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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 8 (Waiting For The Damn Fight To Start Already)

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I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to be feeling well! Even though it’s only really been a few days, I’m one of those people who has to be doing something all the time or else feels they’ve lost touch with everything, and thus being sick in bed for nearly a week is quite a depressing time for me. Not only am I now feeling better, but with only one more final to go, a few months of break from school is just around the corner for me. And what a summer break it shall be!

With what could perhaps be the longest chapter title in Twilight Saga history, we once again enter into that strange brain of Jacob Black. I love the fact that I get to delve into Jacob’s head a bit. Many people have probably noticed how much Jacob’s immaturity irks me, sometimes to the point of paragraphs of rants detailing exactly why he annoys me and how I think he should evict himself headfirst off the nearest cliff (alright not quite that bad). Still, I welcome the chance to get to know him more. Like The Phantom in his opera, there are some characters who seem quite despicable at first, but after I get to know them my opinions change dramatically. We shall see if something similar happens with Mr. Black.

These werewolves sure like to fight. I feel like my grandmother waggling a finger at them and going


as they punch and lunge at each other over hardly more than a bag of chips and a chair. Due to this behavior, there is an almost constant theme of things being smashed throughout the beginning of this chapter, such as:

“You better’ve brought those with you.” CRUNCH.

He heard where I was going and shoved the bag behind his back. CRUNCH.

Maybe he’d smashed her like a bag of chips in his drive to get some? (CRUNCH.)

His eyes shifted to the TV. I lunged. His nose made a very satisfying CRUNCH.


Jacob obviously isn’t in love with the idea of imprinting either. It leads me to wonder if this is because he didn’t actually imprint on Bella, and might have known all along that because of this she couldn’t have really been his? I’ve seen this point argued before and I know there is a very specific reason why this doesn’t matter, but I’ve always wondered why Jacob pursued Bella so strongly when he hadn’t imprinted on her. With a lack of imprinting, his love for her wouldn’t actually be the best love for either of them — and as a very unsettling thought, he might imprint on someone else in the future and leave Bella behind. It’s always confused me. Did Jacob think that after time he would imprint on Bella? Again this could be my faulty memory fooling me when the reason for this was made obvious volumes ago, and everyone on Team Jacob is laughing uproariously at my expense.

Jacob is still very concerned for Bella, and it’s obvious that even after the wedding, he still isn’t giving up on that tiny bit of hope she’ll realize what she is doing and come back to him. Because, everyone knows it is far safer being with a werewolf than a vampire. That point aside, his brooding has surely gotten quite painful, especially imagining Bella and Edward together now. I mean, in most relationships, there are months between breaking up with someone and then her getting married to someone else, which means time away from each other to heal. Jacob hasn’t gotten that, because he never gave up, even to the day of the wedding. It would be misery if the girl I loved went off and got married to someone else, leaving me with little besides some guy sitting on my couch…watching my television…eating my chips.

Mr. Black is really a killjoy too, by the way. I’m laughing immensely that his first reaction to Paul’s guffaw is considering breaking his nose again. He’s like the Burgermeister Meisterburger, who tripped on one toy and then decided to burn the lot in a fit of rage.


Disregarding what could have just been my most obscure movie reference ever, the conversation with Quil has me wondering if Jacob has ever thought he actually did imprint on Bella? He says he doesn’t see any other girl, and he seems so sure that they are meant to be together. He might know differently, but I wonder if it has ever made him really think. It would be very difficult for him if he had imprinted on her, when she just married Edward Cullen. If imprinting really is something they can’t control, Jacob might actually be in a better position now if he doesn’t imprint on her, because otherwise it could get very messy.

With the news of Bella’s return to Forks, there seems to be some decision-making going on. The werewolves aren’t quite up to a full-out battle, but Jacob Black is ready to take on the Cullens all by himself. One wolf against a coven of vampires? Oh yes Jacob, you’re really going to survive that one. Still, with all his determination to get revenge for what he believes is Bella’s death, there’s something akin to a miniature war that might be about to happen.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: If Jacob HAD imprinted on Bella, how do you think the story would have changed? Do you think Bella would have still married Edward? Would Edward have fought Jacob or would he have let her go?


– For those who keep up with my music, I just composed an entirely new song you might enjoy and can download for free.



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  1. Edward and Bella's relationship is sort of like imprinting too. Remember both of their very strong reactions when they had just met? Their love is just as strong or stronger than that of imprinting.

  2. i think in a way edward imprinted on bella..remember how he said it takes alot to change a vampire and once they change it's permanent. when he fell inlove with bella that was it. he would always love and and always want her. and because of that he's doing everything he can to keep her safe and happy. like in eclipse he ddoesn't like her seeing jacob but it makes her happy, so he's ok with it. even if jake had imprinted he would have been what she needed him to a friend at first and would have waited until her feelings changed to be more than a friend. but she didn't feel that way about him. i think he had the wrong idea ever since she flirted with him to get the stories on the beach out of him.

  3. I don't want to know what might have happened, it would be true love vs imprinting. Two very lethel forces to mess with.

  4. well I think wolves can love on their on just like Sam loved Leah until he imprinted and then he was almost forced to be with his imprintee. So in theory Bella would've had to give up Edward for Jacob if you think on how imprinting works, BUT not everything works normal with Bella haha. I mean she's the exception to everything as Edward points out so many times in the first book. She's not like everyone else. It's part of what makes him love her, and the fact that Edward as a vampire falls in love with her and she as a human doesn't care he's a vampire and doesn't go off screaming into the night, well that just proves she's not like your normal person. The average person couldn't fight off imprinting but I think Bella might have survived even that and ended up with Edward. Or so my scatttered brain would like to think. Oh and it made me laugh when you brought up imprinting. You'll find out why as you continue reading. I can't wait for you to read ahead. Like say a few chapters ahead I think..

  5. i think nothing would have changed because, the wolfs that imprinted only do what best for the people they imprinted on and only do what the person whant and edward wouldnt have killed jacob because it would hurt bella and he said so himself that he wouldnt do anything to hurt bella. and he would always wait in the side line if she changed hert mind (who woundnt change there minds and go with edward) so it would only change if bella changes her mind, jacob would just be hangung around alot of vampires for a while and he would hate that

  6. I thought that I was the only person in the world who knew about the Burgermeister Meisterburger. I don't feel so alone anymore…

  7. I think everything Kaleb's read would be pretty much the same so far. Edward wouldn't have “let” Bella go if she didn't want to, and the imprint has no effect on her, so she wouldn't have wanted to. I do think that Jacob would have fought a bit harder for Bella before the wedding, but not after because once he realized she was happy and safe, he would try to just be her friend again. At one point Jacob said that the imprinter “becomes what ever she (the imprintee) needs most at the time.” For example, Quil and Claire are more like uncle/neice or brother/sister for now, because that's what Claire needs most.

  8. Well I can't remember if we learn this from the book at all, but Stephenie has said on her website that the wolf will imprint on their person the first time the seem them after turning into the wolf (I think I remember this correctly) so Jacob at this point would not have imprinted on Bella. If Jacob had before, I would like to think that Bella's love and devotion to Edward wouldn't have changed anything, she belongs with Edward (the most romantic, sexy, gentlemanly, sweet, unselfish man in the world!)

    I agree with you on the Jacob's immaturity irking you, that's part of the reason I don't like Jacob and am totally Team Edward. But I think it is nice during these 10 or so chapters to get in his head & understand him a little better. And I think it was smart and kind of necessary on SM's part to do it from his pov (especially the last chapter of his book. You'll understand when you get there.)

  9. I don't think Jacob imprinting on Bella would have changed Bella's love for Edward unless it happened before she met Edward. If had happened before she would have gone with Jacob easily. If it was after she fell in love with Edward, Jacob wouldn't have wanted to fight Edward or do any of that stuff if he knew that it would hurt her. He would have done anything she asked. Even if that meant never seeing her again.

  10. Dear Kaleb,
    I'm happy to tell you that that is not even close to the longest chapter title in the TwilightSaga. =)
    I do not that Jacob imprinted. Although I love Jacob, he does need to back off a bit. He needs to realize that Bella loves Edward, she will always love Edward, and she is MARRIED to EDWARD!
    PS this is Jacob_lova from that Live Blog TV the other day….

  11. I think that if Bella had never fallen for, and/or met, Edward, she and Jacob would have imprinted. Because, in a way, they were soulmates. She just met the one that managed to, erm, survive, a few extra decades. fate can be a mean ol' witch sometimes, but she makes up for it. In life, and sometimes in books.

  12. I bet ppl have said what i am gonna say.. but i shall write it anyways…

    I think no matter what Bella would still be with Edward, cuz she did fall for him first, and on a level that i compare to the level of imprinting (i hope u all understand what i mean). But then if she never met edward then she would for sure be with jake and they would always be together… and im not gonna finish that thought i had there, cuz i dont want to spoil anything for kaleb.. but i bet u are all thinking where i might of been going with that thought… (Hint: RE) anywhoo as Bella said before Jake is the NATURAL path she was suppose to take….

  13. I rather enjoyed your not-so-obscure movie reference, because I knew exactly that you were referring to “Santa Claus Comes to town” 🙂
    I loved the picture 🙂

  14. Glad it is not swine flu, feel better soon. I also get so annoyed with Jacob, He can be so annoying lol. I am glad Bella was smart enough to choose jacob

  15. I think that if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, and then she decided that she wanted to be with him instead of Edward, he would've let her go. I mean, he's alsways saying that he would understand if she didn't want to be with him. He knows that he loves her more than anything in the world, but there's always the part of him that knows that he's no good for her because it's far too dangerous. Plus, because he loves her so much, he only wants her to be happy. And if being with Jacob made her happy, then he would accept it. And the sad part is that he would love her forever anyway. And he would definitely kill himself when Bella died- as he planned to do all along when he thought she'd stay human.

  16. It’s not about if he had imprinted because technically speaking Jacob is her natural choose for a mate, if werewolves and vampires never existed. So he did imprint on her, before Bella and Jacob realized it but being that the supernatural existed her imprint was broken with him. So she was free to choose. But about the story it would only be a book long and not so cool or worth making a movie out of. No I think the imprint would be too strong for her to be able to be with Edward. Edward would of let her go hoping Jacob would give up.

  17. I remember reading somewhere that the imprinters become whatever the girl needs them to be. Like Quil with that little girl… he doesn't like her like THAT because that would be gross. He feels only big-brotherly affection for her. It would be the same with Jacob. I think Bella would choose to stay with Edward and Jacob would become what she needs him to be: i.e, a best friend, brother-type figure.
    Bella wouldn't choose Jacob. Just because someone imprints on you, it doesn't make you imprint on them, right? The only thing that changes for the girl is that she becomes an object of devotion. Edward is already devoted to her so nothing would change for Bella, just that she would feel worse for what she's putting Jacob through. Bella's feelings would stay THE SAME and Jacob would change for her.
    But all this doesn't matter anyway, because if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, she wouldn't have even gotten to know Edward in the first place.

  18. Thanks Kaleb….now you have “I'm Mister Heat Meiser” stuck in my head…

  19. If Jacob had imprinted on Bella, I bet the whole fandom would have been thrown into a mess. It would have been l like a train wreck. The whole story would have been like, carrying its readers in one direction, and then BAM! Jacob imprints on Bella and then there's a whole new twist to the story. Like it just switched courses all of the sudden.

    Do you think maybe. if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, that there would be a drop in the fandom? Would all of the Team Edward people just get so upset that they would cease to be apart of the fandom? It would kinda be like a poor sport. All of the Team Edwards have been on the winning side from the beginning while the Team Jacobs have been sitting along for the ride, clinging to the hope that Bella would fall for Jacob, but all along, contently reading ahead in second place.

    Lol, I guess I really didn't answer your question on how it would affect the book, but I find how the fandom might change rather interesting.

  20. Perfect song for this post. I'm glad I'm not the only person who listens to PlayRadioPlay.

    Jacob's chapters give great insight to his mind. It's one of the reasons Breaking Dawn is my favorite book in the series (don't fret, I am definatly team Edward).

    Obscure reference, yes. But brilliant! Remember, put one foot in front of the other!

  21. Forgot to answer the question!

    Jacob imprinting on Bella would completely change the books. She would be with him and there would be nothing that Edward could do about it. Bella and Jacob would be together adn happy and make lots of wolf babies.

    I think you'll gain more insight on imprinting as you get farther into the book.

  22. REGARDING HATERZ EMAIL: Ok. One, I'm not a troll. Two, you do a FANTASTIC job here. Three, Thank you! Now that I've appropriately prefaced my comments… My sister and I love following your blog. You're funny, easy-going, and have a great take on the series. That said, we've noticed the chapter reviews getting further and farther between. Here's the schedule of chapters and when you posted on them:
    Chapter 1 – March 30
    Chapter 2 – April 6
    Chapter 3 – April 13
    Chapter 4 – April 15
    Chapter 5 – April 23
    Chapter 6 – April 24
    Chapter 7 – April 30
    Chapter 8 – May 9
    Coupla notes: Chapter 5, Isle Emse was done in conjunction with Chapter 6, but it only had the lovely “Awkward” picture. Loved it, but really that meant one entry for that week. So it was a fairly regular 1 a week schedule for awhile (with a bonus week when you did Chapter 3 and 4). It seems like May has really slowed you down. We know you've got a lot on your plate. Excitement about Bran Hambric. School, finals, all that “important” stuff (tongue in cheek.) But we're just asking you not to forget to show some love to the people who started following you because this was “a guy reads the Twilight series.” Contests are cool, your other projects are fun, but I'm eager for the Breaking Dawn stuff. Thanks for reading. Long and boring, I know, but just wanted to give some feedback. And as always, thank you.

  23. If Jacob would have inprinted on Bella, nothing would have changed except Jacob. How would Bella change just because Jacob imprinted? “Geez Jacob, now that you have imprinted on me, I think I'll diss Edward, and go for you.” DON'T THINK SO!!

  24. As for your curiosity about why Jacob is so attached to Bella: All I will say is that it will all make sense in a few chapters. No, that is not a spoiler, it's a gentle hint to read faster so that you can answer you own question!!

    Well, if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, first of all the fandom would explode completely. The team Jacob people would be all “BOOYAH! IN YO FACE, BIATCHES” to Team Edward, Team Edward would be all “WTF?” and then maybe completely give up on the fandom, and the Team Switzerland people would all convert to Team Jacob because Team Edward is no longer possible.
    and yes, with the last sentence, I am saying that Bella would not have married Edward. The imprint goes both ways, even if it's not as intense for the Imprintee. It's like finding your true love, the one you're completely compatible with. The werewolves just happen to have a thing in their genes that tell them who Mrs (Or Mr, in Leah's case) Right is.
    And to your last question, no I don't think that Edward would have fought Jacob. He said in Eclipse that if Bella chose Jacob, he would give her up. Besides, all through every single book, Edward always going on about how he's not safe for her, and she can always leave if she wants to.

    And as my final say BURGERMEISTER MEISTERBURGER!!! OMG! I was completely addicted to all of those crappy clay-animation christmas classics as a kid! Okay, I'm done now.

  25. Elle, that's genius! I didn't even think of that! I was sure that if Jacob DID imprint, Bella would still choose Edward, and she and Edward would still have gotten married, etc. I feel like an idiot, but I completely forgot that it would change Jacob's feelings for her.

  26. well if b and j got together edward would have let her go because he wouldn't want to hurt her and wants her to be happy. however u think bella would never truely let go of edward either. this would still be a very good book though if this happened.

  27. Okay, I'm just freaking out because you mentioned Phantom of the Opera. (Best book ever! Twilight's second best to me.) Seriously, I screamed so loud…
    Onwards to Twilight Land!
    I think if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, the story would have changed dramatically. If I'm correct, when Stephenie Meyer explained imprinting, the Imprintee is madly in love with the Imprinter. Neither would love anyone else, so Edward would be out of the story. That said, I highly doubt that Bella would've married him, but Jacob instead.
    For the last question, I think Edward would have let Bella go. He just loves her to much to see her not be with the one she loves most.

  28. Oh I love this song! It goes really well with the chapter.

    I really don't think that Jacob imprinting on Bella woul change the book much. Bella still would have met Edward because he goes to the same school as her. Edward and Bella still would have gotten married. The only thing that would have been different is that Jacob never would have left before the wedding. Also, he would want t o particapate in it because he would have loves Bella and would want to see her happy. He would continue to be her friend through the rest of her life because he never would want anything bad to happen to her.

  29. All I can say is that I love Jacob, and Edward was super annoying. Breaking Dawn was really bad compared to the other books and I actually laughed at the end. It was just SO bad. I've read some fan fiction that was more intriguing and seemed to fit with the other stories better.
    If Jacob had imprinted on Bella the story would have DEFINITELY turned out differently. Imprinting is a two way thing, so Bella would have not been able to leave Jacob. She would have left Edward and ended up with Jacob. Although I'm totally team Jacob, I think it would not have been like Stephenie to make this happen. And if Bella ends up with Jacob, who's left for me? ;p
    The Jacob hate is killing me, Kaleb! I can't even read your posts without getting purple in the face and explaining out loud why you're wrong. Why are all twilight guys team Edward? It makes no sense.

  30. There is a chapter name longer than this one.
    I like Jacob's chapter names better than Bella's. They are much more entertaining.

    I can't believe that after all this time, no one has told you what is going to happen!
    I knew every single thing that happened through the whole series before I even thought of reading Twilight.
    I thought that it was stupid before I read it. (Like all of us) My friends had to force me to read it!

    Anyway, your post never cease to amuse me! Especially the pictures!

  31. Firstly if Jacob did imprint on Bella it would have been the first time he saw her after he was changed into a werewolf way back in New Moon. But since that didn’t happen, Jacob can’t imprint on Bella. I understand Jacob’s frustration with imprinting and loving another person. It makes sense and like everything in life there are pros and cons to it.

    But if Jacob HAD imprinted on Bella than the story would have changed dramatically. For one thing Edward would be out of the picture. To imprint on someone is like ‘love at first sight’ as Stephenie put it. They are your true love. You’re like perfectly designed for each other like soulmates. So Jacob would love Bella and Bella would love Jacob. That being said Bella wouldn’t marry Edward because she wouldn’t love him as much as she loves Jacob. Edward would still love Bella, but Edward being Edward would let her go which is a really sad feeling. I’m guessing Edward would probably do what he said in Eclipse. He would have waited for her until Jacob died or something. Also if Jacob did imprint on Bella than there wouldn’t be an Eclipse or Breaking Dawn – the books would have been totally different.

    I definitely think that your point of view of Jacob will change for sure. It did for me. I hadn’t really developed an opinion on Jacob Black while reading Twilight and New Moon. But after reading Eclipse I didn’t really like for what he was doing. But after reading Jacob’s chapters I really liked his character. I was beginning to see his views of things and how he felt. That’s when I really related to Jacob well. So I’m pretty sure you’re opinion changed and plus it’s a nice break to read his chapters. They are so funny and the chapter names are so funny too!!

  32. Okay, I have to think that Bella (being the kind and selfless and caring person she is *sarcasm*) would have stayed with Jacob out of obligations that she felt as his soul mate if he had imprinted on her. Edward would have most likely tried leaving again, making Bella all the more heartbroken (/again/) and Jacob to clean it all up (/again/).

    Alice would have thrown a fit because she couldn't see Bella or Edward when they were in proximity of Jacob (remember cliff-diving?), so she would have driven over (maybe) and tried to save Bella, thus making Edward really peeved that she was interfering because he didn't tell the whole story (/AGAIN/) and Bella feeling very confused while Jacob fumed as silently as he could (on the outside — he's yelling at Edward in his head) about the entire thing.

    Bella would be more bamboozled than ever, thinking, “OMG WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME?!?!?!?” while Edward thought, “Shoot, why can't I tell how Bella is taking this,” and Jacob, “DANG BLOODSUCKER LEAVE ME AND MY IMPRINT IN PEACE SO I CAN GET RID OF THE MALE HORMONE LEVELS!!!”

    Alright, maybe not like that, but you get the point.

    I think Jacob wasn't letting go though for, not the fear of her being dead, but because he felt she was the closest thing to love as he was going to get, and he was trying to hang on because he felt he couldn't go on without her. Maybe it was the boy/man in him screaming, or it was the wolf, or maybe it was because he just loved her so much that letting go wasn't possible without pliers.

    ((This sounds so much like something I would have expected Leah to rant on and on about))

  33. that is HARDLY an obscure movie reference!!!! I love the 25 days of christmas and especially Santa Claus is Coming to Town, but the best is definitely The Year Without a Santa Claus =D

  34. omg if jacob imprinted on bella that would make for some story it would surly make it longer i wish but any way they would definitly fight or at least im pretty sure i would love to see the end edward would have left to stop from hurting bella couse she would have to chose and if she chose edward i dont think jacob could live with the the one thing he lives for bella be with someone thats not him he mite run away like he did before or possibly kill himself but jacob and bellas love would overdo edward and bellas love cuz it was ment to be for them edward would be lonely and it would be a bit of a sucky ending cuz no matter how much i love jacob more i can stan to see edward alone.

  35. I personally believe if Jacob HAD imprinted on Bella, it wouldn't have been the same story at all. In my opinion, imprinting on someone means you're absolutely PERFECT for one another – that the two are destined to be the match made in heaven, created exclusively for one another. You can pass by your one true love on the street and never know it – imprinting just makes you aware of it instantly. I think the fact that Jacob DIDN'T imprint on Bella means that they're NOT the perfect matches for one another – Edward and Bella are. Thus, if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, there's no way she would have chosen Edward over him, because JACOB would have been her one true love. But he isn't. Edward is. Imprinting isn't some magical force that you turn on and off; it's a sign that tells you who you are destined to be with. That's just my opinion, anyway. But if it's right, then obviously Jacob didn't imprint on Bella because they weren't destined to be together. The reason it's so rare is that the likelihood you meet the one person you're meant for is so low. In Bella and Edward's case, they were born almost 90 years apart. So, it's impossible for Jacob to have imprinted on Bella, unless the story had been about THEM in the first place.

  36. I always wondered what it would've been like if one of the other werwolves had imprinted on Bella ('cause jacob imprinting on her would be a very large nasty disaster) it just always lingered in my mind when something about imprinting came up. bella

  37. if jake wouldve imprinted on bella, she wouldve picked jake over the leech (team jacob obviously) becuz since jake imprinted on her, he wouldve had so much more 2 offer her cuz that means that they were ment 4 eachother like they were born 2 be 2gether his perfect mach and her perfect mach and yes i do think edward wouldve let her go cuz evn though im team jacob i do have some respect 4 edward cuz he is very… polie and old fashioned and he would want whats best 4 bella not himself and he would see that bella is jacobs and jacob is bellas cuz he imprinted and if jake imprinted on bella jake would be better 4 her cuz jake was meant 4 her since he imprinted and edward was… not…

  38. if jake wouldve imprinted on bella, she wouldve picked jake over the leech (team jacob obviously) becuz since jake imprinted on her, he wouldve had so much more 2 offer her cuz that means that they were ment 4 eachother like they were born 2 be 2gether his perfect mach and her perfect mach and yes i do think edward wouldve let her go cuz evn though im team jacob i do have some respect 4 edward cuz he is very… polie and old fashioned and he would want whats best 4 bella not himself and he would see that bella is jacobs and jacob is bellas cuz he imprinted and if jake imprinted on bella jake would be better 4 her cuz jake was meant 4 her since he imprinted and edward was… not…

  39. If jacob had imprinted on Bella they would have ended up together. She of course would not have married Edward because they would not have been as close. In new moon it was obvious that Jacob really helped her and she enjoyed being around him. I think Edward would not have fought Jacob over her because he said so in Eclipse. It was even said that Jacob and Bella were perfect for each other. But sadly Jacob and Bella would not have lasted very long because I would have killed her because Jacob IS MINE!! AND SHE BETTER BACK OFF!!!.

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