A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 12 (Some People Just Don’t Grasp The Concept Of “Unwelcome”)

The song for this chapter is Better Than Me by Hinder [suggested by Krystol]


What a week this has been: the first for me of summer break, and a whirlwind nearly the entire time. After the glorious revelation of the first poster from the New Moon movie, I received a comment that went something like this:

OMG i screamed! i make out with my twilight poster every day and now i have new moon poster to kiss!!!!!

after which I considered dialing the nearest psychiatrist and recommending the commenter posthaste, though restrained myself in the hopes it was written in a fit of fangirl excitement. If I was Robert Pattinson, I think I would run for the nearest cave I could find — deep, deep in the deepest of woods.

Speaking of the woods, Jacob Black seems to be stuck in some woods of his own now. In the last chapter, he basically decided to strike out on his own in defiance of the pack, and as I expected, Seth tagged along with him. I’ve been wondering what Jacob’s actual plan is now, or if he even has a plan at all. I mean, now that he is basically defending the Cullens, is he willing to fight against his own people? That might be what it comes to, depending on how deeply committed he is to keeping Bella safe.

That is, of course, if there is anyone left in Sam’s pack for him to fight. Leah didn’t take too long debating whether to leave Sam behind. So far Jacob has managed to sway two werewolves to join him: and that is in spite of him telling both of them to hit the road. Frankly, Jacob would be a horrible army recruiter.

“No you’re not. Turn around before I rip out one of your hamstrings.”


Good job Jacob: that’s the perfect way to build up soldier morale.

Strangely enough, it seems to work. Sam’s army has been reduced by three already, which is definitely going to make him think a lot harder about his plans to attack the Cullens. As of now, he’s far outnumbered, and that’s with three werewolves and a hoard of angry vampires as opponents. With all their strength and brute force, I don’t think the werewolf pack can actually stand against what’s coming to them during that battle.

In this chapter and the previous, I’ve noticed that Jacob has extremely sharp senses. Almost unbelievably so. He is sitting on the porch of the Cullen’s house, far away from wherever Bella is, and he can actually hear the uneven beats of her heart? Those are some insane ears he has, or Bella has an unusually loud heart.

Like Jacob, I have very little biological knowledge, and long-time readers of my site will know the various bouts I have fought against my biology textbooks (though in fact, with my grades just posted this week, I found out I passed the class far better than I had expected — hooray!). So when Carlisle starts talking about chromosome-this and amniotic-fluid-that, I find myself yawning and getting distracted. I wonder though, since humans have 23 chromosome pairs, and werewolves have 24, and vampires have 25, if somewhere along the line this would become a good playground insult:


And pardon me whilst I clasp a firm hand over my mouth when they suggest having Bella drink blood. I don’t know about you, but this is not at all appealing (to those of you to whom this sounds appealing: GO. SHOO. BACK TO YOUR GRAVE). It is not that I am terrified of the sight of blood. But is Bella actually willing to drink it down? Is that even rational healthy? Strangely enough, Bella seems to have no qualms with the thought. Perhaps it has something to do with her being recently married to a vampire?

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: If you absolutely were forced to choose, would you rather LEAH or SETH in your wolf pack?


– I will be gone again this weekend and thus there will probably be no posts between Friday and Tuesday.

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  1. Seth, definately. I love seth…hes so cute!! And i love the fact that hes innocent enough to look past the whole vampire werewolf arch enemies thing. Leahs annoying, she can be such a martyr, and she wants everyone to suffer with her.

    The blood thing really does make sense….Rosalie even said it. When Bella was ashamed of thinking that the blood smelled good, Rose told her that it was a good sign, that it was what her body needed. Isnt that why we humans make reference to “pickles and icecream” when we talk about pregnancy cravings? The body really does crave what it needs.

  2. I agree completely! I can't believe no one else on the cite seems to realize this. Don't forget that the baby inside Bella is not human (LOL, as if it were possible to forget that, right?). It's obvious that the fetus has a lot of control over Bella's body. When the Cullens were inadvertently starving the baby, Bella became sickly as well. It's very plausible that the baby, being a vampire, has changed the chemistry of Bella's body. She craves blood BECAUSE the vampire child craves blood. If she were not carrying this baby, she wouldn't have the craving. I don't know, to me it seems very simple.

    Also, I would chose Seth, definitely. Here's the thing with Leah: I understand she's gone through a lot of pain, and I feel sorry for her. I RESPECT her, but I don't LIKE her. That is, she's not the kind of person I'd want for a friend. Her pessimistic attitude would get on my nerves FAST. But Seth is just such a happy-go-lucky, innocent, optimistic kid that I'd love to have him in my pack. I love happy boys, personally 🙂

  3. Seth all the way. Leah is a good fighter and uses her head a bit more than just running into battle. BUT she's a stick in the mud. Seth is carefree and gives me something to laugh about. Even if it may be in the worst time ever but still. And plus he's a good fighter. XD

  4. Wow. All the things you mentioned freak me out too…

    Plus spiders, falling, being stabbed, shot, hanged, ripped apart(sharks, BEARS, mountain lions- ironically not wolves though…), etc. 😛

  5. I understand Leah better, and us girls can do things to others that are even better than fighting(crippling others emotionally-which is far worse than physically, making grown men cry… etc). And I think we'd get along personality-wise(I'm pretty sarcastic too).

    But Seth on the other hand is fun, sweet, loyal, and HOT.

    So yeah, hard decision that one…

    Therefore I declare neutrality!!! I am Switzerland!!!!!

  6. Seth for sure! He seems like the most comforting and honest one. And he gets along with Bella and the Cullens! 🙂

  7. I think that'd be a hard choice. Leah is only mean because she's misunderstood. Through this whole trial of imprinting and being a werewolf, nobody's really asked her what SHE wants or how SHE feels. I'd love to pull a Dr. Phil and get her on my team, cuz I'd be able to understand her a lot better, and sharing thoughts wouldn't be embarrassing (or as embarrassing) because we'd be able to see from each other's standpoints; plus I'd be the one she could rant to if needed.

    However, I think I'd like Seth a lot more in the long run. He's much more levelheaded; he's kept an open mind on fighting, vampires, werewolves, the whole lot of it. He's happy-go-lucky, and that would be great for me. He's sweet, and nice, and really cool, too. However, sharing each and every one of each other's thoughts may be a little awkward. 😉

    Overall, I'd have to go with Seth, although I'd take the two siblings both if I could.

  8. seth duh! leah is really rude and obnoxious and seth is only 14 (my age!!!!), but he isn't real immature like most 14 yr old guys. he's really sensitive and nice 2 all the cullens. and hes hot!!!!!

  9. but i do feel for leah. she's the only girl in a pack of guys, and her thoughts arent exactly private. i reckon there should hav been a nother girl werewolf so leah could have someone to talk to. Like me!!!!!!!

  10. my initial thought was that vampires have 25…humans have 23…werewolves have 24….so then bella and edward's spawn would be a werewolf. makes sense, right?

  11. quote: ''I wonder though, since humans have 23 chromosome pairs, and werewolves have 24, and vampires have 25''

    … so that actually means Edward and Bella can't have a baby.

  12. SETH! Beacuse I love that guy's guts! He is about one of my favorite characters ever! And I found Bella drinking down blood kind of weird, but I am weird and I must confess I kinda like the flavor of blood. As I mentioned before, I'm one little weird folk x)

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