A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Twilight: Chapter 13 (Confessions)

The song for this chapter is Realize by Colbie Caillat


So here I am– the chapter that started it all. From the original dream Stephenie had of two people in a meadow all the way to being one of the biggest book series in the world: this chapter obviously holds some serious significance. The conversation and the chapter seem to be so short, but so much happens within its pages.

Suddenly, it all begins to fall into place: using few words, Edward is immediately someone new. He passingly refers to his classmates as ‘that class full of children’. While talking about the time he was rearranging his school schedule to avoid Bella, he speaks of the lady at the desk as a ‘frail human’. It is this unseen superiority over everyone else which seems to automatically set him above the others around him: the fact that he has lived for so many years and yet has been forced to act like a normal teenager. Far out in the meadow, Edward is removing the mask he has so painstakingly built, and letting Bella in on the secrets of his life.

Edward, still, continues to ask Bella more about herself. The questions which Edward constantly asks of her brings forth another point I have ascertained from conversations with Twilighters about why they like him so much. Part if it, I’ve observed, is the fact that Edward, though the epitome of a perfect guy, is still obsessed with everything Bella. He wants her to go far back into her family history, and what foods she eats, what her old home was like, what music she listens to. He literally wants to know everything about her.

On top of this fact, Bella really doesn’t understand why he pays her so much attention. She thinks of herself as a very ordinary girl. But despite this, Edward is fascinated by her. He values her so highly that it is hard to control himself around her. Edward finally tells what he has been thinking through these first 300 pages:

“I couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you. You don’t know how it’s tortured me…”

It’s as if to him, she’s a fragile jewel, and he loves her so much he is afraid of breaking her. He values her above anything else in the world- enough to fight off his natural vampire instincts which plague him every second he is near her.

For some reason, I’m guessing because of writing for this website, some people have come to believe that I am their on-call Relationship Doctor. Or the Mister Fixit for ‘How Can I Get My BoyFriend To Read Twilight And Grow Up A Little?’. I usually tell them basically the same thing:

Dear You, do this:

YOU: Boyfriend! Please read Twilight. It would make me happy.

BOYFRIEND (staring at video game screen): Whut?

YOU: Okay. Read Twilight or else.

BOYFRIEND (eyes not leaving screen): or else whut?

YOU: Or else I’m leaving you for a fictional character.

And then he comes here huffin and puffin, and I have another GJ to deal with. I don’t understand these certain guys who are so obsessed with video games or sports or whatever else, that they prioritize them above their own girlfriends. There are so many lessons to be learned from Chapter 13, and I am especially talking to the fellows reading in the shadows. What girl wouldn’t want to hear this:

“You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever.” (EC)

Guys, I hate to break it to you, but there are many reasons girls love Edward Cullen. And one of them is he pretty much values her over himself.

I’m hoping that I’m not just insane and completely off on this, since I am, after all, a guy observing from the outside. I could really be far off the mark in what I am seeing. If I’m gravely mistaken, be sure to warn me in the comments. No point in me giving other guys bad advice 😀

After Edward, something I noticed suddenly is one of the reasons I am guessing that he likes Bella, besides the facts we already know so well. She plays right along. She isn’t terrified, or freaked out, or at least doesn’t show it. She just goes along with him and she is sincere in believing that he isn’t going to hurt her.

Edward, despite being so much older and more mature than the others around him, still doesn’t seem to know exactly how to love someone. He doesn’t know how humans love each other, or what he is supposed to do, as he has never experienced it before even in all his many years of life (unless I missed a paragraph…).

Despite this, he acts in a very human manner after talking with Bella in the meadow, and proceeds to run through the woods like a caveman warrior who just caught his first woman.

Caveman Warrior


Some guys are just that way when they fall for a girl for the first time. Haven’t changed much since the Stone Age. But he is obviously very happy to finally be able to trust Bella with the truth of what has been happening, and end the acting between them.

I paused in the middle of the chapter to grab something to drink, and the first line I saw when I came back was:

“He streaked through the dark”

I gasped and choked. Luckily, the sentence continued:

“…thick underbrush of the forest like a bullet”

Whew. If there’s anything I don’t want to imagine, it’s–ok anyhow, I must admit that through all the things I have read, after all the wonderful stuff people have told me, I still was hesitant to read Chapter 13. The reason for this is I didn’t expect it to live up to my expectations. I was dreading some smooth tell all from both of them and then Bella would go home up to her ears in love.

However, that wasn’t the case. This chapter was honestly probably the most pivotal I have read so far. The relationship between Bella and Edward really deepens in this one farther than I thought could happen in so few pages.

Like you promised me, it’s the one that hooks you in to reading the rest. So don’t be surprised if I just go into a frenzy and read the remaining parts of the book at once 😀


– I’ve watched all of the auditions for Team Twilighter and there’s some great talent in there! Katie said the deadline for auditions has been moved to June 13th, so if you haven’t done it yet, get yours in! I’ll be watching them as they come in.

– I probably got a hundred suggestions for songs for Chapter 13. Does anyone think I picked the right/wrong one or anything? It’s honestly kinda hard to pick a song for The Famous Chapter 13.

– I saw the Breaking Dawn cover. I’ll probably talk about how I interpret its meaning in another post.

– Still can’t add people on Facebook (despite all the people who don’t heed these messages). Please try going to my myspace instead. Thanks!

-ADDED: Some people have started mentioning me in Youtube videos. If anybody catches a mention of me, zap me an email so I can check it out.



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  1. Yeah..I skipped a few of your ‘reviews’. This is my favorite chapter & I never really knew it was the start of the book or the important part to Stephenie, until a interview I saw. I believe that you could be a EDWARD CULLEN, just by being able to be mature about this book & seeing why girls like him. I wish more people could be like you!

  2. <>

    Oh boy are you gonna make some lucky girl happy one day. 🙂 I hope she values you just as hightly.

  3. Heyy, i love twilight! right now im doing research on her. im doing a project. this is a great article,

  4. OMG why can't I be Bella? I'm in love with this book. Why did I have to finish it? ):

  5. OMG why can't I be Bella? I'm in love with this book. Why did I have to finish it? ):

  6. LMAO oh GJ, something tells me he's some dead beet boyfriend (or asshole who couldn't get a girl so he makes things up) who still lives with his parents, playing video games, with not an expense in the world because his parents are just too afraid the world will eat him up if they kick him out. what does GJ stand for? Get a Job?

    Anyway! Yes I love this chapter! And you're totally right about all the advice Kaleb <3 I wish all guys were as nice as you.


  7. http://www.cafepress.com/twilightsaga5
    Okay, so, I saw the Twilight movie first. The whole time I was watching, I knew it was a vampire movie, but didn't really see any vampire attacks. I really didn't like vampire movies at this time, but something about the previews I saw on tv made me want to see the movie. So I took my brother with me. He likes vampire movies. Well, Edward kept telling Bella to stay away from him, and he said, “what if I'm not the superhero? What if I'm the bad guy?” That made me think there was a vampire part of the movie that was coming up. When Edward takes Bella to the sunlight, and says “You need to see what I look like in the sunlight.” I was thinking, okay, this is it. This is going to be the scary vampire part of the movie. So far I liked the movie, but I was thinking, it's a vampire movie, there must be a scary part. Although, I don't like scary movies, I was hoping I was wrong. I clenched a hold of the arm rests in the theature, and then Edward walked into the sunlight. He sparkled! I was thinking, he's not scary, he's beautiful. And then Bella said, “you're beautiful!” I was thrilled that I was so much like Bella, and that this vampire movie was not scary. Anyway, the vampire instincts that Edward talks about make so much sence. Now that I do like vampires, I have given some other vampire shows a try. These other vampires feed on people, but seem to be able to stop whenever they want. It's like they don't even have that animal instinc that the Cullens have. Edward even tells Bella that if they bite, it's almost impossible to stop. That makes more sence than the other vampires.

  8. This chapter was absolutely FANTASTIC! It is very hard to imagine – but yet amazing – that one dream could lead to such a famous book series, movies, LOADS of fansites, Edward/Jacob teams and us – spending hours on our computers disecting every little detail of some make-believe characters and a make-believe world! It is absolutely amazing!

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