.) He jumped out of my arms and ran into the house which had a floor with lots of different levels (don’t ask but it’s kind of like steps?). The whole place was filled with varying styles of wooden, straight-backed chairs and I was trying weave through and climb over them all to get to him. He was sitting on the other side of the room just watching me and I knew he was feeling smug. I have no clue what prompted that though. Maybe I watched too many ER re-runs that day and I did have chairs like that. And I have a cat! But no lake house. Hmm…

  13. The dream I had actually wasn't about something that happened the day before, but a premonition of something I didn't know. It was really weird. See, my best friend had lost her phone at a carnival, and she's been phoneless for a little over a month now. I've had a few dreams about her phone since it happened. But, the one I had last night was interesting. I had a dream that my best friend had found her phone under her pillow, but she didn't want to tell any of her family about it because she wanted to get a new phone, and if they knew about her finding her phone she wouldn't be able to get a new one. So today I told her about the dream I had, and she was shocked. That dream had happened to her, exactlty how I described it. The thing is, I didn't know about any of it until she just told me. It's weird how sometimes we dream of what's going to happen in the future. That kind of thing happened to my twin sister, also.

    And about Breaking Dawn, you are about to get to the awkward chapter. πŸ˜‰

  14. Well, this new commenting system is just screwing me all up. It's Michelle from the many posts of this chapter, from now on to be known by my usual tag, babybott. I think this will please some of the many Michelle's who seem horrified at the thought of people thinking they may be me. Whatever.

    Rakey, you're so funny. I also chose not to comment about any Nation dreams I've had, but I tried to tactfully leave it out of the conversation all together. LMAO!! Now you've got me dying with the curiosity of it!

    Ms. Paranoia, I love your dream about the flying strawberry yogurt. It seems so random. Do you like strawberry yogurt, I'm wondering? FYI, strawberries in dreams indicate sensual desires, temptations, and goals that will soon be realized.

  15. That's one of my fav. chapters, the wedding seems so perfect (from every aspect), that it is like a dream and Bella walking to the altar watching Edward πŸ™‚ He loves to call her Mrs. Cullen, it's so sweet. The only part that makes me sad is that Jacob truly went there with the best intentions, wanting to make Bella happy even though it ment going to her wedding and you see how much it's hurting him and then when he hears about the honey moon he obviously thinks the worst of Edward and obviously wants to kill him, it's also sad when b4 Bella says something about her best man missing. I really wanted to know where they were going to their honey moon so I kept reading… haha,Kaleb not talking about the *akward* stuff is going to be impossible next chapter πŸ˜› I'm like you when it comes to that and already went thorugh it so now I get to laugh about it:P can't wait for next chapter.. and yes Bella has come along SO much since Twilight..and the book's just starting.. I just finished BD and it's just crazy to think how little time went by and how different the 2 Bellas are

  16. Wow. people are fast- and this new comment thing is nice for a change.

    The strangest dream I had? I don't remember much, but if they were weird, it had nothing to do with the day before.
    The strangest dreams I have are all horror- -haha, strangely, yeah. Like one time a ghost bust into the room, or I was in the forest with my brother and sister and some weird monsters (I guess the more proper term is 'alien') come and I have to run, run, run and I tell my sister and brother to run so we could get away from the monster. Then I had a piano in my dream once and water suddenly came out. Then I had a dream that I was drowning…
    Sometimes the dreams I get are ones I worry about, but they always seem to turn out fine the next day. It's always like that. Whenever I wake up, it's the greatest relief.
    It feels weird to type all this.. I mean, ok, so you know your dreams and what happened, but when you type it down, that's when you really realize what really happened…
    Dreams are weird. ..But it's with a dream that Twilight was born.

    Ooohh one of your predictions are- wow. Sometimes I wonder… heeyy, it's either you're reading ahead or you're psychic…either of those… *suspicious* haha

  17. Crud. Kaleb, please explain this new disqus thing to me. It won't let me upload a picture, and I've tried about seven times to verify but it won't send the email. The help topics on the site are also completely useless. RAWRR. I'm aggrivated. LoL

  18. My weirdest dream was based around breaking dawn! I was watching like a movie! although it cut off around the end and went into this weird tv show about how clowns eat hotdogs! it was really weird!

  19. well…i always have strange dreams.about what i done that day or what will happen.
    i just remembered.when i read this chapter from breaking dawn i had a dream with a weird child.it was scary.i think it was fire too in that dram…and then i came to my house and i remember i entered inside and it was like a passage or something like that…and then i was to my school which looked like the school fro the movie…i forget very fast what i dream…and when i saw transporter i was in the movie.i was running and i had a gun. :))

  20. It was 4th of July. A bunch of us had gathered at the home of a whitewater rafting company river manager in Fayetteville, WV. We went up to the very steep pitched roof and drank Jaeger Bombs all night watching Fireworks over the New River Gorge. That night, there was this dirty white wire-haired poodle, strung out on drugs, chainsmoking cigarettes and wearing a black fedora cursing me out all night. I was absolutely terrified. Moral: Don't drink Jaeger Bombs. It's been several years since that night. I've never had another Jaeger Bomb, and the dirty white strung-out wire-haired poodle hasn't bothered me since.

  21. I don't usually remember my dreams at all, but the other day I dreamed that I was married to Robert, and I lived next door to Emerson (from mugglenet.com) and his wife, and Rob and I had an suv, and we had 9-5 jobs and we were over at Emersons house for a barbeque and we picked out paint colours for my living room. It was such a boring dream, but it was really weird. I know exactly where everything came from though. I was watching a show where two people from the FBI went under cover as a married couple to spy on the couple next door. I dreamed of Rob, cause, well, it's Rob. And I dreamed of Emerson because he just got engaged, and the engagement was announced on his website.

  22. I always have weird dreams πŸ˜‰ I just never remember them. I remember my dream from the night before last, I was really tired in my dream, and I looked half crazed. And I met Taylor Swift…and then she got freaked out. And it was at a bowling alley. Which I guess I could understand why. I was looking at old pictures of myself and my friends the day before. We were at a bowling alley. I hate bowling though…so I don't get why I'd dream of it. Hehe πŸ˜‰ This is random, but surprisingly, I don't have many Twilight-related dreams. I've dreamt of meeting Edward a few times, and of being a vampire twice (yes, I remember these things. I have no idea how). And I once dreamt that my sister was dating Robert Pattinson. I was like why not me!? But it was cool because I ended up not liking him when I met him. Mostly because he was dating my sister and that would be incredibly weird if I liked him. Hehe πŸ™‚ And then he broke up with her because he thought she was cheating on him with the guy from Jon and Kate Plus 8. I obviously watch that show waaaay too much. And this took place at an arcade? I have no idea about that one. I must have been really loopy that night. And I've had dreams that tell the future…sort of. And when it happens, it's really creepy. It makes me think of Percy Jackson and the Olympians πŸ™‚ Half-bloods have dreams that tell them the future. It's cool πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, and I did a science fair project one year on dreams. You usually do dream about things that you did before you went to sleep, or random thoughts you had, or they can be prophetic or tell you about your life. I have this awesome dream book, so whenever I have weird dreams, I can go see what they might mean πŸ™‚

  23. Oh yeah, and I have lots of weird dreams about llamas. Mostly because my friends Josh and Sarah are obsessed with them. And Josh writes these crazy random stories…I usually have nightmares about those. His mind is a frightening place πŸ˜‰ Last night, there was a rainbow llama in my dream, because one of my friends edited this photo on Facebook of my friend doing the llama symbol with her hand and made it rainbow. It was weird. Oh yeah…Josh and Sarah name their hand llamas. They are named Quantaviana and Dr. Bob. It is because of them that I'm afraid to fall asleep at night πŸ™‚

  24. Weirdest dream I've ever had? Well, when I was about 9 years old, I had a dream about Tarzan fighting against some clawed villan, in a factory. Then, the 'scene' suddenly changed, and I was standing with two of my other friends, in a hotel lobby, looking at bits of liquid-nitrogen-frozen Tarzan, and one of my friends was crying over these pieces, because she loved Tarzan.
    If anyone can explain this one, I'd be glad to hear their suggestions. I think I watched about five minutes of Tarzan that day, and after that dream, I still don't like Tarzan much. I was actually horrified after that XD

  25. Weirdest Dream……………. Hmmmm……….. Ok so theres this one time, where i was at school and it was like empty and all dark. And then people were running around screaming, and then this massive blue bear came running out chasing after them?( Seriously a bear, have no idea why) And that is when the dream ended. I Have Had Weirder Dreams Then That But this one i remember most.

    Since I Found Out That Emmet Was Mauled By A Bear I Have Disliked Them. Lol :L

    Poppy xx

  26. ok Kaleb,
    I have to say the weirdest dream was one that is similar to Stephenie Meyer's.

    Well, the dream it self was pleasant, but afterward when i read Sephenie's way of how she got the idea of the book, i was a little freaked out. The dream was fuzzy, and hard to remember, but i know there was one similar to hers.

    Long before i had ever heard the name Twilight, or had any liking for vampires, I dreamed that i was in a round circle-like meadow. There was a visible stream near the woods, and it was sunny. The sky was a purple and gray mix, and the vividly green meadow held yellow and purple flowers that were very small. Two people were in the meadow. They were a couple, obviously, and arguing about something. I couldn't know because their voices were muted, but i could hear the sound of the wind and trees. They guy was really good looking, and i hardly noticed the girl. But there was something wrong with his skin. His skin sparkled,and they were both pale. This stretched on a long moment, and i woke up. I didnt really remember what happened after they argued, but something had happened. I remember the word 'vampire' in my mind, and smiled at how pleasant it had been.

    I had long forgotten this dream when i had read about it on Stephenie's website. I had a deja vu moment that was rare for some people. Though I find it unexpectedly weird, i smile that i have something in common with my favorite author. πŸ™‚

    One last thing- i cannot resist putting this down. My sister once woke terrified because she had a dream that large, multicolored viatmins were chasing her and taking over the world. πŸ˜€

    Kaleb, you dont really need to worry about your book becoming known. I've read your posts from day one, and i can tell your a great author. I'll be the first person to check out your book in my library.

  27. Thanks to everyone for making me feel 'normal'! I thought I was the only one with f'd up dreams ! XD
    Some of these were just hilarious and I hope I don't dream some of them tonight!

    Well, I watch waaay too many movies and television so I'm always dreaming crazy stuff! One time I dreamed Matt Damon and Ben Affleck came over our house and I served them tea and cookies like we were in England! It was hilarious and the whole time they're drinking tea we're just chatting about our day and what's going on. I had just seen the movie Good Will Hunting the night before so no doubt that's what did it! The second one that pops in my head is that U2 were playing at a local club in town and Bono asks me to attend the show. While I'm watching from backstage he gives me a 'shout out' and Edge pulls me out on stage and Bono kisses me on the cheek! Ok, that one was awesome and since I've really met both of them in Ireland, I'm guessing that's why they pop in my dreams off and on. I've actually had 6 different dreams with them in it~too funny!

    Thanks for laughs Kaleb!

  28. Once I had a dream where my family was eating blue cardboard, and all of the sudden, a blue Mr. Game & watch appeared! He grabbed my older brother, and I had to chase them all over and through many different styles of drawing to get him back.
    It was a while ago, so I don't really remember the details, but I do you remember one part where we were standing on the corner, and he says, “You'll never get him, dead or alive!” And then he jumped onto a passing icecream truck. Once I finally got him back, I went back to my house, where, to my horror, I discovered that my family was eating RED cardboard! My dream actually ended with me saying, “No, not again!!!” It was a nightmare when I had it, but now it's just too funny!
    I had a different dream where my school got a MAJOR remodel. It was completely indoors with thick blue carpet, a giftshop, and a TV you can watch while waiting for the bus.
    These were both before I read Twilight. Now all the dreams I have have at least one thing to do with Twilight in them.
    After reading a Twilight, I had a dream that involved a moving truck, a coffin, Esme, Emmett, and Alice wanting to turn me into a vampire, my cats following me to the store, and Emmett making me do math problems. Oh yeah, I think there was gnome in the moving truck!

  29. Yeah! Now I can do cool replies right here in the comments, and people can also see where you've commented before on the site πŸ™‚


  30. omg ur dream had me laughing soooo hard!!!!!lol and ya i totally get ur opinion on the chapter of breaking dawn lol.and my dreams are usually twilight related.my best twilight dream had to be when i dreamt i was driving down a highway in Rosalie's convertible(coincidence?)ansda motorcycle cop pulled me over and it turned out to be jasper so i naturally started freaking out and i like gave him a hug or something and alice literally pops up out of the bushes on the side of the road and says “get your hands off my man!!!”and thats where my dream ended and i woke up laughing.i swear that is a 100% true story………..im am sooooooooooooooooo strange lol………….anyhoo hoped u enjoyed my weirdo dream lol!!!!!

  31. oh and i had a dream where i was a vampire with emmett and we were like eating holographic food as the new vampire diet?????it was strange……and a dream with my class in a different school where everyone was wearing Rollerblades…..and than almost caught on fire….weird!!!!oh and like my five second dream of jasper on a hover board……….wow i have weird dreams!!!lol

  32. My weirdest dream? Oh my…

    My family was at my aunt/uncle/cousins' house and I was watching TV. There wasn't anything terribly interesting on, but I found a live Josh Groban concert to watch. After a few numbers, I noticed something weird about what Josh Groban was wearing. He was dressed in what he would normally wear to a concert, I guess, but covering his chest was this piece of white tarp. So i thought “Hmm this is weird. I wonder why he's wearing that.” Then I noticed something even weirder. The tarp was moving! And the camera swung around at the end of a song so I could see better–it looked like a bunch of hands were waving behind this tarp thing.
    Right then it was the end of the concert and the movement stopped and I saw a bunch of fans filing off the stage. So i put it together: the fans were sticking their arms through some giant cavity in Josh Groban's chest and waving from behind the tarp. It made me wonder how he could sing when his whole chest section was gone. What in the world?!?!
    So then I called one of my friends from school and told her about it, but she didn't seem surprised.
    “He's on this tour to help raise awareness and support for organ donations and transplants,” she explained. And apparently to express this, there were eight holes made in his chest, and because there are so many it just looks like one big hole. The tarp was so no one could see it and freak and pass out. And the waving hands? At every concert, a group of lucky fans were chosen to stand behind Josh, stick as many of their arms through as could fit, and wave to everyone through the holes, hidden by the tarp.
    THEN my friend told me that our class is going on a field trip to a Josh Groban concert, and WE were chosen to be the ones who get to stick our hands through the holes.
    So after I told my mom and aunt and everyone all about it, my dream transported me back home and I realized that I was running really late for the time that we were scheduled to leave. So I rushed over to where we were meeting and on the way, I met my class and they were all running/jogging to the concert. Well I didn't know we would be running to the concert, and so I wasn't dressed out. But the teachers said that there wasn't time for me to run home and get my shorts and change and come back on time because we'd be late for the concert and lose our “special spot.”
    I was freaking out because I didn't want to be left behind, and so I tried my best to run along with everyone else in what I was wearing, which was like a ballgown. Some of my friends offered me some of their extra gym clothes that i could try and change into on the way which didn't really work.
    Then I looked down and noticed that my dress had fallen off from running so fast…

    Then I woke up.
    Yeah…that one needs interpreting πŸ˜‰

  33. HMMMM……. My strangest dream. I have 4.

    1. My mom was driving to Big Y with me and my brother. We live on a big hill, and right when we got on the road I looked in the front seat and my mom wasn't there, but the car kept rolling all the way to Big Y. Then when me and my brother got there we couldn't remember how to get back to our house. Eventually I remembered how, and I started driving back to my house (I Was 10!), but then we magically got transported back to Big Y, and walked across the street to look for something. Then I woke up.

    2. I was dreaming but I still had my mind, and I wanted to wake up. But for some reason I couldnt get my eyes open. Eventually I did, but then I ended up in another dream! I was really irritated, so I tried to open my eyes (AGAIN) and I sort of woke up, but I was in another dream. I was in Price Chopper floating down to the floor while holding a balloon. But this time, I thought I was awake. After a second, I realized I was still alseep, so I walked across the store to a door. I opened it and behind the door was a bathroom made completely of wood. Then I woke up for real.

    3. I was in a room full of people, with Edward Cullen. He dragged me over to a corner and started kissing me. There was more to it, but I can't remember the rest (Im sure you can understand why). It was the best dream ever.

    4. I was dreaming that I was surrounded by people I knew and they were all talking to me. The last person was my friend Molly. She was next to my friend Sarah, and she told me “Sarah is sad, her cat died” after that, I woke up suddenly and said out loud “Sarah's cat is dead!”. Seconds later, I realized it was only a dream. That morning, Sarah got on to the bus and put her head on her backpack. I asked her why she was so sad, and she told me her cat was dead. oooooooo. creeeeppyyyy

  34. when I was about seven I had a recurring dream about a giant green slime monster chasing me around, but then I dreamed that my brother stabbed it and I didn't dream about it anymore. That was weird, I still remember it… I don't think there's any deeper meaning behind that, though.

    Also, I often have dreams that end in me getting eaten by giant spiders. But that's easy to explain- arachnaphobia.

    usually my dreams are fairly normal though.

  35. Lol. I have those kinds of dreams all the time. One night, I dreamt my friends and family were all working with forks and rakes at an E. Coli factory that was more like a farm. It just so happened that, after trying to figure it out the next day, it turned out that my dad had been watching a show on E. Coli while I was on the copmputer. There ware a couple other references to my day in the dream, including the forks (my best friend and I had been joking about Forks, Washington the night before), and a couple others. I don't remember where the rakes and the farm came from…

  36. Weirdest dream ever…. um I have to say the one where I was Edward Cullen and I was experencing what it was like to be him and be around Bella without hurting her. Very very strange since I'm a GIRL!!!! I never wanted to know what it was like to be a guy! EVER! Especially a TEENAGE MALE VAMP/GUY! *shudders*
    I think that happended because I had stumbled upon the beginning of Midnight Sun on Stephanie's website and started to read some of it. Never want that to happen again!

  37. Oh, and my weirdest dream: I have a reoccurring dream that I'm walking in giant, people-sized hamster tubes with a bunch of people my age that I have never met. We all end up in a large room with hamster bedding and sit in a circle. All the other people disappear and Barney wearing a marching band suit and singing the “Healthy Snacks” song from Blues Clues… I really can't explain that one, but I've had it for years.

  38. Its funny that you mention weird dreams, I just had one last week. I was walking through the mall, and then Robert Pattinson just strolls out of a Hot Topic. No joke. Then, I'm like “Whoa, your Rob Pattinson.” And then he says “Yes, I am,” So we go to the food court and we have lunch together. Weirdest dream ever. The day before that I was looking online at Paramore shirts- on the Hot Topic website. πŸ˜›

  39. I just want you to get to chapter 7.

    And what are you talking about, Bella's future child with Edward…?

  40. My weirdest dream ever (that I can actually remember):
    In real life, I'd been looking at pictures of old classmates, and just gotten back from a missions trip to Mexico. In my dream, my entire elementary school was getting on the bus that we'd taken to Mexico (how we were all going to fit, I have no idea) to go to a some concert. I was about to argue that I wasn't allowed to ride on the bus (mom's orders, due to lack of seat belts) when my favorite band, The Myriad, drove up and offered me a ride in their tour bus, and I readily accepted. We stayed in a hotel one night, where I roomed with an elderly couple I'd never seen before in my life, with whom I finger-painted and played Bingo. At the concert, I sat with between my Myriad buddies, listening to a random rock band play “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” LOL!

  41. Just wanted to say congrats on winning Best Male Site on the Dazzle awards Kaleb!!!

    Keep up the awesome work. πŸ™‚

  42. I'm so excited because I get to read breaking dawn with you(even though this is my 3rd time reading it)! Yay!
    The weirdest dream I ever had was that my dad had picked my brother and i up to go to his house(parents are divorced) but instead of driving us to his house we went to this lake and he got out of the truck, walked into the water and pulled out three dead bodies. It was a mom, a daughter, and a son about the same age as me. Keep in mind these people are dead. So he throws the daughter and mom in the bed of his truck, but sits this dead boy next to me in the passenger seat. Then the dead boy started talking to me and telling me I was pretty and all this different stuff. Then some how we ended up at an assembly at my school and my pastor was praying while this dead kid is still talking to me. Then this girl that I knew named Jessie turned into a dog and started barking. So I was like “Jessi shut up! Joesph is trying to pray!” then she took off out of the gym and I woke up. It was weird.
    I don't know what made me dream of that either.

  43. I have had a few weird dreams….

    One of them was when I was in a hospital bed in the future and I gave birth to a cat. It probably had to do something with my teacher being pregnant..I dont know what was with the cat part because I dont' have one or anything. But I remember being there in the hospital bed in the dream and my mom was like terrified of the cat…I was too. That was the weirdest dream EVER!

    Another dream I used to have frequently when I was younger: I was in this dark place with giant sized toys or something like that and they were coming to get me….it used to freak me out. It reminded me of the Toy Story movie because that kid, Sid, always like tortured toys and they were creepy when they came to life…

    I have had a few dreams of myself dying. In one of the dreams, I died because of a tornado. And I and scared to death of those things. In another dream, this guy came looking for me to kill me and he had a gun. I kept trying to run away but I wasn't fast enough. In the end, I died….I was shot by the guy. Then I woke up scared out of my mind.

    One last dream that I will share with you all: I was in my room on my computer late at night and all of a sudden I heard someone break down the front door. I heard my mom scream and then a gun shot…my brother was with her in the kitchen and then the gun was shot again. They were both dead. All I could think about was what I could do to escape and my first thought was hiding under the bed….but i ended up climbing out my window and on to the roof (i think)…

    Those are the weirdest ones that I have had…I have no clue on why I really had them. But I woke up after each one scared to death. I haven't had any Twilight dreams πŸ™ but maybe I can replace those with the ones of me dying.

    (Sorry if none of this made sense!)

  44. To dream that you are seeing someone else give birth can mean new beginnings or an upcoming event. Cats can mean independence, creativity, power, misfortune, or bad luck. Being afraid of that cat can mean that you are having problems connecting with your femininity. White cats mean you are going through difficult times, black that you are afraid to trust your intuitions.

    To dream of your own death indicates a transitional phase in your life. It can also mean that you are trying to escape the demands of everyday life. To dream of the death of loved ones suggests you are lacking in certain qualities they embody, and that gaining those qualities could be helpful in your own relationships.

    The tornado suggests you are experiencing extreme emotional outbursts, or 'temper tantrums', also that you feel overwhelmed and out of control. Having been shot by the man with a gun suggests some sort of confrontation you are to face in you waking life. Being chased can also show you are trying to avoid a situation is which you don't think you can win. Even just the image of the computer can mean that new opportunities are being open to you.

    Next time you have a dream that really frightens you, you should try doing some research into it. There are many sites online to look through, and tons of books you can buy on the subject. Once you can connect the scary images in the dream to their real-life meanings, they're not so bad anymore. πŸ˜‰

  45. If you are the self-appointed king of weird dreams, then by far I am the queen. I have so many disturbing, funny, makes-no-sense-at-all dreams that in no way could I ever remember them all, and yes they always have wierd triggers from stuff that happened during the previous day. The wierdest, that I can actually explain, is probably one where I am wandering through a giant snow drift in the mountains. I am following a trail of 5-foot long french fries and come across a retirement community in the middle of these mountains. The doors to the houses af this retirement community are guarded by video game monsters that attack you if you get too close. The trail of french fries that, for some reason, I have to follow, splits into two ways. One leads across a grassy area in front of the old-folk's home, the other around it. I walk across the grass and all the old people start yelling at me and throwing bread crumbs. I wake up then.

    Thats not even the wierdest dream I've had.

    I also have many Twilight-infused dreams as well(of course). One of which I met Rob Pattinson in a movie theater. I started taling to him but my friend just walked away lol. In another one I was in a car with Emmet, Rosalie, and Esme, on an italian island and desperately had to meet Edward and Alice at some restaurant.

    I have a strange.

  46. Thanks for the info babybott330! πŸ™‚ I haven't had the weird dreams lately so I guess life is good right now…lol

  47. I've had so many weird dreams, I can't even think of one that stands out the most.

    But I'll tell you one. It's kind of long, but this is that one part that is really strange.

    I was in my office. I was really busy finishing the file that I'm transcribing, then suddenly, a hand was around my neck, maybe trying to kill me. I looked up, I saw Voldemort! LOL. He was staring at me intently. And then I just brushed off his hand and said, “Will you please stop bugging me? I have a rush file to finish!” And he just started talking gibberish… I think hissing or something. So I yelled at him, “If you don't stop that, my supervisor is really going to kill you!” After that, Voldemort just stood in one corner and said nothing. I think he got scared. LMAO. =)

    Oh. I also had Twilight-related dreams, and I had a recurrent one. It was that part of Eclipse where the vampires and the wolves were in the clearing. And I dreamed of it like I was one of the newborns… or maybe one of the Cullens because I saw Jasper (or Jackson Rathbone) jumping and running around. I've had this dream every night for a month, I think. I don't know why I was having the dream over and over because by that time, I have finished reading the series.

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