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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 3 (Big Day)

The song for this chapter is You And Me by Lifehouse Lifehouse - Lifehouse - You and Me


Around this time, I should point out I am the self-appointed King of Weird Dreams. Not counting that dream of the strange woman chasing me with a pitchfork, my dreams usually range from the freaky to the strange-yet-fortunately-happy. Most of the time it is a mix between the two. One such dream happened last night.

In the dream, for some reason, I was going to a parade event in a city, and I had stopped at this building they had set up as a green room on a side street. Then, a car pulled up, and out stepped Stephenie Meyer. She waved to me and we went into the building, where she immediately went to a dresser against the wall (don’t askย  me why, this was a dream remember?) and started autographing the t-shirts inside with a silver Sharpie. The most confusing part of this was that the t-shirts were not for Twilight, but were for MY book, and had the new gnome on the front. I remember distinctly not knowing whether I should protest or keep passing her shirts to sign, considering eBay. Then I woke up — finding to my horror that none of it was real, and I had no autographed gnome shirts at all.

This did not actually happen

Coincidentally, chapter 3 of Breaking Dawn starts with the end of Bella’s dream, and my experience last night made me really think about the root of dreams. I read once that sometimes, the content of dreams can be triggered by what you were doing the day before. Yesterday, I got a silver Sharpie, watched videos from Stephenie at the Book Babe event, fixed the handle on my dresser and thought about making t-shirts with the gnome. How weird is that how it all ended up in my dream in some form or another?

In this same way, Bella’s dream from the chapter before tells me a lot about what she has subconsciously been thinking of, and her fears from the past few days. It ends with the Volturi and the child, and the bodies burning in a pile: the child with ‘bright, blood-red eyes’ staring back at her. The pile is made of all her friends’ bodies. Is she afraid she will do this? Is she afraid her child will?

Another theory about dreams is that they see into the future, and with the world of vampires and werewolves that Bella lives in, I don’t put that possibility out of mind. Is this referring to Bella’s future child with Edward? Or, could the child actually be a mental representation of her ‘young’ self as a vampire: shown as a child, since she will in essence be a ‘newborn’ again?


And, I completely object to Charlie’s obvious distaste for monkey suits.

“That’s not your only job. You also have to be dressed and presentable.”

[Charlie] scowled into his cereal bowl and muttered the words “monkey suit” under his breath

There are plenty of monkey suits that are quite wonderful for a police chief:


Okay maybe Charlie was right.

The wedding is just the type of wedding I had imagined to come from the Cullens: extravagant, and yet filled with family and friends. It seems so odd that these people are gathered there to see Bella marry Edward Cullen, when it wasn’t that long ago that she first moved there. Has she really grown up that much since we all first met her? Perhaps I’m a bit reminiscent, but the moment that Bella said “I do” I was suddenly reminded of just how much she has changed from the girl she was in Twilight: that girl who was so afraid of everything and yet so overwhelmed by her feelings for this strange boy named Edward. Could she have even imagined she would end up marrying him back then, when he seemed to be avoiding her at all costs? It’s funny how life changes things like that ๐Ÿ˜€

Question For The Comments: What is the strangest dream you’ve had, and was it triggered by anything you had done the day before (ex. in the dream, a bunch of blue clowns attack you with popcorn, and it just so happened the day before you had been at the circus and someone had spilled popcorn on you ๐Ÿ˜€ )?


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  1. Oh wow, can't think of a dream I've had that was anywhere close to normal! I'd probably say the most bizarre one was a dream I had a few years ago that I was sat in a meadow playing with neon pink and yellow plastic dragons which randomly started coming to life and dancing around. I have absolutely no idea where that dream came from, though around the time I had several dreams revolving around dragons.

    I also once had a frreaky dream when about five years ago that two mobile phones were planted in my backpack at school and I had the police after me… only to hear in the bulletin a week later that two mobile phones had been reported as stolen in school…

    Then there's humerous Twilight dreams, such as a brief flash of Edward walking across a lake toward Bella and saying 'Yes Bella, I am Jesus.' In another one Edward decided to rebuild Blackpool Tower further out on the beach, only for it to start collapsing when we were at the top (got down safely before it fully fell though), apparantly construction is one thing that Edward does not excell at.

  2. “you and me! I really love this song!! it should have been the bookยดs one ๐Ÿ™‚ – great website anyway!!! love from Europe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. My weirdest dream: (warning – could make your head spin)

    I was on a giant ferris wheel with my grandmother and there was a rainbow in the background, then the sky got darker. i warned everyone to get off the ride and we all ran for it. Suddenly, a big strike of blue lightning came out of the rainbow. And it started following us. Everyone ran to my school, because the classrooms were our apartments (scary), but the lightning destroyed it. So, I told everyone to jump in the water and stay under, and the lightning couldn't hurt us (because for some reason water repelled lightning – don't ask me why). Then the sky cleared, and the killer rainbow was gone.

    I'd love to see someone diagnose that.

  4. The other day I had a dream that I was walking on the highway when suddenly I changed into a boy. That looked like Jim from American Pie. Then two guys showed up, one looked like a dangerous criminal and the other like a dutch celebrity, sasha visser, and they want to bury me alive. But then I run away and they catch me throw me in the water with a stone straped to my feet and walked away. I climbed out of the water and disappeared into the forrest. I went the my apartment, wich I don't really have, and pack my stuff very quickly afraid that they would follow me, while they thought I was dead. And I'm still a guy in my dream. I run over to a big concert hall, that I've never seen before, and I hide behind a curtain. There was this girl there who was hiding there for over a year. I don't know the reason. We both had masks on and lay there behind the curtain for over three years. Than during a show we concluded that we had to come out, or something. And we did and took of our masks, everybody aplaused and we came on television wich I was afraid of, for the bad guys. Suddenly I'm on the highway again running from those guys, and everything is in a sort of chinese theme. I'm running from town to town with this chinese ghost with me who gave me advice. And I come into this house that looked like my real house. I saw this black woman staring at me. And then I suddenly changed back into myself, a girl, and she says to me: “I'm here to find a man for you.” So I asked: “Are you familiar with ghosts and stuff?”, she says yes en that's where the dream ends. The weird thing is that the dad and sister of my best friend were that evening eating chinese and I was watching a program with sasha visser and lately I feel like I need to get myself a boyfriend.
    very strange..

  5. I also have the wierdest dreams you could imagine. I think in my wierdest, I was in a city, walking down a long boulivard of stores, and the city was being attacked by Godzilla (no, it wasn't Tokyo). I was walking with my mother, and we both had these very tall, pointed caps on. We thought we were going to die, and we wanted to be eaten by the monster quickly rather than slowly. My mother told me to remove my cap, because that would cause a faster death should Godzilla try to eat me.(?) Anyway, my mother and I were both eaten by Godzilla, but I remember coming back to the street as a ghost and screaming once. Then I woke up.
    ?????????????????????? Who knows?
    Second wierdest dream: This one is particulary strange because it was so VIVID. If it were possible for such a thing to happen, I would think it had. When I was little, I kept insisting it really had happened ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I was coming out of Stop & Shop with my mother. I was really young, shorter than the shopping cart. We had a cabbage in our cart. A slight gust of wind blew, and the cabbage was suddenly wisked into the air and carried to the roof of the store in a plastic grocery bag!
    Weird, huh? No, I have no idea what caused either dream.

  6. Hm. Had a dream that I was at a birthday party with my oldest, when zombies attacked…. long dream short, the end came down to me having one bullet, zombies breaking into our hiding place, and me having to make the choice between killing my child or myself before the zombies did it… Seriously messed up dream. (If you ever want the full version, let me know, tis very bad.) All I know is, don't eat Papa John's before bedtime. lol

  7. My weirdest dream? I can't remember it well but I will tell yiou it did involve Jim Henson, Kelly Clarkson, Edward Cullen, a talking fish and a jar of peanut butter.

    Yeah, I know.

  8. The Ferris wheel can mean that you are going around in circles, heading nowhere. Your Grandmother represents protection and unconditional love. The rainbow is the bridge between your grounded self and spiritual self. The presence of the color blue can symbolize your optimism of the future, while lighting is a sudden awareness of truth.
    To dream your 'house' (which in this case, you felt the school was your house) is on fire indicated you need to undergo some transformation, while dreaming you are underwater suggests you are feeling overcome with emotions and are in need of greater control of your life.

  9. I loved this post.

    As for your question, I have had a lot of weird dreams and I'd rather not explain the horrifying ones I've had within the past month because they are very personal and yeah…. I HATE THEM!

    When I was 5, I had a dream that some mad scientist came into my house and electricuted my parents in front of me. I woke up and ran into my parents room and slept with them the rest of the night (as if my being there would save them from a mad scientist…not likely…).

    Then when I was around 10 or 11, I had a dream that I was in the woods and found this building called “Dino Safety” and walked in. everyone was bustling about and wouldn't really talk to me. Then this cute, slightly geeky guy with round glasses came up and told me to stay there because the woods were filled with dinosaurs. Having always like dinosaurs when I was little, I thought it'd be cool to see one. Then he looked at me and shook his head, telling about how if you get bitten by one of these donosaurs, you turn into one yourself. That scared me. Then he left me for a bit. I was standing there and then a little voice started talking to me from behind. I turned but didn't find anyone. Then the voice told me to look down and then I was four little tiny dinosaurs the size of beanie babies looking up at me. They were random bright colors (I think pink, blue, green and yellow….i think….) and were so cute. They told me they weren't like the evil ones in the forest and they began to follow me around, telling me about the people in the building. They told me about a really cute guy named Jason who protected everyone from the evil dinosaurs and I met him. He was sweet. I liked him a lot. Then, if I remember correctly, the dinosaurs attacked the building and we had to run through the woods. By this time the little brightly colored dinosaurs were in a red-wagon that I was pulling. We were with Jason and the guy with the glasses. I was telling the guy with the glasses about the show Dinotopia that was on tv at the time I had this dream and then, I heard a weird noise. The guy had been behind me but he was gone when I turned around. I went back to where I had last seen him but all that was there were his hiking boots surrounded by a pool of blood. I woke up right after that thinking, “Why am I dreaming about dinosaurs!?”

    That is the weirdest dream I've ever had.

    Kaleb, dreams can actually tell you things about yourself. Resently, with all my weird personal dreams, my aunt told me to go to a dream dictionary site and see what the objects in my dream meant and I did. Everything was incredibly accurate! If your dreams don't make sense, I'd reccommend going to one of those sites and typing in all the random objects….it seriously is crazy what comes up!

  10. I had a very strange dream the other night, where I was on the set of New Moon, but I arrived on a school bus with the rest of the cast. Someone who was on security realized I wasn't an actress, and asked me what I was doing there. Of course, I replied with “Umm… uh… I'm a fan.. BUT, I'm not one of those crazy fans! I can totally act normal!” and he just disappeared into thin air! Then, I walked over to Kellan Lutz, and he just gave me a look like “who the hell are you?” and I was like “oh, it's okay, i'm normal! just ask the security guy!” I know that I kept on going up to the actors, saying the same thing over and over, and then I somehow figured out there was a plan to assassinate the director, so Justin Chon and I went into the sewers (don't ask, I don't understand why I told him what was going on, and why we went into the sewers) For some other reason unknown, I had to go undercover as an actress in the Harry Potter musical… as Bella. The last thing that I can remember from this dream is that I was about to go on stage, and I was crying because I didn't know the lines…
    yeahh. weird dream.

  11. My most bizarre dream was some sort of Hannah Montanna/Dead Like Me cross over. Okay, so first, you know how in some dreams you consider one of the people to be “you” even though its nothing like you at all? I don't know if it's the POV of something (this was a 3rd person dream so I have no idea) but whatever. The point is there was one person that when I think back on the dream I would consider to be “me” even though she looked nothing like me at all. So I was walking through this mall, except it wasn't a normal mall by anyone's standards. Except maybe Mario's. There would be like a hallway and then the walls would start slamming shut behind you and you had to race through to get to the elevator. The revolving doors were like little spheres with a tiny circular opening and you'd have to dive into it and then jump out when it got to the other side. The whole place was like that, yet no one found it at all strange during the dream. Then I run into Miley and apparently we were best friends because I was really Mandy Moore (I have NO idea XD) and did the whole double life thing too. But I was friends with Hannah and didn't know she was really Miley. But she recognized me and as proof of who she was gave me the math homework we had done together the night before. This homework was like 4-bazillion pages long. It was a stack of paper about 2 feet tall. But I didn't believe her so she turns to page 264 (I don't know why it was 264…anyone know the significance of totally random numbers in dreams?) and shows me where she wrote “Miley is Hannah Montana.” So of course with that now infallible proof, we're hanging out in the mall being best buddies. For some reason I couldn't get rid of the giant stack of paper, so I stuck it in the backpack that I just suddenly had. But that slowed me down, so Miley went and flirted with some guy. Then we all decided to go into the dance club/amusement park in the middle of this mall. Miley and the random guy got there before me and the bouncer let them in. When I got there he wouldn't let me in and so I got all pissed. I started yelling that he had just slipt up teo pop stars and needed to let me in right away. He didn't believe me so I yanked out the giant stack of paper, spred it out all over the ground, and started looking for page 264. A big crowd gathered and I triumphantly showed them the “proof” that Miley was Hannah. No one questioned this, and they all went after Miley. She was all hurt and betrayed and kept yelling “How could you!” I felt bad so I decided to fix things by making them even. I told everyone that I was Mandy Moore, but no one believed me. So I frustratedly asked why they could believe Miley was Hannah Montana but not that I was Mandy Moore. Everyone was then like “oh, you're right” but instead of believing me, they stopped believing her and disappeared. That was when the dream switched. I was now somebody else and I was standing next to George from Dead Like Me. We had Miley's post-it and were trying to reap her soul (they're grim reapers in case you haven't seen the show. It's really good btw). But there were too many people so we hadn't been able to get close enough. The ETD (estimated time of death) came before we could get close enough, and a graveling (little dudes that make accidents happen) made a water pipe burst and the ceiling right above Miley and the girl that had previously been me exploded. It fell, but every piece miraculously missed them. George was angry and I was afraid Rube (the head reaper) was going to kick our asses. We couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. Then Mason (another reaper) appears out of nowhere and suggests that maybe when the graveling had heard she was Hannah Montana it decided they'd rather take Hannah then Miley. Get the superstar instead of the normal girl. That's when I woke up.

    The strange thing is, other than Dead Like Me, I have nothing to do with any of the other stuff in my dream. I had no math homework that night, I don't really care about Hannah Montana, I know next to nothing about Mandy Moore (seriously all I know is her name, I actually had to look up if she was even a singer), I haven't been to any sort of dance or amusement park in months, nor have I played mario games in ages. It was all totally random. Strangest dream ever.

  12. The weirdest dream I ever had started in my front yard during the summer. I heard a loud noise, and noticed that my dad had got out the tractor and attatche the bucket to the front. He then maneuvered the tractor to the edge of the grass and lowered the bucket. He slowly began to move forward, causing the bucket to go underneath the grass, which then began to roll up like rolls of sod in the bucket. I stood and watched with my mom and sister, a little upset and shocked at what he was doing. After he was done, he threw the grass into a large dumster and we ran over to him shouting hysterically, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” His reply was cheerful, and a wide grin spread across as he said, “We are going to decorate or yard African!” With the grass gone, only dirt/mud remained in our yard besides the other landscaping. My dad then brought out buckets of refried beans and ordered us to spread it around where the grass used to be. By now, my family and I are all crying because we are upset that the yard is gone, but we continue to do what he says anyway. After spreading the refried beans about 4 inches thick across the yard, I noticed that there was suddenly melted cheese on top as well. With tears still streaming down our faces, my dad happily handed us buckets of magenta, red, and yellow paint. We proceeded to paint the fence yellow, with a design on it. The design was a magenta diamond, then a red dot, magenta diamond, red dot…etc and all the while we bawled. Finally we were finished and we saw and old man approaching us. His skin was rich brown in color and saggy because he was old. He was bent over and it was obvious that it was hard to move even though he carried a crooked cain. A white, whispy beard hung from is face and was long enough that it dragged on the ground. When we noticed him, he walked over to the largest tree in our yard, and wacked our tree firmly and very swiftly with his crooked cain. The tree immediately became crooked and dried up, looking like it was barely clinging to life. He then proceeded to do this to all the other trees until they all looked like they had been neglected or suffered from desert heat. Still crying, my dad came over to examine our work and was very pleased…then I woke up. I do not know what promted the african theme, or the remodel of our yard, but I am pretty sure I know why the refried beans were in my dream. That night for dinner our family had gone out to eat at our favorite mexican food restaurant and I remember making a small comment about the way the refried beans looked. It wasn't a significant part of my day at all, but it is usually those little, insignificant occurences that accumulate and in my dreams come together creating some bizzare image. And when I say insignificant, I mean insignificant. Glancing at someones shoe during my day and noticing they have a sticker from an apple on their shoe, giving it no other thought than that will likely end up in my dreams. I wonder why dreams are sooo weird….

  13. Ever since I was four I have reoccuring nightmares of John Travolta's giant head (as him from “Welcome Back Cotter”) chasing me with a gun. I have no idea why I have these dreams. (Nor do I ever remember how or where he is holding the gun… since he is just a giant floating head…)

  14. I remember these three really strange dreams I had.

    One: I was in Home Depot. Don't ask me why…. 'cause I can't remember. For some reason, there was a toy aisle, and it was filled with… art supplies and pool float-y things… It was all very strange. Out of absolutely nowhere, I have a shopping cart filled to the brim with wood, nails, hammers, and all that good stuff. My dad had just purchased everything and I had stopped one last time to look at something that looked like a… bug zapper air freshner? What the heck? was all I could think at that moment.
    I should probably explain that I am in near complete contorl of my dreams. I remember everything, control what I do for the most part, and stuff like that.
    Anyway, I walked out after realizing I couldn't see my dad or my brothers and sister anywhere. I ran outside (pushing the cart, of course), and noticed there was no one in the parking lot, and it was /really/ dark outside. I turned back to the store, which turned into the Bed Bath & Beyond store (I think this happened the night I first watched CLICK) and it was completely dark too. No surprise there, considering how late it seemed.
    Then, to be anti0climactic, I woke up.

    Two: I was on a sidewalk, and it was near pitch black. Like, scary movie darkness that you see… in movies. I was all buddled up and everything, and I was just walking. Then, I remember feeling very scared and turning around, expecting something there. Nothing was there. I looked around me for another minute before I turned forward.
    This is the part where I don't remember much about what happened, but I clearly remember seeing our new car (it was a 2001 model of a Black Ford Expedition) freakin' flying. No one was driving it (I think). It just hovered and reminded me of Flubber, with the flying hovercraft like car.
    So now, I'm tripping, falling backwards as I try to take off from it. You know the movies where you think, 'What an idiot! Can't you stand up straight, run, stop, then turn around WITHOUT the sliding part?!' Yeah, I did that. I slid on the ground trying to turn.
    Now, I was running along side those little bump things that people park there cars next to at fairs and stores and such, when one tried to take a bite out of my ANKLE. I fell backwards again, then woke up.

    Three: I was walking on ANOTHER sidewalk, but it was vright daylight. I had a tank top on and a pair of olf jeans. The sidewalk was almost like a private street with a lot of grass that was a light green and a smooth black street. Just about everything was covered in chalk: pink, yellow, white, light blue, light green. it almost hurt your eyes to a point. I then remember thinking (subconciously, I think) about unicorns. UNICORNS?! REALLY?!
    Then, I was walking a bunch of dogs. This was the day that the Hotel For Dogs movie trailers came out (I saw it tonight, by the way :D). Then, I thought more about unicorns, and dogs, and strangly enough… the sun. Which came out of nowhere and just made the sidewalk give me a sun glare. Then, again, I woke up at that point.

    So I guess it's safe to say I have some pretty weird dreams.

    Did I mention that whenever I used to fall asleep in class, I would always rock forward like something was pushing me and fighting me at the same time? Yeah, it would jolt me awake before the teacher came to see if I was asleep.

    … I have weird sleeping patterns. XD

  15. well, i have had a couple of weird dreams, but one is really weird!!
    i have had this dream since i was little and it comes back every month or so. anyway, i was in my house and a freaking huge lion just bangs down the door (weird i kno). soo here i am screaming my head off runnin into my parents room. and as i am running my brother comes out of no where and grabs a gun(also out of no where) and shoots the lion. then, the lion eats him… i was screaming and crying the whole time! and then my mom comes out of no where (again) and gets the gun and shoots the lion.. the whole time the lion doesnt react! and then my mom dies…. and THEN my brother mysteriously is alive again and it just keeps replaying again.. my brother dies then my mom. OVER AND OVER again. it is the most terrifying dream ever!
    i started having this dream after i saw the jungle book, i think. haha.. the weird thing is that i lovee that movie . haha

    and i think bella has really grown up and matured. i think it is really cool how she can become so used to a place in soo little time.
    lovee the twilight saga <3

  16. Just curious if I'm the only one who noticed this. I'm on my second read through of the books and there was something that caught my attention at the very beginning of the chapter.

    Bella states “First I cleaned the already tidy rooms, and then when Charlie was up I made him pancakes.” (pg 38-39)

    Then, if you read down to about the middle of the page it says:
    “He scowled into his cereal bowl and muttered the words “monkey suit” under his breath.”

    My question is this… if Bella made pancakes for Charlie, why is scowling into a cereal bowl…. unless, of course, he ate the pancakes out of a bowl because all of the plates were dirty. But then the rooms were already tidy. Hmmm. Just wondering if I'm the only one who noticed that.

  17. wow man ur totally right! Hmm…. mabey he finished his pancakes and then ate some cereal????? oh, i dont really know!

  18. The weridest dream I ever had was when I was five years old. Back then my mom ran a baby-sitting service while their parents are at work, there was me, my sister and two other girls. I don't remember what I was thinking about before or what happened the day before all I remember is the dream. All the girls my mom babysat (my mom wasn't there) were picking black berries at a spot in the forest by my house and suddenly a bloody 3 or 4 foot tall chicken came out and ate my sister. Then me and the other two girls ran until we found a car, the oldest girl drove (though she was only 7 or 8) and while she was driving a disembodied arm attacked her and she died. Then me and the younger girl ran and ran until she got eaten by the chicken too. Then I woke up. Because of that one dream, A. I'm terrified of all birds. and B. it started me writting because I told it to my friends then in 2nd grade I wrote a story about it and all my friends liked it so I started writting all different kinds of stories.

  19. Once I stayed up until 4 AM playing online games from different genres. I played some Role playing, some 3D, some platform and a couple of adventure games and I had the school dance in a week.
    I slept that night and dreamt of me at the dance with my friends and talking but I didn't hear the words, their words came in these bubbles and there was a flashing “Jump Up TO CONTINUE” at the bottem of each speech box. (just like in the adventure games where u have to talk to people) . Then they tell me to turn around and Everything fades away when I see this 3D white area with barely anything then these GIANT storm clouds still in 3D roll in with lightning and I turn to find a desert far away in the distance and the ground is sand so if it rains…it becomes thick mud…I go to the “desert” to find that it is NOT a desert but this mario-like platform game. I have to jump on clouds and floors and stuff and the last floor is made of elasticy rubber that flings me up into the sky(scared of heights) and I land in this maze where this old guy pops up and tells me to escape the maze…then he explodes…
    so then I try to solve the maze and after a long time this door opens and this goast comes through (and freaks me out) so I start screaming, run through the goast, into the door and end up at the dance again where my friend is still talking…so I start screaming “WTF?!?!?!?” and wake up…

  20. omgsh!! i had a gream like that once!! except it started out with me being on a bus being chased by a car, the bus pulling over and dropping me off at a tourist station thing, then these chinese people coming out to guard me and one of them got hurt and this lady led me to a bridge which i start to cross, but then i wake up…..that's actually kinda freaky…..and weird…

  21. Ive had quite a few odd dreams. For a really long time, I never remembered any of my dreams, but then I started to remember some of them maybe around the summer of last year. I think this one (which is one of my weirdest) was around that time (I'll tell you the main parts cause there was this small part in the beginning that had absolutely nothing to do with the rest): I was with my mom, my dad, my two sisters, my aunt, and my two cousins and we were on our way to some place (possibly a Jonas Brothers concert? both my cousins and my sisters and I had tickets but we were going on different days (my sisters and I were going one day and my cousins another). Then we lost my younger cousin, Amber. We were by the side of a road searching for her but we were only checking in that small little area. Then my aunt was telling us this story about how when Amber was younger, she was a watermelon and one day, my aunt was afraid that Amber would be lonely, so she picked another watermelon to be Amber's friend. Then the other day, she went to go eat Amber's friend, but she thought she might have accidentally eaten Amber. That story made us just look harder. Then Amber walks out of the forest and up to me while I'm searching the trunk of one of our cars and asks me, “Whatcha doin'?” I didn't look up at her because I was to busy searching but I replied, “Looking for…” Then I looked up at her and so did everyone else and we all shouted, “AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yea that was a very strange dream

  22. Ive had quite a few odd dreams. For a really long time, I never remembered any of my dreams, but then I started to remember some of them maybe around the summer of last year. I think this one (which is one of my weirdest) was around that time (I'll tell you the main parts cause there was this small part in the beginning that had absolutely nothing to do with the rest): I was with my mom, my dad, my two sisters, my aunt, and my two cousins and we were on our way to some place (possibly a Jonas Brothers concert? both my cousins and my sisters and I had tickets but we were going on different days (my sisters and I were going one day and my cousins another). Then we lost my younger cousin, Amber. We were by the side of a road searching for her but we were only checking in that small little area. Then my aunt was telling us this story about how when Amber was younger, she was a watermelon and one day, my aunt was afraid that Amber would be lonely, so she picked another watermelon to be Amber's friend. Then the other day, she went to go eat Amber's friend, but she thought she might have accidentally eaten Amber. That story made us just look harder. Then Amber walks out of the forest and up to me while I'm searching the trunk of one of our cars and asks me, “Whatcha doin'?” I didn't look up at her because I was to busy searching but I replied, “Looking for…” Then I looked up at her and so did everyone else and we all shouted, “AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yea that was a very strange dream

  23. In this chapter Bella says that she is going to make Pancakes but later in that same page Bellas says that Charlie is eathin a cereal bowl. Wath happen ?????????

  24. I LOVE this chapter. I was actually crying with happiness :') She has changed alot, she's more confident now and happier to the grumpy bella that arrived in Forks years before. Her relationship with Edward has changed her, but for the better. She knows what she wants out of ,life now and has a path to take and determination, all of which she was lacking at first sight. Urm..I've had loads of weird dreams. Some in france going to buy a pair of green trousers and the bridge falling down and then falling in the river. It had no relation to what had happened the day before though. No, most of my dreams are completley random and make no link to reality. My friend had a dream that was linked to previous events though; she dreamed that me, her and my mum had to go to san francisco on a plane because Britain was being attacked (planes + attacking must have come from when I was talking about 9/11) then we got there and we had to sign in to say that we'd arrived, but she had left her baggage and credit card on the plane, so we had to run back and get it. Then she couldn't remember her pin and her card froze (we were talking about cards freezing and pin numbers the night before) and the woman kept saying that she would have to delete my friend from the list of humanity and she would therefore, be non-existent. then she woke up. I always wake up before my dream ends. I've also had a dream that I was waiting in our house for Simon Cowell to come. I had a dressing gown on :S weirrdd.

  25. I had a dream last night.

    I was sitting on the patio with my best friend, and a tall, dark man about our age, maybe a few years older is riding through tossing blue sticky notes everywhere. He was wearing a navy jacket with red trim, and patched arms.

    I looked at my friends reaction to his appearance. She simply blinked and nodded to the paper, so that I would go pick it up. I walk over to the paper and read what it said:


    I blinked and it turned into a Viking ship

    I flipped over the second note closest to me:


    I blinked again, and it turned into a Dove.

    I turn over the last one:


    Before I could blink, the mysterious man returned. He said, “Give me that one, for it is for my girlfriend.”
    I handed him the note. He rode away.

    I moved the ship around in my hands, and out of nowhere a Viking appeared.
    “You challenge me! Now!

    And before I know it, he is aiming a huge fiery arrow at me, from a ship, and I wake up.

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